MGA – Chapter 1327

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MGA: Chapter 1327 – Sealing Glacier

“This thing is actually that powerful?” Hearing what Hong Qiang said, Chu Feng felt even more amazed.

Even though he had already sensed how frightening this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower was for himself, he did not expect that even Hong Qiang was unable to completely subdue it.

Furthermore, if they were to continue to allow it to grow, then this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower would mature. At that time, even Hong Qiang, who was so extraordinarily powerful, would not be able to escape from being violently killed by it. This… had surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination.

“I have not tried to exaggerate anything.”

“The vicious reputation of the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower was reported to be well recorded. According to legend, a mature Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower’s strength will increase by leaps and bounds.”

“In the history of the Holy Land of Martialism, there have been three mature Raging Flames Metallic Lotuses. Each and every one of them was a blood-thirsty monster.”

“Anywhere they passed, all of the living things in that area would be destroyed. Other than calling them monsters, it is better to simply call them demons.”

“Only Martial Emperor-level experts were capable of subduing a mature Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower.”

“Unfortunately, there are no Martial Emperor-level experts in the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.”
“While there is one in the World Spiritist Alliance, I fear that if that old freak were to find out about it… then this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower that I have painstakingly suppressed for years will be taken away by their World Spiritist Alliance and no longer be related to me anymore,” Hong Qiang shook his head. It was evident that he was not willing to give up on this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower.

After all, although they might be dangerous, Natural Oddities were still the most valuable treasures that possessed inestimable value.

The reason why Hong Qiang had gone to great pains to subdue this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower was naturally so that he could obtain it.
“Since senior is not willing to give up, that means there must be a way,” Chu Feng said.
“There is indeed a way. That is, to eliminate it before it fully matures.”
“However, I believe that you can tell too. Even though it has yet to mature, the current me does not possess the ability to eliminate it. Else, I wouldn’t have gone to such great troubles of sealing it here, dragging on and on.”

“However, there is an item that is capable of greatly reducing the power of the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower. At that time, I can seize the opportunity to eliminate it.”

“Thus, I wish you to help me find that item and bring it back here,” Hong Qiang said.

Puzzled, Chu Feng asked, “Senior Hong Qiang, if there is something that is capable of suppressing the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower, why haven’t you gone to obtain it?”

“This Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower is extremely frantic. I need to reinforce the world spirit formations that I have set up daily . Else, if any of their strength were to decrease in the slightest, this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower would break my formations apart and release itself.”

“Thus, I simply cannot leave this place at all.

“However, fortunately, you’ve come here. I am able to tell that your world spirit techniques are very powerful. Else, you would not have been able to observe where the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower is hidden in.”

“As for obtaining that item, it just so happens to require a very powerful world spiritist technique. Thus, you are the optimal candidate for helping me.

“However, the most important thing is… I trust you.”

“Of course, I will not make you help me for nothing. After I eliminate this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower, we can divide the Raging Flames Metal equally among us,” Hong Qiang said to Chu Feng.

“Raging Flames Metal? Could that be that burning metal object with raging flames on the surface of the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower?” Chu Feng asked.
He was able to tell that it was no ordinary metal. Although it was different from the Firmament Adamantine Metal, it was still a very rare metallic substance.

“That’s right, the metal that is burning with raging flames is the Raging Flames Metal,” Hong Qiang said.

“But, that doesn’t seem to be the core of the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower. It seems to only be a housing,” Chu Feng said.
“You are correct. It is as you suggested, the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower’s core is its lotus flower seed. The Raging Flames Metal is nothing more than the housing to protect the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower.”
“The Raging Flames Metal is as to the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower as our physical bodies are to us. As for its lotus seeds, that is the equivalent to our heart and dantian. Just like how our dantian is where our power originates from, it is the originator of the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower’s power, the place where the Raging Flames Metal originates from,” Hong Qiang said.

“In that case, why do you attach such importance to the Raging Flames Metal?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

Chu Feng had already realized that what Hong Qiang was really interested in was not the Lotus Flower Seed. Instead, it was the Raging Flames Metal.
“Although the most precious items for the majority of the Natural Oddities would be their cores, the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower is different.”

“Due to the fact that the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower’s energy is too berserk, even though its lotus seeds are its core that contain the energy its gathered over the course of many years, no one is capable of refining the core. Thus, other than keeping the lotus seeds as a collection piece, there is not much value or usefulness to it.”

“However, the Raging Flames Metal is different. It is an optimal material for refining Imperial Armaments. It is a most precious treasure that can only be luckily encountered and not sought after.”
“Thus, the most precious thing of the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower is not its seed but rather its housing, the Raging Flames Metal,” Hong Qiang explained.

“In that case, the Raging Flames Metal is indeed a precious treasure. However, compared to it, I am more interested in the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower’s seed.”

“Senior Hong Qiang, I am willing to not take any Raging Flames Metal. However, is it possible for you to give the lotus seeds to me?” Chu Feng asked.

The reason why Chu Feng sought for Natural Oddities was because they were enormous cultivation resources. Although the energy within the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower’s seed was extremely berserk and was not something that ordinary people could refine, it did not mean that Chu Feng would be incapable of refining it.

As for the Raging Flames Metal, to Chu Feng who already possessed the Firmament Adamantine Metal, it did not hold a great amount of charm.

Since Hong Qiang was so fond of it, Chu Feng naturally did not wish to fight for it with Hong Qiang.

“If you want it, you can naturally have it.”
“However, Chu Feng, those lotus seeds are truly not of much value. Are you certain that you really want that and not the Raging Flames Metal?” Hong Qiang asked.

“Senior, thank you for your kind intentions. However, I am truly fond of the lotus seeds,” Chu Feng replied.

“Very well, it just so happens that I will need more Raging Flames Metal. In that case, let’s do as you suggested, the lotus seeds will all be yours, whereas the Raging Flames Metal will all be mine,” Hong Qiang said.

“Senior Hong Qiang, thank you very much.” Hearing those words, Chu Feng hurriedly cupped his fist with his other hand and bowed. Chu Feng was feeling extremely delighted.
Chu Feng was able to sense that Hong Qiang was most definitely not lying to him. Furthermore, as this Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower was actually this powerful, so powerful that only Martial Emperors were capable of defeating it upon its maturity, then the lotus seeds that it had used to store power for many years would definitely be no small matter.
As long as he refined those lotus seeds, he would definitely achieve a breakthrough. This was precisely what Chu Feng had sought after.
“Senior Hong Qiang, in that case, exactly what is the thing that you want me to obtain?”
After finishing their discussion about the distribution of rewards, Chu Feng wanted to hurry to retrieve the item needed to deal with the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower so that he could rapidly increase his cultivation.
“That item is called the Sealing Glacier. It is the village guardian treasure of the Sealing Ancient Village.”

“While the Sealing Ancient Village might appear to only be a small little village, it is actually an ancient clan that has been in existence for over ten thousand years. They cannot be underestimated. Thus, trying to forcibly snatch that Sealing Glacier away from them is out of the question.”
“However, the Sealing Ancient Village is a very hospitable place. If they were to become fond of a guest, they will oftentimes present those guests with some Sealing Glacial Water as a present.”

“However, what I need is not the Sealing Glacial Water. Instead, I need the Sealing Glacier, an item many times more precious than the Sealing Glacial Water.”

“However, that Sealing Glacier is their village’s guardian treasure. Never before have they ever gifted it to anyone,” Hong Qiang said.

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