MGA – Chapter 258

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MGA: Chapter 258 – Castrate Yourself

The current Lin Ran had black gas lingering around him and his bloodlust rose straight to the sky. As for the aura that he was emitting, other than strong, there was another word that summarize it. Coldness.

Everyone was afraid because at that moment, Lin Ran was truly too terrifying. A whole twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists in the 8th level of the Profound realm could not even block one of his attacks. People truly suspected whether he already entered the Heaven realm or not.

In addition, the Qilin army of tens of thousands that were suppressed freed themselves. At that moment, they aggressively entered the arena, and everyone felt despair.

“Lin Ran, the person who killed Gong Luyun was me. If you have any hatred, aim them at myself!!”

As he saw the people next to him rolling around on the ground, and as he looked at the gazes of fear from the strangers around him, Chu Feng unhesitatingly jumped off the fighting stage and walked towards Lin Ran.

“Chu Feng…he..he!”

As they looked at that scene, everyone was shocked. Even though Lin Ran’s fury was indeed caused by Chu Feng, at that instant, for the safety of the crowd, Chu Feng was willing to sacrifice himself. That still deeply shocked everyone’s hearts.

In this world, most people were selfish and there were too little people who were willing to be selfless. Even they could not do it. But for some strangers, Chu Feng, such a young man, could sacrifice himself. Other than fear in their hearts, emotions of gratitude rose from deep within their hearts.

“Don’t worry. Even if you don’t come, I will still skin you alive before taking your little life away.”

“Soldiers and generals of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, listen to my command! Today, I want the Azure Dragon School to be rinsed with blood! Other than people from my Prince’s Mansion, kill every single other person without mercy!!”

However, Lin Ran, who was filled with killing intent, did not even plan to forgive any person in the arena. Immediately after he spoke, the Qilin army of tens of thousands behind him spread everywhere and they charged towards the observing crowd.


Instantly, all sorts of panicked cries kept on ringing out, and everyone did their best to escape. However, there was only one entrance to the arena, and at that moment, it was already sealed shut by the Qilin army. They were like turtles in a jar, and they had no roads to escape.

“We’re dead. We’re dead. Originally, there was a good show here to watch, but I never would have thought that we would become sacrifices in order to dissolve Lin Ran’s hatred.”

Compared to the people who panicked, those who had were thoughtful were even more gloomy. Ten thousand of their hopes turned into dust, and after closely analyzing the situation in front of their eyes, they got a conclusion. They were undoubtedly dead.

The current Chu Feng did not care about the people who randomly ran and randomly yelled. He first looked at Zhuge Liuyun and Li Zhangqing, then looked at the World Spirit Guild crowd, then looked at a certain area in the guest viewing seats. After seeing two familiar, beautiful figures, his heart couldn’t help but violently jump two times.

Because those two were two women whom he loved. They were the sisters, Su Rou and Su Mei. Although the sisters were strictly guarded by the people from the Vermilion Bird City, Chu Feng knew that in front of the insane Qilin army, both of them were still in danger.

After experiencing the family extermination calamity, after feeling the pain of losing his family, Chu Feng hiddenly made a vow and he could not let anyone close to him be harmed because of himself. At that moment, there was only one method to protect them. It was to sacrifice himself.

Suddenly, he raised one of his fists, and a golden-coloured dagger appeared in his hand. As he walked towards Lin Ran, he loudly yelled,

“Lin Ran, there is absolutely no reason for you to do this. If you have anger, you can charge towards myself and throw all of it onto myself. How do you want me to torment myself? Speak. As long as you can say it, I, Chu Feng, can do it. There is no need for you to do it yourself. I, Chu Feng, will torture myself!”

After Chu Feng spoke, even Lin Ran couldn’t help but be taken aback. He lightly frowned, but tightly stared at Chu Feng. After a while, an abnormally cold, evil, and strange smile rose on the corners of his mouth. He raised his hand and said, “Everyone, stop!!”

After speaking, the Qilin army who just charged into the observing seats quickly stopped. They did not started to kill the innocent people, and they only obediently waited for Lin Ran’s orders.

“Chu Feng, you are quite courageous, but I don’t really know whether you can do what you say.” Lin Ran squinted his eyes and looked at Chu Feng with an eerie gaze.

“As long as you can say it, I can do it.” Chu Feng grasped the golden-coloured dagger and there wasn’t a trace of fear on his face.

“Good! Straightforward! In order to express your sincerity, first, let me see you castrating yourself!” Lin Ran yelled.

“Chu Feng, don’t! Are you an idiot? Although he used Forbidden Medicine, that does not mean that we have no chances of winning. Lend your body to me, and let me take care of him. Even if I cannot defeat him, I can still help you safely escape. You don’t need to give up right now!” At that instant, Eggy who was in Chu Feng’s body howled with everything she had.

“Chu Feng, you must not! Don’t do anything to yourself! This Lin Ran is an old fox, and he will not let us go even if you torment yourself!”

At the same time, Su Rou and Su Mei who were on the guest stage yelled out at the same time, but immediately after they yelled out, their mouths were covered by people on Su Hen’s orders. He did not want to anger Lin Ran anymore under those circumstances.

“Chu Feng, do not do stupid things! You still have a great future!” Li Zhangqing yelled.

“Chu Feng, what are you thinking about? Quickly escape right now! This is an order from your master! Are you not even going to listen to the words of your master?!” Zhuge Liuyun angrily howled.

“Lin Ran, if anything happens to Chu Feng today, my World Spirit Guild will stamp your Qilin Prince’s Mansion flat!” Even the elders from the World Spirit Guild threatened.

“Don’t even think of scaring me. You think that I, Lin Ran, grew up from fear? No matter how much more powerful your World Spirit Guild is, it is only a power from a single area. Can you be even stronger than the Jiang Dynasty? The Jiang Dynasty is supporting my Qilin Prince’s Mansion. Do you want to try and dare to even touch my Prince’s Mansion?”

However, the current Lin Ran was near insanity. He was not afraid of the threats from the World Spirit Guild, and he only pointed at the guest stage in which Su Rou and Su Mei were on and said to Chu Feng,

“Chu Feng, you better quickly castrate yourself, or else I will pull those two girls here and let my Qilin army of tens of thousands take turns~~”

“You…” At that instant, Chu feng gnashed his teeth in anger. He never would have thought that even under the current circumstances, Lin Ran still closely observed and he discovered that Su Rou and Su Mei worried about Chu Feng. From that, he discovered that their relationship was not ordinary.

However, under those situations, Chu Feng did not have a choice as well. He could only slowly raised the golden-coloured dagger in his hand and prepared to stab down.

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