MGA – Chapter 133

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MGA: Chapter 133 – Poisoned

Although the palace that Su Rou was living in was not big, it was very exquisite. The decorations within the palace were quite unique and grand. As fragrance was emitted everywhere in the palace, one could tell that it was the residence of a girl in an instant.

“Young master Chu Feng, please drink some tea. This is fragrant tea of the highest quality and the second lady specially asked me to prepare it for you.” The servant served a pot of tea.


Chu Feng ate quite a bit of food and drank quite a bit of wine in the feast. At that moment, tea was something that Chu Feng needed. The fragrance of the tea was very special and there was an indescribable attraction.

“Ha~~Nice tea.”

Chu Feng finished the cup of tea with one gulp but he still felt thirsty. So, he raised the entire pot of tea and poured it into his mouth. After finishing the entire pot of tea, he still wished for more as he wiped his mouth and said, “Where is the second lady?”

“The second lady said she is waiting for you on the top floor.” The servant smiled and said.

“Oh? I need to go up?” Chu Feng felt that it was a bit strange. Why did she invite him yet not personally welcome him? Instead, he needed to go up himself to find her?

However, after some more careful thinking, Chu Feng could understand it. Although Chu Feng was a guest in the Su family, at the end, Su Rou was an elder in the Azure Dragon School. No matter if it was on the topic of identity or strength, she was above him so it was normal for him to look for Su Rou himself.

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng started walk up the stairs. The servant smiled strangely, closed the door to the palace and silently left that area.


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  1. Omg,if what i think is happening is happening,I can’t bring myself to read it,yet at the same time I’m so dam excited(not in a dirty way you pervs..)

  2. Did the author himself say that stuff?
    Cuz as thankful as I am for the translations, I feel its insulting towards the author and series itself to say any part of it can be skipped for any reason.

    1. How is that a insult?I’ve seen many LN where more mature parts are rightfully sensored(as in you have to click to read) due to younger audiences.Its a insult that you find it a insult imho.

        1. Buddie your view is so twisted..He didn’t DELETE ANYTHING,he is just PUTTING a EXPLICIT WARNING for kids and younger readers who might find it offensive.

          Just like how ytv might CENSOR swearing on certain movies….Wtf….lawl.

          You know what is insulting?The fact that your READING for FREE from the author yet your here trying to egg the TRANSLATOR about what is right and wrong lawl.

          1. 3 things

            1. A Warning is fine, cutting it out isnt, and saying it can be skipped definitely is not okay. There is no greater insult to any series ever than skipping parts of it.
            2. This is a Chinese series, This kind of thing is incredibly normal in this kind of setting, and it would be asinine to get upset about it.
            3. I’m extremely thankful, this is one of my top 20, but I have the right to advice the translator on what I think is wrong.

        1. Some people don’t like rape scenes, so yes, it can justifiably be skipped.
          And btw, the aftermath is still shown in 134, so it doesn’t really affect anything?

          1. Nothing can ever be justifiably skipped in a series. Sure rape is unpleasant, but I cant even think of a single one of these Chinese series where it isnt at the very least heavily implied to be commonplace as befits the setting(More Specifically these “Chinese Medieval Fantasy Settings”).
            And the “Aftermath is shown so its fine” is the same logic that allows things like Spoilers to be considered a thing, The Journey and experience is what matters, Just knowing something happened is completely and utterly different then experiencing it yourself.

  3. @READ DXD you just skip over everything I said… lawl and gave me your logic

    Why are you reading the authors TRANSLATED work for FREE without his approval?huh?Sense you have such amazing sense of right and wrong.

    I guarantee you if asked which one bothers him more,the fact that your reading his work for FREE,or the fact that a part of it was ‘censored’,you would get a very simple answer.

    According to your logic,what you are doing is even worst…You are reading a ‘pirated’ work that never had his permission.So,why are you still reading?

    Edit-Your right you do have the right to that,I also have the right to tell you how off your logic is.Also do realize this is a totally different culture,what may be normal in a Chinese series might not be so to a american reader that just started reading wuxia thanks and have a good day.

    1. Actually, Flowerbridge got permission so moot point. And as an Author myself, having someone cutting my work would insult me much more than not getting paid for it, what matters is to have a fun experience.
      Artistic Integrity is a much more serious issue than money.

      1. Hahaha,clearly your not bringing home the bread then,also I’m a author too…I just,you know,Never truly written anything with any credibility but It is what I am.

        No flower never gotten his approval,he never even gotten a reply..

        Edit-He never CUT anything all he did was warned the reader before hand,its no different than me SKIPPING a certain part.Is that also a insult?

        ‘Artistic Integrity is a much more serious issue than money’ lawl do tell that to a chinese person.

        1. I write because its fun, Its really not the kind of thing people can survive on easily, If I can make my friends laugh with how bad it is, thats enough to make me happy.
          And Flowerbridge did get a reply, The Author said it was fine, but he sold the rights to the site where it was posted, and they gave consent in a vague business way.
          AND THERE CAN BE NO GREATER INSULT THAN SKIPPING ANY PART. I will gladly say that what Surou’s Father did is more acceptable than that.

          And I do have a job, but what I need to live and my Raison D’êtres are too entirely separate things, If you have to abandon your Raison D’êtres to live, youre better off killing yourself.

          1. ReadDxD, I strongly recommend you pause and re-evaluate where your fervor is leading you. You are saying (‘gladly’) that a father who tricks his daughter into being violently raped is something you would prefer over having a translator giving a reader a chance to decide to skip part of a novel they aren’t comfortable with. Seriously. Please sit down, take a cold shower, clear your head, and think about what you are saying before further posting.

          2. Thanks for the Warning, Ren, but I tend to think in the context of the setting rather than Modern Standards. But I’ll gladly stop due to the fact that I respect you(and your translation speed haha).
            I’ll just end this by saying everyone thinks differently.

          3. Ehh, I didn’t completely censor it as I did translate and link it so I didn’t think that it would be a problem.

            The reason why I said “can be skipped” was because I didn’t want anyone forcefully reading the text from fear of missing out on important information, since the author did put somewhat of a summary on the next chapters and the things that happened could be inferred.

      2. I just want to say that I fully support and encourage FBT’s decision in this, which we actually discussed weeks ago when we were first discussing him moving MGA over. As you said, “what matters is to have a fun experience”, and quite frankly, reading about rape is for many, not a fun experience, especially those who have had it happen to them in real life. Rape is traumatizing, and given that there are literally tens to hundreds of thousands of rape victims each year, and that Wuxiaworld has tens of thousands of readers who come here every day, I will bet you dollars to donuts that there are actual rape survivors who read here. It is only fair that they (and anyone else uncomfortable with these scenes) be given the chance to avoid reading this.

        By translating the entire passage, FBT has shown respect to the author.

        By making people aware ‘in advance’ of it, FBT has shown respect to the readers.

        I support his decision 100%.

        1. Thank you, And I’m not disputing that, I was just asking for an answer. And then I got insulted. Thank you for clarifying.
          Tho I’m still gonna say warning about the contents and then using one of those Spoiler(Uggh) tabs to hold it would be a better solution than saying it can be skipped, “Read at your own Peril” would be better wording at the very least.

        2. Very well said, Ren! At first, I didn’t agree with the censorship. I think this is the darkest Xianxia I’ve read so far, and the whole history has many X-rated issues, such as decapitations, blood everywhere, corpse defiling (I consider absorbing a corpse as a kind of defiling), undiscriminate slaughter so I thought unnecessary to ommit this special part.

          Since violence in any of its forms can be traumatizing (not just rape but physical violence too), I, at first, thought that FBT (congrats for the great work! Your work in Xian ni is very good too!) was overcautious by ommiting, but it is way better to be like this than to offend or make someone revive traumatizing circunstances.

          It is not a big deal for me to click on the links, and it can save someone a great deal of pain, so why not? You guys changed my mind and you’ve got my admiration for your concern with the readers. Keep up the good work!

  4. This got dark fast :/

    And yes, it IS a rape scene further on so don’t read it if that’s your trigger. I would definitely prefer a consensual sex scene if I got to pick and choose, but hey, this was the author’s choice I guess. And it definitely will lend itself to making me more emotionally attached to the plot.

  5. Okay whatever anyone say, I don’t care! I’m skipping this chapter
    If this is what i think it is then………… @///////@
    ………what the hell is with this stupid author? why did he have to go waste a great story with stuff like this…… >///////<

  6. Ahh.. It seems be going in a different direction then i thought in the beginning. But now i think i know where this is going… I mean with the whole MGA!

  7. Really?! The history is filled with murder, blood, evilness and other things that already makes this X-Rated, but the sex part is “Adult Content”?

    Thx a lot for the chapters, by the way!

  8. I know it was rape i really hate this and ntr stuff, like other people said i would definitely prefer a consensual sex scene and but it was still hot lol at least it was with the mc because if it wasn’t i would get really pissed… but anyway her father… i really don’t have words to describe that dumbass -_-

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