MGA – Chapter 1418

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MGA: Chapter 1418 – You Are Not Even Qualified To Speak To Me

Inside a bedroom in the Dragon Garden was a large cozy bed. Chu Feng was lying on top of the bed. Within his bosom was a gentle, soft and pleasant beauty.

Both Chu Feng and Su Mei were naked. Although there was a layer of bedding over Su Mei’s private regions, her enchanting curves and alluring figure could still be seen from the bedding.

Especially her exposed skin. It was sparkling and translucent like jade. With a white and rosy complexion, her beautiful skin was even emitting a faint fragrance. Truly, she was exceptionally alluring.

And, at this moment, this peak beauty was lying happily within Chu Feng’s bosom like a cute and helpless little bird. If anyone were to see this scene, they would all feel envy toward Chu Feng.
“Lil Mei, it has been two days since you’ve come here. Although no one knows that you are currently lying within my bosom, it still remains that you will have to hide the relationship that we have.”

“Moreover, the amount of admirers that you have right now is a bit many. If you are to continue to stay here, do you not fear that they will try to harm you from envy?” Chu Feng said these words gently.

“I’m not afraid of them,” Su Mei curled her little lips and spoke with an expression of disconcern. She snuggled her little face tightly into Chu Feng’s chest. She was truly enjoying this pleasant moment.

“While you might not be concerned, I am concerned. I do not wish for others to speak ill of my darling. Listen to me, you should return,” Chu Feng advised.
“Okay then, I’ll do as you say,” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Su Mei finally started to reluctantly get out from the bed. However, after she finished putting on her clothes and putting on that black cloak, she once again asked reluctantly, “Big brother Chu Feng, when are you going to leave the World Spiritist Alliance? Will you be returning in the future?”

“I do have some matters that I have to attend to right now. When senior Miao returns, I will be leaving the World Spiritist Alliance to go the Sealing Ancient Village. As for where I’m going afterwards, I do not have any plans as of yet.”

“However, since my Lil Mei is here, I will definitely return frequently to visit you,” Chu Feng said with a smile. While Lil Mei was reluctant to part with him, he was also reluctant to part with her.
“Big brother Chu Feng, you must keep your promise and come see me whenever you have the time,” Su Mei said those words in a serious manner. Her eyes were filled with anticipation. It seemed that she feared that Chu Feng might not come visit her, and she actually extended her pinky finger so that she could make a pinky promise with Chu Feng.
“Rest assured, I will definitely come. How could I possibly deceive my Lil Mei?” Chu Feng smiled lightly and extended his pinky finger to hook with Su Mei’s pinky finger.
After Chu Feng finished doing this set of actions, Su Mei finally became relieved. Then she smiled sweetly before turning around to leave.

While Chu Feng and Su Mei were being so intimate within the Dragon Garden, the outside of the Dragon Garden had already bust into an uproar.

At this moment, an innumerable amount of people had gathered outside of the Dragon Garden. Furthermore, many people had expressions of worry on their faces. This was especially true of the men; they all had ashen complexions, as if they had contracted a serious illness.
The reason they were acting this way was because Lil Mei had gone into the Dragon Garden to find Chu Feng and had stayed in there without coming out for several days and nights now.

The two of them were an unmarried man and woman. Furthermore, they were both young and vigorous. For the two of them to be together by themselves for so long, who knew what might have happened between them?

Just by slightly thinking about it, those male admirers of Lil Mei all began to feel as if they were about to be driven mad.


Right at this moment, the entrance to the palace hall in the Dragon Garden was finally opened. The beautiful image of a woman also walked out from within. It was Lil Mei.

“Quickly, look, it’s Lil Mei.”

When they saw Lil Mei, the men were all overjoyed. The boulder in their hearts was finally lifted.

Even though Lil Mei was still wearing her black cloak that covered her beautiful appearance, she was, to them, the most beautiful woman in existence, so beautiful that they would go crazy for her.

In fact, for some people, they would even be willing to die tomorrow should Lil Mei be together with them just for one night.

Unfortunately for them, Lil Mei was destined to never be able to be with them. After all, in Lil Mei’s heart, there was only a single man — Chu Feng. Other than Chu Feng, no other person could ever be able to enter her heart.
In fact, to Lil Mei, this bunch of admirers of hers in the World Spiritist Alliance was no more than dog shit that could actually speak. She would actually feel disgusted just by looking at them.

However, it remained that there would be people who didn’t know how to be tactful. Not only had the ordinary disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance come, even the number one disciple, Lin Yezhou, had come to watch the show.

He was standing at the very front of the crowd. He was even holding a crystal box with multi-colored light flowing through it in his hand.

The moment he saw Su Mei, he displayed a smile on his face. It was a smile of confidence, the confidence of being above everyone else.

“That bastard,” However, when Chu Feng walked out from behind Su Mei, an expression of enormous displeasure emerged in Lin Yezhou’s eye.

Although he was feeling displeased, he did not expose his displeasure. Instead, he stood where he was, and only sprang forward and stood before Su Mei after Chu Feng sent Su Mei out from the entrance of the Dragon Garden.

“Junior sister Lil Mei, earlier, I didn’t know that you were Lord Reverend’s adopted daughter, and had thought you to be an outsider who had come to challenge us. I am truly sorry for my many offenses at that time.”

“For that, I, Lin Yezhou, have especially purchased these extremely expensive jewelries to apologize to junior sister Lil Mei. I hope junior sister Lil Mei is able to disregard the former hatred between us and accept my kind intentions.”

As Lin Yezhou spoke, he opened the multi-colored crystal box in his hand. At the moment the crystal box was opened, light began to radiate out from it. It was much more dazzling than before.

“Wow! Look at all those treasures,” After the crowd saw the items contained within the multi-colored crystal box, they all gasped in shock.

This was especially true for the women present. Their eyes shone with golden light and they even started to drool.

Contained within that multi-colored crystal box were all kinds of female jewelry. However, they were no ordinary gold or silver jewelry. Instead, they were all rare treasures created by nature. It could be said that each and every one of those pieces of jewelry were extremely expensive.

If one were to casually take out any single one of those pieces, they would be able to make countless women fall in love with them. As for that crystal box, it was filled with such pieces of jewelry.

“No need, I am not fond of jewelry,” However, to everyone’s surprise, faced with this box filled with treasures, Su Mei actually did not even bother to take a glance at them and refused disdainfully.

“Junior sister Lil Mei, may I know what sort of item you are fond of? Might it be good quality weapons or adorable pets?”

“As long as you say the word, I, Lin Yezhou, will obtain them for you,” Not only did Lin Yezhou not get angry from Lil Mei’s reaction, he even asked her what she wanted.

Lin Yezhou’s tone was very amiable and filled with sincerity. It could be said that he was acting as politely as he possibly could. As for his behavior, it was also very elegant.

However, to his surprise, at this moment, Su Mei ignored him completely, turned to Chu Feng and said, “Remember what you promised. You must come and find me the next time you come to the World Spiritist Alliance.”


Hearing those words, the crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance were all stupefied. They were so stunned that their jaws dropped to the ground as complicated expressions filled their faces. For some, they were feeling both grief and indignation at the same time. For some others, they were heartbroken. As for the remainder, they even started to cry.

However, there was a single common ground between all of them. That was, that they were filled with incomparable shock.

In fact, it was not only the surrounding crowd, even Chu Feng was frowning slightly. He felt a bit helpless after hearing what Su Mei said.

He never expected for that girl Su Mei to disregard consequences like that. They had clearly decided to not expose their relationship. Yet, she had said those words to him in front of all these people. This was simply equivalent to creating enemies for Chu Feng.

Although Chu Feng didn’t really care about how these people from the World Spiritist Alliance would judge him, nor did he fear any one of them, he felt some sympathy for them after seeing their expressions of grief and astonishment.

Although Chu Feng’s loved ones had never been snatched away from him by others before, Chu Feng was able to imagine that sort of heartache.

Suddenly, Lin Yezhou spoke with jealousy written all over his face, “Junior sister Lil Mei, there are some words that I, perhaps, should not say. However, as a senior brother, I think that it is better for me to offer you a bit of advice.”

“For some people, it would be better for you not to get in contact with them often. That’s because those sorts of people are simply unbefitting of you,”

Hearing those words, Su Mei, who was originally walking away, suddenly stopped her footsteps.
She turned around and said to Lin Yezhou, “Although I do not know who you are talking about, however, if it’s the question of who is befitting of me or not, I can tell you this; you are not even qualified to speak to me. I request that you behave yourself and do not come and bother me in the future. Else, do not blame me for being rude.”

As Su Mei said those words, she released an unconcealed dense killing intent from her body.

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