MGA – Chapter 105

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MGA: Chapter 105 – The Background of the Gong Family

The current Su Rou was strolling in the forest by herself. She was frowning slightly as if thinking of something. Chu Feng got Zhuge Liuyun’s attention but she did not know whether that was a good thing or a bad thing.

“Elder Su Rou, I have something that I want discuss with you.” But suddenly, Zhuge Liuyun appeared in front of Su Rou without making any sound.

At that instant, Su Rou was more or less nervous in her heart. She was somewhat fearful while facing Zhuge Liuyun.

Although his strength was also in the Profound realm, he hid his power very well. At least, she was unable to determine what stage his real cultivation was at.

However, an undeniable fact was that this person’s strength exceeded the Six Protectors of the Azure Dragon School. He was publicly recognized as the #2 expert in the Azure Dragon School.

“Elder Zhuge, if you have anything please go ahead and say it.” Su Rou organized her emotions and said respectfully.

“I don’t want to know what goal you have by helping Chu Feng. But, from now on, you cannot follow behind him.”

“I want him to face challenges by himself and only then can he grow up even faster. I’m sure you understand what I mean.” Zhuge Liuyun’s said gravely and there was even a trace of threatening within his tone.

“I understand.” Su Rou did not dare to retort in any way.

“Mm, bid farewell to that boy and then do what you need to do.”

Zhuge Liuyun waved his sleeve and disappeared where he stood. His tone was icy cold and the difference in attitude while facing Chu Feng was just like the sky and the earth.

Su Rou slightly frowned while facing Zhuge Liuyun who acted like that and she was quite angry. She originally wanted to say something, but after thinking of what he could do, she swallowed her words back down her throat.

The current Chu Feng was sitting where he was. He flipped through the Spirit Formation Technique book. Suddenly, he turned his head and chuckled, “Elder Su Rou, thank you for your help earlier.”

“You people with Spirit power are really quite scary. It’s simply like you have eyes behind your back.” Su Rou charmingly smiled while displaying thousands different types of grace and she was even quite enchanting.

She walked in front of Chu Feng, lightly smiled and said, “But no need to thank me. It was Su Mei who entrusted me to look after you.”

“That being said, you’re quite bold. You even dared to challenge Gong Luyun and set a bet like that. I don’t even know whether to praise your courageousness or to scold your idiocy.”

“Hehe.” Chu Feng only scratched his head and laughed foolishly since he did not know how to reply.

“Mm? What are you reading?” Seeing the laughing Chu Feng, Su Rou was quite helpless and she couldn’t help but cast her gaze towards the book in Chu Feng’s hands.

“Heh, this is quite the impressive thing. With it, I can become a World Spiritist.” Chu Feng opened the book and three big words, “Spirit Formation Technique“, appeared in front of Su Rou.

“Elder Zhuge took you as a disciple?”

Su Rou was endlessly shocked. Her beautiful little face instantly changed colour and although she had a premonition, she never would have thought that Zhuge Liuyun would pass the Spirit Formation Technique down to Chu Feng so soon.

To know that Leng Wuzui pretty much sold his life to Zhuge Liuyun for a whole 3 years yet got nothing. He even got consumed by Zhuge Liuyun at the end.

However, Chu Feng who clearly met Zhuge Liuyun for the first time got the cultivation method of the Spirit Formation Technique already. The difference was too big right?

“How would it be that easy? He wants me to grasp the early stage of the Spirit Formation within 1 month. But this book is quite difficult and it seems that it will not be a small challenge.”

Chu Feng acted that he had hardships by curling his lips. He did not say that if could not pass the test within 1 month, Zhuge Liuyun would take his life.

He also did not say that after looking for a while, he got some knack for it. If he wasn’t considering about Su Rou who was still there, he would have certainly tried it out.

“You must have gotten the good luck from your past life. If you can become Zhuge Liuyun’s disciple, you should be able to keep your life in the arranged battle in a year.”

Su Rou truly felt happy for Chu Feng. If Chu Feng could become a World Spiritist, it was a heavenly happy occasion for her family.

After all, the reason why she helped Chu Feng was because of Chu Feng’s Spirit power and because her family needed a person like Chu Feng.

“No. One year later, not only will I keep my life, I will kill him.” Chu Feng gravely said and determination was filled within his eyes.

Seeing Chu Feng’s serious expression, Su Rou’s heart was startled. For whatever reason, she had a strange thought. It was as if one year later, Chu Feng could really do what he said.

Especially after she personally saw Chu Feng leading the Chu family to kill his hated enemies, she looked towards Chu Feng in a completely different way.

Her evaluation was, Chu Feng was too impressive. Although he was only 15 years old, his mind surpassed those of the same age. It was even no worse than her and the most important part was that his methods were ruthless enough.

If he continued developing like that, his accomplishments in the future would be unmeasurable. She even felt that not only the Azure Dragon School, even within the Azure Province might not be able to keep Chu Feng. He would certainly stand on top of the Nine Provinces.

“Chu Feng, do not underestimate Gong Luyun. His family has control over a first-rate city.”

“In the entire Azure Province, that city is ranked within the top three. It’s strength is no weaker than the Azure Dragon School and it may even exceed it.”

“The most important thing is that Gong Luyun’s grandfather has a very close relationship with the Qilin Prince Mansion. If something bad happened to his Gong family, the Qilin Prince Mansion would not put their hands within the sleeves and ignore it.”

“So, in the arranged battle one year later, you can win against Gong Luyun but you cannot kill him or else even Zhuge Liuyun cannot protect you.” The more she felt that Chu Feng was valuable, the more Su Rou did not want anything happening to Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng also sank into deep thought. He was not an ignorant person so even though he really wanted to kill Gong Luyun, after knowing that he had a huge background behind his back, he had no choice but to carefully think it through.

Or else even if he could safely escape, after leaving, those around him may not be able to escape. He did not want his family to carry the consequences after attracting troubles for himself.

After that, Su Rou chatted with Chu Feng for a while and most of it was to advise him to be less rash. Something about “10 years is not long for a man’s revenge”.

It was to let Chu Feng focus on cultivation and to not have too much pressure. If necessary, her family would help out and at least protect Chu Feng’s life.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng could hiddenly understand that Su Rou’s family also controlled a first-rate city and their strength was extremely strong as well.

So, he already guessed why the Golden-purple City had such an abnormal attitude. It was certainly because of Su Rou. However, she did not mention about it so he did not ask.

After Su Rou left, Chu Feng returned to the Chu family. After closing the doors to his room, he started to seriously study the Spirit Formation Technique. The thing that would change his destiny.

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