MGA – Chapter 1301

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MGA: Chapter 1300 – Elder Miao, Grandpa Miao

Chapter 1301 – Royal Metamorphosis Formation

However, Elder Miao was, after all, a person with high standing. Thus, regardless of how pained he was feeling, regardless of how much grief filled his heart, he was still able to endure all of it.

Thus, after consoling Sima Ying, he did not continue to be sad and hid everything deep within his heart. Then, with a good-natured expression on his face, he walked over to Chu Feng and smiled a very appreciating smile toward him, “Little friend Chu Feng is truly remarkable. Not only do you possess extraordinary battle power, being able to easily defeat a rank six Martial King with your rank five Martial King cultivation, your attainments in world spirit formations are also amazingly rare.”

“It is no wonder that Lil Ying insisted that I invite you to our World Spiritist Alliance. A rare sapling like yourself, if we failed to get you into our World Spiritist Alliance, it would truly be a pity for us.”

“However, as the saying goes, a melon that was forcibly twisted out would not be sweet. Although this old man wants little friend Chu Feng to join our World Spiritist Alliance very greatly, I will definitely not force little friend Chu Feng.”

“Thus, I shall only ask you this. Little friend Chu Feng, are you interested in joining our World Spiritist Alliance?”

“Elder Miao, thank you for your kind intentions. However, Chu Feng is, after all, a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. I’m afraid that it would be inappropriate for me to join the World Spiritist Alliance,” Chu Feng replied.

“That is no issue at all. As long as little friend Chu Feng is willing, you are completely capable of joining our World Spiritist Alliance with your status as a Cyanwood Mountain disciple.”

“As for the Cyanwood Mountain, I will personally notify them with a letter. You would not have to worry about it,” Elder Miao said.

“Chu Feng, quickly accept it. This is a treatment that the World Spiritist Alliance only gives to extremely strong world spiritists. Logically, those of the younger generations like you and I simply would have no hopes of receiving such treatment,” Upon seeing this, Sima Ying hurriedly added.

However, Chu Feng shook his head, cupped his fist respectfully and said, “Elder Miao, I thank you for thinking so highly of this Chu Feng. However, Chu Feng really does not wish to join the World Spiritist Alliance for the time being. I wish to travel this region by myself for a while.”

“Haha, very well. Little friend Chu Feng, whenever you felt like joining our World Spiritist Alliance, you can come and find me at any time. The gates of our World Spiritist Alliance will forever be opened for you.”
Elder Miao laughed. He was not angered by Chu Feng’s rejection. Instead, he appeared to understand Chu Feng’s reasoning.
After that, Chu Feng chatted with Sima Ying and Elder Miao for a moment and then proceeded to leave.

As for Sima Ying and Elder Miao, they insisted on sending Chu Feng off. As such, Chu Feng did not refuse them either.

Merely, after Sima Ying watched Chu Feng entering into the ancient Teleportation Formation, she had an expression of reluctance to part and an endless amount of disappointment.
“Grandpa Miao, why didn’t you keep Chu Feng here?” Sima Ying asked in a grumbling manner.

“Foolish girl, a melon that is forcibly twisted off would not be sweet. While this Chu Feng is indeed a very good sapling, his ambitions are already set elsewhere. If I were to force him to stay, it would only make things difficult for him. Thus, rather than doing that, it would be better to let him go.”

“What I’ve done will be good for you, for me and for him. Thus, isn’t that the best solution?” Elder Miao said.

“Sigh~~~~” Sima Ying sighed a long sigh. The gloomy expression on her face was not at all lessened.

“Foolish girl, stop being sad. I have good news for you,” Elder Miao said.

“As far as I’m concerned, unless you’re able to make Chu Feng join our World Spiritist Alliance, there would be nothing that can be considered to be good news,” Sima Ying stubbornly said.
“Really? Are you saying that the opportunity to enter the Royal Metamorphosis Formation to train also cannot be considered to be good news for you?” Elder Miao said with a smile on his face.
“What? The Royal Metamorphosis Formation? Grandpa Miao, you’re not playing a joke on me right?” Hearing those words, Sima Ying was immediately overjoyed. An endless amount of shock was flashing through her large beautiful eyes.
“When has your Grandpa Miao ever lied to you?” Elder Miao said with a light smile on his face.

“Haha, this is great, this is truly great,” At this moment, Sima Ying started to cheer and jump in joy. Her appearance was extremely beautiful.

The Royal Metamorphosis Formation was a very powerful formation in the World Spiritist Alliance. When one trained within it, it gave gold-cloak world spiritists a very high chance of becoming royal-cloak world spiritists.

Even if they failed to become royal-cloak world spiritists, their spirit power and world spirit techniques would both be strengthened.
However, a world spirit formation as powerful as that required the consumption of a large amount of treasures as well as several powerful royal-cloak world spiritists using a large amount of their energies in order to activate it.

In essence, the cost of activating the Royal Metamorphosis Formation was extremely high. It was so high that it could not be compared to the benefits that might be obtained from it. Furthermore, each and every time it would be activated, only a limit of ten individuals could enter it to train.

Precisely because of that, in Sima Ying’s whole life’s memory, she had never once seen the Royal Metamorphosis Formation being opened, much less activated. In the ten plus years she had been a part of the World Spiritist Alliance, it had never once been used.

Yet now, not only would this Royal Metamorphosis Formation be activated, Sima Ying would also be allowed to enter it to train. This naturally caused Sima Ying to be incomparably ecstatic and overjoyed.
Perhaps she might even be able to become a royal-cloak world spiritist after going through this Royal Metamorphosis Formation. To someone as young as her, it would be an extremely joyful thing. In fact, it would be an extremely joyful thing to the entire World Spiritist Alliance.

A royal-cloak world spiritist as young as Sima Ying, it was likely that one could not find a person like that in the entire Holy Land of Martialism.
“Grandpa Miao, how come this Royal Metamorphosis Formation is suddenly being opened?”

After rejoicing, Sima Ying did not forget to ask about this crucial question. She, who was very intelligent, had already managed to guess that the Royal Metamorphosis Formation would not be opened for no reason or cause.

“You girl, it would seem that nothing can be hidden from you,” Hearing Sima Ying’s question, Elder Miao smiled. He then began to carefully explain to Sima Ying why this Royal Metamorphosis Formation would suddenly open.
It turned out that two mysterious individuals had arrived in the World Spiritist Alliance ten days ago.

These two mysterious individuals both wore black gowns. No one knew of their strength. However, from their voices, they managed to judge that one among them should be an old man whereas the other one should be a young woman.

That young woman was also a world spiritist. She had come to the World Spiritist Alliance precisely for the sake of experiencing their world spiritist techniques.

As the grand World Spiritist Alliance, the power that felt themselves to be the strongest in world spiritist techniques in the entire Holy Land of Martialism, they naturally would have to teach the people that dared to come challenge them a lesson.

Thus, the World Spiritist Alliance sent forth a member of the younger generation with very outstanding world spirit techniques to spar with that woman in world spiritist techniques.

However, that member of the younger generation was defeated in a very miserable manner.

This greatly shocked the people from the World Spiritist Alliance. They did not dare to underestimate the woman anymore and started sending out their genius-level members of the younger generation in succession to spar with her.

However, without any exception, all of them were defeated, none of them were a match for that woman.

In helplessness, the World Spiritist Alliance sent out one of their management disciples, Fu Feiteng.

“Even senior brother Fu was dispatched? In that case, what was the result? Could it be that even he was defeated?” Hearing that even Fu Feiteng was sent out, Sima Ying was shocked.

This Fu Feiteng was extremely powerful. In terms of world spirit techniques, he was superior to even her. He fully deserved the title of being one of the strongest disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance.

“He was defeated, miserably defeated,” Elder Miao said.
“Even senior brother Fu was defeated? That woman is actually that powerful?” Sima Ying was extremely surprised. That was because Elder Miao not only said that Fu Feiteng was defeated, he even said that he was miserably defeated.

If Fu Feiteng’s defeat was already a great surprise, then his miserable defeat would be an enormous surprise, one that would cause others to be in disbelief.

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