MGA – Chapter 1400

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MGA: Chapter 1400 – Already Arrived

“This is the actual defensive formation that I’ve set up. As for the one that you shattered earlier, it was merely a concealing formation.”

“As a world spiritist, you actually did not even know this?” Chu Feng stood within the golden rhinoceros and spoke with a beaming smile on his face.

“Humph, did you think that your insignificant talent of deliberately making things mysterious would be sufficient to allow you to win against me?”

“I can tell you this with certainty. Regardless of how calculating you might be, there will only be a single result in the end. That is, that you will be defeated and I will be the victor,” Chen Mu said coldly.

“Hah…” Faced with Chen Mu’s disdain, Chu Feng merely smiled and did not say anything. After that, Chu Feng lightly pointed his finger, and his golden rhinoceros snarled with a low voice.

“Roaarr~~~” After the snarl, the golden rhinoceros started to charge forward toward Chen Mu’s Adamantine Barrier Formation.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh,” At this moment, the Adamantine Barrier Formation once again unleashed countless frightening golden spears, displaying its characteristic of being able to be used both defensively and offensively. With might capable of penetrating the air and space, those spears were explosively shot toward Chu Feng’s golden rhinoceros.

However, those frightening spears were actually powerless before the golden rhinoceros, either breaking apart or shattering upon impact. The might that they had displayed as they had pierced through Chu Feng’s concealing formation had now vanished completely. In fact, they were unable to even stop the golden rhinoceros from continuing its charge.

At this time, under Chu Feng’s control, the golden rhinoceros arrived at the Adamantine Barrier Formation. Furthermore, it violently thrust its enormous horn into the Adamantine Barrier Formation.

A loud “Bang!” was heard. Following that, not only did the Adamantine Barrier Formation start to tremble, even heaven and earth began to tremble. Many of the experts present were unable to withstand the might of the golden rhinoceros and began to lose their balance, swaying in midair.

However, this was only the beginning. Following that initial thrust of its horn, the golden rhinoceros unleashed a tempest-like series of attacks. Its enormous horn began to continuously bombard Chen Mu’s Adamantine Barrier Formation.

“Damn it,” In this sort of situation, Chen Mu started to frown deeply. Unease filled his face. He finally realized how serious of a situation he was in. The golden rhinoceros formation that Chu Feng had set up greatly surpassed his imagination. If this were to continue, even his Adamantine Barrier Formation would not be able to maintain its defense.

“Don’t think that you’ll be able to break apart this formation! Today, I, Chen Mu, am definitely going to win!”

Filled with unease, Chen Mu actually shouted loudly. After that, he sat cross-legged on the ground and unleashed his golden spirit power. As his golden spirit power soared out from his body, it entered his Adamantine Barrier Formation. Chen Mu had decided to go all out.

With Chen Mu who was giving his all to strengthen the Adamantine Barrier Formation, the Adamantine Barrier Formation really became more valiant.

However, unfortunately, Chu Feng’s golden rhinoceros’s attack was truly too ferocious. Even though the strength of the Adamantine Barrier Formation had increased, it was still unable to withstand Chu Feng’s golden rhinoceros’s frantic attacks.

After a series of violent, continuous attacks, thick cracks had begun to appear on the Adamantine Barrier Formation. Furthermore, those cracks were even rapidly expanding in size and rapidly increasing in number.

“How could this be? Exactly what sort of formation did this Chu Feng setup? How is it possible that it is capable of breaking apart the Adamantine Barrier Formation?” Seeing this scene, many people from the World Spiritist Alliance felt disbelief.

After all, the Adamantine Barrier Formation was a spirit formation that had managed to defend against the combined attacks of many Half Martial Emperor-level experts. Logically, even if Chu Feng’s golden rhinoceros were powerful, it should still be impossible for it to break apart the Adamantine Barrier Formation.


Right at this time, a heaven-shockingly loud explosion sounded. Following that loud explosion, the previously glorious and magnificent Adamantine Barrier Formation was shattered into pieces.

The Adamantine Barrier Formation that should have been invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable was actually completely destroyed by Chu Feng’s golden rhinoceros.

At the same time that the Adamantine Barrier Formation was destroyed, Chen Mu, who had been giving his all to strength the Adamantine Barrier Formation, also received a backlash and suffered injuries. Although he was still sitting cross-legged on the ground, he had already vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Following that mouthful of blood, Chen Mu’s complexion turned deathly pale and his aura grew extremely weak. Although he did not receive a head-on attack from Chu Feng, he had received a pretty intense internal injury as a backlash from the destruction of his Adamantine Barrier Formation.

“Impossible, impossible, this is absolutely impossible!”

“You’re cheating! You fucking cheated! We clearly that we were to compete in defensive formations. Yet, exactly what the fuck is this thing here? How could that even be considered to be a defensive formation? It is clearly an offensive formation!” Chen Mu snarled in anger.

Although he had received internal injuries, what he could not accept the most was the truth of his crushing defeat.

“Hah, so this is the person ranked sixth on the World Spiritist Succession List? Turns out you’re nothing more than a clown,” Chu Feng laughed disdainfully at Chen Mu’s criticism and refuted him with mockery.
“Fucking bastard, who are you calling a clown?” Hearing those words, Chen Mu was greatly enraged. As he spoke, he actually wanted to attack Chu Feng.

“Roarr~~~” However, before Chen Mu could approach Chu Feng, the golden rhinoceros violently stomped on the ground. The stomp created energy ripples that forced Chen Mu back several meters into the crowd.
“Offense is the best defense. Besides, my Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation is not only capable of attacking, it can also be used defensively. If you remain unconvinced, you can try attacking me.”

“You can go all-out in your attack. Even using martial power is fine. The only thing that I fear is that you will be unable to shake my Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation in the slightest,” Chu Feng said provokingly as he looked to Chen Mu that had been knocked into the crowd.


“Puu…” Chu Feng’s words greatly angered Chen Mu, and caused him to vomit another mouthful of blood.

Chen Mu knew very well in his heart how powerful Chu Feng’s so-called Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation really was.

Offense and defense were an integral whole. With how ferocious its offensive might was, its defensive power would be equally as strong. Even if he were to use martial power, with his battle power, it would likely be impossible for him to defeat Chu Feng’s formation.
Silence. At this time when even Chen Mu was unable to say anything, the several tens of thousands of people present entered a state of deathly silence once again.

They became speechless. It would have been one thing if they had been defeated by Chu Feng in terms of battle power. However, at this moment, in a match of world spirit techniques, they had lost to Chu Feng again.

At this moment, many of the people from the World Spiritist Alliance felt that they had lost all face and all sense of superiority to Chu Feng.
“Trash, truly trash! I have educated him for so many years in vain. He actually used my Adamantine Barrier Formation and lost to a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. My famous reputation is all ruined by his hands!”

At this moment, Chen Sanyuan, who was located several miles away from the crowd, was gnashing his teeth in anger with an ashen complexion.

The Adamantine Barrier Formation was the one thing that had made him extremely famous. Yet, today, it had been defiled by this descendant of his.

“That Chu Feng is very powerful. It is only natural for Chen Mu to lose to him,” Zhao Qinghen said.

“What do you mean by natural? A disciple of our World Spiritist Alliance has been defeated by a disciple from the Cyanwood Mountain in terms of world spirit techniques, how could that be seen as natural?” Chen Sanyuan said in anger.

“Haha, don’t be so angry. I will not allow this brat from the Cyanwood Mountain to enjoy the limelight in our World Spiritist Alliance,” Zhao Qinghen said with a beaming smile. Contained within his eyes was craftiness and deep foresight.

“Could it be, you already…” Hearing those words, Chen Sanyuan seemed to have thought of something.

“Rest assured, he’s already arrived,” As Zhao Qinghen said those words, he turned his smiling gaze in the direction where Chu Feng and the others were.

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      1. which is remarkable because if they were really so stupid they would never be able to cultivate to such a high level. although authors often skirt around that whole issue. on the point of willpower alone they never would be able to attain a high cultivation, because they lose their sh.t so easily it’s laughable. most of these people give off the impression that they are unable to sit still for more than 2 minutes, so they even lose out on the point of dedication as they often seem to have more time to bully random people than actually grow stronger.

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      1. Challenges to the mc? That’s great, but this author isn’t good at it, at all. I know some novels where the mc is kicking arses everywhere yet it’s still somehow interesting and refreshing most of the time, like “library of heaven’s path”. In this novel, however, the author just recycles his previous arcs and scenes until we don’t even have to read a chapter to know every single detail.

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        At least other authors try to variate a bit and shift things around, try to be a little bit original, but this author doesn’t. It’s all just about how to sh*t out the most chapters with the least content possible.

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