MGA – Chapter 147

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MGA: Chapter 147 – Displaying His Abilities

In front of Murong Xinyu, Chu Feng was standing there. Under Chu Feng’s feet, two black-clothed people who were at the 2nd level of the Origin realm laid within a pool of blood.

Chu Feng attacked. He did not have any goals nor did he think about it too much. He just did that because he didn’t want a girl, who did not even have the strength to tie up a chicken, to be killed by Origin realm experts in front of his face.

While looking at that scene, Murong Xinyu had astonishment all over her face because she didn’t see what just happened. But, she knew that the two people who wanted to kill her were abruptly dead.

If it was a normal situation, that scene would not be difficult to comprehend. Clearly, the person in front of her killed the two black-clothed people. However, when the person who was standing in front of her was a servant and a young man like Chu Feng, obviously, Murong Xinyu had no way of accepting that fact.

“Little child, you are looking to die.”

Just at that time, two more black-clothed people rushed over. They were at the 3rd level of the Origin realm and when they saw their comrades being killed, they were incomparably furious. They revolved their Origin power and sent out two strong martial skills.

*huu huu huu*

The two martial skills were not to be underestimated. Their strong might shook the ground into trembling. Wisps of flames were tracing in the air as they emitted ear-piercing roaring sounds.


Facing such a frightening attack, Murong Xinyu screeched in fear because to her, who did not even have spiritual energy, that strong Origin power was too terrifying.


But as Murong Xinyu felt that she was definitely going to die, Chu Feng coldly snorted and without even moving, the two strong attacks exploded 3 meters away from Chu Feng.


That might was extremely terrifying. Energy ripples became hurricanes of formed Origin power as they engulfed outwards. They snapped all the surround big trees into ashes. One escaping servant was even shattered forcibly by the energy.

However, such a strong explosion was stopped 3 meters away from Chu Feng. It was as though there was an invisible wall and it did not even harm half of Chu Feng’s hair.

“How did that happen?”

Murong Xinyu who personally saw everything had her eyes wide open from shock. Her small mouth slightly opened and astonishment was all over her face. She did not know what happened, and obviously, she did not know that it was the Spirit Formation from the legends.

In reality, even the two black-clothed people who attacked couldn’t help but hesitate for a bit. Originally, they thought that they could kill Chu Feng with the attack, but they never would have thought that he would not be injured in any way.


As they were at a loss, suddenly, lighting appeared on Chu Feng’s body and snakes of lightning surged as they roared towards the sky. In an instant, they pounced towards the two black-clothed people, forcibly swallowed them and the people became ashes.


This time, everyone saw everything clear. They saw that Chu Feng did not even move but used overwhelming martial skills to kill the two black-clothed people who were at the 3rd level of the Origin realm.

“This aura…It’s the 1st level of the Origin realm. However, how can someone who is at the 1st level of the Origin realm be so strong? Killing those at the 3rd level of the Origin realm is like squishing ants?”

Although manager Zhang was still bitterly fighting with the black-clothed people, he still noticed what Chu Feng did. With his old and hard-to-deal with experience, he was aware that Chu Feng was a bit off. He pointed at Chu Feng and yelled out loudly, “Who are you? Why did you sneak into my White Tiger Villa?!”

“What? Sneak into the White Tiger Villa?”

Everyone reacted to manager Zhang’s words. Normally, servants could not possibly have cultivation like Chu Feng’s, and with his cultivation, although he would not be at the peak even in the White Tiger Villa, he would still certainly be considered as an expert. It would be impossible for him to be such a petty servant.

At that instant, fear emerged onto Murong Xinyu’s shocked face. She started to climb backwards frightenedly. Because of the White Tiger Villa’s secret, there were indeed many cultivating experts that sneaked in and those people had malicious intents. She was kidnapped once before and she almost lost her life.

“If you want to live, don’t run around.” Chu Feng turned his head and said indifferently.

“Ehh…” As she saw Chu Feng’s fierce gaze, for some reason, Murong Xinyu couldn’t help but be at a loss. After that, she stopped her body’s movements and blankly sat where she was.

*swish swish swish*

Just at that moment, whooshing noises were emanated from the surrounding forest. There were a good hundred black-clothed people that came out from the forest. All of them held blades and all of their auras belonged in the Origin realm.

“Kill everyone with no mercy.” A cold voice rang out and the black-clothed people started their massacre. Almost all the servants who did not run away were killed.

In actuality, even the servants who did run away died as they were killed within the forest. Clearly, the group of people had already planned to not leave any survivors from the start.

Under the surrounding group attack, even manager Zhang had no way of continuing and he quickly fell down. However, on Chu Feng’s side, no one would even get near him. Those who came within the range of 10 meters would die.

“Friend, I see that you aren’t a person from my White Tiger Villa. Can you not get involved in my White Tiger Villa’s private matters?” A black-clothed person at the 5th level of the Origin realm spoke and it was evident that he was aware that Chu Feng was not simple.

“Who are you? Why do you need to harm me?” After knowing that the black-clothed people were people from the White Tiger Villa, Murong Xinyu was enraged because she could not think who would dare to kill her even after knowing her position and identity in the White Tiger Villa.

“As long as you help out a bit, my White Tiger Villa will heavily reward you.” The black-clothed person completely ignored Murong Xinyu and politely clasped his hands towards Chu Feng.

At the same time, dozens of black-clothed people already carefully encircled them. If there were any unsuited words, they would attack with their full strength.

Facing that situation, Murong Xinyu had no choice but to stand up and closely follow behind Chu Feng. Thinking about it, even she felt that it was amusing. The grand big Miss of the White Tiger villa needed the protection of an outsider.

She even offended that outsider and he received quite a bit of grievance, yet currently, that outsider was the only person that could protect her. A person that she had to rely on.

“My friend, do you think you will be victorious?” Since Chu Feng did not speak, the black-clothed person’s voice finally became icy cold.

“If you want to attack, go ahead. This girl is under my protection.” Chu Feng faintly smiled and didn’t even put those people in his eyes.

“Attack.” Seeing that, the black-clothed person did not waste anymore words. With a cold shout, over a hundred black-clothed people moved and started their attack on Chu Feng.

There were different strong and surly martial skills, but the same thing that they all had was strength. Just with that pressure, it was enough for those at the Spirit realm to die. However, Murong Xinyu who was currently under Chu Feng’s protection was astsounded as she discovered that she was not threatened in any way.

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