MGA – Chapter 28

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MGA: Chapter 28 – The Change in Attitude

Time proceeded and with a blink, several days passed. In those few days, Chu Feng did not even take a step outside. Other than studying the 3rd style of the Three Thunder Styles, he was refining spiritual medicine.

In a short few days, Chu Feng went from a wealthy person to a poor person with nothing. But, luckily, his dantian was filled up quite a bit, and with his estimations, he could breakthrough once more after another Spiritual Bead.

But, the Spiritual Medicine Hunt only happened once a year and the Spiritual Bead was a top quality spiritual medicine. If he didn’t rely on Su Mei, how could Chu Feng have picked up such a deal? So he also knew that wanting to breakthrough again was not easy.

Without him feeling it, the day of the Chu family gathering also arrived. On that day, 3 familiar people came and visited.

“Chu Yue, Chu Xue, Chu Wei?”

Chu Feng was a bit caught off guard when he saw the 3 people outside. It wasn’t that strange for Chu Yue to come visit. But, he never would have thought that Chu Xue and Chu Wei could come as well.

“Chu Feng, the gathering is almost here. Come with us and we can return together.” Chu Yue smiled and said.

“Oh?” Chu Feng looked at Chu Wei and Chu Xue with a bit of hesitation.

“Chu Feng, let’s go back together. Everyone’s waiting for you!” Chu Xue also spoke, and other than sincere in her eyes there was also deep regret.

“Chu Feng, we may have misunderstood some things, but in the end, we are still family. I hope that you don’t put the past in your heart.” Chu Wei was also chuckling and there were some hints of admitting his errors in his tone.

Chu Feng thought for a while, but still said, “That’s fine.”

Chu Feng was not a narrow-minded person, or else he wouldn’t have saved Chu Xue that day. In any case, he was also planning to return to the Chu family, so it wasn’t bad to be able to chat with Chu Yue along the road.

They arrived at the gate of the Azure Dragon School, and indeed, the Chu family members were there waiting for Chu Feng. As they looked at Chu Feng, their gazes did not contain the past enmity. Rather, there was a bit more respect, and other than the respect there was also some embarrassment and some shame.

Although it was not confirmed, many people knew in their hearts that Chu Feng was likely the fierce person that slaughtered the 40 Fierce Beasts. He also got the recognition of the Wings Alliance, so how could they dare to offend Chu Feng when he was like this?

Chu Feng didn’t think too much about their change. After all, in Chu Feng’s heart, he viewed himself as a member of the Chu family. To get along with his family was naturally something that he yearned for.

But he also knew that it was his strength that caused their change in attitude. But why did that matter? After all, the world is as such. Even if it was family, seniors and juniors were divided by strength.

In the middle area of the Azure Province, there was a small town that was built against a mountain, and it was called the Leaning Mountain Town. The Chu family was the overlord of the Leaning Mountain Town, as they had control over the circumference of dozens of miles of land and resources.

The imposing gates of the Chu family were in front of their eyes. Fast horses arrived, and several impressive, young males and females jumped down. They were Chu Feng and the others from the Azure Dragon School.

“Look, the young masters from the Chu family have returned.”

“Purple-coloured robes. Those are the symbols of the inner court disciples of the Azure Dragon School right? Impressive. They are indeed from the Chu family.”

“That’s right. Talent is the most important thing on the road of martial cultivation. Old Yang, the boss of the east side of the town used up all his fortune to get his grandson into the Azure Dragon School. But after entering for a full 10 years, he was only at the 1st level for his martial cultivation. It is simply incomparable to the Chu family’s young masters.”

“That may not be so. I hear that there’s a person called Chu Feng in the Chu family, and even today he’s still an outer court disciple. Because he had no face to see anyone, he didn’t return home in many years.”

“Then you don’t know the full story. Although that Chu Feng has the status of a young master, he is not technically part of the Chu family. He was picked up by Chu Yuan, so it’s normal even if his talent isn’t equal to the other young masters.”

“Shh, you can’t randomly talk about that, or else you’ll have bad luck if you let Chu Yuan hear that.”

The arrival of Chu Feng and the others attracted countless observers from the town’s citizens. To them who had nothing to do with martial cultivation, anyone who cultivated were their idol.

“Young masters, you’ve returned.”

After entering the courtyard, the servants of the Chu family all surrounded them, and at the same time, it attracted many of the Chu family’s younger generations.

There were a lot of young people in the Chu family, but they all entered all different types of schools. So, when they knew that the people from the Azure Dragon School returned, all the other people from the other schools wanted to see what point Chu Wei, Chu Yue and the others reached.

“Oh? Isn’t this Chu Feng? You’ve finally entered the inner court for the Azure Dragon School?”

A sharp, unkind voice could be heard, and several young males and females walked over. The leading person was a handsome young man.

He was called Chu Xun, and he was the disciple of the second-rate Thousand Wind School. He was 18 years old this year and he had the cultivation of the 5th level of the Spirit realm. Same as most of the Chu family members, he had also been hostile towards Chu Feng since he was small.

“If I remember correctly, you also entered the Thousand Wind School inner court at the age of 15 right?” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said.

“Hmph, you are correct, but after entering the inner court for a short 3 years I reached the 5th level of the Spirit realm. Do you think you can even compare to me?”

“Hehe. Entered the Thousand Wind School at the age of 10, but only stepped into the 5th level of the Spirit realm at the age of 18. Such slow improvement, yet displaying such arrogance. Can’t you be any better?”

“You’re looking down on me? Do you want to spar a bit?” Chu Xun’s face was very ugly, and he was really impatient to give Chu Feng a lesson.

“You aren’t even fit to spar with me.” Chu Feng shot him a glance of disdain and walked deeper into the Chu residence.

“Damn! Who gave him that confidence and dared to be so arrogant? He better not participate in the family’s competition or else I would beat him to death.” Looking at Chu Feng’s back, Chu Xun gritted his teeth in anger.

“Chu Xun, I advise that you don’t go and anger Chu Feng.” Just at that time, the brothers Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen walked over.

“What is your meaning? You think that I can’t beat him?” Chu Xun got even more angry.

Seeing that he was so stubborn, Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen were too lazy to pay attention to him and they went towards their own residence.

“Two pieces of garbage. How did they become so spiritless after one year?” Chu Xun glared at the two with disdain.

“The two of them are very correct. As your elder brother, I will also give you a few words of advice. That Chu Feng isn’t as weak as you think. I won’t say the specifics, so understand it as you wish.” Chu Wei also went up and patted Chu Xun’s shoulders.

After that, Chu Yue, Chu Xue, Chu Gao and the others also said some words with Chu Xun. Although it was very hidden, there were strong warning messages.

“These people. Have they gone stupid in the Azure Dragon School? No need to speak about Chu Yue, but why are Chu Wei and the others so cowardly?” Looking at the leaving backs of Chu Wei and the others, Chu Xun was a bit lost.

“That’s right. Didn’t Chu Wei and the Cheng Zhen brothers annoy Chu Feng the most? And also that Chu Xue. What happened to them?” At the same time, the people behind Chu Xun had confusion on their faces.

They could not understand. Chu Wei and the others were always humiliating Chu Feng without restraint last year. They left nothing behind and declared Chu Feng’s ugly things in the Azure Dragon School. Why did it seem that all of them completely changed?

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  1. Life did a 180 on them. That’s what happened. Oh well, I’m kind of glad our MC isn’t a d____ and reconciled with his family some what. They do have a different culture than we do, so it’s difficult for some to understand how they feel.

    1. I agree with you, but after being treated like absolute shit for so many years I wouldn’t blame him for a second if he wanted nothing more to do with them. If it were me I doubt I could let go of a grudge like that so easily 😛

      1. there is no way i would have forgotten a grudge like that if i was chu feng. I wouldn’t go out to harass them per say but i would just try to ignore them. Only time would resolve my grudge

        1. I think he did it more to keep peace with the sections of the family he actually gives a damn about his father brother and Yue, saving the girl kept a tragedy from happening and not causing a scene will help his dad’s chances at the election.

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  3. Oh, refreshing.
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    1. I wouldn’t say he has forgiven them… He has just decided to ignore them and not pursue the grudge, perhaps for chu yue’s sake along with his brother and father. I still think he’s just waiting to beat down upon some of the more severe bastards. But since family is valued so damn much in chinese culture, it’s probably not going to end with him killing people, unless there’s some SERIOUS bastard amongst them. He’ll probably just beat them half to death.

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