MGA – Chapter 279

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MGA: Chapter 279 – Paying the Price

“There is poison in the tea!” Chu Feng hiddenly cursed because just as the tea entered his stomach, he felt a burst of strange energy spreading out within his body. Instantly, it sealed his dantian and his Origin power quickly shrunk, and very soon, he powerlessly fell onto the ground.

“Dammit.” The current Chu Feng could not speak anymore, but he was still furiously roaring in his heart.

At the same time that he roared, Chu Feng quickly revolved his Spirit power and connected to the Spirit Formation power from his World Spirit Space, then created a mini Spirit Formation within his body to seal the strange poison.

“Damn. It’s this poison again.”

Chu Feng was very speechless, because when he laid a Spirit Formation to seal the poison in his body, he discovered that there was a reaction under his stomach. A mighty huge thing was erected and from that, Chu Feng couldn’t help but think back to the situation in the Vermilion Bird City. Dammit. He was affected by the X poison again.

And the person who poisoned him this time was a woman again, and it was even a beauty. But the most important part was that the poison in the tea was several times stronger than the one before. If his cultivation did not increase greatly and if he wasn’t proficient in Spirit Formation techniques, he would have already been engulfed by the poison and lost his rationality.

“Haha, you’re stupefied aren’t you? You’ve gotten poisoned by this again? You are shaming the name of World Spiritists! Ah ha ha, I could laugh to death from this. What a man you are, being poisoned two times by two sisters, and they even succeeded both times.”

“Whatever. Chu Feng, don’t resist and go along with it. These are two big beauties!” As Chu Feng was painstakingly sealing the power of the poison, Eggy took joy in his misfortune and laughed as he was in a disaster. She convulsed with laughter and banged the floor with her fist as she held her stomach.

“You damn girl, don’t mess me up. As a man, how can I be forced back and forth by this kind of thing?” Chu Feng did not give in and he continued sealing.

After a while of hard work, finally, with his own Grey-cloak World Spiritist methods, he thoroughly sealed the poison within his body. But when all his cultivation returned to normal, he was not in a hurry to get up.

His kept his eyes closed and continued to lay on the ground while pretending to be unconscious because he wanted to see what the two bastard women were doing.

“Junior Baixi, have we gone too far by doing this?” At that instant, as Yan Ruyu looked at Chu Feng who had a red face and red ears while laying on the ground, she felt both worried and guilty. At the same time, she was a bit anxious.

On the other hand, Baixi was calmly staring at Chu Feng, then as though it didn’t matter much, she said to Yan Ruyu, “Senior Yan, don’t worry. Will he feel that he suffered if I, Baixi, slept with him?” As she spoke, Baixi confidently pushed her jet-black hair back. Faint fragrance was floated past and it was extremely attractive.

“But… After all, he was poisoned by you and it isn’t his original intention. If we do this…” Yan Ruyu was still a bit worried.

“Okay my good senior, don’t overthink this. You can’t do the thing with males right? You can’t, but I can. And after all, I’m doing this to help you.”

“As long as I do the thing between a male and a female with Chu Feng, that also means that Chu Feng will be unable to face you. After the school head knows about it, she will undoubtedly cancel the marriage between you two. Rather, she would support me and Chu Feng.”

“Coincidentally, I have also wanted to find a man who can be relied on and has potential. Although Chu Feng is still young, he has the requirements for my necessity.”

“Not only is this helping you, this is also helping me!” As Baixi spoke, she pushed Yan Ruyu out. But Yan Ruyu was looking at Chu Feng with a full face of guilt, and she didn’t know whether she should leave or not.

Chu Feng who heard everything was already as furious as thunder. After so much, he was truly tricked by the two bastards. Disastrous things would have happened if he did not have powerful methods right now to seal the poison. If he lost his body, that was small. However, his reputation would have been completely destroyed into nothingness. He would have also been forced to marry Baixi, the deceptive bastard.

He was deceived by that kind of person, so it truly caused Chu Feng to be endlessly furious. It was not possible for him to take that deception for nothing, and he had to pay those two bastards several times back.

As he thought to that point, with a *ceng*, Chu Feng stood up, pointed at squabbling Yan Ruyu and Baixi, and said, “You two damn bastards. I believe you two, yet you trick me like this. Today, you two will pay the price.”

“Chu Feng, you~~~” Yan Ruyu and Baixi were both frightened after they saw Chu Feng wake up.

“Chu Feng, come towards me if you have anything. This isn’t related to Baixi.” Yan Ruyu was the first to react. She first shot a glance at Baixi, then quickly stopped in front of Chu Feng to block him.

Baixi’s beautiful body leaped and she wanted to run out of the palace. No one knew if she wanted to escape or if she was going to look for reinforcements.

“Hmph. No need to fake anything. Today, neither one of you should even think of escaping.”

However, Chu Feng waved his big sleeve and a boundless Spirit Formation sealed the palace. No matter how Baixi attacked it, the Spirit Formation did not move in the slightest. Being helpless, she could only loudly yell. But the people outside could not hear anything.

“Scream. Scream as much as you want. Even if your throat breaks from screaming, no one will come to save you.”

Chu Feng disdainfully shot a gaze at Baixi, then grabbed onto Yan Ruyu’s small waist. Putting some strength into his arm, he put the beauty on his shoulder. Then, he leaped into the bedroom and fiercely threw Yan Ruyu onto the big bed.

“Ahh~~~ Chu Feng, what are you doing?” At that instant, Yan Ruyu originally wanted to get up to escape, but she could do nothing as the pressure that was emanating off of Chu Feng’s body was abnormally strong. It completely pressed her down. She could only roll around on the bed but she could not even get herself up.

“What am I doing? You’re asking what I am doing?”

“There were no grievances nor enmity between us, so why did you have to deceive me? If you want to guard your body like jade, then guard your body like jade. If you don’t want to marry, then you don’t have to marry. Why do you have to make things so difficult for me again and again? Have I, Chu Feng, forced you to do anything?”

“I’ll tell you this. Today, everything was forced by you. You want guard your chastity? Then I, Chu Feng, will destroy your chastity. You can’t do the things between a male and a female? Then I will do the things between males and females.” Chu Feng’s fury consumed his heart, and as both of his eyes were blood-red, like a hungry wolf facing its food, he pressed himself on Yan Ruyu’s body.

“Ahh~~~ Chu Feng, let me go! I beg you, I can’t! I can’t do those things with a man! I really can’t, so I beg you, let me go!” Yan Ruyu struggled for her life and her face was flooded with tears.

However, her behavior only increased Chu Feng’s beastly nature. He grabbed on her dress and pulled. With some ripping sounds, Yan Ruyu’s pink-coloured dress was torn into two and at that very instant, Yan Ruyu’s snow-white and bewitching body was completely revealed in front of Chu Feng.

At that instant, Baixi ran over. Seeing that Chu Feng was going to go violent on Yan Ruyu, her face changed greatly and following that, she even took off her own skirt to reveal her alluring curves as she threw herself towards Chu Feng.

“Get out of the way.” However, Chu Feng waved his arm and a current of force pushed Baixi towards the corner of the wall, then he howled, “Trash like you wants to become my woman? You are not worthy!”

After speaking, Chu Feng pounced towards the beauty Yan Ruyu underneath him…

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    1. sorry for riding your comment,

      But, i believe, he wont rape them(or at least not the first women), He might rape boxy, but he will rip the first ones heyman so hard, she could even stuff entire bottle of water in there… And i do think that’s appropriate in that era, and what they did to him

      “Trash like you wants to become my woman? You are not worthy!” ~chu Feng

      yeh, rip her Hymen, and her chastity is lost, Do it even better, stuff a pole or smthing, let her know that she lost that f**king Chasity, to some pole, or a cup, or a bottle or whatever,
      From the era and the world they live in, this is considered the only thing that could satisfy revenge.

  1. And thus Teach spoke: Take my eye, I take both of yours. Kill my family, I exterminate yours. Repeatedly try and shame me… get the picture…

  2. “I’ll tell you this. Today, everything was forced by you. You want guard your chastity? Then I, Chu Feng, will destroy you chastity.” Oh jeez, Chu Feng, you’re so strong, you even broke grammar!

      1. just you know you can ignore this if you want but why do you use “thing b/w man and woman” instead of “sex”.

        thanx for the chapter btw and awesome chappy too

  3. Can’t say I approve of rape, but I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Which is weird, I normally cringe at rape scenes… like Su Rou’s, but not even a flicker crossed my mind this time.

    1. I don’t think of the scene with Su Rou as being rape at all as he didn’t do it intentionally. Instead, this time, it might actually be rape and imo she deserves what she gets… you reap what you sow.

      1. Agree for everything but the conclusion. If someone raped his kid one day, would he go full pedophile? There is being a ruthless warrior and there is having standards… revenge works well in literature (ask Shakespeare) because it speaks to basic aspects of human nature, and whatever one might think of it, it’s at least possible to see where the character is coming from, whereas getting off on something like what he did in this chapter automatically puts you in the “sick/demented creep” cathegory as far as I am concerned, but then again, looking at the other comments, maybe it’s just me (shrughs).

        1. Where the **** did Chu Feng go pedophile. The girl is the same age as him if not older. Chu Feng is 15, not 30, not 20. He is 15, maybe 16 tops. If it was anything, the two girls were pedophiles.

          Chu Feng raped. He wasn’t a pedophile, he raped. He was probably the younger one. I reckon that the girl was 16-20.

    2. Honestly, Su Rou’s situation made me sad for them both, since Chu Feng was also raped (it wasn’t consensual – he was drugged by Su Hen. I love how people conveniently forget this just because he’s not a female).
      In this case, honestly! – both women were monsters who dragged Chu Feng in, tricked him with tears, and tried to rape him (yep, even the other girl, because she helped her friend set it up and was OK with her raping him to ruin his reputation and up her own status), and did all this AFTER he quite clearly stated he wanted to have NOTHING to do with the arranged marriage. So it’s not like his would-be fiance even had any reason to begrudge him. I wholeheartedly believe she deserves what she got.
      I’m still shocked at how many people in the comments still blame Chu Feng for both the rapes, and seem to forget that both times, he was also a victim! It’s so sad how people conveniently ignore this just because he’s not a girl. Ugh!
      Moreover, in our world, a normal person would leave revenge up to the law. However, in the world of MGA, there is no ‘law’. It’s just individuals who have to take matters into their own hands, and that’s just how it’s always been. There’s no ‘police’ he can call to punish them.
      All in all, I wish people would stop being sexist against Chu Feng, and see how he’s a victim extracting just revenge.

      1. In my opinion, Yan Ruyu is a victim as well. Of course, you can blame her for passively approving of BaiXi actions. But in my opinion, she just has a weak personality and is totally submissive towards (or to? not sure) BaiXi. She’s just a poor weak girl who’s doing what she’s told. BaiXi is just a manipulator who used her friend to get Chu Feng (and even if her plan suceeded, he would have killed her imo. I guess she didn’t see that coming)..

        And about the part stating that he wasn’t interested, I guess both of them took it as “I don’t want to lose face so I act as if I’m not interested”.

      1. Not going to condone his actions. But as the man said, she tried to get him beaten up then, despite him not wanting anything more to do with her and wanting to leave, stopped him from leaving and helped drug him so her mate could rape him.

        Forgive me if I lack pity for her getting karmic rebound, I wish it wasn’t what happened, I would have preferred her head on a pike. But as both things are horrible crimes, I doubt it would do me any justice to say I prefer this crime over that. Thus, I’ll take this as what it is. A story about how Teach metes ever crime committed against him with a similar crime multiplied by 10, whether we like it or not.

        1. yeah her trying to set him up with her good looking friend to avoid marriage that was forced
          on her is definitely deserving of rape……… cmon dude look past how much u like the mc and see the whole situation here in several other xianxia we see this same setting and usally u cheer with the girl breaking free of an unfair arranged marriage.. wth look back a few chapters with the Su sisters! its just not right man but hes the mc so ig its ok?

          1. You obviously haven’t read what I typed. Either that or you didn’t understand a word of it. Outside of these two possibilities another one springs to mind, you read it, digested it and then put the spin you wanted on it.

            I advise you to read what I said once again, then if somehow it still sounds like what you are saying, either you or I need our eyes tested and english skill examined.

          2. I look at it this way. Chu Feng wanted nothing to do with the marriage, and would have left it at that. The two of them forced his hand completely against his will.

            For me, it has nothing to do with him being the mc. They were willing to absolutely destroy his entire reputation (which is obviously more important than your life, in this and many other series), so you say that it’s wrong that he takes his revenge in the same way they were going to? She ‘acted’ like she was against poisoning and raping him, but did she even act like she was going to stop it? Nope!

            Your comment sounds like you think it was ok in the girl’s situation to have her friend RAPE the male mc, but not the other way around? That’s incredibly narrow minded. I’m not one for rape, but I am not bothered in the least by this particular one.

            If she didn’t want the marriage, then say so. Don’t lie, cheat, and backstab to stop what you can just do verbally.

          3. So… you think what she tried to do to him wasn’t rape as well? More like a mutual backstabbing screwing session in my eyes. Su Rou we sympathise because it wasn’t her fault, but in this case, it’s “you reap what you sow”.

          4. Lets put this way. You are victim of a plot of a girl you met or work with or is underneath you. This girl want to have you blackmailed or extorted or being her slave or whatever. Otherwise she will get you arrested or humiliated or have your reputation ruined.
            Thats the power of victimization of many women have nowsdays. They can acuse you of something like rape and ruin your life for good.
            So yeah i do believe that someone who plot against you like that, a plot that you have almost no defense in court of law, deserve retribution. So i feel no bad for this kind of develompment as well.
            Women fought for equality, but in the eyes of law they create for themselves not equality but advantage. Besides the rape cenario, women most of times get the best benefits of a divorce, most of times get the guard of the kids, have advantage in sexual harrassment cases, among many other issues that we man have to tought up and bitter swallow just because thats how the world is today.
            Let the rage come in. 🙂

          5. Seems like you totally missed the point jyindo.

            There was no more forced marriage in the picture at this point. Chu Feng wanted them to *** leave him alone. But there they went, looked for him, and trapped him to abuse him (in every possible sense: rape him and force him to marry someone else and tie him down to her, just because he “meets her needs and requierments”, like WTH).

            So yeah, forced marriage isn’t really an happy development, but then looking for trouble with the MC who already wanted to call it off, I say karma’s a bitch.

          1. I smirk when people make it sound like only females can be raped. I’ve personally known two men, and only one woman that have been raped.

          2. I can imagine a ton of stuff that would be worse than being simply killed of. Apparently, historically, many other people also shared the same feeling, if one just looks at the history of wartime mass suicides. Between someone who shot someone in the head and the rapist in the Natascha Kampusch case, I would definitely say that the latter is the worse case, and the one I would attach the “monster” label to if push came to show.

            Would I prefer to be killed than to be kidnapped, segregated for years and raped like her? You bet. Does that mean that I think she should commit suicide now? No. Do I think that being put in a Nazi concentration camp would be worse than being simply killed? Yes. Does that mean that I think Primo Levi (or any other survivor) should kill himself? No. For that matter, if someone raped Chufeng’s daughter, would the opponent prefer to be killed or to see his family killed? Or to see his daughter raped? I think that anyone would concede that they would choose the former. By your calculus, this doesn’t make sense because in the former case we are talking about a 1 vs 1 life (no gain), in the latter it’s even worse because nobody dies.

            From the point of view of what it would say about Chufeng, and from the point of view of his enemy, the non lethal alternative would nonetheless be worse. Once again, the fact is that people are not cars, therefore simply measuring the “hardware” damage as a way to determine how f*cked up the crime is strikes me as misleading at best. By this standard, if Chufend went full pedophile if some opponent raped his daughter, I would think way worse of him than if he simply killed his enemy like usual.

          3. Regarding male rape, I must point out the (understandable) difference in reaction between Chu Feng and Su Rou… are we talking about male vs male rape? I think that this comment has to point to the phenomenon of prison rape, because otherwise I don’t think one can make sense of this statistically (I think that a prison shower room is pretty much the only place in which a male would have any business worrying about this as an actual problem).

          4. Red herrings galore. Nobody is talking about a lifetime of torture. Get your equivocations under control.

          5. @andybriet

            It must be said the rape cases must be viewed by a case by case basis. The rape trial that you have mentioned is completely different from Chu Feng’s rape case.

            Chu Feng raped her AND THEN IT WAS OVER. Although this doesn’t make the rape case any better, it most certainly wasn’t the rape case of the woman you mentioned. Chu Feng didn’t subject her to months of torture and torment, nor did he continue for hours and days on end. He raped her and stopped. In this case, if it weren’t for the fact that she becomes a fish (i think judging by how the repercussions seemed to be affecting her), she would still be mentally fine (though she might have wanted retribution for Chu Feng raping her but this is a side point). And no, Chu Feng raping her once is not putting her through the Nazi concentration camps.

            You are basically saying because A and B have one similarity, the severity of both are the same, which is completely wrong and little more than hasty judgement.

            Just because you think rape shouldn’t happen doesn’t make all rape cases have the same mental and physical toll on the victim (I do not support rape nor would I rape anyone but seriously, the comment you have against this rape case is way too much an exaggeration).

    1. jyindo: Me too, he could’ve just beat them up or ruined their faces, even if she is guilty of conspiring, rape is too much considering he’s supposedly the somewhat “good guy”. I don’t expect him to be perfect at all , I’ve continued reading after many things that bothered me about the MC’s personality. Normally I’d expect the mc to have some more common sense, there’s a line between being an anti-hero and turning into a villain, and I think this guy is an op villain w/o common sense and filled with perverted thoughts. I mostly liked the story but I was hoping the MC would eventually mature and he hasn’t. So I’m quitting this, I prefer the other MC’s of the site. I think there’s still quite a number of ppl that don’t realize how terrible rape actually is, it can really drive ppl towards depression, self-hate and suicide. I would’ve thought that the mc would’ve thought that rape is something that taints a real man’s honor. Wether it’s for the sake of “revenge” or not is besides the point, since it’s lowering one’s morals to a point of no return. Personally I think justifying rape as revenge, just because the MC is a “cool guy” is not ok, but to each their own I guess.

      1. Look at it the other way round.
        1) She tried to get someone to rape him as well.
        2) They seemed to have misplace the phone number for the police in this world.

      2. I don’t think that “good people” exist in that world. While Chufeng is someone born into that world.
        I don’t think that someone born into *that* kind of that environment would suddenly start conforming to modern morals and ethics.

        It’s a world where merely annoying a powerful person can result in your death.
        It’s not a modern society where you have the police, courts, etc. upholding your ethics.
        Being seen as weak will only result in you being used or people targetting your family.

    2. Seriously, this is what makes people think that Chu Feng is too inhuman? He might be too inhuman, but this is definitely not the worst thing he has done. When he stopped Su Mei’s wedding, he had a whole clan killed, that probably means he was responsible for the death of many women, children and infants. He was responsible for the death and brutal torture of many people of the Gong clan that may have even met Gong Luyun before and some of them could actually have been kind people, and I bet that their mothers experienced such mental anguish that would have prefered to have been raped a thousand times instead of going through that.

      Yan Ryuy plotted against him once to have him humiliated and possibly brutally beaten and she was actually forgiven by Chu Feng. He also told her that he didn’t have any intention of marrying her, but she still went ahead with the scheme to have him reverse raped. And knowing how Chu Feng values family, he might have been tied down his whole life if the other party got pregnant. In the end Chu Feng forgave them the first time, and the second time he did to them exactly what they had planned for him, without adding any interest or involving any extra people. In my view that’s more merciful than Chu Feng has ever been.

      1. Chufeng could slaughter half the continent and no one would say a word in the comments.
        And now, he does *that* for revenge in a world where they don’t have your Modern Code of Conduct and it’s a big no-no.

  4. 17th comment and thanks for the chapter.
    “If you want guard your body like jade” should be “If you want to guard your body like jade”?
    Please correct some of the grammar mistakes.

  5. “Haha, you’re stupefied aren’t you? You’ve gotten poisoned by this again? You are shaming the
    name of World Spiritists! Ah ha ha, I could laugh to death from this. What a man you are, being
    poisoned two times by two sisters, and they even succeeded both times.”

    Go Eggy you tell him! Best part in the whole chapter imo

  6. Chu Feng is becoming a serial rapist, oh boy…
    I’m not gonna say that girl deserves it, but she really didn’t have to go along with Baixi’s wishes. And even though the image of Baixi getting thrown aside by Chu Feng was funny…


    1. Becoming a serial anything implies that he did more than once. The first time with Su Rou wasn’t rape because it was non consensual for both parties.

      1. Not saying anything, but maybe the guy has read ahead… I must say that there was the incident in the forest hunt in which he performed the “switch” with the Qilin Mansion girl that I found “kinda rapey” (he essentially did the equivalent than what was done to him by Su Rou’s father as a joke, which was kinda wtf at the time, but whatever).

        1. The ‘not saying anything’ part was rendered useless the moment you said something. The word ‘becoming’ implies that Chu Feng currently isn’t a rapist, just that he has set a precedence.

          That “kinda rapey” thing that he did as a “joke” wasn’t as a joke and it was basically a straight out rape(the man raped the princess since he didn’t get the princess’s permission before having sex with her, even though he thought she was something else), though due to miscommunication. The joke you thought it was was Chu Feng’s way of getting revenge for what happened earlier in the place.

    2. Well, a male character would likely be castrated by Chu Feng or something instead, which is doubtlessly worse than rape. I don’t remember anyone being so vocal about Chu Feng doing that before. I haven’t really seen much repudiation of anything he has done, as a matter of fact, including mass murder.

      The fact of the matter is: people are just over-sensitive about rape. And doubtlessly a fool is going to show up here and say that that means I must support rape or something to that effect, thus supporting my original statement.

      1. Rather self-conscious conclusion, I must say. Makes one wonder if it’s something you ear often. If one goes around euphemizing rape as “not so bad”, I can see how that could be the case.

        Regarding your actual argument, I think that it’s a matter of “alignment” in the dungeon and dragon sense, like “lawful evil” and “neutral evil” vs “chaotic evil”, meaning that it’s perfectly possible to have an even outright evil character who is merely opportunistic (the difference between going on a random massacre for his sick pleasure or merely being ok with it if it provides him with some benefit, strategically, etc.), or that has his own “code”, etc. It’s a lot more nuanced than the “murder vs mutilation vs rape” strawman you presented.

        To be more specific, the personas “cold, ruthless warrior” and “sick/demented rapist/sexual predator” are obviously very different characterizations, it should not be too hard to see why one might find the former a compelling dark character (but of course, it’s not guaranteed that everyone would like that), and find the latter simply pathetic and repulsive. In terms of an eye for an eye, if someone rapes his kid in the future would he go full pedophile style? By your logic, raping the opponent’s kid would be better because it would leave everyone alive and unmutilated, but I would posit that every morally normal person would consider shooting the opponent down with an arrow the less sickening option.

        1. I pretty much agree with 99% of your post. However, in my eyes crimes are crimes. Committing one makes you a criminal, abiding by one doesn’t help your cause either. I can read this because this is fictional, not real.

          I don’t think any of us here abides by rape, murder or genocide. But as YDM has said, out of all of the crimes Teach has committed it is this one that gets the biggest response. Mostly, because it gets people more emotionally involved. Why? Because massacres and genocides are less common crimes in reality and much less closer to home.

          Having read this chapter ahead of time yesterday, I had an entire day to think about all this information, and go through all the initial shock and outrage etc. I only ask this. Do any of you condone death row? Did any of you condone the actions in a certain book/movie where a victim of rape gets her vengeance? If this attitude of meeting a crime with a crime is one you allow elsewhere, please at least think carefully about why this situation upsets you so.

          I am happy to say I don’t condone an eye for an eye, Gandhi said it best. But, when wronged enough people cannot let go of their anger and hatred until they feel some retribution has been given. It just so happens that in this story the character has the sinister habit of paying back each crime with a similar one, only worse. Until an exception to this occurs I stand by this.

          As for your analogy on a member of his family being a victim of a crime such as rape. I thought about this a lot myself. Mostly because we have already seen Teach’s karmic rebound from his acts of genocide. A city-wide slaughter. If this story decides this kind of “payback” will happen more often, I wondered if karma would pay Teach a visit once more.

          Thus to answer your analogy, just as he tricked Dugu Aoyun’s brother into receiving a hideous wife, I can see our MC here making other males rape a male who tried to rape him or his child or whatever.

          Can we please stop arguing as if anyone here believes rape is a good thing or that not wanting to have an arranged marriage is a bad thing? It is made very clear in previous chapters and this one, that this entire situation is far-fetched and bizarre.

          As FBT said ages ago, if you feel uncomfortable about the trends in this story, it is suggested you stop reading.

        2. @andybriet

          Why do you keep bringing up Chu Feng raping small children in retaliation like a pedophile? He could have raped Su Mei after he had sex with Su Rou, but he didn’t due to Su Rou’s reasoning skills and his own will not to wrong her by raping her.

          Just because you rape a women older than you because she has wronged you doesn’t mean he will rape the daughter of someone who has wronged him. He would most likely eliminate the person that wronged him (though he might include torture) with a potential eradication of the person’s family.

          Two. There is a difference with euphemisms and simply downplaying an action. Saying rape “isn’t that bad” is downplaying the action of rape. Using an euphemism for rape would be replacing the term “rape” with something similar but also much less offending or more politically correct. Example: Chu Feng raped Yan Ruyu -> Chu Feng participated in a sexual activity with Yan Ruyu without consent.
          This former sentence has a vastly different meaning than saying “the fact that Yan Ruyu got raped isn’t that bad” or “Chu Feng raping Yan Ruyu couldn’t cause that much problems”. The former sentence removes the negative connotations of the word “rape” and shifts the blame of a possible “rape” to either side; the latter sentence simply downplays the fact that Chu Feng raped Yan Ruyu. There is a difference. A major difference.

          Also, please cut down the generalization such as “every morally normal person”. Just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn’t mean that the person has no morals or poor morals. Also, morals are subjective. Not everyone has the same viewpoints for every single thing. Your argument from the get go points the blame on the reader by providing a false, hypothetical situation, then making that situation the point of the arguments as well as replacing the word, murder, with the loaded phrase “shooting the opponent down with an arrow [is] the less sickening option” (the loaded phrase meaning that you add a lot more positive connotations to the idea ‘murder’ and add a lot more negative connotations to the word ‘rape’).

  7. I’m just shocked that people stayed with this story for this long seeing all the mass genocide and killing not seeing this happen sooner or later, are now outraged of his current act. well this kind of story and i say story isn’t for everyone.

    1. Mass genocide and killing? CD also has that. Dylin wiped out a third of a country’s inhabitants for no reason other than expanding his territory. And now, his portrayed as a really nice guy.
      The MC in CD keeps slaughtering Highgods to demonstrate his power rather than just intimidating them.

      Linley keeps buying pills made of condensed souls to power up his friends and family. Earlier in CD, he made a moral stand about how sacrificing millions of people to create a pill was evil.
      I don’t see why people pretend to not see all of this in CD while smacking down Chufeng for doing it.

      1. The amethysts aren’t souls but has to effect of 20 million souls though O.o. He only buys that other type of pill because Delia would die if her soul is too weak (though it doesn’t help that much cause the enemies he fights are way too strong for her anyway).

        As for why people don’t smack CD for it, it’s probably because 1) Linley hasn’t raped anyone 2) saints, demigods, and gods (except for Linley) have been stressed over and over as useless (and killed basically for population control….)

          1. No, but due to the amount of times we are told that everyone below 6 star fiends are cannon fodder, we slowly associate those characters as ‘useless’. On top of that, those characters who aren’t related with the MC, and even some of the minor characters that are related, slowly fade from the scope of the story. At that point, anyone who is useless simply becomes a number.

            The actions performed against such individuals simply become part of the story and slowly fade the consciousness. True, some actions performed are atrocious, like how Delia might be the biggest mass murderer in a way (since she probably consumed the largest amount of Golden Soul Pearls while Linley used stones to improve his soul). The difference between MGA and CD is how many people die and how little significance is given to each. Chu Feng kills hundreds and thousands, but the effect resonates throughout the Azure Province. Linley consumes a few golden soul pearls and he has already consumed the life of 60 million people. It’s harder to imagine such a large population dying, especially when the author gives little more than a passing remark, compared to the eradication of a clan or family.

            And, I don’t really see where my words have portrayed that it’s okay to commit atrocious acts against someone if they are weak or useless. I said CD doesn’t get so much sh*t because the MC hasn’t raped anyone yet and generally the people he kills are few in number, at least the ones with significance (such as the King of Fenlai, King of Fenlai’s brother, Emmanuel, Emmanuel’s father, Radiant church…etc).

            I don’t see how “CD does better since the Linley isn’t a rapist” turns into “it’s alright that atrocious things can happen to useless people”.

            People in these types of story who are useless inevitably die in mass amounts, either to show someone’s strength or how heartless they are. Though I suppose having them die in mass amounts is an atrocious act. Overall, I never said that atrocious things can be done to useless people. I merely said that people whose strength are deemed ‘useless’ or hopelessly subpar are killed. Nowhere did it say the actions done against these people.

  8. Not gonna lie, the author making it seem like a “justified” raping really put a bad taste in my mouth.. but the guy above is right: this isnt a LN where “morals” are of any use. It’s been there from the beginning…. this was something eventual. Now, if the tries to use it again…

    1. Accepting it as a natural part of that world is one thing but.. That scene was forced.
      He kept declaring that he had no interest in marrying her. Just leave it at that.

      I don’t even see the logic in drugging his drink over a matter that’s resolved.

      1. The whole reason they did it was because Baixi wanted to force him to marry her. I’m not even sure why Yan was going along with it. That’s what confused me.

  9. Guys, treat it as a lawless world. Compared to some of the rest there, he’s a paragon of virtue, at least he does not go around initiating trouble. In this world, might is right and the police are planets away. Justice is only what you can get with your own hands. Reminds me of the problems with vigilante justice in places like India.

    1. It’s more like the police don’t really exist…the closest thing would be the army….and the army doesn’t exactly serve the people but rather than the kingdom.

      1. I can’t see it turning into a country that serves the people either.
        The common folk don’t have anywhere near enough power to lauch some sort of revolution.

        Unfortunately, a single powerful expert can just destroy armies of people with lower power levels.
        If the majority are incapable of counter-balancing the minority then, I don’t see it ever becoming a civilised world. Mainly due to the fact that a single expert from the minority can destroy the majority.

  10. Ok wow people really got into the whole rape scene. While I do Not approve of Chu Fengs actions. I do not care about his character or actions. I just like xianxia novels.

    Now Chu Feng is an interesting character. He is a serial killer, malicious, rapist, genius, a superiority complex, a bit narcissist, but he has redeeming.qualities such as compassion, love, brotherhood, family, and sense of duty. He is far from a hero, chivalrious, or righteous character so if it is unbearable please do not read. This is Xianxia and many novels have these themes. If you want a righteous and chivalrious character read other xianxia books because this mc is not it.

  11. Sorry late, thanks for the chapter. I think for “Seeing that Chu Feng was going to go violent on Yan Ruyu” you ment “Seeing that Chu Feng was going to go *violate* Yan Ruyu”

  12. Started reading again and, wow…

    I officially dub this series:
    “The misadventures of the overpowered rape-lad!”
    Ain’t that a mouthful, 😉 😉

  13. this mc is potentially the most unlikable mc on this site. It’s not like i dislike dirty scenes and such bit it isn’t done eloquently here, it’s overbearing and unnecessary. It conflicts with the character and makes one not want to follow read about him

  14. Things like this make me cringe, i get it that in this type of literature they enforce teh male machismo really hard and sometimes it can be really sextists, but i have honestly never seen it so bad. The thing with suruo happened and instead of apologizing, he basically says that “no, i own you now”. Now the femalein this story does some reall dumbshit inorder for him to cancel the marriage but that honestly isnt deserving of rape. This reminds of teh time in ATG where yun che did taht thing and if your reading this and have read atg(or will read) but when it happened then it was acceptable because it wasn’t malicious, but here cheg is being and assholw

    1. What on earth is wrong with you!? Why would he need to apologise to Su Round when he himself was a victim of drugging and rape (yes, he was raped since it wasn’t consensual). The only criminal in that scenario was Su Hen.
      And you’re saying that two females plotting together to rape him is not enough reason for him to retaliate in the same way? You’re a sexist at your finest! Ugh!

  15. people acting like rape is worse than murder… smh lol, he’s decapitated and mutilated, also tortured countless people, yet oh me oh my he’s punishing someone with rape! that’s the last straw! give me a break lol.

  16. Well played , A reversed rape ? Ahaha. not successfully though . That’s what you get when you plays with the BEAST :V Kek!
    *I dunno but su rou’s scene is much better than this* lol

  17. “He would have also been forced to marry Baixi, the deceptive bastard.”

    Nope. You would’ve beheaded her. We all know it. If the girl isn’t alive then you don’t have to marry her right?

    I still wonder what happened to the Chu Feng who wanted to make friends. I guess he’s reeeeeeally bad at it.

  18. Author is a perverted and write things that is over the line. No matter what the reason why the need for rape. There are many better ways to further or introduce new plot of the story. It’s really demean the character of the MC. He do bad things over and over. He is worst than yun che who kill the whole clan for revenge. MC is perverted and deranged with the torture and the rape. Very excessive. A good MC should be decisive and ruthless, with clean kill. Wantonly doing raping and torturing and scheming people is the worst hero ever. This novel is the worst novel I have ever read. Well moving on to other novel.

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