MGA – Chapter 1354

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MGA: Chapter 1354 – Ancestral Worship Ceremony

“Very well, at that time, we three siblings will let you know what it means to be true geniuses. At the same time, we will make sure that you are battered so badly that you will be inferior to dogs and pigs and you will not dare to step half a foot into our Sealing Ancient Village.”

“Oh, that’s right. You too, your end will be the same as his,” As Zhou Long spoke, he pointed his finger to Wang Qiang, who was watching the show behind Chu Feng.

“Ai, ai, ai, aiyah. Wh, what does this ha, have to do with me?” Wang Qiang spread his hands apart and said innocently.

However, Zhou Long completely ignored Wang Qiang. He turned around and prepared to leave. However, after several steps, he suddenly stopped and turned back around.

Then, he said to Grandpa Song and Granny Lin, “Oh, that’s right. Elders, a couple days from now, when this ancestral worship ceremony is over, Lord Village Chief is planning to officially transfer his status of the village chief to my grandfather.”

“At that time, Lord Village Chief will be entering closed-door training. At that time, all matters regarding the village will be handed over to my grandfather to manage. At that time, my grandfather will become the Sealing Ancient Village’s Lord Village Chief.”

“At that time, you two can report us to the Lord Village Chief any time you want.”

“However, my grandfather has always been a very strict and impartial person. He will definitely know who is in the wrong and who is in the right. Even though you possess the status of elders, it will still not protect you.”

“Thus, I suggest that the two of you carefully consider your actions in the future. You must not try to use your status as elders to your advantage. After all, not everyone will give you two face.”

“Hahahaha…” After he finished saying these words, Zhou Long turned around and left. As he was leaving, he even let out an extremely ear-piercing laugh.

After Zhou Long left, Zhou Hu and Zhou Feng also followed behind him. As Zhou Hu left, he even uttered with a low voice, “Ignorant old fools. Fight against us? You’re simply courting death. Humph.” His attitude was extremely vile.

At this time, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin’s expressions turned very ugly. That was because not only was Zhou Long threatening them, he was also informing them in advance that in several more days, the Sealing Ancient Village would be under their Zhou family’s rule. At that time, Grandpa Song and Granny Ling would begin their suffering.

“Sigh~~~~” At this time, the surrounding crowd also began to leave in succession.

Although they did not say anything, the older generations, regardless of whether they might be villagers or guests, were unable to stop themselves from sighing deeply as they left.

People like them had been through the hardships of life and experienced all sorts of things. They possessed keener gazes and knew about more things.

The reason why they sighed, and sighed so helplessly, was because they felt that once the Sealing Ancient Village ended up in the hands of the Zhou Family, that bunch of rude, unreasonable and arrogant people, they would likely offend a lot of people.

However, even though the Sealing Ancient Village had been in existence for so long, its power had never once increased; it was already settled. No matter how much more powerful they would become, they would never be extremely powerful.

If the Sealing Ancient Village’s future rulers were going to continue to be so unreasonable both domestically and to foreigners, they would inevitably offend a lot of people and lead the Sealing Ancient Village down a path of decline.

As the Sealing Ancient Village was an old and well-known power that had been around for many years, if they were to enter a path of decline, then, regardless of whether it might be the people from the village or the observers from outside the village, none of them would wish to see such a scene.

Unfortunately, this change in the Sealing Ancient Village was something that the villagers and outsiders could only observe. They could only look on helplessly as it happened before their eyes without being able to do anything about it. They felt very helpless, thus, they sighed.

“Grandpa Song, Granny Lin, it seems that I have created trouble for you two,” After everyone left, Chu Feng spoke apologetically.

“Ai, how could this be considered to be trouble? We merely spoke some words of justice. Furthermore, those three children are truly too excessive. As people from the Sealing Ancient Village, we also cannot look on as they continue with their behavior,” Grandpa Song said as he feigned indifference. However, the smile on his face was a forced smile.

“It, it, it’s fine. La, later on, in the com, competition of sp, spirit energy, I, I’ll te, teach them a le, lesson,” At this time, Wang Qiang vowed.

“Haha…” Hearing those words, both Grandpa Song and Granny Lin laughed. However, the two of them also cast their gazes onto Chu Feng.

The two of them also wished that someone could teach the three Zhou siblings a lesson by defeating them in world spirit techniques, so that they could know how high the sky was and how deep the earth was. That would be both a lesson for them and would also allow them to learn from their mistakes.

Merely, the person that they had placed that hope in was not Wang Qiang. Instead, it was Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was a very smart individual. From Grandpa Song and Granny Lin’s gazes, he was able to realize their intentions. Thus, Chu Feng smiled slightly and said, “Rest assured, I will not disappoint you two.”

“Haha, very good…” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin both laughed joyfully. This time around, their laughter was truly from the bottoms of their hearts.

After this, Grandpa Song and Granny Lin feared that the three Zhou siblings would come to make troubles for Chu Feng again. Thus, they personally saw Chu Feng off to the location where the ancestral worship ceremony would be held. As there were a lot of people in that place, not to mention the Zhou siblings, no one in the entire Sealing Ancient Village would dare to make trouble there.

The two of them had also planned to arrange for Chu Feng to be seated in a distinguished guest seat. As they were elders, this sort of power was something that they possessed.

As for Wang Qiang, he shamelessly followed them. It was evident that he planned to follow Chu Feng and obtain a distinguished guest seat for himself.

On the way there, Eggy said in a slightly worried manner, “Chu Feng, based on what that Zhou Long said earlier, his grandfather, the vice village chief, is about to become the official village chief. In that case, wouldn’t the Sealing Ancient Village become their Zhou Family’s world?”

“As for you, you still need to steal that Sealing Glacier. Is it really a good idea for you to go against them like this?”

“From a single glance, I can tell that those three Zhou siblings are not good people. If their grandfather is like them, then it means that the Sealing Ancient Village appears to be under the rule of scum.”

“If the village chief of the Sealing Ancient Village is going to be scum, I will not feel as guilty for stealing their Sealing Glacier. In fact, I will even feel good for doing so.”

“As for the fact that I have gone against them, it means that I will definitely end up suffering difficulties at their hands. If I am able to steal the Sealing Glacier before their grandfather becomes the next village chief, it would be fine. However, if I were to be unable to steal it even after their grandfather becomes the village chief, then the difficulty of stealing the Sealing Glacier will definitely increase greatly.”

“However, what difference does this make? As long as I want to steal it, there will inevitably be a way for me to steal it. However, to have me yield to scum like them is an impossibility,” Chu Feng replied.

“Not bad, not bad. This queen is fond of your moral integrity,” After learning about Chu Feng’s stubborn way of thinking, not only did Eggy not try to sway Chu Feng against it, she even expressed her support and smiled a sweet smile on her pretty little face.

Just like this, being led by Grandpa Song and Granny Lin, Chu Feng arrived at the Sealing Ancient Village’s central district. There was an ancient pagoda located in this place. This ancient pagoda was the location the ancestral worship ceremony would be held in.

However, due to the fact that the ancient pagoda was not very large, it was impossible for there to be a lot of people in the pagoda at the same time. As such, people could only wait outside.

At this time, there were all kinds of seats located on the plaza. There were seats for guests and seats for villagers. Furthermore, a feast was already prepared for everyone. Essentially, other than the three Zhou siblings that were rather rude, the Sealing Ancient Village was actually extremely hospitable toward their guests.

As for Chu Feng, he was naturally seated at a distinguished guest seat because of his relationship with Grandpa Song and Granny Lin. As for Wang Qiang, because of Chu Feng, he also managed to obtain a distinguished guest seat.

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