MGA – Chapter 236

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MGA: Chapter 236 – Worth a Help

“Brother Fengyan, in the past years in the Azure Province, I also have to thank you for taking care of me. With the relationship between us two, these words are too polite.”

“But, coming from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and as the chief of the Qi clan, will there really be no problems after leaving the Prince’s Mansion for so long?” The cloth-clothed old man made his next move with a smile.

“As long as I enter the Heaven realm, I can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the lord of the mansion. Even if the Lin clan and that old thing suppresses my Qi clan when I’m not there, when I get back, they can only yield to me.” As he mentioned that matter, Qi Fengyang had proudness all over his face.

“Right now, in the Nine Provinces, the Heaven realm is no longer a legend; but in your Azure Province, only the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and the head of the Lingyun School entered that realm. No wonder the Azure Province is the weakest out of of the Nine Provinces.” The cloth-clothed old man shook his head.

“Ho ho.” Qi Fengyang could only bitterly smile at the cloth-clothed old man’s mocking words and he did not refute.

To think that at first, the Azure Province had the most powerful people and it was always the strongest province in the Nine Provinces, but at first, was at first. Currently, it was truth that the Azure Province was in decline. Of course, the reason why the Azure Province was in decline was because their generation was too mediocre.

Thinking to that point, even Qi Fengyang couldn’t help but sigh, “Looking over at the current young generations in the Azure Province, there aren’t many people who are too exceptional. Dugu Aoyun is not bad in the Azure Province, but within the young generations in the entire Nine Provinces, he is a bit too mediocre. Does the heavens really want my Azure Province to die out?”

“It won’t. A quite outstanding person in the young generation in your Azure Province has appeared. Just give him a bit of time, and he will certainly surpass Dugu Aoyun.” The cloth-clothed old man indifferently smiled and said.

“Brother Hengyuan, what do you mean by that?” After hearing those words, Qi Fengyang’s calm expression couldn’t help but change and he quickly questioned.

“There isn’t only two people in the Valley of Hundred Bends. Other than you and me, there’s another person who stayed in the Valley of Hundred Bends for a good half a year.”

“Also, within this half a year, he has gotten quite a good harvest. He stole the Profound medicines from the Monstrous Beasts’ treasure trove for breeding, and he went wherever he wished in the entire Valley of Hundred Bends. The most important thing is that he is a Grey-cloak World Spiritist, and he’s even a young man. If he can do such things at such an age, his future truly is unlimited.” The cloth-clothed old man smiled once again.

“A young man with the abilities of a Grey-cloak World Spiritist?” At that instant, Qi Fengyang was truly unable to remain calm. He excitedly and suddenly stood up because to the Azure Province, a Grey-cloak World Spiritist was certain quite a character.

A young man? A young man being able to become a Grey-cloak world Spiritist was certainly quite an impressive thing and he had to value that.

But after some more detailed thinking, Qi Fengyang felt that something was wrong. So, he said, “Brother Hengyuan, but this is the Valley of Hundred Bends! You said unless it’s a Blue-cloak World Spiritist or someone in the Heaven realm with extremely strong power, no one can hold the pressure back after the formation opened in the Valley of Hundred Bends. How can a Grey-cloak World Spiritist survive for half a year in this place?”

“Haha, isn’t that the outstandingness of that young man? On that topic, the reason why he can survive is all thanks to you, brother Fengyang. On that day, if you didn’t give the protective badge over to him, it would not be possible for him to remember the formation to condense the badge.”

“However, even so, I do have to admit that this child is quite exceptional. After all, if you weren’t a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, you had no way of condensing my formation. But he did it. Say for yourself, isn’t he quite an outstanding person in the young generation?” The cloth-clothed old man lightly smiled and said

“Brother Hengyuan, you’re saying that the young man who lived in the Valley of Hundred Bends for half a year was Chu Feng from that day?” At that instant, Qi Fengyuan finally realized who it was and his gaze was filled with shock.

“Naturally, it’s him.” The cloth-clothed old man nodded his head.

“I said that the young man was a rare genius! But I never would have thought that he would be a genius to this stage. No wonder he could get the inheritance of the Imperial Sky Sage.” Also at that moment, Qi Fengyuan finally understood and at the same time that he was stunned, he smiled as if he was enlightened and more and more, he felt that the action he did that day was correct.

“What is even the Imperial Sky Sage? He was just a person at the peak of the Profound realm and he could never even touch the Heaven realm in his life. The reason why he was able to create the air-walking martial skill was certainly because of chances in addition to luck.”

“That young man is a lot more outstanding than him because half a year ago, a mysterious character appeared in the Azure Province: Mr. Grey-cloak. Not only did that Mr. Grey-cloak alert the Lingyun School, he even alerted your Qilin Prince’s Mansion. Even though he disappeared for half a year, he is still a person who is discussed in the free time of the people in the Azure Province.”

“If I’m not mistaken, this Mr. Grey-cloak should be the young man called Chu Feng.” The cloth-clothed old man continued saying.

“There is actually such things… It seems that this Chu Feng is quite a restless boy.”

After hearing the cloth-clothed old man’s narration, the smile on Qi Fengyan’s face got more and more wider. His heart was endlessly excited, because if a person was more restless, that meant that they would be more able to become a great character.

After all, within the peak powerful people in history, which one of them did not show their abilities when they were young and looked down upon the people from their own generation? Right now, a young man like that appeared in the Azure Province, so Qi Fengyang was as though he saw the light. Naturally, he would be incomparably joyful.

“However, this boy might face a calamity.” Suddenly, the cloth-clothed old man suddenly said.

“Calamity? Brother Hengyuan, what do you mean?” After hearing that, Qi Fengyuan’s expression changed greatly.

“This child has set a life and death battle with a person and the date of it is nearing. His opponent is the son of the Black Tortoise City’s lord and he receives deep love from Lin Ran from your Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s Lin clan. In the past half year, in order to develop him, he did not exhaust a small amount of your Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s resources.”

“As for that young man, even though he has extraordinary talent, he doesn’t have any background in the Azure Province. So, I feel that he won’t have much luck in his battle.” The cloth-clothed old man explained.

After hearing those words, Qi Fengyuan tightly frowned, then he said to the cloth-clothed old man, “Brother Hengyuan, I…”

“Go ahead. I know that you want a presentable young generation in the Azure Province. This boy is quite worthy for you to help.” Before even letting Qi Fengyang finish his words, the cloth-clothed old man waved his hand at him.

“Indeed, you know me well. Brother Hengyuan, I’ll take my leave.” As he spoke, Qi Fengyan wanted to leave, but he stopped his steps when he was at the entrance. He turned around, clasped his hands, and said, “Brother Hengyuan, thank you for leaving this child with his life. I thank you in his place.”

After Qi Fengyang left, the face of the cloth-clothed old man became more solemn. Worry filled his gaze, and as he stood on the mountain peak, he looked at the distant sky and faintly said,

“It has been six years, so why haven’t you appeared yet? A Divine Body should not stay so silent and unknown right? Is it possible that some accident truly happened?”

At that instant, the cloth-clothed old man couldn’t help but sigh as he gradually closed his eyes and his thoughts floated towards the night that happened six years ago.

On that night, above the silver rivers of the nine heavens, a nine-coloured divine lightning appeared. It shook the entire continent, but at the end, it shot towards the Azure Province.

On that night, the several tens of thousands of dynastical experts from the Jiang Dynasty headed towards the Azure Province. They vowed to find the Divine Body, but they returned empty-handedly.

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