MGA – Chapter 1415

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MGA: Chapter 1415 – Long Story


The golden spear formed with martial power pierced through the space in front of it. Its ferocious might came crashing at Chu Feng head-on. As a rank nine Martial King, the spear strike that Lil Mei had unleashed was no small matter.


However, even when facing such an attack, Chu Feng did not move. With merely a light shout, formless martial power turned into a shield and stopped that golden spear formed of martial power.

“Powerful indeed. However, you must not underestimate your opponent.”

Seeing that Chu Feng had managed to block her golden spear strike, that Lil Mei uttered a sweet laugh. Then, she unleashed another attack. With destructive might capable of devastating the world, her ferocious martial power once again shot toward Chu Feng.

This time around, Chu Feng started to frown. Earlier, that Lil Mei had concealed her strength and had not utilized any of her heaven-defying battle power. Yet, this time around, it was different.

If Lil Mei’s initial attack was only at the level of ordinary rank nine Martial Kings, then her current attack was at the level of rank one Half Martial Emperor.


Faced with this sort of attack, how could Chu Feng dare to be careless? With a single thought, he unleashed both his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, increasing his cultivation from rank six Martial King to rank eight Martial King. After that, Chu Feng also unleashed his strongest battle power.
In an instant, Chu Feng’s strength took a great leap. He shot out his palm, formed it into a claw, and lightly grabbed onto Lil Mei’s martial power that was coming at him head-on. That ferocious Martial Power appeared as if it had received a fatal squeeze and vanished like smoke in thin air.

Following that, Chu Feng’s footsteps moved. Using his open palm, he grabbed toward Lil Mei.
The reason why Chu Feng had decided to unleash all of his strength at once was because he knew that that Lil Mei was still concealing her true strength.

Her heaven-defying battle power was most definitely not limited to being able to surmount a single level of cultivation. She should be the same as Chu Feng, and be able to surmount three levels of cultivation.

In other words, while Chu Feng’s true battle power was on par with rank two Half Martial Emperors, that Lil Mei’s true battle power should be on par with rank three Half Martial Emperors.

Chu Feng was seizing this opportunity when Lil Mei had yet to unleash all of her strength to turn the situation around and obtain victory through surprise.


However, at the moment when Chu Feng’s palm was less than half an inch away from Lil Mei, a violent energy ripple suddenly burst forth from Lil Mei’s body.

That energy ripple was extremely powerful. Furthermore, it was also very fast. At such a short distance, even though Chu Feng managed to react, he was unable to dodge the energy ripple. With a ‘bang,’ Chu Feng was knocked flying by that energy ripple.

Lil Mei had gone all out. She had unleashed her battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. Although her cultivation was still only that of a rank nine Martial King, her battle power was on par with rank three Half Martial Emperors.

The strength of the current Lil Mei was not inferior to Qin Lingyun in the slightest. It was simply impossible for Chu Feng to contend against her.
However, after knocking Chu Feng away, that Lil Mei did not try to attack Chu Feng again. Instead, she stood where she was and gazed at Chu Feng with a special gaze.
“Miss Lil Mei, what might be the meaning behind this? I believe that there shouldn’t be any grudges between us, no?” Chu Feng removed his lightning power. However, he was still on alert.

He did not know exactly what the intentions of this Lil Mei might be. He did not know why she had come to find him. Furthermore, he did not know why she had suddenly attacked him.
Could it be that she had heard that Chu Feng was an Asura World Spiritist and had come to challenge him to prove herself?

However, if that was the case, she should’ve attacked him with world spirit techniques and not martial power. Furthermore, she shouldn’t have stopped her attacks already.

Most importantly, although Chu Feng was unable to see Lil Mei’s appearance or her eyes, he was able to tell that Lil Mei’s gaze was filled with deep emotion.

Thus, at this moment, even Chu Feng was bewildered. He did not know exactly why this mysterious woman had come here.
“Hehe…” Right at the time when Chu Feng was puzzled, that Lil mei suddenly unleashed a bell-like laughter.

Her laughter was truly pleasant to hear. Furthermore, it was one of great joy. It was a laughter displaying joy from the bottom her heart.

Most importantly, compared to the voice that Lil Mei had used earlier, this voice was completely different. This time, she had not altered her voice. This was Lil Mei’s actual voice.

“This voice!!!”

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng was stunned. That was because that voice was so very familiar to him. In fact, he had longed to hear that voice.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you must not blame me for attacking you. I just wanted to feel this sort of sensation that I have not felt in a very long time again.”
“This sort of sensation of being about to surpass you. After all, when we first met, I was stronger than you.”

“Unfortunately, after you surpassed me, the distance between our cultivations ended up growing further and further apart. In the end, they had become as different as the sky from the earth, and I was no longer able to compare with you ever again.”

At the instant when Chu Feng was stunned, that Lil Mei revealed her lily-white hands and removed the black cloak that covered her body.

Once the black cloak was removed, what appeared before Chu Feng was an extremely beautiful and sweet-looking woman. Especially her pair of large eyes, her sweet smile, and fairy-like appearance, she was simply asking to be loved.

As for that sweet and beautiful appearance, it was so very familiar to Chu Feng. In fact, this appearance had appeared countless times in Chu Feng’s dreams. Indeed, her name was Lil Mei. However, to be exact, her actual name was Su Mei.

“Lil Mei, it’s truly you?!!” At this moment, Chu Feng was immensely shocked. Although he had already known who she was the moment he had heard her voice, he still felt disbelief upon seeing her for real.

However, no matter how inconceivable he felt it to be, Chu Feng still released all of his alertness, walked toward Lil Mei and hugged this sweet beauty into his bosom.

At this moment, Lil Mei did not resist in the slightest either. Instead, she also tightly hugged Chu Feng and snuggled her sweet and beautiful little face into Chu Feng’s embrace.

In fact, specks of glistening teardrops were forming in the corners of her eyes. Furthermore, they soon rolled down her cheeks.

As for her mouth, it was curved in a joyous smile. That’s right, she was crying in joy.

The two of them hugged each other without saying a word. Being lovers separated for a very long time, the two of them were hugging each other in joy after finally meeting each other again.

After a good while, the two of them finally managed to ease their emotions.

“Lil Mei, when did you arrive in the Holy Land of Martialism?”

“Furthermore, how did you become the Left Reverend’s adopted daughter? Moreover… your cultivation, how did it increase so quickly?”

“Exactly what happened?” Chu Feng looked to Lil Mei who he was hugging in his bosom and questioned her with a great amount of curiosity. At this moment, there were truly too many questions in his heart.

Back then, when he had left the Eastern Sea Region to come to the Holy Land of Martialism alone…

The Lil Mei from that time had still been very weak. She had been so weak that she simply could not have been mentioned on equal terms with him.

Yet, right now, not only did Lil Mei’s cultivation surpass his own, she had obtained a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. She had even become a royal-cloak world spiritist and grasped many profound world spirit techniques. This was truly beyond his imagination.

One must know that the Lil Mei from back then had not even possessed spirit power and had not even been a world spiritist.

However, now, not only had she become a world spiritist, she had also surpassed Chu Feng. Chu Feng knew that, regardless of what sort of reason it was that had allowed Lil Mei to become powerful, she must still have gone through a very extraordinary journey.

“Big brother Chu Feng, regarding that, it will be a long story. Come, let’s sit down and I’ll slowly tell you what has happened.”

Su Mei smiled sweetly. Then, she pulled Chu Feng to a seat. Chu Feng sat down on the seat. As for Lil Mei, she directly sat onto Chu Feng’s lap and hugged Chu Feng’s neck with her delicate hands.

Lil Mei’s eyes squinted into two sweet crescents and happiness was written all across her face. With a very gentle tone, she said, “Regarding this, I’ll have to begin the story from the day when you left the Eastern Sea Region.”

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