MGA – Chapter 1163

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MGA: Chapter 1163 – All Members Present

After Chu Feng managed to break through, he left the underground palace hall.

At this moment, the sky had already turned dark. Chu Feng was standing on the tallest building in his territory. As for his gaze, it was focused on the entrance gates and signboard that were shattered and destroyed.

Chu Feng’s expression was very calm. As for the night, it too was very peaceful, as there was nobody coming to disturb him.

It was like the calm before a storm. This sort of peaceful sensation was extremely uneasy, extremely terrifying and caused one to not know whether it was good fortune or a calamity that would arrive. However, by the time they discovered it, it would already be too late.

In the early morning the next day, at the first glimmer of light, members of the Asura Division were already arriving at Chu Feng’s territory. More and more people arrived in succession. Not a single one of them came empty handed. Instead, they arrived with intelligence on the Dragon Tiger Division’s members.

When the sun had risen completely in the sky, when the gentle and warm sunshine illuminated the earth, several tens of extra figures were in Chu Feng’s territory. Other than Bai Ruochen, all of the other members of the Asura Division were present.

Furthermore, practically all of the Dragon Tiger Division’s members’ profiles had been gathered. This was the result of their night of effort. This night, although Chu Feng had slept, these members of the Asura Division had not.

That was because they knew that regardless of what Chu Feng decided to do, it would actually only be Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen who would be doing them. As for what they were capable of doing, it was extremely little.

However, they too wanted to help. Thus, when Chu Feng asked them to gather information on the Dragon Tiger Division’s members, they were actually extremely happy. At the very least, they were now able to provide assistance to the cause.

“Everyone, thank you for all your hard work.” After skimming through the Dragon Tiger Division’s members’ profiles, Chu Feng handed them over to Fang Tuohai. “Senior Fang, I’ll be troubling you later.”

Actually, even now, Fang Tuohai did not know what Chu Feng planned to do. However, he still accepted the information from Chu Feng.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, only junior sister Ruochen is not present right now,” said Fang Tuohai.

“Rest assured, she will be coming. Let’s go and wait for her outside of the territory.” As Chu Feng spoke, he suddenly stood up and began to move. In response, the members of the Asura Division also began to follow him. Soon, they all arrived before the destroyed entrance gate to wait for Bai Ruochen.

At this moment, there were several people from nearby territories that were lingering in front of Chu Feng’s territory, pointing at the destroyed entrance gate and spiritedly discussing it with expressions of contempt and ridicule.

However, when they saw Chu Feng and the others majestically flying out of his territory and landing before the shattered entrance gate in an orderly fashion, all of their complexions turned pale from fright.

Without mentioning the fact that the Asura Division currently had twenty five extra Martial King-level experts, the current Asura Division’s members’ aura and appearance were completely different from before.

Each and every one of them possessed serious expressions. Although it could not be said that their killing intent was overflowing, they were most definitely emitting explosive and furious rage.

Although Chu Feng’s territory could not be considered to be extremely bad, it was most definitely not luxurious. Thus, those living beside Chu Feng’s territory as his neighbors were naturally not experts either.

When they saw the formation before their eyes, and recalled how they had just been mocking Chu Feng’s branch power organization, they naturally became scared. They feared that Chu Feng would teach them a lesson after seeing their earlier actions.

Thus, at this very moment, the few people that were mocking, laughing and chatting with their salivas splattering all over were standing there like blocks of logs. Truly frightened, they did not dare to even run away.

However, those people have over-thought it. Even though they have already noticed them, Chu Feng and the others have decided to ignore them after coming out.

It was not that Chu Feng did not want to bother with them. Instead, it was that Chu Feng believed that these people were not even qualified for him to teach them a lesson.

“Everyone, I am sorry that I’ve come late.” Suddenly, a pleasant voice sounded from the horizon. Following the voice, a beautiful woman gently descended like a fairy. As for this person, it was Bai Ruochen.

“Heavens, junior sister Ruochen, you…” After Bai Ruochen appeared, the expressions of the crowd all changed. Not only the few people that were mocking, laughing and discussing the Asura Division earlier, even the members of the Asura Division, including even Chu Feng, were greatly surprised.

That was because Bai Ruochen had not hidden her aura, and have instead emitted it deliberately. That powerful aura was simply enough to suppress all of the people present.

Rank five Martial King. Bai Ruochen’s current cultivation was already that of a rank five Martial King.

Although a cultivation of rank five Martial King could not be considered to be an apex existence in the Cyanwood Mountain, it was most definitely not a weak cultivation. Especially when this cultivation was present on Bai Ruochen, a young and beautiful woman, this level of cultivation appeared even more shocking.

“Lil Sis Ruochen, you’ve actually managed to breakthrough twice in succession. I have truly underestimated you. You used those things, right?” Chu Feng smiled lightly.

When Bai Ruochen appeared, Chu Feng immediately understood why she was so happy when she saw all of those cultivation resources left behind by the Ascension Sect’s ancestor in the Firmament Medicinal Garden.

It turned out that Bai Ruochen was the same as Chu Feng, and her training also required a large amount of cultivation resources. At the very least, cultivation resources were of great assistance to her cultivation.

As for her current cultivation of two successive breakthroughs, it was clearly the result of her refining those cultivation resources.

By comparison, Chu Feng’s current cultivation of a rank two Martial King appeared somewhat insignificant. After all, the two of them refined an equal amount of cultivation resources.

For Chu Feng, he managed to breakthrough to rank two Martial King from rank one Martial King. Bai Ruochen, on the other hand, managed to reach rank five Martial King from rank three Martial King.

It must be said that this caused Chu Feng to feel slightly depressed. With such an enormous gap, anyone would be depressed.

However, Chu Feng recalled how he was someone from the Outer World, and his extremely powerful bloodline was the reason why he required so much more cultivation resources than ordinary people.

Although this way of thinking might seem like a method for Chu Feng to console himself, it was actually also the truth. Although Chu Feng required a frightening amount of cultivation resources to break through, it was also true that with his comprehension ability, as long as there were enough cultivation resources, Chu Feng would be able to break through to another frightening level in a short period of time.

In his so-called family in the Outer World, would they possibly lack cultivation resources? At the very least, they most definitely possessed the cultivation resources that Chu Feng needed right now; it could even be said that they possessed a limitless supply.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng was not in his family in the Outer World. Furthermore, the target of his retaliation was exactly that enormously powerful, so enormous that it was difficult to estimate how powerful they were, family.

It must be said that it was an extremely heavy burden.

“For me to have this cultivation, it is all thanks to you.” Bai Ruochen smiled sweetly and answered Chu Feng’s question indirectly. Then, she spoke to ask. “Your current cultivation of a rank two Martial King is also because of them, right?”

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  1. So now Rouchen is stronger than Chu Feng? She can now fight rank 7 Martial Kings while Chu Feng with lightning can only fight rank 6 Martial Kings. That’s stupid.

      1. I agree it’s better like this, however I feel she should be a rank 4 and not rank 5, or explain that his martial arts are extremely weak when compared to holy land martial arts. If that was explained, and if he had those skills fighting people 1 more lvl higher, then i’d be okay with this. However I doubt that’s the case, witch makes me so sad QQ

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  2. Thank you for the three chapters.

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