MGA – Chapter 137

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MGA: Chapter 137 – Divine Body Bestowed by Heaven


Chu Feng’s actions tied up the surrounding people’s tongues and they were dumbfounded. They were so shocked that their jaws fell to the ground. Especially that big person with sideburns. His face was ashen and it was as ugly as it could get.

Spiritual beads. How precious were they? For that Ferghana horse, he looked everywhere and he only got one after extreme difficulties in order to buy that horse.

Who would have thought that such an ordinary looking young man would take two out as he wished? One of them was even for the attendant! It really made him want to vomit blood out because he knew that the Ferghana horse in which he admired for a long time was fated to belong to another person.

Compared to the big person’s blood vomiting, the others were admiring and envying. Admiration towards “the fallen riches from the sky” that the attendant got. One spiritual bead was equivalent to a hundred taels of gold and it was given to the attendant just like that. It was enough for him to richly live his life with no worries.

At that instant, all of the gazes towards Chu Feng changed. No one dared to have even a single strand of scorn, rather, they were incomparably deferential. Some people even started to smile while facing Chu Feng and hoped that Chu Feng would reward them with something from a burst of happiness.

“Young master, this Ferghana horse belongs to you. I will go right now to prepare some good wine and dishes for you.” That attendant was so pleased that flowers blossomed on his face and his huge smile was even going to reach behind his ears and he could not even stop smiling.

“Prepare a top-class room for me as well.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and waved his hand.

“No problem. The best room will certainly be prepared and provided for your resting.” The attendant first returned the spiritual bead back to the big person, then carefully put the two spiritual beads away, and finally he joyfully went to prepare a room for Chu Feng.

Chu Feng smiled while sweeping a glance at that big person with sideburns and said, “Does my Cosmos Sack look like a fake one anymore?”

“Hmph. So what if you have money? This Ferghana horse cannot be tamed without a certain cultivation. You better be careful or else you won’t even be able to leave.” The big person coldly snorted and said.

“No need to worry about that.” Chu Feng smiled and went towards the direction of the rooms. The funniest thing was that the ordinary citizens rushed and surrounded Chu Feng, wanting to lead the way for him.

“Boss, this Ferghana horse is given to him just like that?” As the looked at the departing back of Chu Feng, the group of big persons all gathered around.

“Give it to him?” The big person with sideburns put the returned spiritual bead back to his pocket and quietly said, “Ask around and find out where this little child is going. How can we miss such a huge, fat sheep?”

Chu Feng arrived at the area with the guest rooms and the attendant already prepared a top-class room for him. Very quickly, he brought good wine and food over for Chu Feng. His attitude was enthusiastic and his service was thorough.

After the lesson of the fragrant tea, Chu Feng became more cautious. He first used his Spirit power to scan over it, and after confirming that the wine and dishes were without problem, he started to fill himself with food.

After eating, Chu Feng did not hurry to leave the horse station. He laid a Spirit Formation in the room first and started to refine the spiritual and Origin beads in his Cosmos Sack. After all, he did not know whether he was going to have good or bad luck on his journey so it was better to raise his own cultivation first.

Chu Feng started with the spiritual beads. Following his growth in strength, his spiritual bead refinement speed got even more terrifying. Several thousand spiritual beads were finished after a short while and they were all consumed by the Divine Lightning within his dantian. However, after refining the several thousand spiritual beads, despite having great changes in his dantian, there was no feeling of breakthrough.

“Heavens, your appetite is getting bigger and bigger! Who can even continue raising you up like this?”

Chu Feng was very speechless. Suddenly, he cherished the times when he could breakthrough with just a few Saint Spirit Grasses. Looking at it now, he could not even breakthrough a single level with several thousand spiritual beads.

If he arrived at the Origin realm, Profound realm, or even the Heaven realm, Chu Feng did not dare to imagine how much wealth he would need to exhaust in order to make himself grow. His future was his present, and he was facing a huge and difficult problem.

“Don’t complain about this. There is a knack for your Divine Lightning in your body. If I’m not mistaken, you should also have aDivine Body that is bestowed by heaven.” Just at that time, Eggy’s light and pleasant voice rang out.

“Divine Body bestowed by heaven? What’s that?” Chu Feng was greatly shocked.

“It is a special type of body. When that body is born, it is be accompanied by unusual displays in the world. Those unusual displays usually represent the special abilities grasped by a person who has a Divine Body as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the abilities.”

“If I’m correct in my estimations, Qingxuantian, who created the Emperor Tombs, should be a person with a Divine Body. His achievements that year and his special physique has an inseparable relationship with it.” Eggy explained.

“That means the Divine Lightning in my dantian was originally one with me?” Chu Feng rejoiced because he always felt that the Divine Lightning in his body was an organism that forcefully entered his body. Chu Feng was always muddled by its objective.

However, after hearing Eggy’s words, he felt a lot relieved because most likely, the Godly Lighting was originally one with him. It entered his body only to make him become stronger and it would absolutely not harm him.

“Don’t celebrate too early. A Divine Body is brought innately and the unusual displays also appears when one is born. The special abilities are also revealed after martial cultivation.”

“However, you.. Although there was indeed an unusual display on that year, only after you grew up did the Divine Lightning enter your body. Cultivating up until now, other than being quicker in cultivation than others and having a lot higher spiritual energy quality than others, no special abilities were discovered.”

“So, I cannot be sure that you have a Divine Body. However, I can be sure that the Divine Lightning in your body is a good thing and it will make you stronger. As long as you find the resources in the Emperor Tombs, perhaps you can even exceed a person like Qingxuantian.” Eggy reminded.

“Mm. I don’t care whether I have a Divine Body or not, but as long as there are enough resources, I can certainly rapidly become stronger.” Chu Feng’s confidence instantly multiplied as he started to refine the Origin beads.

One Origin bead entered his belly. It did not disperse into spiritual energy, but Origin power. It had to be said that there was an extremely huge difference in quality between Origin power and spiritual energy.

However, within Chu Feng’s body, the Origin power converted into huge amounts of spiritual energy. To the current Chu Feng, even if he took in 100 spiritual beads, there wouldn’t be too big of a reaction in his dantian. However, when that single Origin bead entered his belly, he clearly felt change in his dantian. That also showed the impressiveness of Origin beads.

“These Origin beads really are good things.” Chu Feng was very pleased and he just swallowed the Origin beads he had all at once.

After consuming them, they instantly changed into the boundless spiritual energy. But that strong spiritual energy could not even wreak havoc in his body before being consumed by the Divine Lightning in Chu Feng’s dantian in one bite.

It was so straightforward as well, as if it was not even worth mentioning such strong spiritual energy in front of it. It was like it was not even enough to fill the cracks within its teeth.

However, the most exciting thing to Chu Feng was when the boundless spiritual energy got consumed all at once by the Divine Lightning, Chu Feng’s aura quickly started to rise. Change happened in terms of quality and he already entered to the peak of the Spirit realm, the 9th level of the Spirit realm.

The thing that thrilled Chu Feng was that not only did the strengthening feeling not slow down, it kept on increasing.

“Is it possible that I can break through into the Origin realm all at once?”

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