MGA – Chapter 1172

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MGA: Chapter 1172 – Fallen Into A Trap

A fight to the death. What was a fight to the death? That was a battle with one’s life as the wager. However, such a battle was not something that one could have as easily as one wished. Otherwise, wouldn’t it make it so that if a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain was not fond of another disciple, then he or she could use the pretext of a fight to the death to kill the other disciple?

In that case, was a fight to the death even something that existed and was permitted in the Cyanwood Mountain?

It both existed and was permitted. Merely, the situation for it was very special.

It was not that there had never been disciples who had fought to the death in the Cyanwood Mountain. Merely, they could only conduct a fight to the death after obtaining the approval of the elders, and both must voluntarily agree to the conditions of the life and death agreement before being able to conduct the fight to the death before the elders.

However, what must one do to make elders agree to a fight to the death? One must possess an enormous hatred for one’s enemy. Otherwise, no elder would agree to oversee such a fight to the death. After all, the elder that agreed to direct such a fight to the death would be held responsible.

However, at this moment, what the crowd was thinking was not the complexity required for one to conduct a fight to the death in the Cyanwood Mountain. Instead, they were shocked by the fact that Chu Feng was actually challenging Lei Yao to a fight to the death.

Who was Lei Yao? He was a rank six Martial King, the head of Orion Division, a famous genius in the Cyanwood Mountain. Regardless of how much of a demon-level character Chu Feng might be, he was still only a rank two Martial King. Even if Chu Feng possessed heaven-defying martial power, it would definitely be impossible for him to be a match for Lei Yao. For him to challenge Lei Yao to a fight to the death, was this not equivalent to him courting death?

“Haha, a fight to the death? Chu Feng, I had thought you were an intelligent person. Who would’ve expected that you’re actually this stupid. A fight to the death, to speak of it in a nice manner, it would be a fight to determine whether someone lives or dies. However, to speak of it bluntly, it would be for two people to massacre one another.”

“While the Cyanwood Mountain does permit a fight to the death, it is not something that one could do on a casual whim. The two of us do not possess an enormous hatred for each other, it is simply impossible for us to conduct a fight to the death,” Lei Yao spoke with a mocking tone. The gaze with which he looked at Chu Feng with was one of someone looking at an ignorant moron.

“That is not something for you to decide, but instead something for me to decide.” However, right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded. Following the voice, a figure appeared before the crowd.

It was an old lady. At the same time, she was also an elder of the Cyanwood Mountain. As for this elder, she was someone that many people present knew. That was because she possessed powerful strength. Although she was not a management elder, she could still be considered to be a top existence in the core region. As for who she was, she was the elder from the Ascension Sect, that same old lady that had reprimanded Long Chenfu that day, Elder Xie.

“Elder Xie?” Once Elder Xie appeared, the expressions of many people present changed. That was because this Elder Xie was indeed very powerful.

“A fight to the death requires mutual consent. As long as the two of you are willing to agree to it, and sign the life and death treaty, I am willing to preside over this fight to the death.” After Elder Xie appeared, she did not waste time speaking any superfluous words, and directly got to the point.

“This…” After hearing the words spoken by Elder Xie, the expressions of the crowd changed even more. Although Elder Xie most definitely possessed the qualifications to direct a fight to the death, they knew very well that a fight to the death was not something that could be done just with mutual consent, it also required a deep hatred from the two parties for each other. As for Chu Feng and Lei Yao, although they appeared to be antagonistic, the hatred between them most definitely had not reached the level for a fight to the death.

Yet, since Elder Xie had already spoken, there must definitely be some meaning behind it. Thus, the crowd all managed to guess that Elder Xie must’ve been asked by Chu Feng to stand up for him.

In fact, that was the truth. Chu Feng had already anticipated today’s events. Thus, he had already made all the preparations. While this challenge to a fight to the death might appear to be sudden and foolish, he knew that he would definitely be able to make it happen.

“Chu Feng, it turns out that I have underestimated you. You actually invited Elder Xie to stand up for you.” At this moment, Lei Yao understood what had happened. However, he did not feel any pressure. Instead, he laughed mockingly, and then looked toward Elder Xie. “Elder Xie, for you to direct this fight to the death is definitely not helping Chu Feng. Instead, you are only harming him.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng said, “What’s with all that rubbish you’re speaking? I only ask a single answer from you, do you dare to accept the fight or not?”

“What? Don’t dare? Give me a reason and tell me why I would not dare to accept it.”

“Chu Feng, I took into consideration that you’re a fellow disciple, and originally did not want to make things so extreme, with no room for considerations. However, never had I imagined that you would not know how to differentiate good from bad, and actually invited Elder Xie to help you out, and even requested a fight to the death with me.”

“Since you’re so brazen, then do not blame me for being ruthless myself. I accept this challenge of yours. However, since I’ve agreed to it, then I will do things as per the rules. On the day of the fight, I will definitely not show you any mercy, and will definitely take your little life.”

Being provoked by Chu Feng time and time again before the crowd caused Lei Yao to be enraged and publicly accept the challenge from Chu Feng.

“Since both parties are willing, then I shall personally direct this fight to the death in three days’ time at the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.” After Elder Xie said those words, her figure moved and she disappeared. Truly, she had arrived in a hurry and left in a hurry.

“Chu Feng, in three days’ time, I shall take your little life. As for that, it will be the consequences of your own actions.” After Lei Yao left those words, he turned around and left. At the same time, the Orion Division army that he commanded also followed him and left.

“Chu Feng, I must say that I truly admire your courage.” At this moment, Yuan Qing did not leave. Instead, he was looking at Chu Feng with a mocking appearance.

“You already admire me with merely this? I will make you admire me even more. Remember to definitely show up in three days’ time.” Chu Feng was looking at Yuan Qing with a beaming smile on his face. His smile seemed to contain something eccentric within it.

“Rest assured, I will definitely show up, because I wish to see how you will be killed by my senior brother Lei.” After Yuan Qing left these words in a fierce manner, he also turned around and left.

As he looked at the backs of the departing Yuan Qing and the Orion Division’s army, a hard-to-detect upward arc appeared on the corners of Chu Feng’s lips. As for this upward arc, the meaning behind it was something that only Chu Feng knew.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you are truly too impulsive. Even if you and this Lei Yao truly possess grievances, there shouldn’t be a need for you to go to such lengths, no? I know that you possess exceptional talent and heaven-defying martial power, but that Lei Yao is no ordinary character either; he is not an ordinary rank six Martial King.” Long Chenyi and the others walked over to Chu Feng and began to earnestly advise him with expressions of confusion.

“That’s right, junior brother Chu Feng, you are truly too impulsive. That Lei Yao is the head of the Orion Division, the current strongest genius of the Orion Monastery.” At this moment, Wang Wei, Fang Tuohai and the others also appeared.

“Seniors, could it be that you all truly think that I did this on a mere impulse?” Surprisingly, Chu Feng asked the worried crowd a question.

After they saw the smile on Chu Feng’s face, the crowd were all stunned. Their expressions of shock and astonishment became a bit more intense.

The appearance of Elder Xie was most definitely not a coincidence. It was obvious that Chu Feng had invited her. For Chu Feng to have invited Elder Xie beforehand, this meant that he had planned this. Thus, how could it have been done on impulse?

It was not an impulse, but was instead a plot that he had planned for a long time. Then, what exactly was Chu Feng planning to do? Long Chenyi and the others were all confused.

“I know that you all are worried about me. However, fret not. I, Chu Feng, am not definitely not someone who would feel that living is boring and would voluntarily throw my life away,” said Chu Feng with a smile.

At this moment, no one tried to say anything to Chu Feng anymore. That was because the smile that Chu Feng displayed was one filled with confidence. Even though they felt that the possibility of Chu Feng winning against Lei Yao was extremely low, they, for some unknown reason, truly felt at this moment that Lei Yao had fallen into Chu Feng’s trap, a trap that he had planned for a long time.

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  1. He’s probably also going to, at the very least, reveal the commander flag after killing Lei Yao. I don’t think there is a needle at the Cyanwood’s pond?

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    I don’t get it? This would have been the perfect opportunity to unveil the Commander Flag and show Yaun Qing to be a weakling who only got into the high-ranking Heaven Inquiring Division by lying to them. This would not only destroy Yuan Qing’s reputation, it would mean he would be ejected from the Heaven Inquiring Division who would then no longer be a threat to the Ascension Division. This would protect Chu Feng’s Asura Division without having to go through the song-and-dance he went through. Perfect ending.

    Instead he has to wave his manhood around by challenging very strong people to a life-or-death duel? I get the author wants to showcase Chu Feng’s capabilities, but how about showcasing that he is actually smart?

    1. Actually It would be smarter this way. If you think about it, he’s got two stages of lightning armor that could make his cultivation stage 4 martial king. He’s also able to fight people 3 stages above him, so unless that guy is a stage 8 martial king chu feng would win. Also he’s able to expose all of yuan qing’s exploits at the pond by activating the needle and showing off the commander flag

      1. I get that he wants to fight the head of the Orion Division, but why a “death match”? He fought the Dragon Tiger Division head, defeated him and thus rendered the DTD useless against his Asura Division. He can do the same with the Orion Division head – no need for a “Death Match hohoho!”

        As the chapter explained, they don’t have a great emnity.

        And this is a separate matter to him taking down Yuan Qing. He could do that there and then while YQ is posturing about and bringing the Heaven Inquiring Division’s pressure to bear on the Ascension Division. The sooner he takes YQ out of the game, the better for his Asura Division.

        The whole thing just smacks of the author setting the scene for “something to happen” and dragging bigger characters into Chu Feng’s circle of animosity – but it’s an awfully contrived way of doing it.

        1. There is no reason other than that is how Chu Feng handles things. Go back and read where he got the commander flag and left that fake in his place. Bai Ruochen asked pretty much what you asking, well some what. A ruthless person doesn’t need any other reason to be ruthless if that is who they are.

          Better yet, here, I found it for ya:

          She asked, “Exactly how enormous of a grievance is there between you two, for you to use this sort of scheme to push him down to the bottomless abyss?”

          “Lil Sis Ruochen, you’re thinking too much about it. Just because I am using schemes does not mean that there is an enormous grievance between he and I. Merely, I will never let those who declare themselves my enemy live well. This is merely the way I handle things; it is not related to how deep the hatred and grievance I have with any individual.”

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      So it’s a 1 stone 3 birds kind of thing i think.

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