MGA – Chapter 1249

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Chapter 1249 – Torn With Grief

“You all still don’t understand Chu Feng’s intentions?”

“It is now the time of the Asura Division’s greatest calamity. You all remaining in the Asura Division would only be a distraction to Chu Feng. To speak clearly, you all are burdens. If Chu Feng is to take all of you into consideration left and right, then he would not be able to fight, and would only be bullied by Tao Xiangyu and those on her side.”

“However, if he was alone, he could then do as he pleased. Even if all of the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain were to become his enemy, Chu Feng would still have no fear for them,” Right at this moment, Bai Ruochen who was standing to the side spoke.

“We understand now. We were stupid to not know about junior brother Chu Feng’s intentions.”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, we will be leaving now. In the future, you must definitely call us back when you need us,” After hearing what Bai Ruochen said, Fang Tuohai, Wang Wei and the others came to a sudden realization and it suddenly felt awkward for them to continue to stay in the Asura Division because they did not want to burden Chu Feng.

After that, Fang Tuohai and the others removed their Asura Division armbands before Chu Feng and attentively put them away. Only then did they bid their farewells to Chu Feng and leave.

In an instant, other than Chu Feng’s servants, only Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen remained in this vast territory, the Asura Division’s headquarters.

When he looked at the empty palace hall, Chu Feng couldn’t help but recall the glorious days from before.

In merely a single day, the change within the Asura Division was like the difference between night and day.

“Sigh~~~” After sighing, Chu Feng looked to Bai Ruochen.

“What are you looking at? You couldn’t possibly be thinking about driving me out too, right?” Bai Ruochen cast a side-eye at Chu Feng. However, it could be seen that she was very scared that Chu Feng would drive her out too.

“How could I possibly do that? No matter what, you’re our Asura Division’s second head. We will have to take on this calamity together,” Chu Feng replied with a smile on his face.

“Only someone like you would continue to joke at such a time,” Bai Ruochen rolled her eyes at Chu Feng. However, after that, she smiled. As matters stood now, she seemed to have come to accept herself as being the second head of the Asura Division.

“Now that there’s no one to burden you, what do you plan to do?” Bai Ruochen asked.

“Wholeheartedly train,” Chu Feng replied.

“And then?” Bai Ruochen asked.

“Those who owe me, I will pay them back doubly. Those who have humiliated me, I will humiliate them doubly. Those who have hit me…”

“I will make it so that they cannot stand anymore,” Chu Feng said.

“Heh…” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen laughed. Her laughter was extremely brilliant. “That’s more like the Chu Feng I know.”

After Wang Wei and the others withdrew from the Asura Division, they had indeed escaped the danger. Since they were no longer people of the Asura Division, Tao Xiangyu and the others no longer targeted them.

However, this came as a pain to Chu Feng. After the final group of Asura Division members left, rumors once again sprung up everywhere in the Cyanwood Mountain.

They all said that Chu Feng was overly arrogant and had lost the trust of his members. That was why his fellow seniors from the Southern Cyanwood Forest and the other senior members of the Asura Division had also decided to leave.

Currently, only Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen remained in the Asura Division. Truly, the Asura Division now remained only in name.

However, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen completely ignored these rumors from the outside.

Chu Feng knew one thing. He knew that all of the things that were happening right now would eventually become the past, as only the final victor would be engraved in everyone’s memories.

Thus, he did not care about the present. What he cared about was only the future.

What he did now was to strive his hardest to train. Only by becoming stronger faster would he be able to change the future.

Even though he did not possess sufficient cultivation resources, he, at the very least, had the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield that he could study meticulously. As long as he could succeed in mastering it, his battle power would most definitely increase.

Merely, before Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen could even wholeheartedly train for ten days, another major event occurred.

Elder Hong Mo, Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan finally finished healing their injuries and left their closed-door training.
However, after they left their closed-door training and heard the news of Sima Ying, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen being humiliated, the three of them were immediately enraged.

Disregarding all consequences, they actually went and found Tao Xiangyu, Ben Leihu, Zhao Jingang, Qi Yanyu, Bai Yunxiao and Qin Lingyun.

Not only did they find these disciples, they disregarded their identities as elders and actually attacked them, seriously injuring them and nearly crippling their cultivations.

The news of this matter came like a bolt from the blue, startling the entire Cyanwood Mountain.

At such a time, the Punishment Department behind Tao Xiangyu and the others would naturally not leave matters at that.

The head of the Punishment Department, Crazed Killer Tuoba, personally led the elders of the Punishment Department to forcibly suppress the Medicine Concocting Department.

In the end, they injured many of the people in the Medicine Concocting Department, destroyed many of the Medicine Concocting Department’s palaces and forcibly brought Elder Hong Mo, Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan back to their Punishment Department. Currently, whether they were alive or dead remained unclear.

After learning of this matter, neither Chu Feng nor Bai Ruochen could sit still. After all, the reason why Elder Hong Mo and the other Medicine Concocting Department elders had acted so impulsively was also because they wanted to help them vent their anger.

However, with Chu Feng’s current strength, not only was he incapable of saving Elder Hong Mo and the other elders, it would be extremely difficult for him to even see them.

Being extremely worried that something would happen to Elder Hong Mo and the other elders, Chu Feng could only go to the management elder of the Weaponry Refinement Department, Xiahou Jianting, to request assistance.

With Xiahou Jianting’s help, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were finally able to enter the Punishment Department to visit Elder Hong Mo, Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan.

At this moment, Xiahou Jianting was leading Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen as they walked in a damp and dusky underground prison. Alongside them were two elders from the Punishment Department.

“Chu Feng, Ruochen, the two of you must be mentally prepared,” Xiahou Jianting said via voice transmission.

“Mentally prepared? Elder Xiahou, what do you mean by that?” Chu Feng asked.

“No matter what the two of you will see later, you must endure, because this place is the Punishment Department,” Xiahou Jianting said.

After hearing what Xiahou Jianting said, both Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen understood his intentions. In the Punishment Department, Elder Hong Mo and the other elders would most definitely be punished. This was the unavoidable truth.

However, even though they were already mentally prepared, when the enormous prison gate opened before them, Chu Feng’s heart still trembled, and his anger surged forth uncontrollably as he firmly clenched his fists.

As for Bai Ruochen, she was firmly biting down on her lower lip with her teeth. Her two eyes had already turned red with glistening tears.

At this moment, an enormous palace hall appeared before Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen.

The palace hall was extremely lousy in appearance. However, lights flickered through it. The thing that was flickering was a large formation, a formation formed by a special sort of flame.
Blue flames covered the formation. They were no ordinary flames; they were a kind of flame formed by the formation with the addition of special materials. The resulting flames were extremely frightening.

At this moment, those flames were surging above the formation, and would occasionally emit bellows that seemed to be telling everyone that they were the master of the formation.

However, if one was to carefully look at the flames, they would discover three figures within them.

These three figures had their arms and legs tied by a special kind of shackle and were being burned by the flames on top of the formation.

At this moment, these three people had already been burned beyond recognition. Both their hair and clothes were already burned away. Even their skins had been burned to a wrinkled state.

However, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were able to recognize the three of them to be the Medicine Concocting Department’s Elder Hong Mo, Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan.
Using his Heaven’s Eyes to observe, Chu Feng discovered that the three of them were not only burned by the flames, there were also cuts, lash marks and even insect bites on their bodies.

Their bodies were already no longer intact. They had gone through countless instances of ruin, only to be healed again and then destroyed again.

Chu Feng knew that all of this was done by the Punishment Department.

Even though the Punishment Department was very powerful, they still could not kill management elders as they pleased.

However, they were unwilling to let Elder Hong Mo and the other elders off easily. Thus, they used inhumane methods to frantically torment their fellow elders of the same school.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s heart was in deep pain. It was like his heart was being sliced by countless knives at the same time. The pain was extremely unbearable.

That was because he knew that Elder Hong Mo and the other elders only received this sort of torment because they had tried to help him and Bai Ruochen vent their anger.

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