MGA – Chapter 1215

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MGA: Chapter 1215 – Broaden Your Horizons


The sky was trembling, the ground was rumbling.

After Bai Ruochen revealed her true strength, the aura that she gave off became completely different. Her strength had become capable of affecting the weather. As for her aura, it was like that of an empress. There was no woman in this region that could compare with her.

“Boom.” Suddenly, Bai Ruochen’s gaze turned sharp. As the ‘emperor’ character on her forehead radiated with light, the emperor energy surrounding her body formed invisible beasts. As if capable of toppling the mountains and overturning the seas, those beasts charged toward Wang Jingzhi.

Faced with the fierce attack that was coming toward him, Wang Jingzhi suddenly shouted. “Stop.” Immediately after, he said, “Junior sister Ruochen, it is my defeat.”


Once Wang Jingzhi acknowledged his defeat, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar. They all felt this to be unbelievable.

Although Bai Ruochen increased her cultivation to that of a rank six Martial King, the same level as Wang Jingzhi, and though her Imperial Bloodline and her battle power had also increased, it was not determined that Wang Jingzhi would certainty lose.

Yet, Wang Jingzhi admitted his defeat without even bothering to fight. This was truly an enormous difference compared to the arrogance he had displayed earlier. It was simply unimaginable. Thus, the crowd was naturally shocked by this.

“Junior sister Ruochen, you’ve won. It was me, Wang Jingzhi, who overestimated my capabilities earlier. I hope you do not take offense at what I said earlier.” Wang Jingzhi turned to Bai Ruochen, cupped his fists and bowed. Immediately after he said those words, he turned around and left. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared.

“Wang Jingzhi has always been a conceited individual, why would he admit his defeat so quickly?” Long Chenfu asked in a confused manner.

“It is not that Wang Jingzhi admitted defeat because he thought himself to be inferior to Bai Ruochen. Instead, he did not dare to continue to fight Bai Ruochen,” the Ascension Sect’s elder said.

“Didn’t dare?” Long Chenyi, Long Chenfu and all the other Ascension Division members turned to that elder.

“The Four Imperial Clans are different from the Nine Powers. They do not recruit outsiders as disciples, and their clans are only composed of clan members. Although they number a lot less than the Nine Powers, due to the fact that each and every clan member possesses the powerful inherited Imperial Bloodline, their strength is a lot stronger than that of the Nine Powers.”

“Most importantly, the Four Imperial Clans are extremely protective of their members, and will not allow any of their clansmen to be bullied.”

“As Bai Ruochen possesses an Imperial Bloodline, it means that she is most definitely someone from the Four Imperial Clans. Regardless of which Imperial Clan she might be from, it remains that she has a huge monster supporting her.”

“While Wang Jingzhi doesn’t have to fear Bai Ruochen, he cannot not fear what stands behind her. Thus, even though he is extremely arrogant and extremely conceited, for the sake of not provoking an enormous monster that could drown him with a single spit, he did not dare to set himself against Bai Ruochen. All of this is within reason,” said that Ascension Sect elder.

After hearing those words, Long Chenyi and the others suddenly realized what had happened. When they turned to Bai Ruochen again, the gaze with which they looked at her was completely different. It was a sort of reverence and fear originating from the bottoms of their hearts.

Even someone like Wang Jingzhi was afraid of her. Thus, how could they not be afraid?

While this battle came very suddenly, the result of the battle was even more shocking. Wang Jingzhi was defeated. He was defeated by a woman called Bai Ruochen, who possessed an Imperial Bloodline.

Furthermore, everyone also came to know that Bai Ruochen was a member of the Asura Division. It turned out that not only was there a heaven-defying Chu Feng, the Asura Division actually also possessed a heaven-defying beauty by the name of Bai Ruochen.

Of course, those who knew about Bai Ruochen would not only gasp in surprise from her strength, they would also recall her mother.

The Ascension Sect’s Madam Sectmaster. She was a mysterious and powerful woman. She had only joined the Ascension Sect for several years, but had already managed to spread her fame far and wide.

When people found out that Bai Ruochen actually possessed an Imperial Bloodline, people began to wonder who Bai Ruochen’s biological father was. Or perhaps it might be that Bai Ruochen’s mother was also a member of the Imperial Clan?

Although the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster marrying such a powerful woman might seem like an envious matter, those with good vision did not believe that to be the case. Regardless of whether it might be Bai Ruochen’s father who was a member of the Imperial Clan, or her mother who was a member of the Imperial Clan, as long as they were related to the Imperial Clan, it would not necessarily be a good thing for the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster. That was because not only were the Imperial Clans powerful, they also did not allow their bloodlines to be spread to outsiders.

If someone was to have an affair with a member of the Imperial Clan, it would oftentimes be a misfortune for that person instead of fortune.

At this moment, Chu Feng and the others returned to the Asura Palace. This battle was not only an enormous victory for them, they also allowed everyone, including themselves, to experience how powerful Bai Ruochen was.

The fame of the Asura Division increased once again. It was so much that so, on this very day, a large group of disciples decided to try to join the Asura Division. The speed of the Asura Division’s development was simply unparalleled.

In Chu Feng’s guest room, he looked at Bai Ruochen who was sitting and drinking tea. He said jokingly, “Never would I have imagined that you are that powerful. So you did not go all out against me that time. Sigh. And here I was acting all complacent by my victory over you. Turns out that after all this time, I had been inferior to you.”

At this time, Chu Feng finally realized why Bai Ruochen would refuse to admit that the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster was her father even though her mother had married him.

Evidently, it was not because she was arrogant. Instead, it was because she possessed the means to do so. If Bai Ruochen’s biological father was a member of the Imperial Clan, then it would be natural for her to think that the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster was unqualified to be her adoptive father, much less her actual father.

As Chu Feng’s power of observation was very strong, and his ability to analyze things was also very strong, he determined that even if Bai Ruochen’s father was not from an Imperial Clan, he would still be a very powerful character. Otherwise, Bai Ruochen would not be one to act in such a manner.

“Don’t joke with me. That lightning of yours is even more powerful than my Imperial Bloodline. If we were of the same cultivation, it would be simply impossible for me to contend against you. Comparing who among us is weaker and who is stronger, I believe we are both well aware of it in our hearts.” Bai Ruochen cast a side eye at Chu Feng. However, she had a fascinating smile on her face.

Although Bai Ruochen was a standard ice-cold beauty, when she smiled, Chu Feng had to admit that she was simply alluring, and possessed a charm enough to steal one’s soul.

Suddenly, a clear laugh slowly sounded from outside the door. “Chu Feng, never would I have imagined that your Asura Division had hidden such a genius.”

Hearing that it was Elder Wei’s voice, Chu Feng hurriedly walked over there with Bai Ruochen. When they saw that it was indeed Elder Wei, the two of them hurriedly greeted him.

“Sigh, there’s no need to be this formal. Truly the two of you are naturally talented, and possess unbounded potential. It is no wonder that you were able to obtain such a good score in the Firmament Medicine Garden that day.” Elder Wei sized Bai Ruochen and then nodded in an appreciative manner.

“Elder, you are flattering me,” Bai Ruochen replied modestly.

“You’ve obtained the Cyanwood Succession List’s ninth position right after entering. Not long from now, I believe everyone will know about how powerful you are. Thus, there is no need for you to be this modest. Learn from Chu Feng, act when it is needed. It is not necessarily a bad thing for you to show off your abilities in the Cyanwood Mountain,” Elder Wei said with an amiable smile. However, his words seemed to contain a very deep intent.

“Thank you, Elder, for the advice. Ruochen understands.” Bai Ruochen nodded.

“Chu Feng, I’ve come here today because I had something that I wished to find you for.” After exchanging several sentences as greetings with Bai Ruochen, Elder Wei turned his gaze to Chu Feng.

“Elder, what might the matter be?” Chu Feng asked.

“Do you wish to broaden your horizons and see a Royal-cloak World Spiritist?” Elder Wei asked.

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