MGA – Chapter 157

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MGA: Chapter 157 – Strong Girl

“You’re a female?” Chu Feng widened his mouth and he was endlessly shocked. However, his right hand got tighter and tighter. He even squeezed it two times as if trying to confirm if that person was a girl or not.

At the end, Chu Feng’s conclusion was: Yes. Without a doubt, yes. That feeling. That elasticity. Other than a tiny bit, it was no worse than Su Rou!

“I will kill you.” Being grabbed by Chu Feng like that, the grey-cloaked person was incomparably angry.

Although he could not see her face, he could still feel her fury. She revolved her Profound power and her boundless aura surged within body. She was planning to use a strong martial skill to kill Chu Feng with one strike.


How could Chu Feng give that chance to her? Chu Feng’s right palm slightly loosened, then suddenly tightened and he pulled up. The World Spirit Grey-cloak entered his hands and he threw it into his arms.


When the World Spirit Grey-cloak was pulled off, the girl cried out because without the protection of the World Spirit Grey-cloak, she was bearing the power of the trap in its strongest degree.

“Damn. You’re even such a beautiful girl.” At the same time, Chu Feng’s gaze went lifeless and he was enchanted by the scene in front of him.

Underneath the World Spirit Grey-cloak was not some despicable little old person. It was a girl who was so beautiful that she could not be anymore beautiful. With a sharp jaw and white face, she truly had an oval face.

Not only was her little face delicate, her facial features were pretty as well. Her shiny, big eyes could charm a person to death. She wasn’t seductive like Su Rou, nor pure like Su Mei. She was both clear and alluring, as if there was a captivating flower in the middle of a limpid pond.

When the young female was paired with a purple-coloured skirt while revealing her white-snow, beautiful legs under the skirt, she was just like a small enticing woman. She was even the type that did not return your life if you died from her bewitchment.

Her complexion completely surpassed Su Rou and Su Mei. From all the beauties that Chu Feng had seen before, the only person that could be comparable to that girl was Eggy who lived in Chu Feng’s Spiritual World.

However, that girl was completely different. Although they were both quite enticing females, if Eggy was a odd, naughty type, that girl was the cold but beautiful type who was detached from everyone else.

“You lewd demon. What are you looking at? Have you not seen beauties before? Now, quickly kill her.”

“When that Secret Skill appears, who knows if it will choose you or her!” As Chu Feng stared blankly, Eggy howled in disappointment.

“What? Kill her?”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart tightened. If he was told to kill an extremely heinous person, Chu Feng would not be merciful in any way. However, if he was told to kill a person that had no enmity with him, and who was even such a beautiful young female, he really could not do it.

“What a contemptible little person. You dare to scheme against me? Today, I will break your corpse into ten thousand pieces.”

Just at that time, the girl explosively yelled. Her jet-black hair turned into purple and her enchanting eyes became purple as well.

Strands of purple-coloured gas continuously appeared from her body. They seemed like light, like water, yet like fire. They were extremely strange, and they encircled and swirled around the girl, while intertwining together.

At the same time, with the girl as the center, layers of invisible ripples kept on spreading out. One ripple followed the other, and every ripple was stronger than the former. As it suddenly exploded out like that, even Chu Feng had no way of holding it back and he was forcefully thrown off.


He was caught off guard and Chu Feng fell off the tall stage. With a beautiful backflip, he stably landed on the ground. However, when he cast his gaze towards the stage again, he was unable to remain calm.

The trap that he painstakingly laid for several hours was collapsing from the young female’s purple-coloured gas. Countless symbols started to crumble before becoming ashes and disappearing from the world.

“This girl is quite strong. She is clearly only at the 1st level of the Profound realm. How was she able to force me out from the trap?”

Chu Feng felt that it was unbelievable because the aura the girl was emanating was very strange. He never seen it before, but he subconsciously knew that it was not a simple martial skill.

“How is this possible, she has that type of body.” Eggy couldn’t help but cry out in surprise, and her tone was filled with inconceivability.

“That type of body is what type of body? Eggy, what body does she have?” Chu Feng was also aware that something was wrong because the girl in front of him was hugely pressuring him.

To know, after Eggy lent her power to him, Chu Feng reached the 1st level of the Profound realm. With his abilities, he could easily kill those at the 4th level of the Profound realm. If he used his special power, the golden lightning in his blood, and raised his cultivation to the 2nd level of the Profound realm, experts at the 5th level of the Profound realm would not be difficult for him. Only those at the 6th level of the Profound realm could contend against him.

However, what was going on with the girl in front of him? She had the same cultivation as Chu Feng, but she gave Chu Feng such a strong oppressing feeling. Did that girl also have special abilities that allowed her to have power that was comparable to those at the 6th level of the Profound realm?

“Idiot. Don’t you see it? This girl did not use any special martial skills. She used her unique, special ability. That purple gas does not contain any Profound power and it is something that came from her own body. This girl doesn’t have any random body, but a Divine Body!”

“What? Divine Body?!!” After hearing those words, Chu Feng was even more shocked and his face instantly turned deathly-white.

Divine Bodies were special bodies bestowed by heaven. They were real geniuses that had special abilities, and when they were born, they were already fated to become quite an existence.

The legendary person ten thousand years ago, the creator of the Emperor Tomb, Qingxuantian, had a Divine Body. The reason why Chu Feng had such strong battle prowess was possibly because he had a Divine Body.

However, suspicion were only suspicions and he did not have any solid proof. But in front of his eyes, in front of his face, his opponent, a young woman who was yelling that she would break him into 10 thousand pieces had a genuine Divine Body.

For the first time, when fighting a person of the same generation, it made Chu Feng feel that he was in danger as if a powerful enemy arrived. HE had to put his entire heart into it. He needed to carefully deal with it, and seriously treat it.


A huge boom resonated out and countless symbols disappeared like smoke. The purple-coloured gas filled the entire stage. The girl completely destroyed Chu Feng’s trap and she was walking down the stage, one step at a time.

Her purple-coloured hair madly danced in the air and her purple-coloured eyes revealed bloodlust. Her purple-coloured skirt moved without wind and her purple-coloured gas followed where she went.

“Such strong might. This is a real Divine Body!”

Chu Feng’s complexion was pale-white. Although he did not retreat, he did not dare to easily go forward, not to mention initiating an attack. Droplets of sweat that were as big as beans rolled down his forehead. He really felt the danger and it was the first time that he was forced to a step like that.


*rumble rumble*

Just at that time, deafening bellows reverberated everywhere and it was more than several times stronger than before. The ground trembled and there were even cracks that appeared. Sounds of rocks falling could be heard, and the most important part was that the powerful yet ancient oppression feeling pounced towards them.

The legendary Secret Skill appeared.

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