MGA – Chapter 1417

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MGA: Chapter 1417 – The Pain Of Side Effects

“Medi, medicine…” Su Mei used her shivering hand to take out a crimson pellet from her Cosmos Sack. She then placed it into her mouth.

After she ate the medicine, Su Mei’s situation grew much better. However, it was not that much better.

At this moment, she hurriedly struggled free from Chu Feng’s bosom and sat on the ground. She began to form special hand seals and set up a special sort of spirit formation to heal herself.

“This spirit formation, it’s so strange. Lil Mei, what exactly happened to you?”

That sentence was said by Chu Feng only in his heart. He did not actually say it out loud to Su Mei. That was because he was able to tell that Su Mei had to wholeheartedly concentrate on the spirit formation to heal herself. Thus, Chu Feng could not disturb her.

However, Chu Feng was still very worried. He discovered that not only was the blood that Lil Mei vomited very strange, the spirit formation that she had set up was also very strange. This was a very discouraging situation.

“She’s having side effects,” At this moment, Eggy’s voice suddenly sounded.

Hearing Eggy’s voice, Chu Feng immediately asked, “Side effects? What sort of side effect?”

“Being instilled with cultivation and spirit power by someone powerful, how could she not receive side effects from that?”

“Here, let me explain it this way. The fact that the five of them are alive and able to utilize the power instilled into them by that blind old man is already a miracle. That blind old man is truly someone with ability.”

“However, even though that is the case, they will still have dangers to their lives at any time. Even if they are able to maintain their lives, their lifespan will still suffer damage. Furthermore, they can receive this sort of torment from the side effects at any given time,” Eggy explained.

“Eggy, in that case, is there a way to save them?” Chu Feng asked hurriedly. After all, Lil Mei, Zi Ling and the others were the few most important people to Chu Feng. Chu Feng did not wish for the five of them to always suffer the pain of these side effects and potentially lose their lives because of it.

“The journey of martial cultivation is a journey to tame stronger martial power to be utilized by oneself. All martial power will be berserk and even fatal before they it is tamed.”

“Since ancient times, the number of people who have gone awry, ended up being driven insane and even losing their lives is simply innumerable.”

“Thus, regardless of whether it might be martial cultivation or the cultivation of world spirit techniques, one must always make steady progress incrementally. Only by doing it slowly and steady will the power one receives be the safest and the easiest to be controlled.”

“As for those that decide to take a shortcut, they are all people that will be going against the laws of nature. Although taking a shortcut can also be successful, one must definitely pay a price for it.”

“If you are to ask me whether I have a method to lessen their pain, then the answer is I do. What Lil Mei is using right now is the method to lessen her pain. It is likely that this method she is using was also taught to her by that blind old man who had helped her with the shortcut.”
“However, if you are to ask me whether there is a method to save them from the pain, I can only tell you that there isn’t. At the very least, I do not know of such a method,” Eggy said.

“This…” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression became dejected and his complexion turned ashen. As he looked to Lil Mei who was sitting on the ground with an expression of pain all over her face as she gave her all to fight against the side effects of her power, Chu Feng was unable to do anything other than watch her from the side. This led to Chu Feng feeling very complicated inside. His heart was feeling a great deal of pain.

“Chu Feng, while that is the case, you still do not have to worry too much about it. As the saying goes, with how enormous the world is, nothing is too bizarre. The world of martial cultivators is filled with strange things. There isn’t anything that cannot happen.”

“Perhaps, in that so-called Outer World, there might be a powerful world spiritist that possesses a method to save them from their side effects,” Seeing Chu Feng’s dejected and worried expression, Eggy consoled him.

Chu Feng was able to tell that Eggy was saying that to console him. Although he could not be certain whether there might be someone capable of saving them from their side effects, before he obtained such a method of saving them, Su Mei, Su Ruo, Zi Ling, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang would all become worries in his heart.

After that, Chu Feng could only watch as Su Mei began to heal herself. This healing process took two entire days.

In those two days and nights, Chu Feng guarded Su Mei the entire time. He did not move at all and did not sleep for a single moment.

Fortunately, after two days and two nights, Su Mei’s situation took a turn for the better. Furthermore, it seemed that there were no major issues. At the very least, she had resumed her appearance before the side effects had kicked in.

Seeing Su Mei removing the spirit formation and opening her eyes, Chu Feng asked, “Lil Mei, are you okay now?”

“Big brother Chu Feng, I’ve made you worry. However, don’t worry anymore. It’s actually nothing major. That was merely a small ailment,” Su Mei said with a forced smile.

“Small ailment? Lil Mei, do not lie to me.”

“Tell me honestly, is this the side effect of receiving that blind senior’s forced instillment of martial cultivation and spirit power?” Chu Feng asked.

“I…” Su Mei’s eyes started to flicker. She started to panic slightly. However, as soon as she saw Chu Feng’s serious gaze, she knew that she could not hide it from him. In the end, she nodded her head and said, “Indeed, this is a side effect from master instilling cultivation power into us.”

“We have gone against the natural order and disobeyed the rules of martial cultivation. To receive side effects is something inevitable. However, big brother Chu Feng, you really do not have to worry. Our side effects will only come up occasionally. They will not affect us, really.”
“Will not affect you all? Not to mention that the torment from the side effect is so bitter and painful, the fact that you do not know when it will come is fatal!”

“If that side effect were to come while you were fighting against an enemy, what would you do then? The only thing that you could do is to wait for death, exposing your weakness and being killed by your enemy!” Chu Feng said.

At this moment, Su Mei lowered her head. She grew silent. She was unable to respond to what Chu Feng had just said.

Although her current cultivation had surpassed Chu Feng’s, she knew very well that what Chu Feng had experienced was something that she could not possibly compare with.

Regardless of whether it might be battle experience or the way of thinking toward the world of martial cultivation, Chu Feng was much more experienced than her. Thus, she also knew how dangerous her side effect was and how she could not hide the danger of it from Chu Feng.

After a long silence, Su Mei lifted her head up and used her reddened eyes to look to Chu Feng. “Big brother Chu Feng, actually, before master instilled cultivation into us, he had told us that it is a very dangerous practice. Not only will it wear out our lifespans, it could potentially cause us to lose our lives too. However, in order to chase after you, we still nodded and begged master to instill cultivation into us.”

“We also know that we are seeking instant benefits. Big brother Chu Feng, you wouldn’t be blaming us, right? You wouldn’t be blaming us for being such a disappointment, right? For power, we decided to take such an enormous risk.”

“Foolish girl, how could I blame you all? I know that you all have done this not for your own sakes, but for me,” Chu Feng walked over to Su Mei and once again tightly hugged her. With heartache, he gently caressed Su Mei’s beautiful hair.

“I knew that big brother Chu Feng would not blame us. However, big brother Chu Feng, please don’t blame master either.”

“Not to mention that this is something that we were most willing to do, master also wounded his vitality greatly by instilling cultivation into us. We possessed no relationship with him. Yet, he was willing to help us like this. He is truly a great person.”
“Furthermore, from his words, we can tell that if it wasn’t for the fact that we were related to you, he would not have helped us.”
“Although we do not know what sort of relationship master has with big brother Chu Feng, all of us can tell that he seems to appreciate you greatly.”

“Merely, we do not understand why he didn’t come to the Holy Land of Martialism to help you directly and instead decided to increase our cultivations so that we could help you,” Su Mei said.

“Although I am unfamiliar with that senior, I also know that he is a good person. No matter what he might be thinking, regardless of what sort of goal he might have, I believe he has no ill intentions. Thus, I will naturally not blame him either,” Chu Feng said.

“Mn. Actually, the reason why master had Lil Sis Zi Ling, big sister and the others stay by his side is because their situations are even more severe than mine. During the time when their side effects occur, he must personally set up spirit formations to help them.”

“As for me coming here, it was actually due to master asking senior Left Reverend to help find a method to cure the side effects for me. Although senior Left Reverend has yet to find a method to cure the side effect, he is looking into methods for me right now,” Su Mei explained.

“If that is the case, then don’t stay in the World Spiritist Alliance anymore. Just return to your master. Only by doing that will you be safe and will I be at ease,” Chu Feng said.

“I understand. Merely, I’m afraid. I fear that we will not be able to stabilize our side effects, and that we will never be able to accompany big brother Chu Feng.”
“If that were to continue forever, we would not be able to help you at all. If that’s the case, what would be the use of us increasing our cultivations?”

After she said those things, an expression of remorse filled Su Mei’s little face. She was loathing her own incompetence.

“Foolish girl. The fact that you’ve come to the Holy Land of Martialism and dissolved the pain of longing to see you again is already a great assistance to me,” Chu Feng consoled her with a smile on his face.
“Dissolved the pain of longing to see me again? In that case, big brother Chu Feng, what about Lil Mei do you miss the most?” As Lil mei spoke, she narrowed her adorable eyes. A rare charm was being emitted by her.

Such a Lil Mei truly possessed unbounded charm. Even though Chu Feng was wholeheartedly trying to console her, he was feeling very tempted right now and actually had a reaction.1

“Heh… I miss everything about you,” Chu Feng laughed mischievously. Then, he carried Lil Mei in his arms and began to walk toward the bedroom with large strides. 2

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  1. In the DDDDDDD
  2. Okay, I guess the palace is actually Chu Feng’s residence in the Dragon Garden then.


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