MGA – Chapter 1640

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MGA: Chapter 1640 – Doomsday Arrival

As the sky and earth darkened, a hurricane began to sweep forth.

That hurricane contained winds as sharp as sickles. It hacked into the sky and cut into the ground. This region didn’t only look like doomsday had come. Rather… doomsday had actually come.
It was only when that Asura Evil Spirit cast its red gaze toward the deeper regions of the Nangong Imperial Clan, and flew toward those deeper regions that the doomsday, the darkened sky, began to gradually become sunny and cloudless.

However, when the beautiful sunshine illuminated the mountain range again, the mountain range had already turned into the aftermath of a disaster.

All of the trees had been cut off. Even the trees that were not cut off had been uprooted by the hurricane. A large amount of the continuous mountain range had collapsed. The destruction had left the place in complete shambles.

Chu Feng and Aunt Lian suddenly appeared in a corner. As he saw that the darkness, the Asura Evil Spirit, was approaching the Nangong Imperial Clan’s vast palaces, Chu Feng started to frown. His feelings were extremely complicated.
“I spent all this effort to release this Evil Spirit. However, never would I have expected that all of it would have been in vain,” Chu Feng sighed in his heart.

“It’s not all in vain. At the very least, by releasing it, you’ve ended up not dying. However, the Nangong Imperial Clan that wholeheartedly wanted to kill you will be facing an imminent catastrophe,” Eggy said while smiling.

“But, not only are Brother Ya, Baihe and Moli there, a lot of the Nangong Imperial Clansmen are innocent,” Chu Feng sighed.

“Even if they are innocent, this cannot be blamed upon you. It is their clansmen that forced this upon you,” Eggy said.

“Eggy, your voice, why is it this weak?” Chu Feng sensed that something was wrong. He discovered that Eggy’s voice was very weak. Furthermore, it was growing weaker and weaker. After Chu Feng cast his consciousness into his world spirit space, his expression changed greatly and he became filled with worries.

At this moment, Eggy was deathly pale. She was sitting down on the ground without the strength to even stand up. She was in incomparably weak health.

“Eggy, what’s wrong?” Chu Feng hurriedly walked over to Eggy and lent her an arm to support her.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to die,” Eggy smiled a weak smile. Then, she said, “Earlier, I exhausted nearly all of my stamina in order to use that technique. I’m afraid I will not be able to protect you. I will have to sleep for some time.”

“Sleep? How long are you going to sleep for? No, this cannot do. Eggy, what must I do in order to help you?” After hearing what Eggy said, Chu Feng became extremely frightened.
“Idiot, don’t worry. I’m going to be here. Really, I’m only going to sleep for a while. This Queen will not die,” After Eggy finished saying these words, she slowly closed her eyes. She had fallen asleep. However, there was still a sweet smile on her face.

“I’m truly sorry. For the sake of protecting me, I’ve made you harm yourself again. I truly hope for the day where I will no longer need you to protect me, and will be able to protect you instead,” Seeing the sleeping Eggy, Chu Feng felt a deep amount of pain.

“Chu Feng, are you alright?” Right at this moment, Aunt Lian’s voice sounded beside Chu Feng’s ears.

Chu Feng cast his consciousness back into his body. Only then did he discover that Aunt Lian was looking at him with a very worried expression.

“Aunt Lian, I am fine,” Chu Feng said with a forced smile.

“That’s good then,” Aunt Lian heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she looked to the southeast and said, “He is, after all, someone from our Nangong Imperial Clan. I cannot do it, you should go and finish him.”

Looking toward the direction of Aunt Lian’s gaze, Chu Feng discovered that there was an injured consciousness in the distance. That consciousness was extremely weak. It was lying on the ground motionlessly.

As for that consciousness, it was Nangong Huayi’s consciousness. It turned out that Nangong Huayi was still alive. However, he was seriously injured. Even though his consciousness had managed to escape from his body, his cultivation was no longer that of a Martial Emperor. Rather, he had become a Martial King. Furthermore, his aura was still rapidly declining.
If this were to continue, there would simply be no need for Chu Feng to do anything; this Nangong Huayi would die naturally. He would not be able to even continue living for two more hours.
However, Chu Feng still decided to finish him personally.

“You, aren’t you the one that wanted to kill me? Why have you been reduced to such a state?” Chu Feng walked toward Nangong Huayi and spoke with a cold smile.

When Nangong Huayi saw Chu Feng, he became extremely frightened. He did not try to escape. Instead, with a trembling voice, he asked, “You… you… exactly who are you?”

“I am the person who will kill you,” Chu Feng said with a cold smile. Then, he shot forth his palm. “Bang,” Nangong Huayi was completely shattered in the explosion. He was utterly dead.



Right at this moment, a roar and waves of ear-piercing explosions sounded from the direction of the Nangong Imperial Clan. Looking toward the direction of the voice, energy ripples could be seen to be springing up everywhere. A total of twelve enormous golden-bright dazzling dragons were fighting against those dark black gaseous flames.

Evidently, the Nangong Imperial Clan had discovered the Asura Evil Spirit. Before the Asura Evil Spirit could reach the residential region of the Nangong Imperial Clan, they had already dispatched experts to set up a powerful formation to stop it.
“Aunt Lian, are you not going to help?” Chu Feng asked. No matter how powerful the Nangong Imperial Clan might be, they still only possessed a limited number of Martial Emperor-level experts. At such a time, the Nangong Imperial Clan required Martial Emperors like Aunt Lian to help them.

“This calamity was caused by them. They shall be the ones to take care of this mess. I will protect you and think of a way to take you away from here,” Aunt Lian said.

“In this sort of situation, the Nangong Imperial Clan is already in utter chaos. I believe that they will gather the younger generations and have them escape this place. Indeed, it is a good opportunity for me to leave this place,” Chu Feng said.

As Chu Feng spoke, his appearance began to change. Soon, he had turned into another person. Even his clothes had changed to those of the Nangong Imperial Clan. His cultivation also changed from rank one Half Martial Emperor to rank nine Martial King. Then, he said, “If I disguise myself like this, the escape should be easier.”

Seeing Chu Feng’s impeccable disguise, Aunt Lian nodded, satisfied. She began to admire Chu Feng more and more. Although he was very young, he was frighteningly mature. He had clearly just experienced a crisis of life and death. Yet, he was still able to analyze the situation with such calmness. This was indeed not something that ordinary people could accomplish.

Afterward, Aunt Lian began to bring Chu Feng toward the direction of an exit.

At the moment when Chu Feng was about to escape the Nangong Imperial Clan, that Asura Evil Spirit he had released was still fighting against the Nangong Imperial Clansmen.
At this moment, a total of twelve Martial Emperors and several thousand Half Martial Emperors had joined hands to set up a Golden Dragon Grand Formation. They controlled twelve golden dragons to fight against that Asura Evil Spirit.

However, even with this being the case, they were still unable to stop it. The Asura Evil Spirit continued onward toward the Nangong Imperial Clan’s buildings as it killed everything in its path.

The people from the Nangong Imperial Clan started dying one another another. Even though all those who had fallen thus far were only Half Martial Emperors, they were still the Nangong Imperial Clan’s fighting force.

At this moment, the Nangong Imperial Clan was in an utter mess. The members of the younger generation were all fleeing for their lives. They were either escaping to the underground palaces or directly fleeing the city.
Wailing and sounds of grief were being sounded from everywhere. Many people were deeply frightened by that Asura Evil Spirit. Especially the children, who were unable to contain themselves and began to wail and bawl.
The Nangong Imperial Clan, which had been extremely prideful in times of peace, had now been thrown into complete chaos. Fear, cowardice, and unease lingered around their hearts, filling the entire Nangong Imperial Clan.

For them, doomsday had arrived…

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