MGA – Chapter 134

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MGA: Chapter 134 – Hungry Wolf Pouncing on the White Rabbit


Chu Feng massaged his aching brain and gradually opened his eyes. As he was in a daze, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth because he remembered that he had a very beautiful dream. So beautiful that he was not even willing to wake up from it. Within the dream, he did a very comfortable thing. Although he forgot about the details and people, it was very beautiful and hard to forget.

“Su Rou!” But when Chu Feng saw Su Rou who was completely bare-naked next to him and the bloodstain on the ground, he was instantly disarrayed.

Associating back to the fragments of memory, Chu Feng thought of an inconceivable thing. It was that he forced Su Mei’s elder sister, the second lady of the Su family, Su Rou, down.

“My Gods, why did I do such a thing?” Chu Feng was completely dumbfounded and he did not know what to do.

“No need to blame yourself. This was not your fault.” Su Rou’s had a very cold expression and her voice was very calm. It seemed that she already woke up a long time ago and organized her own emotions. Su Rou stood up, and her pure white, perfect body appeared in front of Chu Feng’s eyes again.

“This…” Seeing that, Chu Feng subconsciously turned his head away and didn’t dare to look.

“No need to put up an act. You’ve already seen enough last night.”

Su Rou grinded her teeth and bit her lower lip. She was really furious because not only did Chu Feng look all over her body last night, he even took away her most precious chastity.

Although she knew that Chu Feng’s actions yesterday were not done voluntarily, when she saw Chu Feng currently having such upright behavior and had such an ashamed expression, Su Rou was still extremely angry.

From Su Rou’s words, Chu Feng thought about it, and he agreed. As a man, one should be able to dare to act courageously and dare to take responsibility. Since it already happened, how could he escape his responsibility? So, he turned his already turned head back and looked at Su Rou’s so-called perfect body.

Although that glance seemed insignificant, Chu Feng instantly reacted to it. It wasn’t that Chu Feng had uncontrollable lust, it was just in front of such a beautiful woman, those who were male would have a reaction. Not to mention that Chu Feng monopolized the sight in front of him.

Su Rou didn’t pay attention to Chu Feng either. She wore her pink dudou in front of him and also her snow-white cheongsam. However, when she turned her head and saw an upright object, her expression couldn’t help but change as she coldly reprimanded,

“My cultivation has already returned. If you dare to have any evil thoughts towards me, I will break you.”

“I will take responsibility.” Chu Feng was not afraid and instead, he solemnly vowed.

“I don’t need you to take responsibility, and I hope that you don’t spread this out. Also…don’t turn your back on little Mei.” Su Rou gnashed her teeth and said the last few words.

“Don’t worry. I won’t betray little Mei, but I won’t betray you either. I will marry you two sisters.” Chu Feng said extremely seriously.

“You…” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Su Rou’s little face paled from anger and after that, she fiercely shot Chu Feng a glance and said, “You really are too greedy.”

After saying those words, Su Rou quickly walked out of the bathroom. However, after turning the corner, she stopped and leaned against the wall. She muttered to herself, “Strange. Why am I so angry? What is that sour feeling in my heart?”

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41 thoughts on “MGA – Chapter 134” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. What do you mean he’s being a man about it?
      If someone paralyzed your body, and guided your limbs to stab someone — would you be the one to sit in the electric chair for it?

      “Being a man”….He’s taking responsibility for the wrong thing. In a f*cked up way, you can say her own father penetrated her, put up the responsibility to him.
      Seriously, this chapter just pissed me off. I can understand that ChuFeng is 15 years old, and is not that emotionally-intelligent, but I thought that at least him, of all people, would realize he is being manipulated and forced into a corner — and his good ol’ trigger would spring up.

      “Trying to force me!? Nobody does that!”
      What happened to that attitude, huh? What a loud of bloody shit, ffs….
      I really hate this pseudo-chivalrous behavior.

      1. No matter what he took away her verginity. People in the east really do care about that and doing that meant Su Rou would undoughtedly lose face. But if Che Feng cut his losses, showed some guts, it meant that Su Rou would not lose face. So he is manning up not because he is stuck in a corner but not doing so would make a kind person like Che Feng hate himself.

  1. Chufeng better, and I mean better, man the HELL up and destroy those old bastards!
    I wasn’t expecting him to say he’d marry both of them though, that kind of made me laugh uncomfortably.

    Hah hah hah… err… hah.

    1. No kidding. Take responsibility by killing her father, not by marrying her.
      Both of them are victims, why do THEY need to pick up the debris?

      A bunch of idiots. This entire plan is stupid and makes no sense. He was already on extremely good turns with Mei, by forcing him to r4pe her elder sister, they had an extremely high probability to make the entire party collapse and disband.

      The only way this entire plan would make sense, is if the one responsible would be the Shangguan clan, the one whom Su Mei was a fiance’ of.
      By setting Chu Feng against Su Mei’s elder sister, their lil’ love circle would be broken, and Mei could potentially be sold to the Shangguan clan.

      I’ll go with that.
      That makes a lot more sense to me. Even though the narrative told us otherwise, I’d still go with that. Because, roping Chu Feng through force is an insanely retarded idea…And if that plan works, I’ll kill the author.

  2. I hate rape. I seriously do.. but I can’t blame Chufeng. I mean, he was drugged and still fought against it.. In the end, I just hope he will give Suhen a real good punishment.

    I always knew there would be a rape scene in this story and hesitated a bit before reading it and I was prepared for it.. but never expected it would be between Chufeng and Surou.

    1. ”I always knew there would be a rape scene in this story and hesitated a bit before reading it and I was prepared for it.. but never expected it would be between Chufeng and Surou.” same here that really caught me off guard but if it wasn’t with Chu Feng i really would have droped this…

  3. Okay now I’m angry! What the hell is this? has the author gone nutts! I thought it’ll be worst but i didn’t think it’d be this shitty! falling in love with little sister and then screwing the big sister??? and to top it he says he’ll marry both! arrrr….I don’t even know what to say? that asshole bitch of a father! he should have the worst death possible! aaaah! That stupid idiot should’ve listened to eggy and left right away!! this is freaking frustrating, and I’m soooo irritated!!!

  4. Crap…I am kinda pissed…..
    Well, her father cant do anything to him..
    So he should try to break his arm soon to or else I shall still be pissed for quite a while…..

  5. Chufeng is so lucky. I bet instead of him being pissed off about falling into a trap…he is now in fact very happy since he actually “did” with a beauty like surou. They both got each first time..but it gotta be sh1t for her to have her first time like that (chufeng was completely in beast mode).

    Thanks for the chapter.

  6. Yep, it’s so irritating!!!
    I can’t believe that the author made Chu Feng into like that!!!!
    Dad won’t die because he is family of the sisters, but he didn’t honor the promise/bet between the both of them…. Daddy is the worst

  7. oh god i hate the author so much right now. i fkin haaate rape. i feel like this was author trying to forcefully make a harem for chu feng. ugh this is gonna leave a horrible taste in my mouth

      1. What I don’t get is everyone is making our hero out to be the bad guy in the comments, he was roofied and raped as much as Su Rou was. He had no choice in the matter. He tried to fight it and had his ability to do so cut off he even tried to get her to run away as he could feel his control slipping away. He had no real feeling other than friendship for the woman and now is going to be tied to her in order to do the honorable thing most likely ruining his relationship with both women. I feel sorry for both parties in this as they had a lot of their hopes for the future smashed by a real bastard.

        1. ”What I don’t get is everyone is making our hero out to be the bad guy in the comments” i wasn’t making Chu Feng be the bad guy i was only worried about the reactions of the sisters in the future chapters.

  8. “Strange. Why am I so angry? What is that sour feeling in my heart?”

    1. Seriously, it just ruins the story when you basically continue the plot with some idiot instigating something and then acting out because they feel wronged based on the actions they received after their instigations. Sure, it actually helps make the plot more interesting to use it once in a while, but when your just using the same scenario over and over again to develop plot, it ruins the story. Seriously, I can’t even count how many times I have seen, “I must kill him, I cannot risk letting him develop any further or else he will become a threat to me in the future, even though he would most likely never realize my existence if I just let him be” or “oh no, now I have attack you because you beat the sh*t out of my sibling while he was trying to murder you and then get the sh*t beaten out of me and then have my clan come…etc” or “me angry, u has woman I like even though women doesn’t even know who I is, so now me has to beat you”. Seriously, almost every story that I have been reading has just overused these three scenarios to continue the story on for hundreds of chapters.

  9. they couldn’t let this happen naturally? Also while being happy that I tapped that I would be pissed because I wasn’t in control and she got pregnant…the perpetrator would die gruesomely.

  10. Well, I guess the author couldn’t manage to find a better way to get su rou interested in the mc. Still, the scene was pretty amusing overall, so I don’t see anything that bad. It’s not like she went into a deep depression and is considering suicide or anything, she’s just mad, rightfully so. The mc should be as well, kick that city lord half to death, please.

    Seems like a lot of people were deeply offended by this scene though 😛 If we consider that he exterminated entire clans down to children and normal adults+old people along with everyone else who were probably innocent, even if he raped someone out of his own initiative I wouldn’t really care as that is far more mild than killing everyone in an entire clan, you can’t even compare the two. Geez, rape in a chinese novel and people is screaming bloody murder, what are they even doing here reading this?

    Let’s just proceed on, the mc just wanted su rou to get into the harem and give rise to some conflict between the father and daughter(and mc). I’m not really fond of mcs getting controlled by aphrodisiacs and raping someone, but at least it wasn’t that bad in this novel, in SOTR I dropped the novel after the same thing happened but with an annoying bitch who the mc didn’t even like in any way… That novel also wasn’t one where stuff like this would be acceptable. The development afterwards were also horrible(read a few chapters more to check it out). Oh well, this novel is far more interesting and amusing compared to SOTR.

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