MGA – Chapter 163

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MGA: Chapter 163 – Returning to the Azure Dragon School

“Eggy, what happened to you? What do you mean? Where are you going?” Chu Feng was extremely uneasy and he already lost his mind. Subconsciously, he knew that something was greatly wrong.

“Bastard. You still dare call me Eggy? I told you to call me as Milady Queen.” Eggy beautifully smile and it moved one’s heartstrings. However, when Chu Feng saw that, at that moment, his heart felt sour and the emotions he was feeling were ineffable.

“Milady Queen, what happened to you? Tell me okay? Why did I do wrong? Are you going to leave me?” Chu Feng’s heart was extremely tight and his eyes were even a bit moist.

Despite not knowing Eggy for too long, Eggy had grew along with Chu Feng. Both of them shared one body, and Eggy even accompanied Chu Feng as he experienced everything in his memories. That feeling was indescribable with words.

“Don’t worry, I’m just tired. I’ll be fine after I sleep for a while. You got the Secret Skill right?” Eggy asked with concern.

“Mm.” Chu Feng firmly nodded.

“It’s great if you got it so that forcefully taking over your body was not in vain.” Eggy’s smile got more and more sweet, but her body got more and more transparent. It could be seen that she was already prepared to face that situation.

“Did my body rebound and cause damage to you? Or did you exhaust your cultivation for me? What happened?” Chu Feng finally heard the inklings and he was endlessly regretting in his heart.

“No need to blame yourself. No matter what the reason was, it was voluntary. At the same time that you cultivate diligently, you need to protect yourself. Although I cannot watch as you and Gong Luyun fight, I know that you can win.”

“Remember. I am here with you and you are not fighting alone.” After speaking those words, Eggy’s body became weaker and weaker. At the end, she even became lights with diverse colour.

Those lights had all sorts of colours and they were extremely beautiful. They encircled Chu Feng as they revolved around him, as if not willing to part with him, but they had to do the final farewell.

“Eggy, what can I do to save you? What can I do to save you?!”

Chu Feng kept on yelling but there was no response. Only when the light that surrounded him disappeared did he powerlessly sit on the ground limply as his gaze became lifeless.

His heart ached as Eggy left him like that. He was unable to feel Eggy’s aura anymore, and pain that was unspeakable started to spread out from his heart. It was as though his soul was split in half as it went away with her.

“Eggy, I will save you.” After a while, Chu Feng slowly came to his senses. The helplessness on his face faded away and replacing it was determination.

Although the current him could not feel Eggy’s aura, the Spirit Connection Contract that he made with Eggy was still there. It meant that she was not dead yet, so there was certainly a way to reawaken her.

Even though he did not know what method that was, it did not mean that other World Spiritists did not know. So, Chu Feng needed to return to the Azure Dragon School and ask for Zhuge Liuyun’s assistance. All in all, he had to save Eggy without caring about the price.

After deciding that, Chu Feng did not hesitate and he first looked around in the tomb. He wanted to find some treasures that were left behind by Murong Xiaoyao, but he discovered that other than the deciphered symbols and formation patterns left behind by the purple-clothed girl, there was truly nothing there.

As he could do nothing about it, Chu Feng could only look at the World Spirit Grey-cloak that he forcefully took from the purple-clothed girl. He found out that it was not simple at all. It was certainly a valuable thing, and perhaps in the future, he could sell it for a good price so that he could buy some Origin beads for him to cultivate.

He entered the black hole, and after the guidance of the attractive force in the darkness, Chu Feng arrived at a certain location in the White Tiger Mountain Range. He focused and looked, and he could still see the White Tiger Villa which was still in battle. However, at that moment, there were no yelling and killing sounds from before and it seemed like the battle was stabilized.

Chu Feng did not pay attention to that. He found the quick horse from before and started to return to the Azure Dragon School. The White Tiger Mountain Range was sealed and those who with weak cultivation had almost no way of leaving, but after some investigation, Chu Feng still found an exit. After some wandering around, he finally returned to the Azure Dragon School.

However, at the entrance to the Azure Dragon School, he discovered that they were a group of people surrounding there. As he looked more carefully, it turned out that several inner court disciples were beating two people up.

The people who were doing the beating were part of the well-known organization in the inner court of the Azure Dragon School and they were members of the Sword Alliance. The people who were being beaten on the other hand, were two familiar faces. They were the Chu family brothers, Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen.

“I tell all of you to get the hell out of the Azure Dragon School, but none of you listened. You don’t want to leave? That’s fine, don’t leave. I’ll beat you up until you leave.”

As the Sword Alliance members started beating, they cursed as well. Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen said nothing as they hugged their heads with both of their hands. No matter how much more they were hit or humiliated, they did not beg at all.

“Ahh, the Sword Alliance is too unreasonable. For the entire day, they bullied the Chu family members but the elders didn’t care. How will the Chu family continue to survive in the Azure Dragon School?”

“Who can this be blamed on? If it had to blamed on someone, it could only be blamed on that Chu Feng from the Chu family. Who told him to offend the #1 disciple of our Azure Dragon School, senior Gong Luyun, right?”

“That’s right. Who doesn’t know senior Gong? He’s the future head of the Azure Dragon School. If you offend senior Gong, you offend the Azure Dragon School. This Chu Feng could cover the sky with all his nerves.” The observing crowd pointed and blamed, and the Sword Alliance members got more violent as they hit.

“God damn. Kneel on the ground and beg or else I’ll destroy your cultivation.” Suddenly, a single Sword Alliance member pulled out a black iron sword from his back and pointed it at Chu Cheng.

“Ha! If you have the guts, go ahead. Wait until Chu Feng returns. He will not forgive any of you.” Chu Cheng fiercely howled. Although there was fear on his face, he was not willing to give in.

“That’s right. We’ve remembered everyone who bullied my Chu family people in these days.When Chu Feng comes back, none of you should even think of escaping.” Chu Zhen also started to shout, as if telling everyone the grievances that they received in these days.

“Chu Feng? You really have high hopes for him. He already ran away with his tail between his legs because he offended senior Gong. You’re waiting for him to save you two? Dreams of idiots.” The Sword Alliance members all sneered.

“Ha! Just you wait. Sooner or later, there will be a day of crying for all of you.” Chu Cheng opened his mouth and and spat a piece of phlegm onto the clothes of that Sword Alliance member.

“You’ve really gotten tired of living! I’ll cripple you right now. Let’s see what this Chu Feng will do about this.” The Sword Alliance member was enraged. He raised his sword and stabbed straight towards Chu Cheng’s dantian.


After that, when a painful cry rang out, all of the observers were greatly stunned.

At that very moment, Chu Cheng was not the one who cried out and on the floor. It was the Sword Alliance member. On his body, there was a big foot there and that big foot was twisting back and forth on his back. One could hear the sounds of bone snapping and it was currently making even more cracking sounds.

When people saw the owner of the big foot, everyone’s expression changed and someone even yelled out uncontrollably, “Chu Feng!”

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