MGA – Chapter 144

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MGA: Chapter 144 – Murong Xiaoyao

The sun set in the west. When the torches were lit in the plaza, the sky already darkened.

The exam truly ended. The young males and females who passed it were all brought into the White Tiger Villa by the servants one by one, and with that, they became members of the White Tiger Villa.

However, Wang Lin and Chu Feng did not come out from the tent. That made the big person and the old man ineffably uneasy.

After the scene before, they knew that Chu Feng was a martial cultivator. Then, they thought about their mocking towards Chu Feng before. At the same time that they felt ashamed, they worried that Chu Feng would harm Wang Lin.

After all, anyone could tell that manager Zhang had favourable impressions towards Chu Feng or else even if the servant broken the rules at first, he would not permit commoners to attack people from the White Tiger Villa.

“Uncle Zhao, uncle Liu.” However, when Wang Lin appeared within their line of sight, their worries faded away like the clouds.

“Miss, you passed?” The big person looked at the lower-rank servant symbol on Wang Lin’s chest and he was incomparably excited. After all, being able to enter the White Tiger Villa meant that the road of cultivation would be even more smooth.

“Rubbish. Our miss is the real stuff and there is no reason she would not pass.” The old man also chuckled and he felt happiness for Wang Lin from the bottom of his heart.

Although Wang Lin’s family situation was not bad, it was still incomparable to the White Tiger Villa. Even if she was a servant of the White Tiger Villa, she had status and position in the White Tiger Mountain Range.

So, any martial cultivators would want to enter the White Tiger Villa. They would not feel shame as they had the identity of being a servant. Rather, they would feel pride. It was like becoming a disciple from a school.

“Wang Lin, it seems that you and me will part here. I still have to thank you for transporting me here.” Just at that time, Chu Feng walked over.

“No need to say it like that. If it wasn’t for you, how could I pass this exam today?” Wang Lin felt a bit embarrassed.

“Okay, no need to be too polite to each other. Since we’ve already entered the White Tiger Villa, perhaps we can even meet in the future.” Chu Feng smiled and waved his hand before turning around and leaving. From nearby, manager Zhang was waiting for Chu Feng.

However, when the old man and the big person saw the servant symbol on Chu Feng’s chest, they stood there blankly and astonishment was all over their faces.

After a good while, they came to their senses and said inconceivably, “He directly got promoted to upper-rank servant! That requires at least the cultivation of the 4th level of the Spirit realm right?”

“Heh.” Seeing that, Wang Lin bitterly smiled and said, “Yeah. The high-rank black rock was shattered by one of his punches. Even that manager Zhang endlessly sighed in praise.”

“I think that he would have quite the development in the White Tiger Villa right? This time, we’ve really looked down on people with dog eyes.”

After hearing Wang Lin’s words, the old man and the big person felt even more ashamed. To think of all the humiliating they did to Chu Feng, they really had the heart to die at that moment.

In that continent, strength ruled all. With Chu Feng’s talent, after entering the White Tiger Villa, he would certainly skyrocket up. Gaining fame and status was only the matter of time.

Thus, their actions really was equivalent to offending a future well-known person in the White Tiger Mountain Range. Not only did they feel shame, they also felt fear in their hearts. Fear that Chu Feng would take revenge on them in the future.

“Don’t worry, he isn’t a person who is narrow-minded.” As if seeing their worries, Wang Lin comforted them.

“Ahh, it seems that people really cannot be judged by appearances.” But even so, the old man and the big person had no way of calming down.

Their intestines greened from regret and if they knew that Chu Feng was a genius like that, how would they have dared to taunt him before? They would even rush to gain good impressions for him.

However, if they knew that being at the 4th level of the Spirit realm was only Chu Feng hiding his strength, and his real strength was at the 1st level of the Origin realm, who knew what expression they would have.

After parting, Wang Lin and Chu Feng were both sent into the White Tiger Villa, but since their positions were different, their location of residence were different as well.

In the White Tiger Villa, within the group of buildings that were as boundless as the ocean, there was a fine little house. That was the living location of upper-rank servants, the resting place for Chu Feng today.

“I never would have thought it would be this successful.”

Chu Feng sat cross-legged on the bed. He shot a glance at the upper-rank servant symbol over his chest, looked at the book in his hand, and he couldn’t help but lightly smile.

It was a rank 2 martial skill and it was given to him by manager Zhang. However, not every servant could receive that treatment. Although the servants of the White Tiger Villa could indeed cultivate martial skills, it was restricted to upper-rank servants.

It was the rare within rare to be able to get a martial skill for cultivation like how Chu Feng did when he just entered the White Tiger Villa.

However, to Chu Feng, there was no need to cultivate the rank 2 martial skill, and also because the current him was extremely exhausted, he threw the martial skill at the head of the bed, then laid down and slept.

From then on, Chu Feng concealed himself for a full 10 days in the White Tiger Villa. Although he had the status of a servant, since he was a upper-rank servant, Chu Feng did not need to do servant-like things. Mostly, he instructed the work for middle-rank and lower-rank servants.

As for Chu Feng, most of the time, he inquired about the secrets of the White Tiger Villa. From the 10 days that he had been there, Chu Feng had some results and he had a certain amount of understanding about the White Tiger Villa.

The White Tiger Villa had the history of 500 years and in terms of foundation, they were no worse than some schools. Their strength was not simple as well and there were many experts in the villa. However, because they were rather remote, very few people within the Azure Province noticed that place. However, the creator of the White Tiger Villa really was quite a person.

In the White Tiger Mountain Range 500 years ago, there was no such thing as the White Tiger Villa. At that time, there were even more poor common people in the mountain range because of the terrain. It was very hard for them to walk out of the mountain and most of them spent their last years there.

At that time, within the White Tiger Mountain Range, there were actually a few martial cultivating families that had been around for generations. It was just that the families did not pass down the methods to outsiders and commoners had no way of even touching martial cultivation.

The creator of the White Tiger Villa, Murong Xiaoyao. was born as a commoner. At that time, he was still a young man and since he could not bear being useless in his entire life, he sneaked into a martial cultivating family as a servant. He even got together with a young lady from that family. From her, he got the martial cultivating methods and he even learnt Mysterious Techniques and martial skills.

However, when that was unveiled, Murong Xiaoyao was chased by that family. At the end, he was forced to escape to an area that was viewed as a danger zone.

At that moment, everyone thought that Murong Xiaoyao was dead. However, 5 years later, he walked out of that dead zone and became a martial cultivating expert of his generation. He was invincible within the White Tiger Mountain Range.

When Murong Xiaoyao came out from there and discovered that the lady who taught him the martial cultivating methods was killed by that family, from his fury, he slaughtered them. He then returned and created the White Tiger Villa.

After the White Tiger Villa was established, it quickly became the overlord of the White Tiger Mountain Range. Many experts outside of the White Tiger Mountain Range heard about it, came, and joined the White Tiger Villa. Murong Xiaoyao even spread the martial cultivating methods down to commoners so that everyone in the White Tiger Mountain Range could touch upon the road of martial cultivation and change their destinies.

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    why did i use starwars talk no clue… but it’s not like its going to be taken serious anyway. lol.

  2. Wait, the situation described last chapter seems hypocritical. I remember in the first couple chapters where a similar situation happened and a woman and her son who arrived late for the entrance exam into the Green Dragon School was bitching out Chufeng for not allowing her son to do the test. Back then Chufeng was annoyed at the woman for being so stubborn and the woman was generally portrayed as a bitch. But now Chufeng arrives late to the exam and he does the same thing as that woman and we are supposed to like him for it? Just because the servants in fact did end the exam early? Chufeng didn’t know that they ended early, in his view they would have ended on time but because he is so much stronger than them he felt justified in slapping that guy.

    Harvey Dent was right, you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. I wonder if the authour is actually documenting Chufeng’s descent into becoming the very people he hated in the beginning of the story.

    1. Teach’s spokesperson shall relate for you. Teach says the well off woman from before was harassing him, she was sent packing. Teach continues, he tried to silently walk past the servant, who then attempted to shout at him.

      At this point I believe Teach enforced lesson 2: Quiet down when teach is talking

      Finally, how can Teach become who he hated? Teach is teach, pupils are pupils.

      Have a nice day!

      1. It just feels really strange to me. If the servant who was in charge of the examinations was stronger than Chufeng then no doubt Chufeng would have acted much more respectfully. The only reason Chufeng dared to act so brazenly was because the disciple was much weaker than him. Then Chufeng is pretty much acting in the exact same way as people who he despised when he was weaker. Those who bullied those weaker than them and sucked up to those stronger than them.

        So you give a bullied kid power, he isn’t going to make the world a better place, he is just going to become another bully. It is actually pretty great commentary on human behaviour, in all these wuxia novels the protagonists all almost all pretty selfish with a few exceptions. The only thing separating the heroes from the villains in these novels are whose point of view the readers get to see.

        For example, we see Shangguan Ya as a villain because he tried to kill Chufeng for being close to Sumei. But not only do we have Surou saying that Chufeng would probably do the exact same thing and kill off the entire Shangguan and Su families if Sumei was given to Shangguan Ya; we also have Chufeng himself claim he would kill any guy Surou gets close to other than himself. The exact same thing Shangguan Ya is trying to do to him.

        It is like western anti-heroes if these anti-heroes were actually celebrated and treated like actual heroes. I find it very interesting.

        1. Teach says he shows no respect to even city lords near the profound realm.
          He goes on to describe that as Teach, he would personally take care of any suitors for his future wives(??). Shangguan Ya brought extra manpower.
          Teach goes on to explain, sometimes right and wrong is not set in stone, it depends on the situation.
          Learn more in Teach’s seminar, soon to expand it’s lesson contents.

          P.S Teach knows not of this anti-hero you speak of. Teach is Teach

    2. You take this a lil bit too seriously, so let me follow for a minute. just my 2 cents, but the argument with surou is a lil bit meh, at what moment did chufeng said he would kill the shangguan family (in that special circumstance I know he said that he would get revenge on them for trying to kill him) only surou was saying that to her father after he drug Chufeng and rendered her powerless to face against the lusty Chufeng now tell me u think she wasn’t trying to get back at him a little bit ?! Also I doubt Chufeng would have any objection if Sumei told him she loved the Shangguan guy if u don’t agree to that then I think u are missing a part of the MC. Now that being said practically all of the wuxia MC have their wtf personality and also a certain selfishness is involved (extreme sometimes) that makes you say “this guy is freakin crazyl?!” then again I would like to remind you of one thing this is a freakin fiction tell me one thing do u believe someone like chufeng who NEVER bows to anyone (mainly) is likely to be seen irl?! Life ain’t that easy.

    3. Actually, no.

      That woman was actually a bitch, and he was very nice towards her, plus she only had to wait for the next day, not the next month.

      And I feel like Chufeng should stop randomly killing people, he will probably get on trouble in the future because of that tendency, but at least he didn’t kill that guy, lol.

      On he becoming the same people he hated, I don’t think so, after all, he didn’t kill those guys who called him a bumpking, XD.

      But he’s walking a fine, fine line, I don’t think he’s going to go to the other side though. He would probably just beat any guy that tries to mess with.. (Damn, I forgot her name -_-.) not just kill them immediately.

      And if you look closely, Sumei (I remembered!) doesn’t even like Shangguan, sure he’s going to lose a lot of ‘face’ if his marriage with her is cancelled, but I really don’t think that we would favor him is the story was from his point of view.

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    Hm, hope the Green Dragon School doesn’t find out about Chufeng “joining” this one. They probably won’t, though.

  4. Don’t worry, he isn’t a person who is narrow-indeed

    i think indeed is suppose to be minded?

    Don’t worry, he isn’t a person who is narrow-minded

  5. “his real strength was at the 1st level of the Origin realm, who knew what expression they would have.”

    I thought it was the 2nd level of the Origin realm? (Chapter 138)

  6. if they knew that being at the 4th level of the Spirit realm was only Chu Feng hiding his strength, and his real strength was at the 1st level of the Origin realm, who knew what expression they would have.
    had they known that they’d left brown marks in their pants n i also suspect their pants wuld b soaked 🙂

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