MGA – Chapter 168

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MGA: Chapter 168 – The Fatal Strike


The sword energy broke through the air and the surrounding Origin power was displaced. That was not a martial skill, but it was better than a martial skill. It was a strike that Wu Jiu formed with his will, but that might was no weaker than normal martial skills.

“Strong. Wu Jiu is indeed worthy of being the founder of the Sword Alliance. His attainment in sword techniques are really too powerful.”

Wu Jiu’s attack raised all sorts of cries of surprise in the crowd. Even many core elders couldn’t help but nod as they gave high opinions.

But compared to Wu Jiu’s quite impressive sword technique, even more people stared at Chu Feng without blinking. They wanted to see how Chu Feng was going to die.


But obviously, Chu Feng was going to disappoint them. Just as the sword energy was nearing Chu Feng, with the wave of Chu Feng’s big sleeve, a layer of Origin power surged out, and layer by layer, it dissolved the sword energy. At the end, it completely dissipated.

“Damn. That isn’t true is it? Chu feng dissolved Wu Jiu’s attack?”

Perhaps those at the Spirit realm could not understand that scene, however, those at the Origin realm saw everything clearly. Evidently, Chu Feng used his power at 1st level of the Origin realm to easily dissolve Wu Jiu’s sword energy which was at the 5th level of the Origin realm.

“This child is quite impressive. He used his cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm to destroy an attack at the 5th level of the Origin realm. That really does not comply with common sense.” An elder couldn’t help but yell in surprise as Chu Feng’s methods were quite terrifying.

“No need to be shocked by such a small thing. Things like defeating the strong as the weak had been done before. According to legends, during the young age of our Azure Dragon School’s founder, he defeated those in the Profound realm when he was only in the Origin realm. Now that’s the real ‘defeating the strong as the weak’.” Another core elder disdainfully said.

“Nonsense. Of course our founder would be strong. After all, he was the #1 expert in the Nine Provinces. However, since Chu Feng can do all this to this degree, does that mean he is also a genius?”

“This… You are quite correct. With his talent, he can be said to be genius. However, I see that Wu Jiu has not used his full strength yet and any conclusions right now are too early.” An extra hint of seriousness were in the elders’ gazes as they looked at Chu Feng again.

“Your strike was quite weak. Do you have any other techniques?” Chu Feng chuckled and said after dissolving Wu Jiu’s attack.

“Hmph. Since it has come to this, I’ll let you experience how terrifying I am when I get serious.”

Wu Jiu coldy snorted and he lifted the longsword in his hand, then suddenly sliced it upwards. A huge half-moon appeared and flew towards Chu Feng.

“Rank 5 martial skill, Half-Moon Chop!”

“No, it is not a simple Half-Moon Chop. It is a rank 5 martial skill that is displayed with the prerequisite of another rank 5 martial skill. It is a double-layered martial skill.”

When the half-moon appeared, some people were greatly shocked and with a glance, they recognized it as an extremely strong martial skill in the Azure Dragon School. That martial skill had to be used by a sword, and if it was successful, the sword energy would be like a half-moon. Dazzling, beautiful, and oppressing.

Not only did Wu Jiu master the Half-Moon Chop, he even used it with the longsword that he condensed out from a rank 5 martial skill. That Half-Moon Chop had extremely frightening power and not an ordinary person could block that attack.

At that instant, everyone cast their gazes towards Chu Feng once again. The Half-Moon Chop was quite exceptional no matter if it was about the speed or the power. It would explode with a thought from the one who used it and there was no way of dodging it.

Chu Feng only brought a light smile on his face while being gazed by countless people. Without any hurry, and only until the Half-Moon Chop neared him, he slowly raised his right arm and directly punched out.


Origin power rose everywhere when that punch was thrown out, strong might caused ripples on the stage like a spiral as it forcibly canceled the Half-Moon Chop.

*hmm* Just as the punch dissipated the Half-Moon Chop, Chu Feng clenched one of his hands and a golden-coloured longsword that was dazzling in all directions condensed within his palm.

“Your attack is too weak, so I will let you experience mine.”

While holding the longsword in his hand, lightning rose from his feet and almost in an instant, he arrived in front of Wu Jiu. A golden light swept past and it stabbed towards Wu Jiu’s heart.

“This guy.”

At that moment, Wu Jiu lost all colour on his face from astonishment because currently, at such a distance, he finally felt Chu Feng’s strength. The feeling of oppression did not belong to someone at the 1st level of the Origin realm. It was not even any weaker than him.

However, after all, Wu Jiu was the genius within a sword family. Putting aside the fact that he founded the Sword Alliance, just by being able to be accepted by Zhongli Yihu as a disciple already stated his outstandingness.

The longsword in his hand trembled and it undulated like a water snake. It pushed Chu Feng’s golden-coloured longsword aside, then after flipping over his hand, he swept it towards Chu Feng’s throat.

“Heh, now it’s a bit more interesting.”

Chu Feng chuckled and his battle desires were stirred up. Not only did he not retreat, using his Spirit power detection, his Imperial Sky Technique methods, and the golden-coloured longsword clenched in his hand, he fought with Wu Jiu.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

The afterimages of the swords flew everywhere and radiance shot in all directions. Every time they clashed, there would be an energy ripple that swept and devastated everything on the fighting stage. However, the two people continued were as if nothing happened to them. They displayed sword techniques that dazzled one’s eyes. Attacking occasionally, defending occasionally, and the people who watched it had dried mouths and tongues from all the talking and their moods were boiling.

“Such brilliant sword techniques. No need to talk about Wu Jiu, but I never would have thought that even Chu Feng had such high skill in terms of sword techniques.”

“That Chu Feng is really quite impressive. He can use the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm to fight Wu Jiu, who is at the 5th level of the Origin realm to this degree.” People stared as they were dumbfounded and many disciples admired Chu Feng’s display.

How was he the trash that people said before? He was simply an unprecedented genius. He used the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm to battle someone with the cultivation of the 5th level of the Origin realm. He skipped four levels of cultivation. People had to admire that talent.

“This guy is really able to force Wu Jiu to this point. Why did he suddenly become even stronger than before when I see him again? He is even so much stronger! How did he cultivate to have such quick improvements?”

But compared to other people, Su Mei’s face was extremely complicated. She suddenly discovered that the distance between her and Chu Feng was huge. Without her knowing, she was already left behind and she could not even touch Chu Feng anymore.

“Hmph. All of you overestimate Chu Feng too much. Do you not see that Wu Jiu is fooling around with that Chu Feng? Don’t you see that he hasn’t used his full strength yet? When Wu Jiu gets serious, Chu Feng will undoubtedly die.”

However, some people also thought that the reason why the two of them could fight to that point was because Wu Jiu did not use everything he had.

Most of those people were the ones who hated Chu Feng and wanted him to die. The more miserable his death was, the better. It was because in their hearts, they were not willing to admit that Chu Feng was a genius.

“That’s enough. I’ve played enough with you and right now, I will let you experience my special skill, the Fatal Strike.”

Suddenly, Wu Jiu loudly yelled, and just as the might of the sword rose, he completely disappeared. However, in the instant that he disappeared, strong sword energy condensed around Chu Feng and the entire fighting stage darkened.

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