MGA – Chapter 264

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MGA: Chapter 264 – Reunited Family

The news of the Azure Dragon School leaping to become a first-rate school quickly spread throughout the Azure Province. Within the borders of the Azure Province, suddenly, another first-rate school appeared. That was a huge news, and naturally, it caught the attention of various powers in the Azure Province.

At the same time, something that caught the attention of people was Chu Feng. Chu Feng became the number one disciple in the Azure Dragon School. Not only did he behead Gong Luyun who was in the 4th level of the Profound realm with the cultivation of the 7th level of the Origin realm, he also became sworn brothers with the chief of the Qi clan from the Qilin Prince’s mansion, Qi Fengyang. His strength and status was terrifyingly strong.

The various rumours about Chu Feng were simply like legends. So, that caused many people to not blindly believe everything, and they remained a suspicious attitude. But no matter what, the name Chu Feng already spread throughout the Azure Province and became the topic of excited discussion by various people.

At the same time, another news made people feel shocked. It was that the city lord of the Black Tortoise City, Gong Tianping, cruelly killed Lin Ran when he was heavily injured. That caused the Qilin prince’s Mansion to be enraged, and they completely annihilated the Gong family.

“Chu Feng, you’ve finally returned. We’ve already heard of the news about you defeating Gong Luyun. You are simply too outstanding and you are truly the pride of our Chu family!”

“Yeah, Chu Feng, I even heard that our Azure Dragon School became a first-rate school, and you also became the number one disciple in the Azure Dragon School. Is that true?”

Chu Feng’s arrival to where the young generation of the Chu family hid caused everyone to be joyful. They were all excited, because the current Chu Feng was no longer the little brat whom they looked down upon. He became a genius who gave them glory and pride. A family member who they were extremely proud of.

“Ho..That’s less significant. Today, I came here to announce some good news to everyone.” Chu Feng sat in the hall, and said while smiling at the crowd.

“What good news?” Everyone started to get excited. Several gazes tightly stared at Chu Feng and their eyes were full of expectation.

“In order to allow everyone’s cultivation to increase to another stage, I helped you guys apply for some martial skills as well as some Mysterious Techniques from the school head, and he has already agreed.”

As he spoke, Chu Feng threw a Cosmos Sack out. After the radiance spread out from the Cosmos Sack, several books appeared on the table in the hall.

“Waa, Chu Feng, I simply love you to death!”

As they looked at those books, the Chu family crowd instantly went mad. Even Chu Guyu’s eyes glittered and joy surged into his eyes.

It was because those were not normal books. They were Mysterious Techniques and martial skills. Mysterious Techniques were things that only core disciples could cultivate, and there were also rank 1 to rank 5 martial skills there. The things that they did not even dare to think about in the past, the things that they would have never gotten the chance to even touch, were all displayed in front of them at that instant. How could they not be excited?

At the same time that they were excited and joyful, they couldn’t help but gratefully look at Chu Feng because the reason why they could enjoy all of that today was because all of it was bestowed by Chu Feng.

“Also, I have another news. I want to tell everyone that the culprit who harmed my Chu family has already been found, and I already let him paid the appropriate price.” Suddenly, Chu Feng seriously spoke.

“Really? Chu Feng, who was the culprit?” As he mentioned that, everyone stood up, and their emotions were a bit stirred up.

“The culprit was Gong Luyun!” Chu Feng said.

“What? It was him?” After knowing that, everyone was shocked. But after they were shocked, some people also relievedly said, “Gong Luyun has already been killed by you, and the Gong family has also been massacred by the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. On that topic, they did indeed get the punishment that they deserved.”

“They committed crimes, and they deserved to be punished. But sadly, I can’t personally kill them, or else I would feel a lot more refreshed.” Chu Cheng fiercely said.

“Although his Gong family wasn’t killed by me personally, they still died because of me.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then also said how he killed Lin Ran, and how he used Gong Luyun’s mother to frame Lin Ran’s death on Gong Tianping.

“Chu Feng, you are simply too brilliant! As expected from you to think of such a ‘borrowing a knife to kill’ method.”

“Yeah, his Gong family is protected by the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, so if we really kill them, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion would not forgive us. However, this way, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion took the initiative to exterminate the Gong family. That is simply too impressive.”

After knowing the truth, everyone was madly happy and joy was written on their faces.

“Chu Feng, the relationship between Lin Ran and Gong Luyun’s mother was so hidden, and even Gong Tianping nor Gong Luyun did not know about it. How did you know?” Chu Guyu curiously asked.

“Heh. At first, after knowing that Gong Luyun let the Five Tiger Village massacre my Chu family, I went to the Black Tortoise City and observed Gong Luyun mother for a good while since I wanted to know where Gong Luyun was.”

“I discovered that although Gong Luyun’s mother did not know where Gong Luyun was, every day, she would go the riverside by herself and mutter some past things to herself, and many times, a name would be mentioned. Lin Ran’s name.”

“In addition, Lin Ran was abnormally kind to Gong Luyun, so I felt that something was fishy. Before killing Lin Ran, I tested it and I asked him whether Gong Luyun was his family, and from his reactions, I determined that Gong Luyun was his privately born son.” Chu Feng smiled and explained.

“Chu Feng, your observation power is a bit crazy isn’t it?” At that instant, as the crowd looked at Chu Feng, their gazes had a bit more respect, because Chu Feng had the abilities that none of them had. Not only was it martial cultivation talent, it was also a careful heart.

After that, Chu Feng left a large amount of cultivating resources for Chu Guyu and the others. He left the resources he stole from Lin Ran, the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, as well as from the Black Tortoise City over to Chu Guyu and the others.

That caused their tongues to be tied into a knot because such a huge amount of cultivation resources was enough for them to use for over a dozen years, even if they used them whenever they wished to.

As for Chu Feng, the reason why he left all those cultivation resources to the Chu family and not use them himself was because the required resources for the current him to make a breakthrough for one level was too terrifying. Although the resources were great wealth for Chu Guyu and the others, to Chu Feng, they were truly only enough for him to fill the cracks between his teeth.

After knowing everything, the people in the Chu family were extremely excited, and Chu Feng also specially stayed for a night. He happily drank through the night with his family. Originally, a reunion of family was already happy, and what about in addition to an avenged hatred? So, on that night, everyone in the Chu family were extremely joyful, and the huge rock that was pressed against their hearts was finally lifted.

“Chu Feng, where should we go now? Your Chu family’s hatred has already been avenged, so it should be time to find some Source energy for me right?”

“From last time, after absorbing the Source energy from that White Tiger Villa’s ancestor, I couldn’t meet any tasty ones and my cultivation has not really improved.” After leaving the city in which the Chu family were hiddenly living in, Chu Feng rode Little White and headed back to the Azure Dragon School. As for Eggy, she kept on aggrievedly nagging.

“When the White Tiger Villa’s ancestor lived, he was an expert in the Heaven realm. So naturally, it would hard to have any improvements after absorbing his Source energy, then absorbing Source energy from those in the Profound realm. But don’t worry. I think that this time, you will have good harvests.” Chu Feng smiled.

“What do you mean?” Eggy expressed confusion.

“I think that it is time to open the Thousand Bone Graveyard.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then urged Little White under him to quicken the speed back to the Azure Dragon School.

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  2. “It was because those were not normal books. They were Mysterious Techniques and martial skills. Mysterious Techniques were things that only core disciples could cultivate, and there were also rank 1 to rank 5 martial skills there. The things that they did not even dare to think about in the past, the things that they would have never gotten the chance to even touch, were all displayed in front of them at that instant. How could they not be excited?”

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