MGA – Chapter 1091

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MGA: Chapter 1091 – I Will Kill You All

“F*ck, you son of a bitch, who did you say was trash?!” Hearing what Chu Feng said, the Ascension Sect’s disciples that were angered to begin with became enraged with gritted teeth.

“It’s precisely you all that I called trash. If you have the courage, then come in here.” Chu Feng laughed mockingly. Without bothering to say anything else, he directly walked into the spirit formation palace. Before he entered the palace, he even displayed his middle finger to those Ascension Sect’s disciples.

“Yoh, you think you can scare us?” At this moment, some of the Ascension Sect’s disciples realized Chu Feng’s intentions — he wanted to bring them into his spirit formation and then beat them up.

“Truly one who is courting death. Since you want to die this badly, I shall help you accomplish your goal.” However, how could the Ascension Sect’s disciples who were looking down upon Chu Feng since the beginning possibly fear Chu Feng?

The ninety-nine Ascension Sect’s disciples who had blocked the entrance to the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda, regardless of whether they were males or females, all set off and entered into the spirit formation palace created by Chu Feng.

After seeing that they have all entered into the spirit formation palace, Chu Feng sealed off the entrance of the palace with a thought, trapping these Ascension Sect’s disciples within his spirit formation palace.

Although all of the Ascension Sect’s disciples took note of it, they did not care much about it. That was because they have entered this place precisely to teach Chu Feng a lesson.

“Brat, I do not beat up those who are nameless. Speak your name.” Suddenly, a rank one Martial King level male pointed at Chu Feng and said.

“Woosh.” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng’s body suddenly moved. He instantly arrived before that male, raised his hand into a fist and directly smashed that man down to the ground.

“You…” This sudden scene completely stunned those disciples from the Ascension Sect. Although the man was also a rank one Martial King like Chu Feng, he was nevertheless a core disciple of the Ascension Sect and one that was to be sent to the Cyanwood Mountain this year. Thus, neither his battle power nor talent were weak.

However, at this moment, not only was he defeated by Chu Feng with a simple strike, he was even screaming while covering his face with his hands. To be defeated so suddenly and so miserably, had greatly surpassed what these disciples anticipated.

But, they would never have imagined that all of this was merely the beginning. After he defeated this man, Chu Feng moved once again. Like a demon, he arrived before another man. Like the last time, he smashed his fist onto this man’s face, beating him to a bloody nose and knocking him flying.

After this, like a flash, Chu Feng began to shuttle through the palace. At the same time, all kinds of screams began to be heard from within the palace. These Ascension Sect disciples who believed themselves to be superior were being knocked to the ground by Chu Feng one after the other. Even though they were prepared for Chu Feng’s attack, they were unable to defend against it.

At the beginning, it was merely the rank one Martial King males that were defeated by Chu Feng then, two rank two Martial Kings were defeated. Moreover, they were both defeated with a single fist strike from Chu Feng, unable to counterattack at all.

At this moment, of the ninety-nine Ascension Sect disciples, other than the female disciples who still remained standing, all of the male disciples were lying on the floor and rolling around while holding their bloodied faces.

Most importantly, at this very moment, Chu Feng’s oppressive might had covered the entire spirit formation palace. Not only were those men that he had defeated unable to retaliate against him, even these women who were unharmed were unable to withstand the pressure of his oppressive might; they simply did not even have the opportunity to attack Chu Feng.

This spirit formation palace was no ordinary spirit formation palace. It was a formation array, a formation array that could boundlessly increase Chu Feng’s oppressive might.

Within this formation array, there was simply no need for Chu Feng to even use his hand. With merely his oppressive might, he was capable of crushing all of these Ascension Sect’s disciples to death.

“You, you, you…” At this moment, the female disciples of the Ascension Sect who had previously looked down upon Chu Feng were filled with fear.

A rank one Martial King was actually capable of defeating rank two Martial Kings with a single strike. Moreover, his oppressive might had pressured them so much that they couldn’t even do anything. This truly caused them to be incessantly fearful of Chu Feng.
“Bastard, you actually dared to attack us. Today, don’t you dare to leave the Ascension Sect alive.” At this moment, a disciple crawled back up from the ground with great difficulty.

That was a rank two Martial King. Earlier, when they were refusing Sikong Zhaixing, this disciple was the one who spoke the most offensive words to them. Thus, when Chu Feng attacked him, he used the most strength.

At this moment, not only was his nose crooked, even one of his incisor teeth was shattered. He truly appeared to be miserable, funny and lamentable.

“Whether I can leave the Ascension Sect alive is not something that you all could decide. However, whether you all could leave here alive, it is something that is up to my decision.”

“Do you believe that I would be able to kill you all right now? Moreover, I will make it so that there is not even a corpse of you remaining.” Once he said those words, a cold flash shined past Chu Feng’s eyes and a layer of boundless killing intent surged forth. Like an invisible hurricane, his killing intent filled the entire spirit formation palace.

“This sort of feeling?!!!”

Upon sensing Chu Feng’s killing intent, everyone shivered. After that, none of them dared to say anything. Even that man who had previously threatened Chu Feng shut his mouth. There were even some who were unable to contain themselves and began to violently tremble in fear.

That was because Chu Feng’s killing intent was truly too frightening. This sort of killing intent, it was simply impossible for one to obtain unless they had killed a great deal of people and soaked their hands with a great amount of blood.

The number of people that Chu Feng had killed was something that even he could not count. However, these Ascension Sect’s disciples present, even if they were to add up all of the people that they had killed, they would still fall short to the amount that Chu Feng had killed.

Thus, at this moment, after Chu Feng said those words and released this sort of killing intent, none of them doubted that Chu Feng would kill them.

“All of you, kneel.” Suddenly, Chu Feng knitted his eyebrows and explosively shouted.

Being enclosed by Chu Feng’s killing intent, not a single one of these ninety-nine Ascension Sect’s disciples actually dared to hesitate. Uniformly, they knelt to the ground. Even those people who were lying on the floor hurriedly crawled back up so that they could kneel before Chu Feng.

Faced with the threat of death, all of them had chosen the path of servitude.

“Heh, look at yourselves. If you’re not trash, then what are you all?” As he looked to the Ascension Sect disciples that kneeled before him, especially those male disciples that were beaten bloody by him, Chu Feng sneered.

Being insulted by Chu Feng in such a manner, although the Ascension Sect’s disciples were filled with anger, they did not dare to talk back at all. It was so much that they did not even dare to display the slightest bit of dissatisfaction.

There was simply a world of difference between the current them and during the time when they were making things difficult for Chu Feng and Sikong Zhaixing.

“Who exactly are you? We have neither grievances nor hatred with the Southern Cyanwood Forest, why are you treating us like this?” Suddenly, a female opened her mouth and spoke in a very hesitating manner.

She was a rank two Martial King. However, because she was a woman, Chu Feng did not attack her. Thus, her appearance was undamaged. However, before Chu Feng’s frightening killing intent, she was already scared witless.

“Who am I? I can tell you all, I am called Chu Feng.” Chu Feng coldly smiled. He then said, “Everyone, how about we make a deal?”

“Deal?” Originally, they thought that Chu Feng would kill them. However, to their surprise, Chu Feng suddenly offered them an opportunity to live. Thus, in unison, they asked, “What kind of deal?”

“I believe that you all would definitely not want others to know that you have been beaten by a Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple and even kneeled to me, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“This…” Hearing those words, the disciples of the Ascension Sect were all stunned. It was true, if this matter was to be known, they would’ve all lost face.

As grand disciples of the Ascension Sect, not only were they defeated by a Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple, they even kneeled to him. Not only would this cause them all to lose face, this would also greatly shame the Ascension Sect.

“How about this. As long as you all do not make things difficult for me, I would not make things difficult for you all either. If you let me enter the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda, I shall keep this matter a secret.”

“Of course, if you all are to go against your words, then I would not let things off with merely having you all kneel before me. Instead, I will kill you all.”

When he said those words, a flash of coldness once again emerged in Chu Feng’s eyes. Although it was merely a flash that disappeared in an instant, it was embedded deeply in the hearts of the Ascension Sect’s disciples.

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  1. “Of course, if you all are to go against your words, then I would not let things off with merely having you all kneel before me. Instead, I will kill you all.”


    1. If it becomes awe instead of just fear, it becomes useful, though. They haven’t done anything bad enough for him to kill them yet. Chu Feng seems to have a one strike rule for the lower ‘indignities’.

  2. Thanks for the chapters.
    I feel these disciples weren’t necessarily wrong, which ever faction here set up the formation has probably been telling everyone that the pagoda belongs to them.

    They probably don’t know the full history.

    1. no, they knew who was the creator of this pagoda. They just didn’t want anything inside the pagoda taken, because I believe the energy came from that item(s).

  3. Great way to make friends there Chu Feng. This guy is simply a bully at this point.

    I don’t really mind it but it’d be nice if the author stopped pretending he’s a just and righteous person, because he really isn’t.

    1. I don’t remember the Author ever implying he is morally just and righteous? Chu Feng himself said at one point that he’s not a hero of justice or a kind person. That’s just the way he is. And… bully? A bully would be someone who instigates the fight for no reason and then uses his strength to hurt others. He clearly is not the one who started this. xD
      Also, why on earth would he even bother being nice to trash like these disciples who insulted him and the headmaster, and wished to exert their authority over something that isn’t theirs in the first place.

  4. At this moment, of the ninety-nine Ascension Sect disciples, other than the female disciples who still remained standing, all of the male disciples were lying on the floor and rolling around while holding their bloodied faces.
    She was a rank two Martial King. However, because she was a woman, Chu Feng did not attack her. Thus, her appearance was undamaged. However, before Chu Feng’s frightening killing intent, she was already scared witless.

    Wow… I knew this already, but the author is a f**king hypocrite full of sh*t and two-faced, blatant bias towards females. As long as you’re a female of 0-25 years old who’re beautiful to some extent, he actually won’t touch you even if he beats everyone else bloody, females above 25, young males, old females and males or anyone else are fair game. But god forbid that he’d properly thrash women like he should. Being beautiful, young and having a vagina is a free-card in this novel to do whatever you want and not get properly punished for it. Torture him, repeatedly try to kill him and almost turn him into a soul-less doll whereafter you would cut off his junk and torture someone you’re fond of to death? A measly one-time rape is enough. Beat them up? Nah, can’t do that to girls. Oh, and he even feels pity or even guilt after screwing them despite everything that they did. So f**king irritating.

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