MGA – Chapter 1039

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MGA: Chapter 1039 – Half Martial Emperor Level


That white haired old man’s palm strike was no small matter. Han Qingyu was smashed downward and, like a sword, he severed several large trees that connected to the heavens. Only then did he smash to the ground.

Dust soared into the sky after Han Qingyu smashed into the ground. The earthquake began to subside. A deep crater appeared before everyone’s eyes. As that large crater began to expand, several more large trees toppled over.

“Lord Headmaster.” Everything that occurred was too sudden. Only after Han Qingyu was smashed to the ground did everyone notice that the old man who had smashed him down to the ground with a single palm strike and was standing before Chu Feng was actually their Lord Headmaster.

“Congratulations Lord Headmaster for successfully breaking through to Half Martial Emperor level and becoming rank one Half Martial Emperor.” After seeing the aura emitted by the headmaster of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, the various elders present were all overjoyed. Regardless of whether they were standing in the air or standing on the ground, they all immediately knelt down and saluted the headmaster.

After this, the disciples managed to react and hurriedly knelt down to salute to the headmaster too. At the same time, they loudly shouted words of congratulations. Moreover, the majority of them had expressions of excitement on their faces.

However, compared to the other elders and disciples, though the Han family’s elders and disciples also kneeled down and were shouting words of congratulations, they did not have excited expressions on their faces. Instead, they had expressions of panic and unrest.

That was because regardless of what cultivation their Lord Headmaster currently had, it remained true that a single palm strike from Lord Headmaster had swatted Han Qingyu down from the sky. This had shown that Chu Feng was indeed extremely important. Otherwise, Lord Headmaster wouldn’t have gone that far to attack the Punishment Elder for him. Likely, their Han family would truly have been met with calamity this time around.

“Half Martial Emperor, Eggy, what sort of level is that?” Compared to the others, the thing that Chu Feng focused upon was not the arrival of this Lord Headmaster. Instead, it was this Lord Headmaster’s cultivation.

That was because before the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster arrived, Chu Feng had already faintly sensed that a powerful aura was approaching him. That aura was not something that Chu Feng had sensed for himself. Instead, it was deliberately sent to him by that person. It appeared that that person was deliberately trying to tell Chu Feng to not be afraid as he would immediately arrive to protect him.

At that time, Chu Feng had already guessed that the person rushing toward him was likely the Lord Headmaster of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. That was the reason why Chu Feng was able to remain so fearless.

As for Chu Feng’s current surprise, it was the cultivation of this Lord Headmaster. Chu Feng had felt that it was very strange to begin with. This Lord Headmaster’s aura was completely different from that of Martial Kings. It was an aura above that of Martial Kings. However, it was also completely different from the aura of Martial Emperors.

This caused Chu Feng to be confused. Logically, the realm above Martial King was Martial Emperor. However, this Lord Headmaster’s cultivation was between that of Martial King and Martial Emperor. In other words, he was stronger than Martial Kings but weaker than Martial Emperors. This sort of special aura had caused Chu Feng to be very confused.

However, when everyone started shouting words of congratulations and ‘Half Martial Emperor,’ Chu Feng suddenly came to a realization. It turned out that this Lord Headmaster was a Half Martial Emperor however, never had Chu Feng ever heard of such a cultivation level. Thus, he immediately asked Eggy for guidance.

“This… actually, the level differentiations that you all have here is completely different from our Asura Spirit World. It could be said that we exist in two completely different cultivation levels. The reason why I mentioned to you before that I had the cultivation of a Martial Emperor in the past was merely an assessment of my strength.”

“Actually, in the past, I had deliberately inquired about many things regarding your world due to curiosity. This naturally included the cultivation levels you all have here.”

“From a very powerful senior, I learned about some of the cultivation levels you all have. However, I have never heard about Half Martial Emperor cultivation level.” Eggy shook her head. A bewildered expression was hanging on her extremely beautiful face.

“Based on their reactions, it appears that they are somewhat accustomed to this so-called Half Martial Emperor level. It appears that the Holy Land of Martialism is indeed different from the Eastern Sea Region. The things they know here are a lot more than we do. It seems that we would have to discard the knowledge that we had determined to be truth in the past and accept new knowledge.”

Chu Feng cast his gaze to the people below. A faint excitement appeared in his eyes. That was because Chu Feng was fond of expanding his knowledge. At the very least, it meant that he was improving.

“Boom.” Right at this moment, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster suddenly opened his palm. A boundless suction rushed forth from his palm. It sucked Han Qingyu who had been smashed deep into the crater back into the air.

“Cough cough cough…” The current Han Qingyu was in a disheveled state with a face covered with dust. Above the dust was some dark black colored substance that seemed like solidified liquid. It was clearly his blood. The palm strike from Lord Headmaster was no simple matter.

“Lord Headmaster, you, you, you’ve… reached a breakthrough?” Even though his face was covered with dust that caused his appearance to be undeterminable, one could still tell from his flickering gaze how deeply frightened the current Han Qingyu was.

Regardless of how oppressive and awe-inspiring he was earlier, the current him before Lord Headmaster was like a lone wolf that had encountered a fierce tiger. All of the might that he had displayed earlier vanished like smoke in thin air. The only thing that remained was fear that emerged from the bottom of his heart.

“Han Qingyu, you truly have some extreme nerve. You actually dared to attack someone that I requested for. You truly do not put me, your headmaster, in mind. Have you gotten tired of living?”

Although Lord Headmaster appeared to be very amiable, a threatening anger as well as an inviolable awe were being emitted from him. That sort of sensation had caused all the spectators to tremble. As for Han Qingyu, there’s less of a need to mention what he was feeling.

“Lord… Lord Headmaster, I did not intentionally oppose you. There’s honestly a reason for this. This child killed many people from my Han family for no reason or cause. As the Punishment Elder, I had merely given him a lesson. Lord Headmaster, if you do not believe me, you can go and ask them. They had all seen what had happened.” Han Qingyu hurriedly explained. As he said those words, he pointed his finger to the people down below.

However, after being pointed at by Han Qingyu’s finger, the people down below were instantly frightened. They either hurriedly moved aside or lowered their head and didn’t speak. They did not wish to be pulled into this fatal dispute for no reason at all.

“Gongsun Kuo, what exactly happened here?” Hearing these words, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster frowned. He did not bother to pay attention to Han Qingyu and instead turned to Elder Gongsun and asked.

“Lord Headmaster, there is an error to what Han Qingyu had said. It is not the whole truth. Exactly who had wronged in this matter, it would be best for Lord Headmaster to determine it.” Seeing this, the already seriously injured Elder Gongsun did not bother to care about Han Qingyu. He walked up and narrated what had happened to the Lord Headmaster in full details.

He who was hostile against Han Qingyu to begin with would naturally not causally explain what had happened. Instead, he began to add details to the story. Not only did he mention what had happened today, he even spoke of all kinds of wicked conduct the Han family had done in the Southern Cyanwood Forest in the past.

After knowing what had happened, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster frowned even deeper. He closed his eyes and gently stroked his snow white beard. It appeared as if he had entered into deep contemplation.

At this was happening, not a single person dared to utter a sound. They did not even dare to breathe loudly. Other than the sound of wind blowing on the leaves, not even the birds made any noise. It was strangely quiet.

After a long time, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster slowly opened his eyes. A decisive determination flashed past his pair of deep eyes.


Suddenly, he waved his large sleeve. He first emitted his special and powerful aura outward. Then, with a thunder-like voice, he shouted.

“Han Qingyu, as the Punishment Elder, you handle matters unjustly. Relying on the fact that you possess the authority, you deliberately favored the Han family, allowing them to behave unscrupulously. By the law of the Heavens, this cannot be tolerated.”

“As for the Han family, you relied on Han Qingyu’s protection and became undisciplined and out of control. In my Southern Cyanwood Forest, you have committed all kinds of unimaginable crimes. Your overflowing sin soars into the sky. You have gravely affected the regulation system of my Southern Cyanwood Forest and damaged the cultivation environment of our elders and disciples.”

“On the account that the Han family had once provided meritorious service to my Southern Cyanwood Forest, I will not look further into this matter today. However, the wicked conduct of the Han family must be put to a stop immediately. You are not allowed to conduct evil again.”

“Thus, I declare that I will expel all of the Han family out of my Southern Cyanwood Forest. In the future, no descendants of the Han family are allowed half a step into the Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“Anyone who refuses to follow this decision of mine shall be killed without exception.”

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  1. oh wow i never saw this coming this is the first time that ive seen a head master expel an entire family from a sect he normally does light punishment. this guy got some balls

    1. Yep, a forced ass-pull that couldn’t be more ridiculous, complete with flawed logic and reasoning and the author trying to make it sound as if “oh wow, they know soooo much here, we simply didn’t know enough”, completely ignoring that it’s impossible that people wouldn’t know about a half-emperor realm, especially that powerful senior that eggy asked, and even the people from the holy land of martialism only mentioned martial emperors and never half-emperors, which is also just about impossible. A half-emperor has never been seen or mentioned in the entire story. The author just suddenly had the thought that he wanted more realms, but he couldn’t add more “real realms” so he added half-realms, which I’ve seen quite a few authors do. It’s extremely bad planning and shows that the author is really subpar, but that’s not something new. Shameless.

      I think we actually need this new realm, because it’d be too low-level for the holy land of martialism to only have martial kings and emperors, it’s supposed to be ridiculously big after all and this is the weakest place of all and we can still see a few peak level martial kings. But I am very disappointed in the way the author handled this. Not only did he ass-pull something so forced like this, he also didn’t care to give proper explanations and just went ahead with a “seems we didn’t know enough and need to discard all our previous knowledge, this place is sooo amazing and not even people who are at the peak of the world or those who come from this place knows about this information, tehe” explanation… You can’t even trick a child with crap like that and it’s really hard to swallow and breaks immersion along with being vexing 😀 It’s sad that an author can’t even properly plan ahead with huge details like this.

  2. TYVM for the chapter!

    “Congratulations Lord Headmaster for successfully breaking through to Half Martial Emperor level and becoming rank one Half Martial Emperor.”


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        You can’t just suddenly change settings like these ones, that’s something you have to think of earlier. The author should’ve had enough time to ponder on this several hundred chapters before this one and stated back then that there was another big realm before martial emperor, but he clearly screwed up and just added it suddenly. Sigh. I don’t mind more realms, it’s even good, but but don’t force it like this because you screwed up. It’s not the first time and not the last time that I’ve seen chinese authors do this bullsh*t with the half-realms, and I shouldn’t really have expected more from the author of this novel, he has shown way too many times that he’s not really that competent or skilled as a writer. He’s acceptable, not more than that.

        “This… actually, the level differentiations that you all have here is completely different from our Asura Spirit World. It could be said that we exist in two completely different cultivation levels. The reason why I mentioned to you before that I had the cultivation of a Martial Emperor in the past was merely an assessment of my strength.”

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    I don’t mind that there’re more realms, I mind that the author added it by force all of a sudden because he didn’t plan properly ahead. If he did plan ahead, we would’ve been notified of this at least a good few times in over 1000 chapters, why would they directly mention the emperor realm? Eggy said that the asura world spirit behind that door could barely be counted as someone who has stepped into the emperor realm, but now I guess it’s going to get degraded into a half-emperor world spirit instead, if the author had decided on these realms before, he would’ve directly made eggy say that the one behind that door could be considered as a half-emperor, not that it’s a weak martial emperor in power. Hell, the author has always been saying in explanations that after the martial king realm, you break into the martial emperor realm, but a half-emperor realm can’t be counted as the emperor realm, it seems to actually be a huge realm on its own and should go by its own name instead of “half-emperor”. God do I despise ass-pulls like this one, really makes me cringe.

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