MGA – Chapter 1304

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MGA: Chapter 1304 – Humiliation Coming From Trash

After Chu Feng made some discreet inquiries about the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, he discovered that the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest was exactly as that disciple said, and was indeed separated into three upper tier bamboo forests and three lower tier bamboo forests.

The disciples from the three upper tier bamboo forests were all very excellent. If one wanted to become a disciple of the three upper tier bamboo forests, one had to possess a sufficient amount of strength and talent.

As for the disciples of the three lower tier bamboo forests, they were much much weaker. To the people from the three upper tier bamboo forests, those disciples were nothing more than trash.
Thus, the locations where one could apply to become a disciple of the three upper tier and three lower tier bamboo forests were separated from one another.

The three upper tier bamboo forests were packed with people, whereas the three lower tier bamboo forests were miserably empty.

In fact, the majority of the people who were applying to become disciples of the three lower tier bamboo forests had only come there because they knew that they were not qualified to enter the three upper tier bamboo forests, yet still wanted to join the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.

At this moment, Chu Feng arrived at the location to apply for the three lower tier bamboo forests.
“This is the Discarded Bamboo Forest?” At this moment, Chu Feng was shocked.

Regardless of what how inferior the Copper Bamboo Forest or the Iron Bamboo Forest might be, there were still many elders at their application place. However, the place where the Discarded Bamboo Forest was recruiting their disciples was actually only overseen by a single disciple.

Furthermore, this disciple was not very powerful either. He was a rank nine Martial Lord. Furthermore, judging by his aged appearance, he was most likely approaching his forties.

A forty-year-old rank nine Martial Lord was truly weak.

Furthermore, regardless of the talent of the people applying to the Copper Bamboo Forest or the Iron Bamboo Forest, there still quite a few people applying there; both children and adults were among the applicants. Thus, they had managed to, when all was said and done, obtain qualified successors to pass the Copper and Iron Bamboo Forests to.
However, the Discarded Bamboo Forest was completely different. Other than the disciple in charge of receiving the applicants, it was completely empty. Without a single person there, it was a truly miserable sight.
At this moment, Chu Feng was able to guess that the so called Discarded Bamboo Forest was most definitely the same as its name implied; it was the discard dump for the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, the place that everyone despised.
For Hong Qiang to be the head of the Discarded Bamboo Forest might not be something good. To be the head of such a place, his cultivation was likely not that powerful.
Would such a person really be able to help Chu Feng? It was obvious that he couldn’t.
However, since he had already arrived, Chu Feng would naturally not give up and return. Chu Feng was not someone who would forget about morality when seeking profits. On the contrary, Chu Feng was someone who emphasised the importance of the spirit of loyalty and righteousness. Thus, regardless of what Hong Qiang’s cultivation might be, regardless of whether he might be a powerful expert or not, Chu Feng still insisted on entering the Discarded Bamboo Forest to meet him.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to release a tiny bit of his aura and faked a cultivation of rank eight Martial Lord. Then, he walked toward that Discarded Bamboo Forest’s disciple and said, “Do I sign up here to join the Discarded Bamboo Forest?”

It was evident that the disciple had not anticipated that someone would want to join the Discarded Bamboo Forest, as he was overwhelmed by surprise when Chu Feng appeared before him. Immediately, he enthusiastically replied, “That’s right, this is the place. Brother, you wish to join our Discarded Bamboo Forest?”

“Mn, I wish to join the Discarded Bamboo Forest as a nominal disciple. May I know where I go to take the examination?” Chu Feng asked.

“There’s no need for you to take any examination. Brother, with your talent, you can join our Discarded Bamboo Forest without the need for any examination. Oh, right, may I know of brother’s distinguished name? I’ll write your name down here so that you can become our Discarded Bamboo Forest’s nominal disciple.”

The disciple took out a scroll and a special writing brush as he spoke. Those were likely used to record the names of disciples.

“As expected of the Discarded Bamboo Forest, look how glad he is to have someone applying to be a disciple. He is simply almost treating that applicant as if he’s his ancestor.”

“That’s right, however, that brat over there is a moron. Judging from his appearance, he should be in his early twenties. With his cultivation, it would be totally possible for him to join our Iron Bamboo Forest. I truly cannot understand why he would want to join the Discarded Bamboo Forest.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was actually planning to join the Discarded Bamboo Forest, mocking laughter began to resound through the place nonstop. That laughter was coming from the Iron Bamboo Forest and the Copper Bamboo Forest.

The people who were laughing at him were the adults who had just joined the Iron Bamboo Forest and the Copper Bamboo Forest. Their age were about the same as Chu Feng’s. As for their cultivations, they were merely so-so.
However, when compared to Chu Feng, they were truly weak. The majority of them were Martial Lords. Even the strongest among them were only rank nine Martial Lords.
However, it was one thing for disciples to laugh at him. Yet, even the elders of the Iron Bamboo Forest and the Copper Bamboo Forest were laughing mockingly. They were truly throwing away all of their face and throwing their dignity as elders away.
As for the reason why they dared to laugh at Chu Feng, it was most definitely because they felt that Chu Feng was only a rank eight Martial Lord.
If Chu Feng were to reveal his actual cultivation of rank five Martial King, he would definitely scare their dog eyes blind.

After all, the elders of the Iron and Copper Bamboo Forests who were present only possessed cultivations from rank one to rank four Martial Kings.

The strongest among them was only a rank four Martial King, and was greatly inferior to Chu Feng.

Thus, Chu Feng was disinclined to bother with this bunch of trash. After all, the reason that Chu Feng had decided to hide his cultivation was so that he could avoid problems. Thus, to endure was something that he had no choice but to do.
“Senior brother, my name is Chu Feng. May I know how I shall address you?” Chu Feng smiled and then replied to the Discarded Bamboo Forest’s rank nine Martial Lord disciple.
“So brother’s name is Chu Feng? You can address me as Li Xiang,” Li Xiang replied with a smile.

“So his name is Chu Feng? No wonder he’s trying to join the the Discarded Bamboo Forest like a madman.”1

“Sigh, how could you say it like that? He’s no madman, he’s more like a fool.”

“That’s true, only fools would want to join the Discarded Bamboo Forest. Hahaha…” However, while Chu Feng decided to ignore them, those people from the Iron and Copper Bamboo Forests grew more and more excessive and actually began to use Chu Feng’s name to insult him.
Finally, Chu Feng coldly asked, “Elders, with how your disciples are insulting me, are you all not going to take care of them?”

Chu Feng was able to endure humiliation. However, his name was something that had been given to him by his parents. He would not allow anyone to humiliate his name.
“You all have yet to officially become our Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s disciples. Even if you all are to become disciples, you’re only going to be nominal disciples.”
“Our Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest advocates for freedom for our nominal disciples. Thus, we would not care about that,” An elder from the Copper Bamboo Forest replied with a beaming smile.
“So you’re actually advocating for freedom and would not care about everything. In that case, if I were to beat them up, that would be fine too, right?” Chu Feng asked with a cold smile.
“Hahaha…” That elder did not answer Chu Feng’s question and instead burst into loud laughter.

At the same time, the other elders and disciples who had humiliated Chu Feng also started to laugh loudly. Their laughter was filled with ridicule toward Chu Feng.

After the loud laughter subsided, the Copper Bamboo Forest’s elder said, “If you are able to defeat them, then you can beat them up as you please. The only thing that I fear is that you cannot defeat them and would be beaten up by them instead. In that case, the person being humiliated would be you yourself.”

There were hidden implications in his words. His intention was very clear; he was allowing Chu Feng to beat up those people who had humiliated him and also allowed those people who were humiliating him to beat Chu Feng up.

“Hey, little idiot, what you mean by that? You want to beat us up?
“Very well, come, allow us to experience exactly what sorts of abilities you possess for you to dare to act this arrogantly.”

Sure enough, after the Copper Bamboo Forest’s elder finished saying those words, several of the people who had humiliated Chu Feng earlier immediately started to walk toward Chu Feng.
They were either smiling coldly or appeared extremely fierce. They seemed to want to teach Chu Feng a proper lesson by beating him up.

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  1. Chu Feng’s Feng, his given name is, 枫 which means Maple. They heard his name as 疯, which means Insane/Crazy.


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