MGA – Chapter 1330

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MGA: Chapter 1330 – Hong Qiang’s True Strength

“Hong Qiang, if you still refuse to show yourself, then do not blame me for being ruthless to them,” The Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster said.

He felt that because Hong Qiang had expelled all of the Discarded Bamboo Forest’s disciples and left only Li Xiang and Lil Ming, it meant that he must hold some sort of extraordinary concern for them.

At a time when Hong Qiang could not be found, Li Xiang and Lil Ming would definitely be the main way to find him.

Unfortunately, even after he said those words, there was still no reaction from Hong Qiang.

Seeing this, the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster started to frown. He said, “I’ll count to three. After three, if you still do not show yourself, I’ll kill them.”

Hearing those words, Li Xiang and Lil Ming were so scared that they closed their eyes shut with sweat pouring out of their shivering bodies.

The two of them were truly frightened. They were certain that Hong Qiang would not save them and that they would be killed.






The Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster’s voice echoed in succession.

When he counted to three, there was still no reaction from Hong Qiang. At this time, everyone was certain that Hong Qiang would not show himself.

He would not show himself for the sake of Li Xiang and Lil Ming because he was afraid of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster.

Thus, at this time, those people who hated Hong Qiang and feared Hong Qiang all felt extreme joy and pleasure in their hearts.

That was because someone from the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest was finally able to suppress Hong Qiang.

In fact, even the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster was thinking this way.

“Hong Qiang, it would appear that even if they are to die, you still refuse to show yourself.”

“However, you must remember that their deaths have been caused by you.”

When he said those words, the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster’s expression turned cold. He waved his sleeve, and those two bamboo sticks began to shine with light and were filled with killing intent as they shot toward Li Xiang and Lil Ming.


However, right at this moment, a gale suddenly rose in the distance. With lightning speed and powerful might capable of sweeping away all the clouds, the gale arrived.

The gale lifted up the sands, moved rocks, caused soil to overturn and bamboo leaves to snap; smoke and dust soon filled the air. This sort of violent gale appeared in an instant and arrived before the two bamboo sticks.

“You finally decided to show yourself? Unfortunately for you, you will not be able to save them.”

Seeing this scene, the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster coldly snorted. At the same time, his eyes flashed with an even greater killing intent. Using all his power, he began to control those two bamboo sticks. He was planning to pierce through the gale and kill Li Xiang and Lil Ming.

When the two attacks collided with one another, there would definitely be a loser and a winner. “Bang, bang.” The gale started to dissipate. However, at the time when the gale dissipated, the bamboo sticks had already been shattered into nothingness.

At the same time, a boundlessly powerful oppressive might landed from the sky. Other than Li Xiang and Lil Ming, all of the other people present felt that enormous pressure.

Immediately afterward, two figures appeared in the sky and landed before Li Xiang and Lil Ming.

These two people were the two men who had just come out from the cave, Hong Qiang and Chu Feng.

“Heavens, they are…”

“It’s Hong Qiang and Chu Feng.”

“They… they actually dared to appear?”

When they saw these two men, the expressions of everyone in the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest changed.

Especially those people who had seen how powerful Hong Qiang was. Their inner delight and their mocking expressions instantly disappeared, only to be replaced with a deep sense of fear and alarm.

At this time, many of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s experts felt hesitation in their hearts.

This Hong Qiang actually did not fear even the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster and the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head; could it be that he was so powerful that no one in the entire Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest could contend against him?

“Senior brother Li Xiang, junior brother Lil Ming.”

When Chu Feng appeared, he disregarded all the reactions from the crowd and hurriedly untied Li Xiang and Lil Ming and began to heal their injuries.

“Junior brother Chu Feng? We’re saved?” Li Xiang opened his eyes and saw that Chu Feng was currently healing his injuries. Then, he saw that Hong Qiang was standing before them. At this time, he felt as if he was dreaming, as if he had just gone through the gates of hell and come back.

As for Lil Ming, although he did not say anything, he was unable to contain his tears, and actually threw himself into Chu Feng’s bosom and began to loudly cry like a child that had just received an enormous grievance.

Ultimately, he still really was only a child.

“Rest assured, no one will be able to harm you two again.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he looked to the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster, who was leading the army of all the people from the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest and standing in the air.

Never would he ever have imagined that the grand headmaster of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest would refuse to listen to reason, refuse to distinguish between right and wrong, and would come to suppress Hong Qiang and regard him as a thorn right away.

For the sake of luring Hong Qiang out, he, for no reason or cause, attacked Li Xiang and Lil Ming. That was the behavior of a cowardly individual.

It was one thing for those muddleheaded bamboo forest heads and elders to act this way. However, Chu Feng hadn’t expected that even the grand headmaster of the sect would actually act this egregiously as well. If the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest were to continue on like this, then their doomsday would be near.

As for Hong Qiang, he was much calmer than Chu Feng. Standing before Chu Feng, Li Xiang and Lil Ming, he was neither worried nor hot-headed, neither angry nor anxious. Instead, he had a slight smile on his face.
He looked to the head of the Colorful Bamboo Forest and the headmaster of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest in the middle of the sky and said, “Originally, I, Hong Qiang, only wished to spend my latter years peacefully in this place. I planned to not stir up trouble and not offend others while living my life as a graceful hermit.”
“However, never did I imagine that you all would refuse to give me this opportunity.”
“Since you all refuse to give me this opportunity, then you cannot blame me for not giving you all a chance either.”
“What well-spoken words. Not give us a chance, you say? What exactly were you thinking that you could do to us?” The Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head laughed mockingly.
Regardless of how powerful Hong Qiang might be, to him, the head of the Discarded Bamboo Forest was nothing more than trash.
“Heh.” However, Hong Qiang did not refute the Colorful Bamboo Forest’s head’s ridicule. Instead, he laughed, lightly and indifferently. Yet, he also appeared to be extremely domineering.
“Hong Qiang, with how high your cultivation is, you were actually willing to be the head of the Discarded Bamboo Forest. Exactly what is the evil intention that you harbor? It would be best for you to confess honestly,” The Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster inquired with a cold voice. At the same time, his voice was filled with killing intent.
He felt that someone as powerful as Hong Qiang, regardless of what sort of origins he might have, would definitely have some sort of scheme for infiltrating the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest. Furthermore, he felt that what Hong Qiang was scheming for was very likely his position of headmaster. Thus, he felt that he had to eliminate Hong Qiang and, not leave behind any danger for his position.
“I did not joined the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest with any scheme. I had truly only wanted to be live a peaceful lifestyle as a hermit.”
“However, never did I imagine that you two brothers would be this muddleheaded. Under your charge, the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest has turned into a total mess.”
“While it is one thing for the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest to turn into a mess under your charge, why must you insist on coming to my place to provoke me?”
“As matters stood, I was forced to reveal some of my strength. You must know that all of this was forced upon me by you all.”
Speaking till this point, Hong Qiang’s expression suddenly turned cold.
In an instant, the sky turned dark, and this region appeared to have sunk into the end of the world.
Strong gales that whistled with sounds like the howling of wolves and crying of ghosts appeared.
The world began to tremble nonstop. It was as if it was about to split apart. Even just standing had become extremely difficult.

However, the most frightening thing was not the strong gales that were wreaking havoc, nor the violent shaking. Instead, it was that no one present was able to resist this sort of change.

All they could do was be pushed by the gales and violently shaken by the trembling. They were like leaves drifting in the ocean that did not know which wave would crush them to pieces or sink them to the bottom of the ocean. The only thing that awaited them was death.

Powerless, extremely powerless. In this sort of situation, everyone felt fear from the bottoms of their hearts. Even Chu Feng was no exception.

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