MGA – Chapter 1620

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MGA: Chapter 1620 – Mysterious Expert

“Release him!”

After Evildoer Tie captured Chu Feng, Aunt Lian appeared. Merely, at this moment, Aunt Lian’s body was covered with bloodstains and her aura was incomparably weak. It could be seen that she had been seriously injured.
“Release him? Why must I release him because you demand it? Who do you think you are? You are nothing more than trash, powerless to defend yourself. Today, all of you will die here. Don’t think any of you can escape here alive,” Evildoer Tie snorted coldly.

“Animal!” As Aunt Lian spoke, she was about to attack.


However, right after Aunt Lian started to move, Evildoer Tie’s palm penetrated into Chu Feng’s neck like a sharp blade. Even though he had only sliced through half of Chu Feng’s neck, he still caused an enormous amount of blood to splatter out from Chu Feng’s neck.
Furthermore, a very ferocious Emperor-level martial power entered Chu Feng’s body. Instantly, Chu Feng’s complexion turned red. It was as if he were about to explode and die.
“Come! If you dare to approach, I’ll kill him immediately,” Evildoer Tie warned.

“Don’t!” Seeing that Evildoer Tie really had the intention to kill Chu Feng, Aunt Lian immediately stopped her movement. An expression of fright covered her face.
When even Aunt Lian did not dare to move, Tantai Xue, Nangong Ya, Nangong Moli and Nangong Baihe naturally also stood there motionlessly. They all had expressions of fright on their faces. Faced with death, they were all a bit scared.

They were not scared because they feared death. Rather, they were unwilling to accept death, unwilling to accept dying at the hands of someone like Evildoer Tie.
However, the situation before them was something that they could do nothing about. Not to mention Evildoer Tie using Chu Feng to threaten them, even if he didn’t use Chu Feng to threaten them, they would still not be able to escape death. The reason for that was because even Aunt Lian, the only person capable of fighting against Evildoer Tie, was no match for him.

“Hahaha, fight against me? You should determine whether you have the strength to do so first,” Seeing that Aunt Lian was powerless, Evildoer Tie started to laugh even more savagely.

“You dare to touch Chu Feng? Do you really think you have the strength to do so?” However, right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the horizon. When that voice sounded, heaven and earth started to shake and tremble. At this moment, everyone present was startled.
That voice was not Aunt Lian’s voice, not Hong Qiang’s voice, not Tantai Xue’s voice, not Nangong Ya’s voice, not Nangong Baihe’s voice, not Nangong Moli’s voice, and not Chu Feng’s voice.

Another person had appeared.

“So you actually have a helper. Get out here to receive death!” Evildoer Tie smiled coldly. He did not place the person that spoke those words in his eyes at all.

Right after Evildoer Tie’s words left his mouth, a boundless oppressive might suddenly came crashing down from the sky. That oppressive might was so powerful that even Aunt Lian’s eyes shone with fear.
Fortunately, that oppressive might was aimed at only one person, Evildoer Tie. Even though Chu Feng, Aunt Lian and the others were all very close to Evildoer Tie, they were not affected by that oppressive might in the slightest.


At this moment, Evildoer Tie wanted to release his own oppressive might to withstand the incoming oppressive might. However, before he could do anything, that oppressive might had smashed onto him, crushing him down from the sky and deep into the earth.

The powerful might from the crash created an enormous crater with a diameter of several tens of thousands of meters.


Seeing this scene, even Aunt Lian was stunned. That was because Evildoer Tie’s hand was still on Chu Feng’s neck. Yet, his body had been smashed into that enormous crater.

“Chu Feng, are you alright?” At this moment, Nangong Ya and the others hurriedly arrived at Chu Feng’s side and removed Evildoer Tie’s severed hand from Chu Feng’s neck.
“I am fine,” Chu Feng was really fine. Even though Evildoer Tie had poured his martial power into Chu Feng’s body, he had not tried to injure Chu Feng for real. Instead, he had merely restricted Chu Feng’s movements and used him to threaten Aunt Lian.
At this moment, Evildoer Tie’s arm was severed and his body was smashed into that crater; the martial power that was poured into Chu Feng’s body was easily removed by Chu Feng.
As for those superficial wounds, with Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques, he was able to cure them instantly.

“Where’s senior Hong Qiang? Is he alright?” Thus, at this moment, the person Chu Feng worried the most about was not himself. Rather, it was Hong Qiang.
“Cough, cough… rest assured, I am not dead yet,” Hong Qiang returned. Aunt Lian was supporting him. Even though Hong Qiang had received a serious injury, there was no danger to his life.

Furthermore, at this moment, Aunt Lian had already made Hong Qiang swallow a very precious healing medicine. Adding on that the two of them were both Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, the two of them were able to both heal their own injuries.

“Spare me! Milord, please spare me! I have eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai! I have eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai! Please give me a chance to live!”

Right at this moment, Evildoer Tie crawled out from the crater. He had crawled out from the crater one step at a time. The reason for that was because he did not dare to walk on his feet. At this moment, all of his muscles and bones had been broken apart. He was supporting himself with only his martial power.

He was no match for that mysterious expert. He was absolutely no match for that mysterious expert. At this moment, he had received a serious injury.

“Remember, there are some people who you cannot touch just because you wish to,” That voice sounded again. It still had that deemphasizing tone. However, this allowed everyone to know how extraordinary the person who spoke those words were. He was simply someone who possessed absolute might, might that was capable of causing others to cower without being used.

“I was wrong! I was deeply wrong!” Evildoer Tie began to kowtow repeatedly.

That mysterious expert only said one word. “Scram.”

Evildoer Tie did not dare to hesitate. He immediately got up and escaped without even turning his head around. Soon, he disappeared into the distant horizon.

However, from the beginning till the end, that mysterious expert had never revealed himself.

At this moment, Aunt Lian, Hong Qiang and the others all turned their gazes to Chu Feng. That was because the words spoken by that mysterious expert made it extremely clear that he had acted for the sake of protecting Chu Feng.

However, they, including even Chu Feng, did not know who it was who had helped him. At the very least, judging from the voice, Chu Feng did not know who it was that had helped him.

However, even Evildoer Tie was defeated with a single strike. This meant that the person that had helped him possessed exceptionally powerful strength. At the very least, he was not a rank one Martial Emperor. This caused Chu Feng to think of a possibility.

The person that had helped him today, could he be that mysterious expert who had also helped them at the Cursed Soil Sect without revealing himself?

At this moment, Chu Feng wanted to clasp his fist to express his thanks. Regardless of who that mysterious expert might be, he had still helped him. Thus, it was only natural for him to express his thanks.

However, before he could do so, a voice transmission entered his ears.

“Chu Feng, I will only help you this once. There will not be a next time. This is my advice to you: do not take on unnecessary risks again.”

After hearing this voice, Chu Feng came to a realization. That was because this voice transmission was very different from the voice he had heard before. Chu Feng recognized this voice. It was the Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s voice.

It turned out that the person who had helped him was the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.
This came as an enormous shock to Chu Feng. He had truly never expected that it would be the Weaponry Refinement Immortal who had helped him.

In that case, this shouldn’t be a coincidence. Instead… ever since Chu Feng left the Immortal Island, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal had been following him for the sake of protecting him.

“Thank you, senior, for saving my life,” Even though Chu Feng already knew who it was, Chu Feng still clasped his fist to express his thanks. However, Chu Feng did not receive any response from the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. Likely, he had already left.

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