MGA – Chapter 1573

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MGA: Chapter 1573 – Must Be Kept Confidential


Right at this moment, the spirit formation disappeared. It would seem that the sea monster was the core of this spirit formation.

Even though the spirit formation and the sea monster had both disappeared, there were still a lot of unknown dangers ahead. They had not yet reached the exit.

Chu Feng predicted that there would be even more frightening things ahead. Thus, he firmly decided to bring Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli back. They returned to the forked path and walked into that safe-looking passage.

Not only did this passage appear to be safe, it was actually safe. Not only had this verified Chu Feng’s speculation to be accurate, it had also revealed how slow-witted and incompetent Nangong Baihe was.

“Chu Feng, you are truly powerful. Among all the people of our generation, you are the most powerful person I’ve ever seen,” Nangong Baihe commended Chu Feng from the bottom of her heart.

“I merely saved your life, there is no need for all this flattering and fawning. This does not appear to be something that you, a young miss of the Nangong Imperial Clan, should do,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“What I have said is true,” Nangong Baihe seemed to fear that Chu Feng would not trust her words and thus added, “Indeed, there are a lot of people from our generation with higher levels of cultivation in our Nangong Imperial Clan. Even my big brother Nangong Ya who has journeyed here together with us, possesses a stronger cultivation than you.”

“However, I dare to guarantee that all of the geniuses in our Nangong Imperial Clan, if they all had the cultivation of a rank one Half Martial Emperor, none of them would have been able to defeat that sea monster you defeated back there.”

“That sea monster was formed by a spirit formation. It was greatly inferior to real rank six Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, it only knew how to charge toward you straight-on and did not even know how to dodge. Killing it was nothing special,” Chu Feng wished to cover up his strength, especially the power of his lightning. That was because it was indeed extremely unconventional, extremely unreasonable for a rank one Half Martial Emperor to be able to kill a rank six Half Martial Emperor.

“In the end, you’re extremely powerful. However, if you do not wish for others to know that you’re powerful, I will definitely not mention this to others,” Nangong Baihe was very smart. She knew that luck had played a role in Chu Feng being able to kill that sea monster. As for this so-called luck, it was actually the fact that that sea monster was formed by a spirit formation, and thus lacked intelligence.

However, if Chu Feng did not have the strength to kill rank six Half Martial Emperors, it would simply have been impossible for him to be able to kill that sea monster. In fact, his killing of that sea monster could be said to have been done thoroughly.

Thus, she firmly believed that Chu Feng had grasped a very remarkable ability. At the very least, that ability was something that none of the people in her Nangong Imperial Clan possessed. With the way Chu Feng was acting, how he was belittling his accomplishment, she immediately realized that Chu Feng did not wish for others to know of his true strength.

Suddenly, Nangong Baihe asked, “Oh, that’s right. The lightning you used to kill that sea monster seemed to not be an ordinary martial skill. Might you be able to tell me the name of that move?” She was truly curious.
“That’s right, Moli also wishes to know.” Nangong Moli started to blink her large eyes. She stared at Chu Feng with a curious expression.

“One Shot Lightning,” Chu Feng thought of it for a moment and then decided to tell this pair of sisters.

“One Shot Lightning, great name. Sure enough, it kills with one shot. Neat and nimble, even rank six Half Martial Emperors would not be able to escape death,” Nangong Baihe muttered. She would never forget that name. She then said, “Chu Feng, unless you have no other choice, it’s best that you do not use One Shot Lightning before the people of the Four Great Imperial Clans.”

“Why is that?” Chu Feng knew that his One Shot Lightning was very powerful, and that it might lead to people wanting to kill him. However, he knew that there must be a reason why Nangong Baihe said those words.

“At the time when you used One Shot Lightning, my Inherited Bloodline started to change. That sort of change was something that I have never felt before for the first time in my entire life. If I had to describe it, then I believe that my Inherited Bloodline was scared,” Nangong Baihe said.
“Right, right, right. That really seemed to be the case. Even Moli felt that. Moli was baffled by why her Inherited Bloodline would suddenly change like that. However, after hearing what big sister said, it seemed like my Inherited Bloodline was really scared,” Nangong Moli nodded her head repeatedly.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng was startled. His heart started to flutter. He never would have thought that his One Shot Lightning would cause a special reaction in those who possessed Imperial Bloodlines. Furthermore, it was the reaction of fear.

However, upon thinking about it, it was reasonable. Since an Imperial Bloodline was capable of causing pressure against those who possess Royal Bloodlines, then with how powerful his own Inherited Bloodline was, being able to cause pressure to those that possessed Imperial Bloodlines was also normal.

“In the entire Holy Land of Martialism, there has never been anything that could bring fear to Imperial Bloodlines. If the Four Great Imperial Clans were to find out about this, they would definitely consider you a threat. Not to mention the other three Imperial Clans, I fear that even our Nangong Imperial Clan would not let you get away,” Nangong Baihe said.
“Thank you for your warning.” Chu Feng was very grateful. That was because Nangong Baihe’s warning was very valuable and could help him avoid needless troubles in the future.

“There’s no need to be so courteous towards us sisters. After all, we’re friends,” Nangong Baihe said with a beaming smile.
“That’s right. Big brother Chu Feng, rest assured, Moli will keep this a secret. I guarantee that I will not mention big brother Chu Feng’s One Shot Lightning to anyone,” Even though Nangong Moli was very young, she was very intelligent. She was a daring child of doing great mischief and was very clever. Thus, she knew that this matter must be kept confidential.

After this, Chu Feng knew that he must pay attention in the future. Regrettably, even though his One Shot Lightning was very powerful, he had to conceal it like his secret skills. Unless he had no other choice, Chu Feng would not dare to use them.

After what had happened, the relationship between the three of them had also grown closer. Even though they had only known each other for a short period of several days, they had already become close friends who could tell each other everything.

Chu Feng came to know that Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli were actual blood sisters. Other than the two of them being actual blood sisters, although the other people from the Nangong Imperial Clan all possessed the same bloodline, they could not be considered to be absolutely intimate with one another. Thus, the two of them had a real deep relationship with one another.

As for their father, he was someone who possessed status in the Nangong Imperial Clan. However, his status was still inferior to that of their Nangong Imperial Clan’s clan chief’s. This was why, although Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli were people from the Nangong Imperial Clan, they did not possess absolute status. Even in the Nangong Imperial Clan, they would be pushed around by others.
Back then, their mother, for the sake of allowing their father’s status in the Nangong Imperial Clan to rise, had used a forbidden technique on Nangong Moli, who had still been inside her stomach. Fortunately, her forbidden technique succeeded and Nangong Moli ended up having exceptional talent and a very strong Imperial Bloodline. However, it was also because of that forbidden technique that their mother died.

The time of Nangong Moli’s birth was the time of their mother’s death. At that time, Nangong Baihe could be said to only be a little girl. However, she would not forget the words that her mother said to her.
Nangong Moli was their hope. As her older sister, she had to protect her younger sister.
Fortunately, right now, Nangong Moli was greatly valued by their Nangong Imperial Clan. They would emphasize her cultivation. Else, it would be impossible for there to have been a Martial Emperor-level expert protecting her when she was away from the Nangong Imperial Clan.

Unfortunately, many other factions in the Nangong Imperial Clan felt that Nangong Moli was a threat. Thus, many people wanted to secretly kill her. This was the cruel reality, the most realistic sort of thing.

To a lot of people, one’s personal interest was much more important than family love.

After journeying for some time, Chu Feng and the others finally passed through the storm covered passage. What appeared before them was an enormous island. This island was much larger than the island they had been to before.

There were a lot of people gathered on this island. However, Chu Feng’s eyes were attracted by a silhouette immediately.

There was a person standing on the island. At this time, that person was surveying their surroundings as if they were trying to find something. She was wearing a white skirt, and appeared to be extremely beautiful as she looked down from a high point. As for this person… she was Tantai Xue.

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