MGA – Chapter 1416

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MGA: Chapter 1416 – Strange Blood

The reason why Su Mei had had her miraculous change today was all because of one person. As for that person, it was that mysterious blind old man.

It turned out that the mysterious blind old man had been from the Holy Land of Martialism. As for his cultivation, it was unfathomably powerful. The only thing that anyone could be certain of was that he was a Martial Emperor, and was an existence that had once stood at the peak of the Holy Land of Martialism.

However, no one knew his name and no one knew of his past. Furthermore, no one knew the reason why he was in the Eastern Sea Region.

However, he had accepted Zi Ling, Su Mei, Su Ruo, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang as his disciples.

Furthermore, his intention in doing so was to help the five of them to no longer remain as burdens to Chu Feng, and to allow them to be capable of providing assistance to Chu Feng.

However, with the talent that the five of them possessed, even if they had him, a Martial Emperor, as their master, it would still be a pipe dream, an impossibility, for the five of them to catch up to Chu Feng in a short period of time.

That was what the blind old man told them. He said that Chu Feng possessed unbounded potential and exceptional talent. Even though Zi Ling was a Divine Body, she was still unable to compare with Chu Feng when comparing pure talent for martial cultivation.

Thus, if the five of them wanted to catch up to Chu Feng, they could not do so through ordinary methods.

Thus, that blind old man used a heaven-defying technique and created a shortcut for the five of them. This shortcut would allow them to increase their cultivation and strength.

The method at which the blind old man helped the five of them increase their cultivations was not teaching them a special technique. Instead, he used all kinds of spirit medicines and spirit formations to temper their bodies.

Their bodies were tempered for over a month. Furthermore… that was still not the end.
At the beginning, the five of them did not understand the purpose of the blind old man’s actions. However, due to the fact that the blind old man was an expert and was also willing to help them, none of them raised any questions to him. They merely followed the methods that the blind old man presented to them and continued to temper their bodies.
The entire body tempering process lasted for half a year.

At the day when their body tempering process ended, the five of them finally realized the intentions of the blind old man. It turned out that he was going to use a special method to forcibly instill special cultivations in the five of them.

Not only did he instill cultivations in them, he even instilled exceptionally strong spirit power in Su Ruo, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang, who had lacked spirit power.

As for this instilling process, it too lasted for half a year.

After Chu Feng had left the Eastern Sea Region for one entire year, with the help from the blind old man, Zi Ling, Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang managed to not only obtain exceptional cultivations, they had all become royal-cloak world spiritists.

Although Su Mei had defeated all of the geniuses of the World Spiritist Alliance, she was actually the weakest one among the five of them.

“Lil Mei, you mean that Zi Ling, Lil Rou, Lil Bro Wushang and senior brother Zhang’s current strength are even stronger than yours?” Hearing what Su Mei told him, even Chu Feng was unable to contain his astonishment.

Chu Feng had only managed to obtain his current achievements through meticulous effort and countless trials. Time and time again, he had been on the verge of life and death. He had truly only managed to mature through trials and torments. All that he possessed right now had not come with ease.

Yet, Su Mei and the others had managed to surpass him in just a single year. This was truly too ridiculous.

Furthermore, upon thinking of how Lil Mei’s valiant strength was actually the weakest among the five, how powerful would Zi Ling and the others be?

They had managed to obtain such enormous progress in a single year with that mysterious blind old man’s help and not their own efforts. In that case, exactly how powerful was that mysterious blind old man?
“Other than me, everyone else is a Half Martial Emperor. The strongest among us is naturally Lil Sis Zi Ling,” Su Mei said with a beaming smile.

“Really? This is truly great!” After hearing those words, although Chu Feng was stunned, he was also overjoyed.

Chu Feng did not care about how powerful Zi Ling and the others became. As long as they were able to become more powerful, Chu Feng would feel joy from the bottom of his heart. Even if they were to surpass him, he would still be happy for them.

“In that case… where are they right now? Why did they not come here together with you? Furthermore, how did you become the Left Reverend’s adopted daughter, and where did that blind senior go?” Chu Feng asked with deep concern.

“We have all arrived in the Holy Land of Martialism. However, big sister, Lil Sis Zi Ling and the others are still training at master’s side.”

“As for senior Left Reverend, he is master’s old friend. There is also a reason why master handed me to senior Left Reverend. However, that reason is something that I cannot tell you yet,” Su Mei said.

“Cannot tell me? Why is that?” Chu Feng started to frown as he asked with immense confusion.
“Big brother Chu Feng, don’t worry. That is master’s arrangement. He said that this is for your good. When the time is ripe, he will let us come and find you. However, before that, we must obey his arrangements.”

“Actually, the fact that I’ve come to see you is already going against master’s wishes. He actually did not give me permission to personally come to find you.”

“However, I never expected for you to also be in the World Spiritist Alliance. After seeing you, I was truly unable to contain myself from not coming to see you.”

“Thus, after I received senior Left Reverend’s permission, I came to find you right away.”

“Actually, senior Left Reverend told me that I could not expose myself as being someone from the Eastern Sea Region right now. Furthermore, I cannot let other people know about our relationship.”

“My current identity is his adopted daughter, an adopted daughter who grew up at his side. Thus, I can only pretend to not know you,” Su Mei said.

“I understand now. It would seem that that blind senior truly has something planned. However, since he is willing to help you all, it is naturally a good thing.”

“In short, once the time is ripe, Zi Ling and the others will come and find me, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“That is not something that I can guarantee. Master did not mention anything about that. His old self is like that, he is not fond of speaking. Thus, we do not know much about what he is thinking. Even if we were to ask him, he would not tell us much. Thus, over time, we ended up not asking him anymore.” 1 2

“However, big brother Chu Feng, what we are certain of is that master is a good person. Else, he would not have helped us. If it weren’t for his help, we would not have been able to come to the Holy Land of Martialism this soon.”

“Thus, although we cannot accompany you right now, although we cannot travel through this Holy Land of Martialism with you and we even cannot expose our relationships with you…”

“… there will definitely be a day when we can be together again. There will be a day that I can let people know that I, Su Mei, am yours, Chu Feng’s woman,” As Su Mei said those words, specks of glistening teardrops appeared in her eyes.
Actually, Su Mei wanted to let everyone know that she was Chu Feng’s woman. She also wanted to accompany Chu Feng so that they would never be separated again.

However, she could not do either of those things. She had to obey the instructions of the blind old man. After all, that blind old man had helped them and given them strength.

Thus, this left her in a very difficult situation. Chu Feng was able to sense the struggle in Su Mei’s heart. That sort of struggle of wanting to leave with Chu Feng, yet not being able to.
“Lil Mei, it’s alright. This is already very good. Just by thinking that the people who I have been thinking of day and night have come to the Holy Land of Martialism and are working hard for my sake, I am already very content. Let alone, you are currently in my bosom,” As Chu Feng spoke, he hugged Su Mei even tighter.

That was because Chu Feng knew that the moment Su Mei walked out from the entrance of this room, he would not be able to follow his heart’s desire and be intimate with his beloved woman anymore.


Right at this moment, Su Mei’s complexion took a huge change. After that, she vomited out a mouthful of blood onto the floor.

Most importantly, the blood that Su Mei had vomited out was not only bright red in color, it was even wiggling and emitting steam. It was as if her blood was lava. It was a very frightening scene.

“Lil Mei, what’s wrong?”
Seeing this scene, Chu Feng’s expression took a huge change. That was because not only did Su Mei suddenly vomit out such strange blood, her body was also trembling violently. In merely an instant, she had grown extremely weak.

Su Mei’s frailness caused great sorrow and enormous worry to Chu Feng.

As a world spiritist, Chu Feng was able to tell how dangerous the current situation was for Su Mei. Her body was on the boundary of death.

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  2. Xima: Ssshhh, don’t question Bee sense


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