MGA – Chapter 215

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MGA: Chapter 215 – Devastating Sorrow

“It’s a White-headed Eagle!”

As they looked at the huge White-headed Eagle in the sky, not a single person who were there didn’t tighten their hearts. What was a White-headed Eagle? Naturally, all of them knew. It was an extremely precious thing.

Even the Vermilion Bird City did not have a White-headed Eagle, so what kind of person would they be if they were able to ride such an object? Was it possible that the people who massacred the Golden-purple City came back? When they thought of that, they felt frightened and alarmed.

But after the White-headed Eagle landed onto the ground, not only did their uneasiness disappear, they even rejoiced because the two people who sat on the White-headed Eagle were not big enemies. It was the second lady of the Vermilion Bird City, Su Rou, and also the young genius who shook the Vermilion Bird City, Chu Feng.

“It’s the second lady! This is great, the second lady is here. We now have a backbone.”

After seeing Su Rou, several city lords quickly went over to welcome her. Their cultivation were at the peak of the Origin realm, so if the people who massacred the city came back, they would truly have no way of fighting against it.

However, Su Rou was an elder of the Azure Dragon School and she was a genuinely powerful person in the Profound realm. So, since Su Rou appeared, naturally, they felt a bit more safe.

“Chu Feng, you must be strong!”At the same time they welcomed Su Rou, the several city lords did not forget to console Chu Feng. They were deeply afraid that a young man like him would be unable to endure the strike that was coming up.

Chu Feng nodded towards their good intentions and he forced a light smile out before pushing the crowd away and walking towards the plaza.

When he was in the air, he already saw the huge words written in blood. He knew that the calamity was initiated by him.

He walked into the plaza and he looked at the heads hung on the tall frame. The oldest were aged old people, the youngest were little children. When he looked at every single familiar face, Chu Feng’s heart truly felt as if a knife was stirring it around because the death of those people were caused by him.

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body violently shook and his heart was as though a knife pierced through it. The tears that he forcibly held up within his eyes instantly erupted out uncontrollably.

He saw a familiar face. It was the person who raised him for 15 years, his father, Chu Yuan. Next to him was the former family master of the Chu family, Chu Yuanba, as well as Chu Yue’s father, Chu Renyi.

Those who treated him well in the past, or those who treated him not well in the past were all dead in front of his eyes. They died because of him.

“Sorry…Sorry…I killed all of you…I killed all of you…”

Suddenly, Chu Feng knelt on the ground and he ferociously banged his head down. Strong power caused the black rock to form a deep indentation. As the rock fragments flew, they interweaved with his tears.

“Chu Feng, don’t do this. It has already happened and you can’t change anything by doing this.” Seeing that, Su Rou quickly went up to pull Chu Feng up, but she could not even move him.

Later on, she did not obstruct him anymore. She knew how much pain Chu Feng must be feeling as his own family were all killed because of himself. That feeling was enough to cause a person to collapse. That self-blame caused enough pain for him to wish to die.

Just like that, Chu Feng knelt for three days and three nights. On the fourth day, the Vermilion Bird City’s army arrived. Su Hen hurried over, and Su Mei also followed.

When they saw that scene, and saw Chu Feng like that, every single person’s heart ached yet they did not know how to comfort him. When it was noon on the fourth day, the Chu family’s young generation who cultivated in the Azure Dragon School also hurried over.




When Chu Wei, Chu Cheng, Chu Zhen, Chu Yue, Chu Xue and the others entered the Golden-purple City and saw their own parents’ heads being hung up, all of them lost control.

All of them leaped over and wailed with devastating grief. Chu Xue even passed out on scene, being unable to accept that fact.

“Chu Feng you bastard! If you didn’t stir up troubles everywhere, how would my Chu family end up like this?! Give my parents back to me!!”

Some people even lost their minds when they saw the wretched deaths of their family. They ran over to Chu Feng, beat, kicked, clawed, and bit him. As he faced their violent attacks, Chu Feng did not dodge or avoid them. He knelt perfectly straight where he was. He was willing to receive the strikes and curses without making any sound.

“Enough. This matter wasn’t Chu Feng’s fault. If you have the ability, go find the people who killed your parents and collect your debts from them. What are you even doing here by hitting Chu Feng like this?”

At that moment, the most rational person was Chu Wei. As the eldest in the young generation of the Chu family, he forcefully endured the pain of losing his family and stood up.

He pulled the people who were being unreasonable to the side and even consoled Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, don’t need to blame yourself too much. You must remain strong, because the only person who can avenge my Chu family is you.”

However, Chu Feng did not reply as though he didn’t hear what Chu Wei said. He only continued to kneel where he was and his expression made one’s heart ache.

Only then did people discover that Chu Feng did not even blink once for such a long period of time. Both of his eyes were full of self-blame as he looked at the Chu family members who were dead.

“Chu Feng, are you okay? Don’t scare us.” Seeing that, Chu Yue also went over.

At that instant, what flowed out of Chu Feng’s eyes were not longer tears. It was blood. Tears of blood. When one reached the point where they could die from the sorrow and when their tears were all drained, the only thing that could flow out were tears of blood.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing? Don’t trample on yourself. You won’t help them by doing this. You will only harm yourself.” Su Rou ran over and worry was everywhere on her face.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing? Don’t be like this..” Su Mei also ran over, but she wasn’t as calm as Su Rou and tears filled her face.

However, no matter who went up to urge him, they could not move Chu Feng. It was as if he was possessed by a demon and he kept on kneeling there. He allowed the tears of blood from his eyes to flow down his face and to dye his clothes wet.

At that very instant, not to mention those who were always worried about Chu Feng, even the people from the Chu family’s young generation, who hated Chu Feng because their family died, had indescribable sorrow and started to go up to urge Chu Feng.

But it was useless. No matter who spoke, it was useless. Only when the sky became dark did Chu Feng’s eyes slowly close shut, and with a poof, he fell onto the ground. Finally, because the pain of his sorrow surpassed his limit, he lost consciousness.

He remained in a coma for two days and two nights. When his consciousness returned and when he opened both of his eyes, he found out that he was laying on a bed.

It was a temporary military tent. There wasn’t too much space in the tent, but Chu Feng could see a figure hurrying back and forth. It was Su Rou. Su Rou, the lady of the city lord, was currently cooking up some medicine. Without much thinking, Chu Feng knew that it was for him.

“Mm.” Chu Feng originally wanted to get up, but he suddenly discovered that something was pressing on his chest. Only then did he notice that Su Mei laid in front of his chest and was currently sleeping. She slept very soundly, and it could be seen that she was extremely tired and exhausted. There were even traces of tears on her face.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s heart couldn’t avoid hurting a bit. He knew that the little beauty must not have been well for the past few days and she must have been deeply worried about him.

“You knelt for three days and three nights, so she stood along with you for three days and three nights. Even when you passed out, she was still always by your side.” Su Rou walked over.

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