MGA – Chapter 166

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MGA: Chapter 166 – Who is Wu Jiu?

“Gong Luyun defeated your sister?!”

Chu Feng was a bit surprised. He had seen Su Rou’s methods before, and although she was only at the 1st level of the Profound realm, she was certainly top-class. After all, she was almost titled as the #1 disciple.

Currently, Gong Luyun was also at the 1st level of the Profound realm. If he was able to defeat Su Rou, that meant that in terms of methods, Gong Luyun was stronger than Su Rou.

“Not only did he defeat my sister. He even defeated Elder Ouyang.” Su Mei cast her gaze towards the not-so-distant Elder Ouyang.

“Even Elder Ouyang was defeated?” Chu Feng’s tightened eyebrows were even more tightened.

Many people did not know Elder Ouyang’s abilities because he concealed them very deeply. However, from Su Mei, he knew that Elder Ouyang already entered the Profound realm a long time ago. Currently, he was rushing towards the 2nd level of the Profound realm. He was truly at the peak of the 1st level of the Profound realm.

Su Rou and Elder Ouyang had quite a close relationship, so she had sparred with Elder Ouyang before. Although they ended up in a tie, in reality, Elder Ouyang restrained himself for Su Rou.

If Gong Luyun was able to continuously defeat both Su Rou and Elder Ouyang, that made Chu Feng suddenly realise that Gong Luyun might not seem as simple as he looked.

“Chu Feng, since the elders from the core zone have not arrived yet, quickly run. Go to my Vermilion Bird City and without a doubt, you will be safe.” Su Mei leaned on Chu Feng’s body and quietly said that next to his ear.

“Is it your wish, or you sister’s?” Chu Feng smiled and asked.

“It is my sister’s, and it is also mine. Both of us hope that nothing bad will happen to you.” Su Mei’s gaze was full of pleading. She was really afraid that Chu Feng would be too stubborn and remained there to die.

“You two really treat me well.”

Chu Feng chuckled, extended his hand and lovingly rubbed Su Mei’s soft and bright hair before walking out of the group of people.

At that instant, the depression in Chu Feng’s heart already disappeared like the clouds because he knew that Su Rou and Su Mei did not abandon his family, but they had their difficulties. At the end, it was still all for him.

“Chu Feng, where are you going?” Seeing that, Su Mei tugged Chu Feng because she found out that the direction he was going towards was off.

“Since this Wu Jiu treated my Chu Family like so, I can’t let him go and not do anything right?” Chu Feng faintly smiled.

“What? Are you crazy? You want to go to the core zone and challenge Wu Jiu?” Su Mei was terrified by Chu Feng’s words but she could not hold him back. With a blink, Chu Feng already jumped out of the crowd and crazily ran towards the core zone.

“Chu Feng wants to run, catch him!”

“Su Rou, you have intentions of protecting this child. I will report today’s matters to the head of the school.”

When he saw that, Liu Chengen panicked. If Chu Feng remained in the Azure Dragon School, it would be fine and it would be hard for him to escape death. However, if Chu Feng escaped, even if he wanted to kill Chu Feng, it would be too difficult.

At first, when Su Rou and Elder Ouyang saw that, they hiddenly rejoiced. Not only did they not follow, they even took the chance to bother. They ordered their subordinates to disturb Liu Chengen’s subordinates to cover Chu Feng as he escaped.

However, when they discovered what direction Chu Feng was escaping towards, their faces which were full of happiness turned into a forehead with black lines. How was Chu Feng escaping? He was simply throwing himself into a net and going ahead to kill himself.

“This guy. Why doesn’t he let people be free of worries?”

Su Ruo’s face reddened from anger as she stood where she was and stamped her foot. After thinking for a bit, her alluring figure went forward and she chased after Chu Feng. Elder Ouyang was no exception as he closely followed as well. He wanted to see what Chu Feng was going to do.

Chu Feng was extremely fast, and very quickly, he rushed into the core zone from the inner court. After entering the core zone, he did not stop and he directly arrived in a plaza.

The plaza was circular and its construction was quite unique. In the very middle, there was a huge fighting stage. That fighting stage was red-coloured as if it was dyed by blood and it was extremely eye-grabbing.

There was even a big red-coloured bell in the center of the fighting stage. On the big bell, there was a huge sign hung there. On the sign, there were several big words, “Life and Death Stage for Grudges”.

Like an agile monkey, Chu Feng leaped up and arrived in front of the big bell. He struck it a few times and the sound of the bell echoed in the air. It almost resonated throughout the core zone, and very quickly, it attracted the observation of the surrounding core disciple because they could hear that it was the bell for the Life and Death Stage for Grudges.

The Life and Death Stage, like its name, if there were any grudges, life and death would be decided there. Although there were the school rules for the Azure Dragon School, as long as there were two disciples that had grudges that could not resolved and had to resolve them with their lives, they could indeed come to that place. However, before that, they needed to sign the Life and Death Certificate.

Those who dared to strike the big bell on the Life and Death Stage meant that they were going to carry a life and death duel. That scene contained liveliness that people wanted to see the most. At that very moment, almost everyone from the core zone arrived. There were even quite a few elders.

“Look, isn’t that Chu Feng? Didn’t he start a massacre in the inner court? How does he dare to come here?”

“This boy is too audacious. First, he offended senior Gong. Then, he madly wounded inner court disciples. And now, he is on the Life and Death Stage. What is he going to do now?”

Chu Feng’s infamous name already spread throughout the Azure Dragon School and even his drawings were posted everywhere. Anyone could recognize Chu Feng and they were bewildered by his actions. At that instant, everyone had the same thought in their hearts. That boy was looking to die.

When people formed mountains and oceans around the Life and Death Stage, Chu Feng stopped banging the big bell. He straightened his back and loudly yelled at the crowd who surrounded the stage, “Who is Wu Jiu? Come up and die!!”

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