MGA – Chapter 142

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MGA: Chapter 142 – White Tiger Villa

“Wait, all of you are heading towards to the White Tiger Villa?” Chu Feng quickly spoke.

He hiddenly thought: Did the Dragon River lead straight to the White Tiger Mountain Range, and without him knowing, he already reached his destination?

Wasn’t the White Tiger villa the most famous villa in the White Tiger Mountain Range? It was the villa he wanted to sneak into!

After all, the name “White Tiger Villa” meant that the villa was most likely similar to the Vermilion Bird City, Black Tortoise City, and the Azure Dragon School. The White Tiger Villa most likely grasped a certain kind and degree of secret in the White Tiger Mountain Range.

“You want to head towards the White Tiger Villa as well?” The young female revealed an unconvincing expression.

“That’s right. I wonder if you could bring me along?” Chu Feng revealed a non-evil smile.

He found out, other than the 3 people, there was a stopped carriage nearby. That carriage had no one inside so it was obviously theirs.

Although Chu Feng’s speed on foot was not slow, at that instant, he was sore all over and and it was as though his body framework was going to break up. The Origin power in his body were extremely sparse, so naturally, he wanted to take the free ride.

“Since we’re going to the same place, come with us.” The young female thought for a bit, then she nodded and agreed.

“Miss, this…” However, seeing that, the old man and the big person tensed up.

“It doesn’t matter. The carriage has extra spots anyway right? Look at him. If he walked to the White Tiger Villa, who knows how long he would need to take?” The young female lightly smiled and she seemed quite kind.

Seeing her determined like so, the old man and the big person looked at each other, then said nothing as they could only silently approve.

“Thanks a lot.”

Chu Feng did not restrain himself as he rose and walked towards the direction of the carriage. He knew that the group of people were certainly more familiar in this area than him, so it was absolutely correct to follow them.

“Miss Wang, what are all of you going to the White Tiger Villa for?” On the carriage, Chu Feng curiously asked.

After some information, he knew that the young female was called Wang Lin and her home was located at a small town within the range of the White Tiger Mountain Range. Also, Chu Feng could feel that she was a martial cultivator. Although her cultivation was very weak, being only at the 2nd level of the Spirit realm, she did cultivate.

“It’s fine if you call me Wang Lin.” She sweetly smiled, then said proudly, “Of course it’s to join the White Tiger Villa’s servant exam.”

“Servant exam?” Chu Feng revealed a questioning expression.

“You don’t know? It’s the White Tiger Villa’s servant exam! Every month, the White Tiger Villa accepts servants from the outside. Those under 17 years old and has the cultivation of the 2nd level of the Spirit realm can join.”

Wang Lin started to narrate to Chu Feng. From that, Chu Feng also knew that the White Tiger Mountain Range was rather desolate and there were very few schools nearby. So, in order to let common people cultivate, the White Tiger Villa passed out martial cultivation methods.

Those who were under 17 years old and raised their cultivation to the 2nd level of the Spirit realm could enter the White Tiger Villa. They would use their status as servants to cultivate martial skills or even Mysterious Techniques, and Wang Lin wanted to improve and get promoted to a cultivator.

“So that means you’re a martial cultivator?” Chu Feng chuckled and said. He decided to pretend to be a beginner in martial cultivation to join the servant exam. With that, he would sneak into the White Tiger Villa.

“Hmph. My family’s miss already reached the 2nd level of the Spirit realm half a year ago.”

“How would a bumpkin like you see my family’s miss’s strength?” Before even letting Wang Lin speak, the big person who was driving the horse roared and also looked at Chu Feng with deep disdain.

Since Chu Feng laid next to the river and his clothes were all broken and tattered, no matter how you looked at him, he seemed like a bumpkin that came out from a village. So, from the bottom of his heart, he looked down at Chu Feng and felt that he knew nothing.

“Cough cough.” Feeling that the atmosphere was not right, Wang Lin lightly coughed two times then asked Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, what business do you have in the White Tiger Villa?”

Facing Wang Lin’s question, Chu Feng calmly smiled and replied arbitrarily, “The same reason as you.”

“What did you say?” When Chu Feng said those words, the three other people on the carriage were greatly stunned.

“What did you say? Say it one more time!”

Wang Lin, the big person, and also the old man who was driving the carriage closely stared at Chu Feng. They had doubt written all over their faces and they even suspected that they heard wrong. They did not even dare to trust Chu Feng’s words.

“I said, I have the same goal as Wang Lin and I am going to join the White Tiger Villa’s servant exam.” Chu Feng emphasized each and every word.

“You’re saying that you’re a martial cultivator as well?” The old man narrowed his eyes and he was filled with doubt.

“Why? Do I not look like one?” Chu Feng smiled.

“Young man, as a person, be honest. It’s not right to speak lies.” The big person did not believe Chu Feng’s words.

Although the White Tiger Villa already passed down martial cultivation methods to common people, that did not mean everyone could grasp it. It had to be known that money was required to buy martial cultivation methods, so, many poor people had no chance to cultivate. In their eyes, Chu Feng was a person like that.

“Suit yourselves.” Chu Feng shrugged and did not give any extra explanations.

Seeing that Chu Feng did not refute, the old man and the big person thought that he was talking big and they couldn’t help but deepen their disdain towards Chu Feng. On the other hand, Wang Lin looked at Chu Feng while half-believing and half-doubting, and didn’t say anything.

However, on the latter of the journey, the carriage seemed to be more awkward. Other than Wang Lin who chatted with the old man and the big person, almost no one spoke to Chu Feng again.

The carriage continued on, and when the sun set at the west, they finally entered the White Tiger Villa.

The White Tiger Villa was extremely large. Although it was called White Tiger Villa, in reality, it was a beautiful city that was created with a mountain on the side. It was built by white-coloured, mysterious bricks and the palaces were very special as well. Within the dark emerald-green mountain range, it was rather gorgeous.

“This White Tiger Villa is really quite nice.” Chu Feng looked at the nearby White Tiger Villa and he felt the aura of the large groups of people. After experiencing such a life and death calamity, more and more, he felt that it was wonderful to be living.

“Bumpkin.” The big person shot Chu Feng a glance and contempt came from the bottom of his heart.

The carriage went along the wide mountain road and they finally reached in front of the huge city gate of the White Tiger Villa. There was a plaza in front of the city gates, and at the center of the plaza, there was a temporary tent and it was the area where the White Tiger Villa accepted servants.

At that moment, the sky was slowly darkening and there weren’t many people lining up outside of the tent. The exam was going to end, so Wang Lin and the other three quickly walked towards the tent after going down the carriage.

“Halt.” But before even letting Wang Lin and the others near, a young man blocked their path.

He was not even 20 years old and there was a white cloth at his chest. On it were the three words “Middle-rank Servant” and his cultivation was only at the 3rd level of the Spirit realm. It could be said that he was weak to the utmost degree.

Naturally, from that, Chu Feng slightly looked down on the White Tiger Villa. As a martial cultivating family that had been around for generations, those servants, who were equivalent to disciples from schools, were a bit too weak if they only had that kind of strength.

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  7. Naturally, from that, Chu Feng slightly looked down on the White Tiger Villa. As a martial cultivating family that had been around for generations, those servants, who were equivalent to disciples from schools, were a bit too weak if they only had that kind of strength.

    Let’s not forget to add an “outer” to the “disciples”… I mean, even in a second-rate school, people around level 1-3 are in the outer court and only those at the third level or above has a chance to enter the inner court, the requirements are probably even more in first rate schools.

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