MGA – Chapter 280

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MGA: Chapter 280 – Forbidden Mysterious Technique

Warning: Lewdness

Within the room, Yan Ruyu was laying on the bed while being completely still. Her ripped pink-coloured dress was covering her most arousing forbidden region, but beyond the edges of the dress, every single inch of revealed snow-white skin was so enticing.

Even though that beautiful body was already drenched by sweat and engulfed by a certain person’s lips, the perfect curves along with the sticky liquid made it appear even more erotically bewitching.


However, the current Yan Ruyu was like a dead fish. She laid there without moving, and only when breathed could one see her chest faintly rise up.

Tears were hung from her eyes and her face was like ash, as if the most important thing in her life was taken away by someone. She sank into an unprecedented depression as though her life reached the very end.

As for Baixi, even though she was also naked, she was unconscious while she was in the corner. Chu Feng did not touch her. Before, Chu Feng was being controlled by his anger and he wanted the two of them to be in opposite situations.

Baixi wanted to sleep with Chu Feng, so he did not allow it. Yan Ruyu didn’t want to do the things between a male and a female, so Chu Feng insisted on doing it with her. That was the price they paid for deceiving Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was wearing his own clothes as he had a bit of sweat on his forehead and a satisfied smile on his face. Although he pressed the big beauty Yan Ruyu under him because of anger and because of revenge, he had to admit that Yan Ruyu was extremely beautiful female. Her perfect body was not inferior to Su Rou, and it gave Chu Feng a wonderful journey.

The faint blood on the bed told Chu Feng that Yan Ruyu did not conceal anything or act. She truly guarded her body like jade, and at least she was still a virgin.

“Mm~” Suddenly, Yan Ruyu’s body quivered and following that, she shrunk into a ball. Both of her hands were tightly clenched into a fist and pain could be seen from her face, as though she was enduring some type of torture.

“Oi, what’s with you?” Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows and he used his Spirit power to detect. He discovered that change was happening to Yan Ruyu’s body. A burst of strange energy was surging in her body, and it was spreading and engulfing every inch of her skin.


Just at that time, Yan Ruyu screeched and layers of blue-coloured gas overflowed out of her body. As they lingered around Yan Ruyu and swirled, her body gradually got lifted up and she floated into the air.

“This aura is very strange. Does she also have something special in her body as well?” Chu Feng was endlessly shocked as he looked at everything in front of his eyes while being dumbfounded.

He discovered with astonishment that at that very moment, Yan Ruyu’s aura was quickly increasing in strength. It wasn’t that her cultivation was increasing but her battle power. With a blink, it already increased to an extremely terrifying state.

But that wasn’t much. The thing that surprised Chu Feng the most was the change that happened to Yan Ruyu’s body. On her originally white skin that was as clean as snow, layers of blue-coloured objects emerged.

The objects were bright and shiny, like a small little pieces of armor. However, Chu Feng who had quite a bit of experience instantly could see that they weren’t armor. They were fish scales. On Yan Ruyu’s body, blue-coloured fish scales were growing, but like armor, they were surrounding her body.

“Chu Feng. If I do not die, I will take your life.”

Suddenly, Yan Ruyu turned her face over and at that instant, Chu Feng could see that her originally beautiful eyes which were like rivers of stars became two rows of red light and they were abnormally sinister. They were no longer the eyes of a human and they seemed more like those of a demon.


After speaking, Yan Ruyu grabbed Baixi’s skirt and put it on, then after that, she became a row of light and shot out. With a boom, her aura already escaped Chu Feng’s range of detection.

“What happened? Her power has been increased to this state?” Chu Feng quickly went out of the room and chased, and he discovered that the Spirit Formation he laid in the palace was already shattered into pieces.

At that instant, although Chu Feng was very stunned, he did not hesitate. He leaped up and used the Imperial Sky Technique to rush in the direction in which Yan Ruyu escaped towards.

At first, with the strong power of the Imperial Sky Technique, Chu Feng was able to quickly chase after Yan Ruyu’s steps. But for some unknown reason, Yan Ruyu’s speed quickened more and more. After the two of them left the Lingyun School and entered a forest, Chu Feng was already shaken off by Yan Ruyu and he could not see any traces of her anymore.

“How is this possible? She clearly only had the aura of the 5th level of the Profound realm, so how is it possible that her speed completely surpasses mine?” At that instant, Chu Feng was floating in the air, and as he looked towards the Yan Ruyu’s direction of disappearance, his gaze was filled with astonishment.

“Chu Feng, it seems like this time, you have made a huge enemy.” Suddenly, Eggy who was silent for a long time spoke.

“Eggy, what do you mean? Is it possible that Yan Ruyu also has a special body? She also has a Divine Body?”

Chu Feng then suddenly came to a realization. The change that happened to Yan Ruyu just now surpassed reason. She had battle power which was comparable to him, and possibly even comparable to the purple-clothed female back on that day. Because of that, Chu Feng couldn’t help but associate that with Divine Bodies which had special abilities and horrifying battle power.

“Nope. From the various things before, the change that just happened to her body, as well as the last sentence she said to you before she left, I determined that she doesn’t have a Divine Body. Rather, she should have cultivated some Forbidden Mysterious Technique.”

“Forbidden Mysterious Technique?” It was the first time Chu Feng that had heard of such a phrase.

“That’s right. Forbidden Mysterious Techniques are not the same as ordinary Demonic Techniques. They are terrifying Mysterious Techniques created by top-level experts.”

“These types of Mysterious Techniques can allow people with ordinary talent gain unordinary power. However, one must be careful when cultivating it. If there’s a bit of carelessness, everything gets reverted and even their life can be involved.”

“Techniques like those should not exist in the first place as they are things that violate the rules of martial cultivation, and if rules are broken, punishment will be given out. So, some certain changes will happen to people who cultivate Mysterious Techniques like those. That is also why they are called Forbidden Mysterious Techniques.”

“Normally, even if a Forbidden Mysterious Technique like that exists in the world, Yan Ruyu shouldn’t be able to cultivate it. However, after discovering that there’s an Emperor Tomb here as well as an Asura Ghost Tower, I am not too surprised to know that a Forbidden Mysterious Technique appeared in the continent of the Nine Provinces.”

“Although right now, the continent of the Nine Provinces is a gathering of garbage, many outstanding characters must have appeared back then and even possibly extremely powerful people. Currently, if the treasures that the big character left behind still remains, those who have great luck can find them.”

“Since you are able to discover the Emperor Tomb and get the Secret Skill, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, Yan Ruyu is able to find a treasure from her place and acquire the Forbidden Mysterious Technique.”

“However, the creators of Forbidden Mysterious Techniques aren’t any good people. They are usually bloodthirsty demon-level characters, so it seems that in the past, the continent of the Nine Provinces wasn’t a peaceful land.” Eggy narrated her perspective in detail but her gaze sank into contemplation, as though she was able to imagine the scene of the Nine Provinces back then.

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  1. The small print on that forbidden mysterious technique.

    Realfags die! If you dare use my technique and commit the sin of snu-snu, become a fish monster for all I care!

      1. No correlation. His grudge against them using poison on him does not even have a strand of similarity to her fault of turning into a fish monster due to loosing her chasity

  2. I think Chu Feng is an ***hole. I am fine with anything but rape. The first one was because he was drugged but this was voluntarily. I pisses me off so much. Aish!

        1. That is what he would normally do, I suppose.
          If it was a man he would have beheaded him immediately upon getting betrayed.

          So it’s basically debating whether murder or rape is worse.

          1. Of course rape isn’t worse than murder. You tell me who in the world would choose the latter over the former.

          2. A lot of people actually, if the number of mass suicides during war time is any indication.

            If someone raped Chu Feng’s daughter, by your reasoning, him going full pedophile on his opponent’s child would be preferrable because no one would die or be mutilated. I would argue that any morally normal individual would find him shooting him down his opponent (with an arrow) the least sick of the two options.

            Then again, the issue here is arguably *not* wheter rape or murder is “worse” in the sense of the effect it has on the victim, but on what it says about the attacker. Personally, you might consider murder worse than mutilation on the grounds that mutilation won’t kill you, but if you give me someone that shoot someone and someone that goes around castrating people or cutting off their legs, or some other weird/sick shit like that, I will promptly tell you that of the two, the latter is the one that strikes me as the repulsive freak.

          3. Equivocation. You’re comparing war prisoners (slaves) to a rape victim. Even so, I wouldn’t be so sure the numbers are in your favor.

            I’ve also never talked about involving third parties. Much less in the context of the question I posed.

            Talking about castration, when Chu Feng did castrate someone, I wonder where all of these outraged individuals were. I don’t remember seeing them.

          4. The massacres are deterrents more than anything. The idea is to strike fear in your enemies. This is the medieval times. You’re thinking of someone doing that in a modern city. Not comparable in the least.

            It boils down to.. You mess with the wrong person and you get seriously burned.
            And even that isn’t enough for people to stop being moronic, apparently.

          5. I would like to think that people have standards. I wouldn’t say that pedophiles have an easier time than murderers in prison, which looking at the “you can always get counselling, ‘s long as you are not dead” comments makes me rehevaluate the moral compass of convicted criminals. I don’t know, maybe it’s cultural. “I don’t know of anyone who would choose rape over murder”. I don’t know of anyone that given the choice between seeing his daugher raped or being murdered wouldn’t choose the latter. A meaningless calculus. Human beings are not wall clocks or bread toasters. Nations send soldiers out on the field to kill the enemy, but they can’t torture or rape them. One can say “as long as you are not dead”, but there have to be standards. You might say they are arbitrary, “why is rape ok but he can go around killing people”.

            Well, with a Legal Evil or Neutral Evil D&D example, the situation is more nuanced, you can have a code, you can be goal oriented (i.e. not going around killing people, but not being above it if it serves your purposes). One can see the purpose of eliminating every enemy (if you leave a family member alive, they might do to you what you did to them) -> purpose, check. Or saying “I won’t do anything he wouldn’t do to me”. I don’t really see a moral equivalence here (seriously, did his reaction to the Suro situation look like hers? Please, he enjoyed himself, and as Eggy put it, here he would have had good time as well, spare me the “MRA pussy” bullshit… now, if he was assaulted by the Azure Dragon School elder, it might very well have been a very different situation, but you can’t tell me that he was running around panicking trying to save his chastity, please).

            The point is that in the beginning he was the one resquing gals from rape (always from ugly dudes, for some ridiculous reason), when he had that “rapey” episode with Eggy he even asked”what do you take me for?” (answer: “exactly what you are”, apparently), then he had that disturbing/funny episode with the body switch of the Qilin girl (if you think about it, he did the same as SuRou’s father without the need for potions), now this comes out of the blue (hypocritical at best, apparently his position shifted from the initial “I am agaisnt it” to “as long as they are my enemies”).

          6. It’s not like he can kill her without enraging the entire school. Is he going to massacre the entire school to prevent them taking revenge on him? I wouldn’t be surprised, if the author decided that Yan Ruyu was the school head’s daughter with her pulling out a forbidden medicine.

            They already pulled that trick with the other guy after-all.
            These clans / schools / etc. really care about their reputation. Their top disciple getting killed would send it down the drain. Even if they thought she was a complete piece of crap, they would still be enraged.

            Perhaps, you wanted him to slowly torture them instead? How would he explain that to the school head?

          7. He was not drugged, he raped someone with free will, he was nearly raped himself, but he wasn’t, he stopped it, the fact that he was nearly raped changes nothing, he is still a complete asshole that needs to die. the fact that she tried to rape him means nothing other than she is a complete asshole like him, she should die to. anyone defending this, is just as bad, i mean really, come on, sick depraved people, pretending this didn’t happen is one thing, defending it is another, either way, if you still read this story from now on, you are literally reading about a mass murder that rapes people, never defend this guy. ever.

            that saying, two wrongs do not make a rite comes to mind.

            if it wasn’t for coiling dragon i would drop this site all together, sick people.

          8. Speaking of coiling dragon….it’s not like Linley hasn’t murdered anyone. The saying “two wrongs don’t make a right” is merely a generalization that allows the person who wrong first go unpunished. A punishment generally “wrongs” someone in retribution (whether its a fee they need to pay, jail time they need to serve, death penalty). So, in a sense, this saying says that wrongdoers (for a lack of a better word) should be left off scott free.

            The only difference between Linley and Chu Feng is that the former hasn’t raped anyone nor has he been raped. They both have killed numerous people, but that isn’t the problem. The problem is that the latter has raped while the former hasn’t. Speaking of wrongs, killing someone and raping their life over isn’t all that different in a sense, their previous lifestyle is destroyed. Yet, the latter gets a lot more hate than the former. GG double standards GG.

          9. Whoops, forgot to include something else.

            The similarity between rape and murder is both disregard another’s consent and both are unlawful. If consent was granted, the two terms would no longer be rape and murder but sex and assisted suicide. The latter part of the definition, the unlawful part, requires the law to exist in the first place, which it does not. Strength makes right. This is the only law and this law is situational (it doesn’t matter if someone is weak compared to others, if he is strong in that situation, he is right; though someone stronger can come along to screw this person over).

          10. And once again.. What did you expect him to do instead?

            Let it go and walk out the door? They’ll just try again by having a random disciple try to get his trust and to then give him the tea. This isn’t going to stop them. It’s only going to make them try smarter methods along with stronger drugs.

            It’s a lawless world. It’s been stressed since the beginning that the strong control everything. Quite honestly, Chufeng is one of the better characters, as he doesn’t attack until provoked.

            As for Linley..? Linley’s the God of Luck. And a mass murderer.
            He continues slaughtering bandits even after they surrendered and have completely lost the will to fight. Does he need to kill half of the Highgods he kills to show his might? Nope. He just needs to tear open a spatial tear to intimidate them.

            None of the characters on this site are saints (ironic, considering that’s the name of their power level alot of the time). Chufeng just got thrown into a specific situation. Is he a jackass? Probably, but his a jackass that you’d rather have on your side than against you.

            One of Chufeng’s enemies wiped an entire city filled with innocent and unrelated people off the map, just to enact revenge on Chufeng. That isn’t “cutting the problem at the root” or “setting an example”. That’s just pure evil.

            This isn’t a decision that he could have thrown out on his own. It’s most likely that his clan approved of it and possibly even provided the resources to pay the bandits.

          11. Additionally, their values are different from ours.

            As we’ve seen in many of these novels, these people value reputation over everything including their own lives. We’ve seen this in CD for instance.
            She tried to destroy his reputation which he values alot more than his life, thus he passed what he thought was a suitable punishment.

            Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world like that and quite frankly.. Neither would we want to, so we can’t really judge their behaviour by our standards.

          12. i was pretty drunk when i read this so over reacted a bit, but you do realize you are literally defending rape rite now… stop, just stop, he should of just killed them, that’s his usual one trick, their morals, our morals, what does it matter, your reading it so your own morals apply. i didn’t read many, well any of the reply’s to this, nothing you say is worth reading, stop defending this shit and admit he his scum, simple.

          13. You want her to die instead of be raped. After she was raped, she was, almost perfectly fine (aside from turning into a fish). If she wasn’t restricted by that side effect by the Mysterious Technique, she would still have been level-headed.

            I’m not saying that every raped victim should be raped instead of killed, but, in this case, this woman would have been nearly fine (mentally and physically) after she was raped (excluding turning into a fish). She would have been angry, repulsed, and possibly extremely vengeful, but she didn’t shatter. Killing her wouldn’t have solved her problems. She was still capable of critical thinking and moving on.

            Just because she is raped doesn’t mean her whole life is shattered. ESPECIALLY NOT THIS WOMAN. What did she do after she was raped? She ran away because of her transformation. She didn’t break down emotionally. If she did, sure, maybe killing her instead might have been better. But no, she was fully functional in her mental and physical facilities. And now EVERYONE WANTS TO KILL BECAUSE SHE COULD WITHSTAND BEING RAPED. She can’t survive is she is killed, redundant but true. But she certainly can survive being raped here.

            Don’t advocate for rape….but mass killing? It’s a new national pastime :D…(sarcasm).

            Please look at a rape case with a case by case basis. Sometimes, killing the target might be better and raping the target might be better. Clearly, she survived, so raping her would have let her live a lot longer.

            This doesn’t mean I advocate rape. But when people look at this story, they see a rape case and they lose their mind. Killing her had no benefit for him, only major repercussions. Raping her, however, is a lesser offense and allows her to live. You guys seriously want her dead THAT BADLY? Holy ****.

          14. As far as the stability of the minds are concerned, these cultivators have very strong wills and minds. If they’re not scarred for life by their families getting massacred then, this is probably not that much to them.

            These aren’t random people taken off the street in an average city in the real world.
            They’ll just continue doing what they always do. Cultivate, get revenge against those who offend you, get higher status, etc.

            Killing her would enrage the entire school. Enraging them for no other reason than a personal grudge against a single disciple and thus possibly sparking a blood feud is ridiculous. *Everyone* saw him enter with them. If he killed her then, it would be nigh impossible to hide it like he did before with some of his enemies.

            If he doesn’t deal with her at all then, she will only try again and again to drug him in more cunning and dangerous ways. Possibly via other disciples or people who she’s bribed.

          15. This is a beyond late reply, just leaving it here for people who might read. The question isn’t of whether she deserved to be raped for trying to rape someone. The matter being discussed is Chu Feng’s character as someone who raped someone in revenge.

            In this society, battle is considered honorable and though there is no dying with honor because all these characters have shitty personalities that are fearless when they have the upper hand but cowards when they have the lower hand. The ideal death for a strong warrior would be to be killed in battle by a stronger warrior. In other words, murder. As morals are pretty much dictated by the society, what Chu Feng did was raping knowing that it would bring shame and despair to his victim rather than killing them and at least giving them some semblance of mercy (In the context that they’re all cultivators who should be prepared to die for offending people stronger than them).

            Plus, as a novel being written in modern times adding rape here could hardly be considered tactful. I don’t know whether murder or rape is more or less wrong, but I think Chu Feng is a bastard anyways. In a sense, it goes along with the theme of revenge, an eye for an eye. But I’d rather he vent his anger in some other way.

          1. You’ve just said rape victims should just kill themselves because they’re permanently damaged and living is torture. Does that sound reasonable?

          2. That depends on how you choose to look at it. If you are murdered, someone else has chosen to kill you. If you are raped and still live, you, at least, can choose your own death or choose to live on with it. At least with the second option you get a choice of life or death, though how much better the second option is over the first is the question.

            Sure, the victim suffers because of rape -and in this case more so than normally because of the consequences outside her power (and not a mental breakdown)- but there are options left (revenge, suicide, moving on….all valid options).

            On a side note…it seems that people are trying to portray Chu Feng as a morally righteous person, who hasn’t raped anyone before. Technically, the second time he had sex with Su Rou was rape since she was against it at first but eventually accepted; however, at that time, she still was against it. So it isn’t like that was the first time he has raped someone, its just that, this time, the person was against the rape all the way through.

            You have wonderfully twisted HedgeMoney’s words. Nowhere did he say that rape victims should kill themselves. On the contrary, he said that the rape victims survive. This is a VERY big difference. Such a big difference in fact that are you replying in response to the right person?
            If the part of “because they’re permanently damaged and living is torture” refers to HedgeMoney’s statement of “If you get raped, you live with that forever”, you are misunderstanding what he said. He didn’t mean that because someone got raped, that person should commit suicide but because they got raped and are still alive, they have to live with that experience throughout their life. Nowhere in that statement does it mention that the raped victim should commit suicide because of their experiences. He merely stated a fact that being raped has become an experience that the person has to live with for the rest of their life.

        2. If he killed her then, that would enrage her sect. I doubt that the World Spirit Guild can just magically materialize infront of Chufeng whenever he has a problem within moments.

          As for the other? He could blame it on the tea.

    1. The girl was asking for it actually since she set him up to get raped by her friend so Chu Feng was just returning back to her what she was going to do to him. Still doesn’t make what he did right but it at least means I have no pity for her cause she brought it on herself.

    2. He is indeed an asshole. But if you consider the world he is living in where power is everything, everyone is an asshole. He’s an asshole living in an asshole world.

      1. If you appear weak then, you will be used by others.
        If you don’t set an example by being incredibly brutal then, your friends and families may be targetted by others.

        It’s not like the police exist in Chufeng’s world who will come to his aid.
        Tough luck for whoever tries to hold him upto modern standards.

    3. I agree. Everyone is like, well, its deserved.

      Hell no. You don’t rape if you get raped. That shit is dumb. Its like if you kill someone because they killed you. That only means that everyone will eventually kill everyone, or in this case, rape everyone… for justice.

      No, he should have been raped, but they shouldn’t have been raped back either.

      You punish them some other way, you never ever stoop to their level. The moment you do, you already lost and became the thing you hated the most.
      Its this part of Chufeng that I really hate. I would have rather disgrace them some other way. Ruin their reputation.

      In fact, if they were guys he would have killed them anyways. Double standards much? Its not like women are weaker than men in this world, hell they are just as strong or stronger (Eggy).

      You all (excluding those who agree that rape and reverse rape are equally bad and should not be done) are rather simple minded if you think that rape was deserved. And that also says a lot about your personality. You are the type of cruel prick who would slaughter someone’s whole family, just because an estranged family member of theirs killed your dog.

      1. I think everyone needs to calm down a little. Having massacred thousands of children and adults of both sexes because people went against him; at the moment I disagree. When Teach is almost killed by a woman only to turn around and do what he did to Yan Ruyu then I will agree with your statement about killing them if they were men. Maybe, he’d have done what he did back in azure dragon school and castrated them. Another unspeakable crime that victims have to live with.

        I don’t think we have been reading the same story if you think Teach hasn’t been returning the favour since around the 7th level of the spirit realm.

        I don’t think it is wise to call people genocidal maniacs either. That in itself isn’t fair. If you want Teach to do what he has done to the males who wanted to do what he did to Yan Ruyu before. Then female genital mutilation is what you are after. However, I think none of us actually want to read that, just as none of us felt particularly peachy reading the last two chapters. Especially seeing the explosion I knew was coming since that sneak peek yesterday.

        I’m going to ask for a cease-fire on this discussion too. Mostly because a lot of worrying personal attacks are happening and the entire tone of this comments section is becoming very hot-headed. I suggest listening to some calming music or some other activity that relaxes or calms you, especially for all those who were upset by the last chapters.

        1. It’s more setting an example to deter future enemies more than anything else.
          I heavily doubt that he does all of this “for fun”. It’s mainly for revenge and to set an example.
          And they STILL mess with him and end up paying the consequences.

          Sure, his covered up some of his antics with the Mr. Grey-cloak facade, but even that will probably be revealed once he enters the Heaven Realm, thus there being practically no one in the province who may try to kill him for whatever reason.

          None of his enemies even take five minutes to investigate his background.
          All they have to do is pay a quick trip to the Spirit Province and hear about this “legendary Chufeng”. For someone competing in the Hundred Whatever thing, you’d think that they’d at-least do a detailed background check.

          It’s not like the schools don’t have World Spiritists of their own who probably frequently visit the Spirit Province.

          1. To be fair to the schools we know of three with World Spiritists, so besides assumptions (fair though they may be) at the moment we can say that those are the only ones linked with a school in the province.

            As for whether they were around the Spirit Province around the time of Teach’s feat, we have no knowledge of this at all, so assumptions are free to fly hither and thither.

            I understand your gripes but the key theme so far is that everyone is busy amassing their own little empire of various sizes. No-one, even Teach expects to be outdone in their little empires. If everyone were thorough masterminds it wouldn’t be MGA, perhaps it would be a better story for it, perhaps not. But it wouldn’t be MGA.

          2. @Azareal

            You are right that there are methods for World Spiritists to verify has connections with the World Spiritists Guild (or whatever this guild is called). However, the distance between the two provinces is quite large and cannot be travelled easily. Not many people would have those eagles for fast transportation, as Chu Feng only got his because he was roped in (as for how his teacher got two, he probably paid a lot). Keep in mind that the Qilin Prince Mansion doesn’t have a lot of those birds (even the low quality ones) and that there are only 2 known grey cloaked world spiritists in the entirety of the Azure Province (though there seems to be many grey cloaked world spiritists and higher level ones in the shadows).

            On a side note, Chu Feng is legendary in the Azure Province not because of his world spiritist abilities but because he defeated Gong Luyon who was almost an entire realm higher than he was. People aren’t going to the world guild hall to check whether or not Chu Feng is a white cloak (there simply is too many of them). On top of that, it’s been like 3 days to a week since his school was promoted to a 1st rate school to participate in this Hundred School Tournament, not exactly a lot of time to do some investigating.

      2. All of his massacres have been due to blood feuds. These are conflicts that are never going to be resolved and will result in an endless wave of people trying to kill him and his descendents.

        As for this..? They wanted to destroy his reputation. He simply turned things around on them and it turned out that one of them was using a Forbidden Technique.. Well, that was a dumbass move of hers. I mean, who’s even moronic enough to stick around after someone else uses that kind of drug..?

        Welcome to the Medival World where strength is everything and where “not stooping to their level” is seen as a sign of weakness and a large sign telling everyone to take advantage of you will rise up.

        If he destroys their reputation then, their lives are pretty much over. And honestly, he has succeeded in destroying their reputation, one of them has turned into a blood-thirsty demon who’s probably going to kill Dong Aoyun.

        For Justice? It’s for revenge for plotting against him. Why so harsh? Being excessively harsh means that no one will mess with you. Again, welcome to the “the strong rule” world.
        Not to mention, that I’m sure that they would use it to get countless people trying to kill him.

        This isn’t “Swallowed Star” or another modern novel where I might apply modern standards to the characters. MGA is set in the ancient past, except it has magical powers thrown into the mix.

      3. ugh…i don’t really understand how this reply thing is working out but this reply is to HedgeMoney

        1) The main idea that if the two were guys, Chu Feng wouldn’t have raped them is mute. If the two were guys, Chu Feng wouldn’t have been put into a situation where he would be raped in the first place (then rape back in retribution).

        Also, what is justice? Only the strong are just and, if by chance they aren’t just, they are right. Strength makes might and you must have overwhelming strength in order to be able to have pity.

        2) He wasn’t losing face just for himself. He was losing self for his school, the leader of the girl’s school, as well as himself. The two school heads were the ones who arranged the marriage and breaking the marriage would have lost face for all three. On top of this, there is the problem of the person who breaks the marriage makes the other side lose even more face (if the girl breaks it, the man loses a lot of face and is humiliated. If the guy breaks it, the girl would probably be deemed incapable, useless, ugly or any other negative trait (unless the girl is excessively beautiful or has strength no one can ignore).

        3) If he killed the girl, the repercussions would far exceed the benefits. The repercussions include, but are not limited to:
        losing face for both schools as well as the Lingyun school, risk getting killed, risk him getting looked as a pushover, risk the two committing further acts that could jeopardize his life or reputation. The only benefit he gets from killing those two is that he doesn’t have to marry the girl. This mere benefit isn’t, in any way, to his own life as well as to Eggy’s life, who he values far, far more.

        4) It’s only a double standard because the person’s an attractive female and he raped her. If it was a guy and he raped him, i’m sure many more people would be far more disgusted because: 1) it’s gay (i’m not against gays in any way but I also know that gays aren’t universally accepted as straight relationships) 2) he raped and did not kill.

        5) The punishment system. The oh so wonderful punishment system. If our punishment system worked so well (which it clearly doesn’t considering how many repeat offenders there are), it would have to be on a similar level. Compensation for the rape? In order to get compensation, conditions must be met: 1) he was raped (in such a society, he would lose all his face and more because it was done by a girl (not trying to be sexist here but w/e). 2) there must be evidence (it’s the words of two people against his). 3) it is on the similar level of rape (which is hard to define in value since it’s a subjective value rather than a materialistic value (such as a vase breaks, and can be paid for in a known amount). Requirement one makes he lose too much face for him to actually report it (which is part of the reason why in asian countries rape doesn’t get reported); requirement two is harder to ascertain as evidence can be destroyed…quite easily; and requirement three is already explained.

        5) He already killed so many people and raped before. The only thing on her person that has value to him is the fact that her beauty is on par with the Su sisters. The only difference between the Su sisters and her is he has emotional attachment to the former while the latter has been running his kindness to the ground.

        All in all, killing wasn’t the way to go about things. Raping was by far the easiest option to take and the most logical at the time. The only other way to possibly get revenge is to possibly to take it upon her family (and get monetary compensation) but would make him risk retaliation. All in all, punishment is a slippery slope, because not punishing would destroy ‘justice’ but there are very few ways of establishing justice.

    4. Yes please… The whole excessive harem (to me it is >:() thing was getting to much. But ANOTHER rape scene?
      This mc just keeps getting more and more unlikeable. It’s impossible to try to reason with him. It’s like ‘you did 1? Well u don’t care I’m returning it with a million’ Whut?
      But really? Another rape? I hope she castrates him -.-

    5. I also think Chu Feng is an a**hole, the author is trying to desensitise rape by saying they started it first, its horrible and inexcusable considering that Chu Feng voluntarily did it. Chu Feng is becoming a horrible person bit by bit. I believe at this stage he is the same as all those people Gong Luyun, Xiu family and Lin ran.

  3. Sounds like she broke the rule of her Mysterious Technique and got cursed and turned into a fish.
    I don’t know why Chu Feng didn’t borrow Eggy’s power to chase her down, though. Ah well… Chu Feng really is an idgit.

  4. He didn’t have to go as far as to rape her… he could have just made the 2 of them confess and end the engagement… their reputation would have been destroyed and he’d have gotten out of it… it would have been his win….

    Lets be honest, it wasn’t the other girl sleeping him he really had a problem with… he didn’t like how they looked down on him and how he was being drugged and raped… if she just wanted to join a harem, he wouldn’t care about that….

    1. Exactly he could have easily gotten past this and did not have to stoop so low. I know im expecting to much but i really hope chu feng gets his ass handed to him in the worst way possible. and maybe just maybe starts acting like a semi-decent person who doesn’t go around raping women who offend him …but again i think im just expecting too much.

  5. Oh swell… glorifying rape. Man, no wonder mainland chinese people are such assholes, if this is the sort of stuff they read on a daily basis.
    Oh a side note, I do not believe that most mainland people do this thing, just some of them. (It is an asian country, and aside from some african countries raping babies, Asia does have the highest amount of rape (unreported of course because of stupid sexist reasons and the stupid shit like “face”).
    I mean shit, just do a light search on a hentai website for “rape” or “forced”, and it has like the highest number of tags.
    I do however, have a huge problem with glorifying rape, like right here. I do not find it funny, nor sexually arousing (mostly).
    But knowing this, Chu Feng’s rape-capades are only likely to escalate in the future.

    1. Where does it say that he is glorifying rape? He simply rapes. Then he comments on how pretty she is. It doesn’t say or imply “Chu Feng raped her and because of this incident, whenever he sees an attractive woman, he shall rape her”. Saying the author is glorifying is exaggerating and shoving your own belief against rape in general down the author’s throat.

      On a side note, this isn’t a hentai website. :I

      On another side note, the ‘face’ you so mock is their way of life. Whether you agree with it or not, you shouldn’t get so high and mighty and disregard their own point of view.

  6. … I wish Chufeng wasn’t retarded. The author shouldn’t have made him do the same mistake with the tea… And why rape someone? Just kill them. Goddamn pervert. Second of all, I would have much more enjoyed to finally see a main character who would kill a female just like he would kill a male. But it seems like every single Chinese novel is inherently sexist. Women are just there for pleasure and to look good apparently.

    1. He raped her because that was the most severe punishment he could give them. The author made it quite clear. “Every single Chinese novel is inherently sexist”, generalization much? Worse still, why do people think rape is worse than murder? I wonder if you people who say stuff like that would actually rather die than be raped.

      1. I’m not sure I understand your reasoning. He gave them ‘the most severe punishment he could? For what? The other chick was going to rape him. Someone who had already had sex multiple times. So then he raped a woman and took her virginity. Again and again he is stupid enough to put himself in situations which will come back to bite, not him, but his family in the ass. His actions wiped out his family and an entire city. Now he is also putting his school in danger. He’s an immature child who doesn’t think before he leaps.

    2. It wasn’t the fact that Chu Feng didn’t check the tea. It was that he check the fruits, checked her expression, and was on guard up until that point. He dropped his guard because all the previous events was done without harm to him. A person can’t be on guard all the time, it’s just that Chu Feng just chose to let his guard down at the worst time possible.

      On a side note, just because someone was raped in this light novel doesn’t mean there is a rape case in every chinese light novel. That’s because saying if a person got raped in an English or American novel, then all novels from those countries involve rape.
      On another side note, people don’t always rape because they want to have sex. Raping someone could ruin someone life and can be more painful than death in some fashions.

      I just love how people would like death rather than rape. What if Chu Feng raped then killed someone? Would it be more or less offensive?

      It’s not like this double standard doesn’t exist within western countries. Men are raised, subtlety, that having sex with many women is a status symbol and women are looked down if the same thing happen. It’s just that it happens out of wedlock which apparently makes it a lot less offensive than having a harem.

  7. wait im confused because, “The faint blood on the bed told Chu Feng that Yan Ruyu did not conceal anything or act. She truly guarded her body like jade, and at least she was still a virgin.” so he didn’t rape her right of is this passage a mistake?

    1. The blood comes from and is the proof that she was a virgin before her blood was spilt. “at least she [was] still a virgin.” The keyword is ‘was’ as in past tense. *^* Hope this helps.

  8. I’m shocked Chu Feng would stoop to this level. Yes, I know Chu Feng is messed up and his policy is ‘an eye for an eye’ but from the way he behaved when he found out what happened between him and Su Rou, I thought he believed rape was out of the question and a man should take responsibility for women he sleeps with.
    I guess my interpretation was wrong.

    It’s also his own fault that he ended up there. The minute he got to Jade School, his behaviour was sickening and his words even worse, of course they would regard him as a toad, and following their “eye for an eye”, would try to get rid of him. Rid the world of scum who objectifies them.

    I don’t feel sympathy for Yan Ruyu, I think she is just as bad as Baixi. They’re scumbags for sure and Chu Feng is just as much of garbage as them.

    What bothers me is the fact that Chu Feng always feels his actions are justified even though he does the same thing his enemy does which he deems wrong.

  9. People seemed to forget that Chu Feng will make the worst punishment for any characters, in the case of the girls in Jade Female School they cultivate a mysterious technique that will prolong their youth and beauty as long as they keep their chastity. Chu Feng just did that so that she would be miserable her whole life by not being able to cultivate in it anymore. This is just what I thought though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Many thanks for the chapter Author, translator, donors and wuxiaworld!
    Im not gonna bother withe comments. Both rape and murder are heinous sins. Comparing rape to murder is like comparing beastiality to meat eating IMO….

  11. You people do realize he’s already being super nice with this two minute rape compared to his normal actions right? If this was a man he would have viciously tortured them both, keeping them alive, slicing tendons, eyes, fingers, smashing privates, braking every bone in their body, you know like he does with every other guy he fights, but always leaves the girls barely injured and then then normally lets them go or just kills them instantly. Compared to those people how terrible is what she went through? You people saying he’s evil for doing this and not saying it for every single other person he turns to meat paste are sexist, because you only give a shit now that he’s giving a light punishment in comparison to a girl

  12. Whites knights galore! Not a word of complaint when Chu Feng kills tens of thousands of innocent people because someone bullied him. But now he raped a girl so… he MUST DIE! Lmao…

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    I really hate characters like that, they’re like annoying cockroaches. I wish he’d just have killed her and saved us the trouble of reading about her later on. She totally deserved all she got. She wants someone else to be raped so she can be pure? Sure, but then she can’t complain when she gets raped in return. Do I feel pity for her? None at all. She brought this upon herself. Reverse-rape is not better than normal rape. Her wavering doesn’t make me feel anything else than hatred for her either. Even if you feel guilty, how can that makes things alright? She did it, and that’s what’s important, feelings doesn’t matter. That she had a good reason for not wanting to be tainted doesn’t matter at all, even if she died because she was tainted it would be justifiable, but it seems she will just go on a rampage and gain major power. She will kill the mc because of this if she survives? Why? You’re the guilty one who did something wrong, the mc just retaliated in kind, he didn’t start it.

    Way too many people who just sympathize with her because she has a pussy and had a “reason” to not be tainted and doesn’t think properly about what she did and how she handled this in the worst possible manner. She could’ve just said that she didn’t want to marry him. Even if she did marry him, she wouldn’t have had to sleep with him since she’s also a powerful cultivator. She could also just have told him about the fact that she cultivates something like that, or she could’ve just said that she cultivates a technique that will make her lose all her power if she sleeps with someone, she doesn’t even have to say it’s a forbidden technique, it might just be a weird one. So tired of idiots like this. Well, as long as she doesn’t somehow end up in the harem later on, everything’s fine. I have this feeling that the mc will feel a bit guilty later on even though he wasn’t in the wrong at all, probably to satisfy readers and show that he’s “so kind” to people who aren’t true enemies… psht, posing.

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