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Chapter 2385 – Endlessly Astonishing

“Elder Xuanyi, what is going on?! Our sword auras clearly struck him earlier!” Seeing that Chu Feng was still alive, the elders of the guardian clan all revealed nervous expressions. Confusion and shock filled their eyes.

“That child most definitely possesses special abilities or heaven-defying treasures. Else, it would be impossible for him to still be alive.”

“No wonder he said that even though he couldn’t break free from our Jade Heavenly Sword Formation, our Jade Heavenly Sword Formation would be unable to kill him,” Someone analyzed.

The more they analyzed, the more the people from the guardian clan and the surrounding crowd started to feel fear toward Chu Feng.

After all, Chu Feng was still only a member of the younger generation. For a member of the younger generation to possess such ability was simply too frightening.

“There’s no need to worry too much. Even if we are unable to kill him today, he will not be able to escape from here. Set up the formation, continue killing him!!!” Hu Xuanyi ordered once again.

After his order was given, the elders of the guardian clan once again urged the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation, and began to repeatedly bombard Chu Feng with attacks.

The might of the attacks this time could be said to be the same as the previous time. In an instant, Chu Feng’s body was shattered into pieces.

However, as Chu Feng possessed the Five Elements Secret Skills, he was unkillable by anyone with the same level of battle power as his own.

At that moment, Chu Feng possessed an undying body. Regardless of how powerful the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation might be, it was unable to kill Chu Feng.

However, the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation possessed a special sort of detection ability. Thus, even after Chu Feng’s body was destroyed, and after he had used his world spirit techniques to completely conceal his scattered body, he was still unable to escape from the detection of the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation.

Thus, the situation at hand was that Chu Feng was unable to escape from the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation, whereas the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation was unable to kill Chu Feng.
Like that, Chu Feng and the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation entered into a repeated cycle, a stalemate.

“That guy is truly frightening. Even the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation is unable to kill him.”
“Could someone that powerful really be from the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm?”

Seeing that Chu Feng was able to disregard the attacks from the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation, that he possessed an undying and indestructible body, those from the Lower Realms all looked to Chu Feng with greater fear in their eyes.

After all, Chu Feng had proclaimed that he was from the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm. As such, his status should be the same as their own.

For such a monster to appear among someone with the same status as their own, this caused them to feel enormously ashamed. Yet, at the same time, this also caused them to involuntarily feel admiration toward Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, exactly what is your origin?” Not to mention the others, even Kong Zheng looked to Chu Feng with a change in expression now.

He thought to himself that if he were the one facing such a powerful Jade Heavenly Sword Formation, he would definitely be killed with no chance of surviving.

However, Chu Feng was currently facing the Jade Heavenly Sword Formation, and not only was he not dead, he was not injured in the slightest. This caused Kong Zheng to feel no choice but to admit the fact that there was an enormous discrepancy between him and Chu Feng, that he was much inferior to Chu Feng.

“Elders? What is going on? Why did you all unleash such a grand formation?!!!”
Right at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the distant sky.

It was a female’s voice. Although this voice was pleasant to hear, it was also very imposing.

“It’s her? She left her closed-door training?!!!”

Upon hearing that voice, Zhou Zongzhi and the others from the Lower Realms were immediately shaken. Their bodies began to tremble involuntarily.

Although Zhou Zongzhi had declared himself to be from the strongest Splendor Night Lower Realm… he was only ranked second in the Hundred Refinements Stage’s ranking list. Toward the first rank, he did not even have the thought to challenge it.

The reason for that was because the person ranked first on the Hundred Refinements Stage’s ranking list was an extremely frightening existence.
If they had to describe that individual, then even though Zhou Zongzhi and the others felt that Chu Feng was already a monster, there was still a certain amount of disparity between him and the number one individual on the Hundred Refinements Stage’s ranking list.

To Zhou Zongzhi and the others, that individual was simply not human, but rather a demon.

Days before, that person who had caused them to be terror-stricken had entered closed-door training. That was why Zhou Zongzhi was able to temporarily be the boss of this place.

Yet now, the person that had caused them to be terror-stricken had actually left her closed-door training. To Zhou Zongzhi and the others, this was no different than the descent of doomsday.

They would once again be enveloped by that frightening existence.
“Lil’ Xue, it’s you? You’ve left your closed-door training?” Hearing that voice, Hu Xuanyi was overjoyed.

“Of course it’s me. I have successfully reached a breakthrough. I am now the same as elders, a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor,” That voice sounded again. Furthermore, the voice was growing closer.

“Chu Feng, this voice… do you not feel it to be very familiar?” Her Lady Queen let out an uneasy voice.

“Indeed. It’s very familiar. Could it really be her?” At that moment, Chu Feng started to frown.
Upon hearing this familiar voice, Chu Feng had thought of a person. However… he deeply wished that he would be mistaken. If possible, he truly hoped for the person approaching him to be someone else.


Right at that moment, the space before them started to squirm. Then, a figure appeared in the crowd’s eyes out of thin air.

It was a young woman. She was an exceptional beauty, and possessed an extremely alluring body. Regardless of whether it was her facial features, her figure or her temperament, they were all exceptional. She was truly an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

However, upon seeing this woman, Chu Feng was unable to feel happy in the slightest. The reason for that was because he had recognized who she was. The woman that had appeared before him was the person that he did not wish to see the most, Xue Ji.

“It really is you,” Chu Feng said to Xue Ji.

“Yoh. And here I was wondering who it was that had caused such a grand commotion. Never would I have expected it to be you. This is truly a coincidence. I never expected to be able to run into you even in here.”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, Xue Ji revealed a charming and sweet smile. Merely, she did not have the same sort of shock Chu Feng had in his eyes.

“Lil’ Xue, you know this Chu Feng?” Upon seeing that Chu Feng and Xue Ji were acting like they knew one another, Hu Xuanyi and the others present all had a change in expression.

According to Xue Ji’s explanation, she should be from the Starsoul Lower Realm. As for Chu Feng, he had declared that he was from the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm.

Being from two different Lower Realms, the two of them should not have come across one another at all. As such, how could they know one another?

Yet now, the two of them actually knew one another. This meant that one of them was lying.

The two of them must be from the same Lower Realm. Otherwise… it should be impossible for them to know one another.

“I know him, of course I know him. This man and I possess enormous enmity. Even if he turned to ash, I would still recognize him,” Xue Ji ran her beautiful fox-like eyes over Chu Feng. The enchanting smile on her face emitted a strange sensation.

Hearing what Xue Ji said, Hu Xuanyi was immediately overjoyed. Originally, he had been afraid that since Xue Ji knew Chu Feng, she might help him.

However, Xue Ji had now declared that she and Chu Feng were mortal enemies. Thus, the situation had become much better for him.

“Lil’ Xue, this child has trespassed into our Hundred Refinements Stage and plundered the Hundred Refinements Stone. He has committed an enormous mortal offense.”

“If you are to help us behead this child, I will definitely report this matter to Lord Clan Chief. You will have contributed meritorious service, and will be amply rewarded,” Hu Xuanyi said to Xue Ji.

Logically, it would be very unimaginable for an elder of this place to request the assistance of someone from the Lower Realm.

However, Chu Feng knew how powerful Xue Ji was. She was an unfathomably powerful existence. Even though she might only be a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor, Chu Feng was still unable to see through her strength.

However, Chu Feng was able to be certain of one thing. That is, Xue Ji possessed the strength to kill the current him.
“Elder Xuanyi, is what you said the truth?” Xue Ji turned to ask Hu Xuanyi.

“Absolutely. I dare to guarantee it with my personal dignity,” Hu Xuanyi guaranteed.
“Since that is the case, I am more than willing to help,” Xue Ji smiled strangely. Then, she waved her sleeve, and her oppressive might swept forth.


All of a sudden, blood splattered everywhere, and screams were sounding nonstop.
At that moment, not to mention the others, even Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously. They were all shocked.

The reason for that was because Xue Ji’s earlier attack was not aimed toward him. Rather, it was aimed at Hu Xuanyi and the other guardian clan’s elders.

At that moment, Hu Xuanyi and the other elders were all seriously injured by Xue Ji.

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