MGA – Chapter 1562

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MGA: Chapter 1562 – Frightening Hurricane

“Chu Feng, Miss Tantai, follow me closely.”

Right at this moment, Hong Qiang’s expression suddenly became serious. He extended his hand and grabbed Chu Feng and Tantai Xue’s arms, bringing them to his side.
“All of you, follow closely. Whether or not I’ll be able to bring you all in will be dependent on this,” At the same time, that Nangong Imperial Clan’s Martial Emperor also spoke out.

At this moment, Chu Feng discovered that the little girl had jumped into the bosom of that Martial Emperor. Even that woman who had declared him to be a bad example had an expression of unease in her eyes.

Furthermore, that Martial Emperor had used her power to create an enormous defensive barrier that surrounded everyone from the Nangong Imperial Clan.

Chu Feng had also managed to sense that a frightening danger was approaching them. As he looked toward the direction of that approaching danger, even though he was already prepared, he was still unable to help his heart from beating rapidly in the face of danger.

Unable to contain himself, he blurted out, “Damn, isn’t this a bit too excessive?”

The incoming hurricane was no ordinary hurricane at all. Instead, it was filled with black sickles that seemed to be able to slice through everything. Countless rays of such sickles were interweaved into one location to create the omnipresent wall of wind that came toward them from the storm in the manner of a hurricane.
Chu Feng was able to clearly see with his eyes that the people ahead would all utter sounds of screaming upon entering the hurricane. There were as many screams as the amount of people who entered that place.

“It seems that the exciting part is coming,” Chu Feng gasped. At this moment, the hurricane came before them. The frightening attractive power from the hurricane was sucking them into it. Even if they wished to run away now, they would not be able to escape.


Finally, carrying with it were waves of rumbles, that frightening wind wall swept past Chu Feng and the others, sucking them all into it.

Right after entering into it, Chu Feng immediately sensed an indescribable attractive power. That sort of sensation was like he was being grabbed by a large invisible hand that wanted to pull him away from Hong Qiang.

“Damn it, what sort of power is this? I’m actually unable to resist it.”

Before this attractive power, Hong Qiang’s hands that were tightly grabbing onto Chu Feng and Tantai Xue were helplessly released. It was not that he wanted to release his hands. Rather, there was an invisible power that forcibly pulled his hands open. That power was so strong that he was simply unable to resist it at all.

In the end, Hong Qiang could only watch helplessly as Chu Feng and Tantai Xue were carried away by the hurricane.

“Everyone, remain calm. This hurricane will only separate us and not harm us.”

“Protect Miss Moli. Protect Miss Moli.”

“Damn it, I can’t grab onto her.”

At the moment when Chu Feng was being carried away by the hurricane, he heard shouts from the people of the Nangong Imperial Clan.

Upon closer inspection, Chu Feng discovered that, like them, the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan were also all being scattered everywhere and carried away by the hurricane. They were like countless kites with their strings cut as they rolled about in the hurricane, drifting blindly and helplessly.

It turned out that it was not only Hong Qiang who was unable to protect him and Tantai Xue in the hurricane, even that grand Martial Emperor was unable to protect the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan. From this… it could be seen how frightening that hurricane was.

“It would seem that this hurricane has only separated us, and is not actually planning to harm us.”

Chu Feng had already discovered how frightening this hurricane was. However, he was not overly worried. That was because, if this hurricane wished to harm them, then, with its power, they would all have been killed by now. Even that Nangong Imperial Clan’s Martial Emperor would be no exception.

However, they were all fine. This meant that the hurricane did not plan to hurt them at all. Perhaps, it was as the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan said, this hurricane merely planned to separate them.

After Chu Feng became aware of this, he no longer tried to struggle and instead allowed himself to be carried away by the hurricane. The only thing that he was curious about was where this hurricane was planning to take him.

Gradually, the screams from the crowd grew softer and softer. Then, they disappeared. They had disappeared for a long while. Other than the sound of the wind, Chu Feng was unable to hear any other sound. Chu Feng knew that he was growing further and further away from the rest of the people. They must have been separated by miles.

Finally, the ear-splitting rumbles began to gradually grow softer and softer. At the same time, the attractive power also gradually became weaker.

Everything had ended. Chu Feng had broken free from that storm and reached the surface of the sea.

As he saw the storm that was growing further and further away, as he saw that there was nothing in his surroundings other than sea waves, Chu Feng heaved a long sigh of relief.

“It would seem that reaching the Immortal Island is no easy task.”
“I wonder, are Ling’er and Lil Rou here? Did they manage to successfully reach the Immortal Island? They wouldn’t have encountered dangers, right?”

Chu Feng knew that he was still on the sea, and must not have managed to travel far. However, he began to grow worried about Zi Ling and Su Rou. Even though he knew that the two of them now possessed powerful cultivations, he had discovered that everything here had surpassed his expectations.

He knew that the storm was the first trial. Following that storm, there would likely be more trials awaiting them. Even Chu Feng was uncertain as to whether he would be able to pass the upcoming trials.

In short, Chu Feng was able to become certain of one thing. The ninety thousand miles of water would not be as easy to travel as they might appear to be.
That was because Chu Feng discovered that the pressure on the surface of the sea was even greater. It was many times greater here than the pressure near the shore. Under this sort of pressure, even if there were nothing blocking him, it would still take him at least two days and two nights in order to reach the Immortal Island.

Most importantly, Chu Feng’s spirit power had also received an enormous restriction in this place. Even when using his Heaven’s Eyes, he was unable to see very far.

On this sea, all of his abilities had been restricted. However, this was still not the most frightening aspect. The most frightening aspect was that there were many powerful existences that could cause even Martial Emperors to feel powerless on this sea.

Dangers, they were absolutely everywhere. On this sea, if one did not possess sufficient courage, one would definitely feel extremely frightened.

“Gurgle, gurgle~~~”

Right at this moment, a series of strange gurgling noises sounded from below Chu Feng. It was the sound of water surging. Even though that sound was very soft and had been covered by the overflowing waves on the surface of the water, Chu Feng, being alert, had managed to detect it.

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s footsteps moved. He used his Mortal Taboo: Illusion Light Technique. He instantly turned into a ray of light and traveled backwards several meters.


Right at this moment, a sudden wave surged forth toward where Chu Feng had previously stood. At the same time, an enormous sea monster appeared before Chu Feng.

It was a giant black crab. However, it was different from ordinary crabs. It was enormous. Its height was over a dozen meters tall, and it possessed four strong pincers. Furthermore, it possessed the cultivation of a rank one Half Martial Emperor.

Fortunately, although its cultivation was strong, its battle power was only ordinary. It did not possess any heaven-defying battle power. Thus, to Chu Feng, it was no issue at all.

“Sure enough, this sea is not without dangers. That’s fine too, what should come will eventually come.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he took out his Incomplete Imperial Armament, the Infinity Edge. Being on a sea like this, Chu Feng did not dare to hold back his strength. He must be extremely cautious and go all out.

Only by doing that would he be able to keep himself safe. Only by doing that would he be able to travel far by himself.


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  1. Milking Bee is just milking MGA and refuses to finish it by writing chapters after chapters of crap to keep the word counts up and filler chapters that do not develop the stories. Characters are shallow and stupid that do not have strong martial hearts and can be easily influenced by whoever say anything. I eat Tomatoe is much much better writer, he doesn’t milk his stories.

    MGA is at 2900+ and 3/4 of it are fillers and annoying young master getting jealous of MC and wanting to embarrass MC. When he get embarrassed by MC instead, he want to kill MC. MC kills him and then the father plot revenge at all cost. MC then kills him. Arc finished, then another young master want to embarrass and kill MC. Raise and repeat and raise and repeat over and over again. Oh and along the way, he gets all the heritages from great cultivators burials.

    Idiot spectators who would believe whatever the speakers/villains say about Chu Feng. Whole chapter goes like these.
    Villain 1: Chu Feng you are a coward. You don’t even dare to fight me.
    Even though the villain is like 2 levels above Chu Feng or twice his age. These factor doesn’t get put into consideration by the stupid spectators.
    Extra 1: Wow, Chu Feng is such a coward.
    Extra 2: So the rumors of Chu Feng being fearless is false.
    Extra 1: It seem so.
    Extra 3: I just knew Chu Feng is not that great.
    Extra 4: Sigh, and I thought Chu Feng was a hero.
    Jealous man: Sneer, Chu is really a coward, I bet even I can beat him.
    Admirer 1: Chu Feng really disappointed me.
    Admirer 2: I just say, how can anyone be fearless.
    Chu Feng: Oh, you want to fight me?
    Extra 1: What!?! Chu Feng really dare to fight XXX?
    Extra 2: Chu Feng is really fearless.
    Extra 1: I guess the rumor is true.
    Extra 3: Chu Feng is really great.
    Jealous man: shocked
    Admirer 1: Yes, Chu Feng is a fearless hero.
    Admirer 2: Looks at Chu Feng with stars in her eyes.
    Villain: You dare? You are only at level xx and I am at level xx + 2. I will crush you in one blow.
    Extra 1: Yes that is true. Chu Feng is not strong.
    Extra 2: Chu Feng is so weak.
    Extra 3: It’s such a waste of a talented genus.
    Jealous man: Sneer, brother XXX, let me beat him up.
    Admirer: Chu Feng is going to lose.
    Admirer 2: Chu Feng is too weak. I thought he was strong, but he’s just a weakling.
    Chu Feng: Power up.
    Extra 1: Chu Feng is so strong.
    Extra 2: Oh, I knew Chu Feng is awesome.
    And it goes on and on for like 2-3 chapters before there are any action for 1 chapter before it goes back to the same plot over and over again. It is at chapters 2934 and same thing going back and back from Arc to Arc.

    1. Thanks for translating. You are doing a great job. Just the author lacks literature ethics and letting money cloud his writing. If he want to make money just finish this book and write another book. Don’t milk one book for his whole career and load it with crappy filler dialogues. He lost my respect.

      Oh, I usually wait a week or two between reading so there are enough chapters that I can just skip stupid monologue chapters and go straight to action. So usually, I only get about one or two chapters of substance every week out of maybe 7-10 chapters.

    2. My recommendation for the translator is maybe as you get closer to when milking bee start repeating things, you skip translating those parts so you don’t lose your readers. This way you can speed up the reading pleasure and it will probably make you mad translating those repetitively stupid monologues. You are only halfway to where the current chapters are in the Chinese website. At this rate of 1 chapter per day, it will take you 4+ years to get to where he is currently at chapter 2934. And it seem like he’s maybe and I said a big MAYBE halfway mark or maybe 1/3. If you translated chapter by chapter it will take you over maybe 10 years.

    3. I definitely agree with you. This novel has lost its flavour. Since the beginning, the author has been displaying three things…over and over again in different shape, size and form:-
      1- Do not underestimate your enemy.
      2- Get the attention of all the beautiful girls.
      3- Cultivation resources is the only gate to level up.

      The plot is becoming from bad to worse. The author’s skill in repeating things has reached glorious heights.

      1. I don’t mind the first two, it is tradition wuxia plot, but sucking up resources to cultivate/power up does not show how enlighten one is, just how lucky he is. It also how how little authors tried to develop their stories, the reason I love Desolate Era, Coiling Dragons, Etc are because these MC actually have to comprehend laws to level up.

        1. Bee is the kind of writer that, like this story’s villains, had thick skin and dog/pig eyes. He only thinks of prolonging his story and asking vote tickets to readers who had read MGA as the first novel they have in any genre.

          For experienced readers, even before switching to these online novels, it can also be said that although our horizons have been broadened with exposure to WW, it’s still understandable we have certain “ethics” and “pleasurable styles” that we are searching for on an author of a story.

          That said, it is true that Bee is the kind of author that doesn’t plan and even if he does, he’s inconsistent on his story details and feels like a GOD that he can freely change any rules and conditions of the limits that he imposed on his MC.

          It is this kind of writing that is really infuriating and kind of disappointing… considering that at first, the story had substance, but then right after his MC went to this Holy Land of Martialism sh*t… his story and his writing began to degrade.

          All plot armors were redundantly full of sh*ts.

          Useless filler dialogues takes an entire 2-3 chapters where the key point of the dialogues can even be described in three paragraphs.

          YWL even translated the footnotes originally left by the author.

          This only means that the author is as shameless and disappointing of a writer as his story’s own villains… shamelessly milking voting tickets and in turn money to his ignorant readers.

          For those who do enjoy this sh*t, I can only say they have either low-grade standards or they have heaven-defying tolerance to pieces of crappy writing like this one.

          I would bet with 100% certainty that they can see how degraded this story had become but still chose to enjoy it. If so, then the former kind is what they are.

          I only read this story for the sake of progression and I do scan and skip chapters as soon as I saw what the title is.

          Bee’s style is 90% predictable so as soon as you saw the title, you already know with 60-70% certainty what the chapter has. And for the sake of knowing how this story ends, that’s the only reason why I am reading this.

          I am not enjoying the read at all.

          YWL is wasted on this story. I say he should just find another story to translate since his work is really good, it’s just that the story he chose to translate is really a garbage of a story and the writer is an insult to the profession and the other good story tellers out there.

          1. Totally agreed with you and like you, I am only browsing through because I want to know how it ends but am tired of all the bs fillers.

          2. I like the Z-Novel-ness, I want to see exactly how bad it can get.

            I think reviving Zhao 10 chapters ago was one of the peak contenders for lowest quality.

          3. I don’t look at the chapter titles itself, otherwise I would probably lose a lot of interest since I know what is coming…I do that with all novels, not just MGA. It’s not that hard to just not look at it.

            I still enjoy it for what it is (repetitive novel with occasional plot hole), as repetitive stuff doesn’t really bother me (since the details are different usually). When a plot hole/thing does happen, I usually frown and try to ignore it (not that I like them either). I mainly read it for the moments of OPness the MC has.

    4. While it is not the best of novels, I’m ok with it. I mainly read to see the badass things the MC does. Repetition doesn’t really bother me much either (as long as it’s not literal repetition).

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