MGA – Chapter 1676

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MGA: Chapter 1676 – Fire Immortal Profound Technique

“After all these years, there has never been anyone from our Du Clan capable of obtaining the Fire Immortal Profound Technique. Even Wanwu is unable to do so,” As Du Xiangyu spoke those words, she took a glance at Du Wanwu.
At this time, Du Wanwu revealed an expression of frustration. Evidently, his inability to obtain the Fire Immortal Profound Technique was one of his greatest regrets.

“Secret skills have the ability to choose their masters. If little friend Chu Feng is capable of conquering the Fire Immortal Profound Technique, it would mean that our Du Clan no longer possesses anyone worthy enough to deserve it. If we are to have it continue to stay in our Du Clan, it would instead cause the ruin of a supreme secret skill.”

“Rather than that, it would be better that little friend Chu Feng take it away so that its brilliance can be revealed in the Holy Land of Martialism once again,” Du Xiangyu continued.

“Senior is truly open-minded. May I know where the Inheritance Hall is? When does senior plan to take me there?” Chu Feng asked. He was impatient to experience the Fire Immortal Profound Technique.

“I can take you there right now,” As Du Xiangyu spoke, she began to lead the way for Chu Feng. Chu Feng followed behind her, and Du Wanwu also followed her.

Under Du Xiangyu’s guidance, Chu Feng arrived at the deepest region of the cave. Currently, there was no more path forward. At this time, Du Xiangyu took out a key. Once the key appeared, the wall before them started to slowly move.

“Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist?”

Before the wall was opened, Chu Feng had not been able to discover anything strange. However, after the wall was opened, he felt a very intense Dragon Mark Royal-cloak world spirit power being emitted.

At this moment, Chu Feng came to realize that it seemed that the Poison Demon who had moved about unhindered in the Holy Land of Martialism fifteen thousand years ago was not only a poison expert, he was also a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.
After the wall opened, what appeared before Chu Feng was a very deep hall. Dense poison gases filled the entire hall.
There were many different types of poison gases. However, all of them were fatal poisons. Looking through the poison gases, Chu Feng was able to see that there were many martial skills and poison techniques on either side of the hall. This was evidently the Du Clan’s Inheritance Hall.
“Little friend Chu Feng, the Inheritance Hall is filled with traps and mechanisms. When those not from our Du Clan enter it, the traps and mechanisms will be triggered. Put this in your body. With it, you will not trigger those traps and mechanisms,” As Du Xiangyu spoke, she handed a jade pendant to Chu Feng.
“Do I have to put it inside me?” Chu Feng asked.

“It is only effective inside of you. Little friend Chu Feng, you should listen to me. After all, those are the traps set up by our Ancestor. As none of the people from our Du Clan have ever triggered those traps, we also do not know how dangerous the traps are.”

“However, I presume that the traps set up by our Ancestor will definitely not be simple,” Du Xiangyu said.

“Junior understands,” Chu Feng knew that Du Xiangyu was thinking for his sake. He also knew that she was afraid that he would die. After all, if Chu Feng were to die, Du Wanwu would not have a way to leave this place and go to the Holy Land of Martialism.

Thus, Chu Feng did not hesitate and directly stuffed the jade pendant into his body.

In order to stuff an item into one’s body, that item would have to pass through skin and flesh. Blood and pain were inevitable. However, Chu Feng acted as if nothing had happened, because this bit of pain was simply akin to tickling for Chu Feng.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I have given you the opportunity. Regardless of whether you succeed or not, you must still help our Du Clan,” Du Xiangyu said.

“Junior understands. Senior, may junior enter now?” Chu Feng asked.

“I wish you luck,” Du Xiangyu nodded.

Chu Feng directly stepped into the Inheritance Hall and continued to proceed forward. He knew that the Fire Immortal Profound Technique would be at the deepest part of the Inheritance Hall.

“Lady Xiangyu, it is not that this junior is questioning your decision. Merely, I wish to know, if Chu Feng really manages to conquer the Fire Immortal Profound Technique, will we really hand the Fire Immortal Profound Technique over to him?” After Chu Feng entered the Inheritance Hall, Du Wanwu questioned Du Xiangyu.

“How could the Fire Immortal Profound Technique be that easily obtainable? I presume you’ve been in there before too, no? You should know what it is like inside,” Du Xiangyu said.

“Junior knows. The Fire Immortal Profound Technique possesses an Emperor’s might. Back then, when junior entered the Inheritance Hall, before I could even see it, I was chased out by it. When I am unable to even see it, there’s no need to mention obtaining it,” Du Wanwu sighed.

“That’s right. You also know what sort of existence the Fire Immortal Profound Technique is.”

“Secret skills are very extraordinary. Even though after fusing with someone they will become only a technique, a method to fight, they will possess a living consciousness before fusing with someone. Furthermore, they are frighteningly powerful.”

“Thus, it has always been that secret skills will get to choose their users. If one does not possess sufficient strength, how could a secret skill possibly be willing to give up its liberty and turn into a technique?”

“This is especially true for the Fire Immortal Profound Technique. Back then, for the sake of obtaining it, our Ancestor had spent a great amount of effort. The Fire Immortal Profound Technique could be considered to be an extremely arrogant secret skill. Ordinary people are simply unable to enter its line of sight.”

“Thus, while that Chu Feng might possess five secret skills, I still think that it would be extremely difficult for him to obtain the Fire Immortal Profound Technique. Likely, he will come out fruitless.”
“After all, back during the time when a senior of ours went in to attempt to conquer the Fire Immortal Profound Technique, he heard the Fire Immortal Profound Technique saying these words; ‘After the Poison Demon, there’s no one else worthy of my strength. Descendants of the Poison Demon, you all are truly delusional to think of subduing me,’” Du Xiangyu said.

“But, Lady Xiangyu, it remains that Chu Feng possesses five secret skills. What if the Fire Immortal Profound Technique really decides to swear allegiance to him?” Du Wanwu asked.
“If that is the case, then it will be the will of the heavens. We should allow him to take the Fire Immortal Profound Technique away,” Du Xiangyu said.

Chu Feng did not know about the conversation between Du Xiangyu and Du Wanwu. He had continued onward through the Inheritance Hall, and had arrived at the deepest region of the Inheritance Hall now.

There was no longer any poison gas covering the path. Instead, it was filled with blazing flames. The flames had sealed off the corridor ahead, preventing people from continuing onward.

However, Chu Feng did not stop his footsteps. Instead, he continued to walk onward. He knew that the Fire Immortal Profound Technique was close.


Right at this moment, a powerful oppressive might swept out from the deepest region of the Inheritance Hall and knocked Chu Feng back out.

Faced with this oppressive might, Chu Feng started to frown. The reason for that was because he was able to clearly sense that it was not an ordinary oppressive might. Rather, it was an Emperor’s might.

“How many times have I told you to not come and disturb me again?” Suddenly, a vigorous and powerful voice filled with anger sounded from the deepest region of the Inheritance Hall.

“Eh? Strange, boy, you…” Immediately after that voice filled with anger sounded, an extremely surprised voice immediately sounded after it.


In an instant, the blazing flames started to surge. Waves of flames started to roll out from the deepest part of the Inheritance Hall. Soon, a giant formed of flames appeared before Chu Feng.

That oppressive appearance, that powerful aura, without even needing to think about it, Chu Feng knew that the being before him was one of the Five Elements Secret Skills, the Fire Immortal Profound Technique.

At this moment, the Fire Immortal Profound Technique was sizing up Chu Feng. The more it inspected Chu Feng, the more shocked it became. In the end, it was actually unable to contain itself.

With an extremely shocked and incomparably excited voice, it said, “Boy, you actually possess that Water Immortal fellow on you. You… you are not a descendant from the Du Clan. How did you get here?”

When the Fire Immortal Profound Technique said those words, even its voice changed. This supreme secret skill was actually emotionally stirred up.

Evidently, it was Chu Feng that caused it to be this emotional.

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