MGA – Chapter 161

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MGA: Chapter 161 – Asura

Chu Feng was suppressed. He was completely and thoroughly suppressed by the purple-clothed girl. Although he was extremely bitter, he could not do anything about it.

“Chu Feng, give your body to me and let me defeat this conceited girl.” But just at that time, Eggy’s voice rang out again. Her tone seemed to be filled with some sort of determination.

“What?” Before Chu Feng was even able to react to that, he felt an extremely strong power surging from his Spirit world. It was attacking his awareness and it wanted to take over his body.

That power was extremely strong. It could even be said to be terrifying. It was as though it came from the darkness of the abyss and it gave people an icy cold feeling. However, Chu Feng did not panic because he felt a familiar aura from that power. It was Eggy.

After being together for such a long time, Chu Feng completely trusted Eggy. Although she was strange and odd, she would not harm him. So, Chu Feng did not resist against the attack on his awareness and gave the control to his body to Eggy.

*hmm* At that moment, Chu Feng only felt strong power that he had never felt before and it was surging in his body. Black-coloured gas was emitted from Chu Feng’s body and coiling upwards around Chu Feng.

In a split instant, the black-coloured gas covered the entire tomb. The ground started to violently shake and the spiritual energy, Origin power, and Profound power hidden in the air all cried out, as if they were afraid.

The black-coloured gas rolled around in the air like a black cloud covering the sun. However, how could black clouds give out such feelings of oppression? It was simply like the release of an evil demon that had been sealed for a long time. It was as if it arrived at a place that it did not belong to. That feeling should not exist in this world.

“Is this the power of that person? Why is so sharply different from before?”

The eyes of the purple-clothed girl flickered and she seemed to be scared. She surprisingly discovered that the nature of Chu Feng’s aura changed. If Chu Feng had a dazzling glow before, at that moment, he was darkness that covered the eyes. The most important thing was when Chu Feng exploded the black-coloured gas, her aura was completely pushed down.

“Why is there such a dark power within this boy’s body?” At that instant, even the expression of the White Tiger changed greatly. The gaze that it looked Chu Feng with did not dare to have a single trace of disdain anymore.

“Do you think you are invincible in this world just by having a Divine Body? Today, I will let you experience the power that does not belong to your world. Today, I will let you know what Asura is.”

The current Chu Feng was already being controlled by Eggy, so the one speaking was not Chu Feng, but Eggy. However, the purple-clothed girl and the White Tiger did not know that. After all, since the body that Eggy borrowed was Chu Feng’s, the voice was also Chu Feng’s.

“Asura? I never heard of that. I only know that Divine Bodies are the strongest type of bodies in this land. Divine Bodies should be invincible.”

The purple-clothed girl was clearly unwilling to accept that. She was even angered by Eggy’s words. The purple-coloured bell that enveloped her kept on emitting the strong rings. Wave after wave of ring swept towards Chu Feng. They were several times stronger than before and it could be seen that she was truly angry.

On the other hand, Eggy only stood where she was and did not care about that at all. The black-coloured gas twisted around her body and nothing could break through it. Even the strange but strong ring was blocked and it had no way of even harming a single strand of Chu Feng’s hair.

“Hmph.” Suddenly, Eggy coldly snorted and the black-coloured gas that was over her heard started to wiggle. After that, countless black-coloured sharp claws descended from above.

That was right. They were claws and not hands because they were sharp and frightening. With a glance, it would even make one’s hair and bones terrified. Even if it was a hand, it would certainly not be a person’s hand but a demon’s.

Behind the sharp, black-coloured claws were long arms. They came down from the heavens, and they were like countless demons who clawed towards the purple-clothed girl with their terrifying sharp claws from another world.

“Hollow display of strength. Don’t think that this can scare me.”

The eyes of the purple-clothed girl glittered and she shot several palms upwards. When a palm shot out, it would rip through the air. When a palm shot out, the world would tremble a bit. That was no longer a simply rank 5 martial skill, but a rank 6 martial skill.

“Rank 6 martial skill? This girl can use a rank 6 martial skill and she even cultivated it to this degree!”

Chu Feng was quite shocked and even though his body was controlled by Eggy, he could still feel everything that happened in front of his eyes as though he was in control of his body. He could feel the mysteriousness and the tyrannic force of the martial skill the purple-clothed girl was displaying.

It did indeed surpass his Bow of Hundred Transformations and it was, without a doubt, a rank 6 martial skill. The most important thing was that the rank 6 martial skill was being perfectly executed by the girl and she clearly fully understood the meaning within the martial skill.

At that instant, Chu Feng deeply recognized the strength of the purple-clothed girl. He really could not be matched to her. The strength of him and the girl’s could be said to be the difference between the heaven and the earth. It was no longer on the same level.

However, no matter how much stronger the purple-clothed girl’s martial skill was, it had no way of shaking the black-coloured sharp claws in the air. The claws were like things that did not belong to this world. Nothing could break it, but it could break everything.

*boom* Just at that time, a black-coloured claw descended down and landed where the purple-clothed girl was located at. Instantly, rubble flew everywhere and a deep palm mark appeared. The purple-clothed girl was unable to dodge it and she was forcibly slammed down.

*boom boom boom boom boom* Subsequently, even more black-coloured claws slammed down and they endlessly landed on the body of the purple-clothed girl.

At that instant, the vast tomb rocked as if it would collapse in any moment. Even the formation symbols on the ground became dim without light. A deep hole was continuously spreading and it was being destroyed by Eggy’s power.

“Enough! Stop!” Just at that time, the White Tiger abruptly and explosively yelled. It had no choice but to speak since the scene in front of it already exceeded his control. If that continued, the tomb would be completely destroyed and the formation that suppressed the entrance to the Emperor Tomb would not exist.

Only after it spoke did Eggy stop. The black clouds over her head started to dissipate and the black-coloured gas that was around Chu Feng’s body also started to fade away. Chu Feng regained control of his own body.

Eggy’s power was taken away and Chu Feng’s aura went from the 2nd level of the Profound realm to the 1st level of the Origin realm. However, when he scanned his surroundings, he shockingly discovered that the indestructible tomb was completely different from before.

All of the fine layouts were no more and the only thing that was complete was the huge formation pattern that was still moving. However, the light of the formation was not as bright as before.

“Cough cough cough…” A set of violent coughs came from the deep hole and the purple-clothed girl slowly climbed out. The purple-coloured bell still enveloped her but it was also a lot dimmer.

Also, fresh-red blood was slowly flowing out from the corner of her mouth. Obviously, she was wounded quite heavily. Of course, if she did not have the protection of the purple-coloured bell, she would have already been patted into a meat paste by Eggy.

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