MGA – Chapter 278

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MGA: Chapter 278 – Poison in the Tea

“Junior Chu Feng, there are really just some misunderstandings between you and Senior Yan. I hope that the two of you can openly speak to each other as that would be for the best.”

“Can you do that for the sake of the faces of my school head and your school head? After all, the two of them really hope that you and Senior Yan can be together.” Baixi tightly clamped over Chu Feng’s hand and one hand was even lightly rubbing Chu Feng’s palm.

“Lead the way. Let me see what kind of game you two are playing.”

Chu Feng flung Baixi’s hand away. He was not bewitched by Baixi’s beauty, nor was he moved by Yan Ruyu. However, Chu Feng was simply too bored. If he didn’t go, he would just be waiting around, so he might as well just go with Baixi.

“You are truly kind. You will know that your current decision is the right one.” Baixi sweetly smiled, then walked towards the residences for the Jade Maiden School. However, when she turned around, Chu Feng did not see how strange the smile Baixi had on the corners of her mouth.

As Baixi led the way, Chu Feng very quickly arrived where the beauties and elders from the Jade Maiden School lived at. When the pretty females from the Jade Maiden School saw Chu Feng, all of them sweetly smiled to express friendliness.

Chu Feng did not pay attention to the female disciples’ change in attitude because on the road, many female disciples from the Jade Maiden School already did that as they wanted to be on better terms with Chu Feng.

On the other hand, Baixi’s face turned cold and she endlessly sent threatening expressions towards the female disciples who showed kindness. She scared all of the disciples who wanted to go up to chat with Chu Feng away.

“Hey, isn’t Chu Feng Senior Yan’s fiancé? Why is he following Baixi over to her own residence?”

“Who knows what method that fox spirit used. But she is quite despicable by daring to so openly tempt Senior Yan’s fiancé.”

“Yeah. It’s quite a shame that Senior Yan is taking her as her own sister. This woman is truly shameless.” After Baixi and Chu Feng left, the female disciples gathered together and secretly murmured within themselves.

Since Chu Feng was not familiar to the residences of the Jade Maiden School’s disciples, naturally, he did not know that Baixi brought him to her own residence.

However, Chu Feng who originally did not like Baixi in any way did not trust that woman. So, after Baixi left, he spread out his Spirit power. After discovering that the fruits and desserts on the table were without problem, he unrestrainedly picked up the food and chewed in huge mouthfuls.

“Junior Chu Feng, thank you for giving me this chance to come and see me.” Suddenly, an extremely soft voice that could melt the bones gradually rang out.

Raising his head to look over, he saw Yan Ruyu walk out from the hall. The current Yan Ruyu did not wear the clothing for the core disciples of the Jade Maiden School. She wore a pink-coloured long dress.

That dress was extremely beautiful, but there was quite a bit materials saved when it was created. So, because of that, one could see Yan Ruyu’s two lumps of shining whiteness as well as the unseeable deep ravine in the middle.

Looking downwards, one could also see two snow-white beautiful legs. They were exquisite, soft, smooth, and was full of pink lustre. When he saw how she dressed as well as her jade-like, sweet, and beautiful face, Chu Feng was really burning from flames of desires, and even though he wished to stop he could not.

Speaking honestly, Yan Ruyu was indeed a beauty that could enter Chu Feng’s eyes. If Yan Ruyu was willing to marry Chu Feng from the start, perhaps Chu Feng really would have married the beauty. However, the present was different from the past. No matter what style the woman had, Chu Feng was absolutely not going to marry her.

“If you have anything you want to say, speak. My time is limited.” Chu Feng did not want to be caught in Yan Ruyu’s beauty trap. So, he quickly spun his gaze around. After ferociously shooting a glance at her, he turned his head to look in another area.

[TN: The “beauty trap” refers to one of the Thirty-six stratagems.]

“Junior Chu Feng, the matter that day was indeed my fault. But please believe me. I, Yan Ruyu, isn’t the type of person you think I am.” Yan Ruyu sat across to Chu Feng and her bodily fragrance pounced towards his nose, causing Chu Feng’s heart to be shaken.

“What type? Do you know what type you belong in my heart?” Chu Feng curled his lips and sneered.

“If I’ve guessed correctly, I’m sure that you feel that I, Yan Ruyu, am a person who likes admiration and idolization, intentionally avoided you at first after seeing your petty cultivation and wanted to refuse this marriage. Yet after seeing your talent, you think that I am deliberately fawning over you and want to marry you.” Yan Ruyu grovellingly said.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng still coldly smiled, curled his lips, and said, “Is that not it?”

“Of course it isn’t. The reason why I avoided you was to intentionally make you angry so you could suggest to the school head a cancel in the marriage between you and me.”

“The reason why I asked you to come here is so I can apologize for the earlier matter. I don’t expect you to forgive me, nor do I want you to have any good feelings towards me, because even if it is right now, I still don’t want to be married to you.” The current Yan Ruyu had an apologetic face on.

“Damn. Are you sick? You called me to this place because you want to mock me? I’ll tell you that you are wrong. I never had any interest towards you. You don’t want to marry me, and I never even thought of marrying you.” At that instant, Chu Feng was a bit angry. He really could not take Yan Ruyu as she said those words with that expression.

“Junior Chu Feng, please don’t be angry. I don’t have any other intentions. I just want to let you know that the reason why I, Yan Ruyu, don’t want to marry you isn’t because I look down on you. It is just that I already decided not to marry anyone in my entire life.”

“Today, I called you out to this place is because I want to say sorry to you. I want to apologize to you.” As she spoke to that point, Yan Ruyu’s eyes actually reddened and two rows of hot tears flowed down.

“Damn, something must be wrong with you.” Chu Feng could really do absolutely nothing and he turned around and wanted to leave. With his extremely powerful Spirit power, he discovered with astonishment that Yan Ruyu’s actions did not seem to be acted out. She seemed to truly show her true emotions.

But why did she need to do that? Chu Feng really did not understand. In short, Chu Feng could not take Yan Ruyu who was behaving like that, so he just wanted to leave and be done with it.

“Junior Chu Feng, don’t leave.” Just at that time, Baixi stood out and stopped Chu Feng.

“What are you doing?” Chu Feng’s face was not kind.

“Junior Chu Feng, since you don’t even want to marry Senior Yan, why be angry because she doesn’t want to marry you? She only feels ashamed because of her actions from the beginning. If you are not angry, just accept her apology okay? Only then can her heart be at ease.” Baixi urged.

“Junior Chu Feng!!” Just at that time, Yan Ruyu who was sobbing heavily pitifully walked over. There was a pot of fragrant tea on her hands. She brought it in front of Chu Feng and said, “Please accept my apology.”

“Okay okay, I forgive you. I just haven’t seen a sick woman like you before.” At that moment, Chu Feng only wanted to leave that place. He could not bear Yan Ruyu’s pitiful appearance at all. So, he held the pot of fragrant tea and drank it down.

“Crap!!” But in the instant the tea entered his stomach, Chu Feng’s face changed greatly and he discovered that there was poison in the tea.

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