MGA – Chapter 270

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MGA: Chapter 270 – Marriage

“Ahh, what is there to be admirable about? As the head of the school, I let my Azure Dragon School decline to such a state. I truly shame my ancestor.” Li Zhangqing very powerlessly sighed.

“School head, the decline of the Azure Dragon School wasn’t created by you, so there is completely no need to blame yourself. Rather, right now, the Azure Dragon School is even rising by your hands. If he knew about this, he would certainly feel proud for you.”

At that instant, Chu Feng was imagining how Li Zhangqing would react if he told him about the survival and possibility of revival of the Azure Dragon Founder.

“Ho…If my ancestor is still here, that would be great.”

“Ah. No need to mention such unpleasant things. Chu Feng! Actually, today, the first thing I wanted to talk to you about is about your family.”

“I know that after experiencing the pain of your family’s extermination, you are afraid that your other family members would be harmed. So, that’s why you set up arrangements for them to be located in a hidden place.”

“I also know that even though the current Azure Dragon School has become a first-rate school, it does not have the power to guarantee your family’s complete safety.”

“However, your family members are still young, and they are currently in the prime age for martial cultivation. Do not waste such a precious time period.”

“So, these things are for you. Bring them back and give to them to your family for cultivation.” Li Zhangqing pushed the middle-level Mysterious Technique as well as the rank 6 martial skills over to Chu Feng.

“Lord school head, this…” Seeing that, Chu Feng was a bit overwhelmed by his kindness. Although he really did want those things, they were the Azure Dragon School’s school foundation treasures, so how could he so selfishly take it back to his family for cultivation?

“Don’t say ‘this’ or ‘that’. These will only be excessive in my Azure Dragon School. The future still needs you to lead it onto the path of rising power. Sooner or later, this Azure Dragon School will be yours, so naturally, these martial skills are yours.” Li Zhangqing forcibly stuffed the martial skills into Chu Feng’s hands.

“Chu Feng, this old guy has spent quite a bit on you to rope you in with him. Take them. After all, in the future, it is fated that you will work hard for this Azure Dragon School. A few insignificant martial skills can be said to be the compensation taken early.” Eggy curled her lips and said.

“Thank you lord school head. But I guarantee that I will not let this Mysterious Technique and these martial skills be passed down to outsiders.” Chu Feng still accepted the Mysterious Technique as well as the martial skills, and he put them in his Cosmos Sack.

“Haha, if I didn’t trust you, I wouldn’t have handed them over to you.” Seeing that Chu Feng accepted them, Li Zhangqing’s smile became more and more happy. Then, he said to Chu Feng, “Actually, I have a second thing that I want to tell you. This can very possibly be a rare chance for my Azure Dragon School to rise greatly.”

“What is it?” Chu Feng curiously and closely asked.

“Chu Feng, let me ask you first. Right now, what is the Azure Dragon School lacking the most?” Li Zhangqing answered with a question.

“The Azure Dragon School has the resources, so what is lacking is some foundation. Foundation needs to be accumulated gradually, so the most important thing right now are excellent disciples.” Chu Feng replied.

“That’s right. Currently, what my Azure Dragon School requires the most are excellent, talented disciples. However, in order to attract such disciples to enter my Azure Dragon School, the fame of my Azure Dragon School must be raised higher.”

“Although the battle between you and Gong Luyun raised quite a bit of commotion, people only half-believe and half-doubt. They do not believe that my Azure Dragon School is equipped with such strength.”

“However, right now, there is a chance. A chance to prove my Azure Dragon School. A chance to prove you and me. A few days later, the annual Hundred School Gathering will begin.”

“This Hundred School Gathering is held by the Lingyun School. It is a grand occasion where all the first-rate schools in the Azure Province are gathered.”

“In this occasion, the various disciples and school heads will have a fight. The winner of the fights will enter the school rankings. Right now, where the Azure Dragon School will rank within first-rate schools will depend on this Hundred School Gathering.”

“If my Azure Dragon School is able to stand highly and enter the top ten within the first-rate school rankings at once, I believe that it will have quite a bit of helping force for the rise of my Azure Dragon School.” Li Zhangqing narrated.

“Indeed. This Hundred School Gathering is a rare chance. Lord school head, don’t worry. In the fights between the disciples from other schools, I, Chu Feng, will do my best and I won’t disappoint the school or you.”Chu Feng solemnly vowed and guaranteed.

“Haha, your words are already enough. I am clear what strength you have.”

“But today, the most important thing that I looked for you to discuss is this last thing.” As Li Zhangqing spoke to that point, his smile became a bit strange.

“Lord school head, speak whatever is in your mind.” Chu Feng curiously asked.

“Oh Chu Feng, do not blame me for this matter.” Li Zhangqing suddenly put his smile away and his face became serious.

“Lord school head, what is it?” Chu Feng’s head was filled with fog because of him.

“I decided on my own and I set a marriage for you!” Li Zhangqing said.

“What?” After Li Zhangqing spoke, it frightened Chu Feng quite a bit. He couldn’t help but widen his eyes greatly, and he asked with incomparable astonishment, “Lord school head, I never asked you to find a wife for me, so why did you decide a marriage?”

“Chu Feng, don’t get too agitated for now. Slowly listen to what I have to say. The origin of this fiancée is not small. You have heard of the Jade Maiden School right?” Li Zhangqing asked in reply.

“Jade Maiden School?!” After hearing those three words, Chu Feng instantly smiled and he was interested. Perhaps Chu Feng didn’t know much about other schools, Chu Feng did know quite a bit about the Jade Maiden School because almost every single male in the Azure Province knew the Jade Maiden School.

The Jade Maiden School. It was a special school. It only took in females and not males because within the Jade Maiden School, no matter if it were Mysterious Techniques or martial skills, they were only suitable for females to cultivate.

Although it was only open to females, the requirement for disciples was still very strict. Not only did they need outstanding talent, they also needed a decent face.

Exactly because of that, the Jade Maiden School was simply the sacred land in which all males yearned for. The female disciples in the Jade Maiden School were the goddesses in countless males’ hearts. Pride came from being able to marry a disciple from the Jade Maiden School, and they felt that it was something that gave a lot of face.

It was because the Jade Maiden School wasn’t only a school for looks. Although there were very few number of people in the school, as there wasn’t even ten thousand people in the entire school and they only had a few hundred core disciples, their strength were all very strong. It was a school that could be ranked in the top five within first-rate schools in the Azure Province.

That caused the disciples from the Jade Maiden School to naturally hang the label of being excellent. Of course, that made them extremely prideful, and the males who caught their eyes were rare within rare. It was difficult on top of difficult if one wanted to have them as a wife.

So, even though the disciples from the Jade Maiden School were not enough to insanely move Chu Feng’s heart, they still caught Chu Feng curiosity.

“What, are you moved?” Seeing Chu Feng’s wonderful expressions, Li Zhangqing smirked and said.

“Ehh~~ Even if it is a disciple from the Jade Maiden School, there are good ones, and there are bad ones. School head, don’t beat around the bush. What kind of fiancée did you choose for me?” Chu Feng chuckled and asked.

“Heh. I guarantee that you will be satisfied. She is the number one disciple in the Jade Maiden School, one titled as the ‘girl from drawings’, Yan Ruyu!”

[TN: Yan -> face | Ru -> like | Yu -> Jade = A face like jade]

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