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Chapter 133

The palace had 5 floors and Chu Feng was slowly walking up. When he walked to the second floor, he felt that something was wrong with his body. His body felt burning hot and he felt waves of “evil fire” coming from under his stomach. Looking over, a small tent was raised up.

“Damn! What is happening?!” Chu Feng was a bit speechless. He quickly straightened his long robe up and covered up his reactions. Or else, if Suoru saw it, he would certainly be labeled as a rogue.

Chu Feng continued upwards. However, when he arrived on the third floor, his bottom part swelled more and more. That made Chu Feng very uncomfortable. Although he was at the prime of youth and a pole sticking out was normal, it was the first time that it was so tough.

“Damn it. This isn’t right. Was there some huge supplements in the feast that stimulated my male nature?”

Chu Feng was aware that something was off and that he was not in his normal state. At that moment, his neck was thick and red. The blood in his body was boiling as if some obscure fire lit his entire body on fire.

That obscure fire was the “evil fire”. It filled the brain with desires and made people want to do things between males and females. If it was not vented out, it would harm the body.

“It seems that food really cannot be eaten randomly.”

Chu Feng was a bit anxious and he quickly revolved the spiritual energy within his body to suppress the evil fire within his body. It had to be said that the power of spiritual energy really was wonderful. With that, it really did have some effect.

Feeling that his boiling desires were controlled, only then did he dare to continue going upwards. However, when Chu Feng arrived on the fourth level, a wave of fragrance suddenly floated in from the fifth floor.

The fragrance seemed to be from a certain flower and it caused people to be lost within it. Chu Feng could not control himself and he was attracted to it. He quickened his footsteps, but just as he walked onto the 5th level, Chu Feng heard water splashing sounds and steam pounced towards his face.

At that instant, Chu Feng panicked. He subconsciously thought of a possibility. Although it was the first time that he experienced that scene, it seemed to be a woman’s bathing place.


Just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly discovered that his spiritual energy was quickly dissipating. In a flash, he lost all his spiritual energy as if his cultivation was sucked dry by someone. It was like his cultivation gained from the many years all vanished.

If it was a normal situation, perhaps Chu Feng would calm himself and find the reason why his cultivation disappeared. However, Chu Feng at that instant completely panicked because the desires suppressed by his spiritual energy madly surged out. It was even several times stronger than before.

At that moment, his desires slammed towards his brain and Chu Feng felt that he was going to lose his rationality soon. He subconsciously prepared to leave that place or else he felt that something horrible would happen.

*bang clank* As he panicked, Chu Feng accidentally knocked a porcelain vase over. Although it did not break, it still made a clear sound.

“Who?” Just at that time, a sharp yet sweet female voice abruptly rang out. It was Su Rou.

“Don’t come over!” Chu Feng subconsciously yelled because just by hearing Su Rou’s voice, he could not endure it. Who knew what he would do when he saw Su Rou who was like a fox-spirit.

[TN: In Chinese legends, fox-spirits that transformed into humans were usually extremely beautiful.]

“Chu Feng, it’s you?” After hearing Chu Feng’s voice, Su Rou clearly relaxed and lowered her guard. After water splashing sounds sounded out, light footsteps quickly followed.

At that instant, Chu Feng wanted to leave, but when he saw the alluring figure within the steam, he couldn’t help but stop his movement. Then, he cast his gaze that was densely covered with evil fire straight towards that beautiful figure.

Su Rou stepped out of the steam. She had a white towel covering her body and her seductive body was outlined. Her snow-white shoulders and legs were all revealed.

Her wet, long hair scattered along her shoulders and drops of water were on her slender, soft, and smooth skin as they slowly flowed down. Beautiful. Beautiful to the extreme. No matter if it was her fox-like face or her devil-like body, with a glance, lust would break out,

“Chu Feng, it really is you. Why have you come here?” Although Su Rou did not expect Chu Feng there, she still charmingly smiled and thousands types of elegance were manifested. Chu Feng’s final consciousness collapsed when he heard that soft and sweet voice.

*whoosh* If it were others, it would be hard to control themselves when they saw Su Rou like that. No need to mention Chu Feng who was engulfed by that evil fire. He spread out his arms, stepped with his legs, and with a frog-like jump, he threw himself onto the beautiful Su Rou.

“What are you doing!”

Seeing Chu Feng leaping towards her, Su Rou’s face instantly lost all colour and felt that something was amiss. She wanted to dodge, but she discovered that there was not a single ounce of Profound power within her body. Although she could see Chu Feng’s actions with her eyes, her body could not react to it.


A sharp cry rang out and Su Rou fell on the ground. She was pushed down by Chu Feng and at that instant, Su Rou’s snow-white complexion instantly reddened. Her fox-like, charming big eyes were staring at Chu Feng and her gaze was filled with shock and fear.

She could feel that Chu Feng had something that was fiercely jabbing on her body. Facing that situation, naturally, Su Rou could think what was happening.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing, get up!”

As she lost herself from the fear, Su Rou wanted to push Chu Feng away but it was useless as she could not use any strength. Her soft and smooth hands rubbed Chu Feng’s body and it made Chu Feng’s desires even stronger.

Chapter 134

Chu Feng’s eyes that were consumed by desire glared like a tiger at Su Rou’s body. He was like a hungry wolf that had a rumbling stomach and drooled for a long time while looking at a little white rabbit.

Two peaks appeared in Chu Feng eyes. Perhaps because of the over-fierce actions before, Su Rou’s towel was pulled down a bit and a piece of snow-white instantly appeared. As he looked, Chu Feng swallowed some saliva.

Looking up, it was the white and tender neck and her delicate, perfect face. Su Rou’s attractive eyes were lifelessly looking at him. Her eyes were a bit moist and she looked quite pitiful. Her long eyebrows faintly trembled and fear was evident.

Her face was scarlet-red like an additive that let Chu Feng lose all reason. Su Rou’s closed soft and red lips emitted endless attractiveness.

“Chu Feng, have you gone insane? Let me go…mm!”

Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his mouth and fiercely bit down. Su Rou was talking to Chu Feng and being caught off guard, she felt that her red lips were sealed shut.


It was the first time in her life that Su Rou experienced that. She never felt that before, yet it had a unique feeling. Su Rou’s body instantly went limp and lost all ability to resist. She powerlessly laid on the ground.

At the same time that Chu Feng was kissing Su Rou, his hands demonically flew everywhere and ripped the towel on Su Rou’s body into pieces. Her perfect body was shown in front of him while being semi-covered.

At that instant, it wasn’t that Su Rou gave up on resisting, it just that she had no strength. She could only let Chu Feng do what he wished on her body and let him madly take everything.

“Damn it! Who did this to us!”

Su Rou already saw the inklings and knew that the current Chu Feng lost all reason. He was clearly being influenced by drugs and her cultivation was restricted as well. Someone should have done something without anyone knowing. However, not ordinary people could do that to her within her Vermilion Bird City.

“This smell?” At that moment, Su Rou noticed that there was a strange fragrance in the bathroom. That scent was quite familiar, and from that, she understood. Yet, she felt that it was hard to believe.

It was a special type of drug that could restrict one’s cultivation. It was an extremely precious thing, and it was a treasure that her father, Su Hen, collected.

“It’s father? Why did he do this?” At that instant, Su Rou was completely baffled. She could not think of the reason why her own father would harm her, yet that thing really did belong to him. Other than her father, there was no one else that had it within the Su family. Also, other than her father, there was no one else that could put that special type of drug into her bathroom.


However, at that moment, Su Rou’s face changed greatly. She painfully screeched because she felt that a foreign object intruded into her body and tore her most precious thing. Drops of blood slowly flowed out.

“Chu Feng you bastard! Clear your head!”

Su Rou madly struggled and wanted to push Chu Feng away. But, Chu Feng who was on her body was like a mountain and she could not move him in any way. She could only let Chu Feng who had blood-shot eyes and was panting roughly press her down. She was completely helpless.

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