MGA – Chapter 1004

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MGA: Chapter 1004 – Chu Feng’s Resolution

After Chu Kongtong left, the land returned to its original state. Completely pitch-black darkness; only the pile of firewood emitted a faint light, brightening up a small area.

*hmm* Chu Xuanyuan raised his hand slightly and repaired the broken coffin. The overturned grave also returned to its perfect state.

“Old Ape, sorry for the trouble,” Chu Xuanyuan said with an apologetic tone as he looked at it.

“Xuanyuan, you’re still being so formal with me? It’s just a small thing. If it can motivate Chu Feng, then so what if I was wronged even more?” said the old ape at ease. It was entirely willing to go through all that.

“Old Ape, I’m not talking about that. It’s just…” As Chu Xuanyuan looked at the old ape who looked as if it was about to die, the sorrow and self-blame increased in his eyes. He knew very well what sort of powerful existence the old ape was before.

“Ahh, I’m willing to do all of this. Besides, for things like cultivation, if it can be taken away, it can be taken back. Right now, I’ve just fallen slightly. Sooner or later, I can regain it all.” The old ape faintly smiled, then said, “Actually, Chu Feng’s talent is truly not bad. It’s already quite unbelievable that he has this cultivation in the Eastern Sea Region that lacks cultivation resources greatly. Besides, you did some things to his bloodline.”

“The suffering he’s getting in cultivation right now isn’t much, but it can lay a very good foundation for his future. But to be honest, Feng’er’s growth is better than I expected. Not only in terms of cultivation, but also in terms of a person.

“In all these years, I haven’t been able to stay by his side to protect him, look after him, or lead him.

“What I worry the most wasn’t how much his cultivation could be raised, but his character.

“Right now, my worries have vanished because his nature has been set. He’s a very spirited man. I feel very relieved knowing just that.” Chu Xuanyuan smiled with an eased face.

“The reason Chu Feng has such a firm nature must be because he has a father like you, right? After all, he’s your son.

“But right now, Chu Feng’s entered the Holy Land of Martialism. He, with that cultivation, is like a little fish that entered a vast ocean. Even if his aptitude is extraordinary and has a bloodline that surpasses all others, he hasn’t grown yet.

“At that place, all sorts of accidents can happen. As a father, are you not worried at all?” asked the old ape.

“I am. How could I not be worried? But what can I do about that? I can’t have him stay here and make him a useless person, then have him die from age, right? Rather than that, why not just let him go? At least, he’ll still be able to see the exciting world outside,” Chu Xuanyuan said very helplessly.

“Actually, what I’m worried the most really aren’t outsiders but instead the ones from the Chu family. Although they basically won’t interfere with this world, they have still sent people to monitor it.

“You’ve done a few things with Chu Feng’s bloodline, so the power he grasps will look different from your Chu family’s bloodline. Although it’ll look different, there will always be similarities.

“Chu Feng isn’t bound by this place. As long as he safely develops, sooner or later his name will spread throughout this world. If those who have some conflicts with your Chu family hear of his accomplishments, suspicions will unavoidably arise.

“So, that was why I urged you to change Chu Feng’s name when you had that person from the Eastern Sea Region take him away,” said the old ape.

“No matter how the Chu family’s treated me, we are still a member. The surname cannot be changed.

“As for his name itself, his mother chose it, so that absolutely cannot be changed.

“Besides, this world is big. There are countless people with the same name. If Feng’er truly falls to a disaster because of his name alone, then it can only be said to be fate.

“The road of cultivation has never been an easy path. As his father, I will definitely worry for his safety. I don’t want him to receive any harm, and I hope that he can be away from danger.

“However, for his future, I won’t protect him. I actually hope that he can face some perils alone.

“There are some things that should be personally experienced, such as tribulations. Experience is something even more precious than cultivation resources.

“Which famous expert in this world hasn’t gone through a million troubles and passed through the gates of hell countless times?

“In comparison to the Outer World, this world is simply like a greenhouse. If I, Chu Xuanyuan, have a son who can’t even develop within a place like this, then that only means he is unworthy to be my son.” The fatherly benevolence in Chu Xuanyuan’s eyes vanished, and replacing it was a hint of fierceness—ruthless fierceness.

“Ah…” The old ape didn’t say anything more. It heaved a long sigh as it felt complicated emotions.

At the same time, Chu Feng had awoken. He discovered he had left the coffin and entered a tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, Chu Feng’s body lost control. He could only go along with the flow and go forth with an indescribable quick speed.

He knew he had gone into the correct path. This tunnel was the true Heavenly Road, the true path that led to the Holy Land of Martialism.

But at that instant, Chu Feng felt extremely complicated emotions. He had caught everything that happened before into his eyes. He couldn’t even be certain whether the old ape was still safe and whether his father was still being humiliated.

Chu Feng didn’t blame his father, nor did he blame the old ape. He could see from the scene before what sort of days his father and the old ape were having.

Chu Feng could also guess that his father had done quite a bit for him. The grave was his, but it was a cover. It was likely a lie that his father made in order to make everyone within his family believe that “Chu Feng” had died. The goal was to bring Chu Feng away from this land.

That land was detrimental. Otherwise, the old ape’s and his father’s cultivation wouldn’t have fallen. His father wasn’t just driven out from his family, he, and the ape, were bearing painful torture.

Chu Feng didn’t know what had happened within his family; however, he was certain his parents hadn’t been well. At least, his father hadn’t been very well.

From the old ape’s words before, Chu Feng knew there was a reason that his father acted that way, and that reason had an unshakeable relationship with him. One could even say that he, Chu Feng, harmed his father and put him in this state.

So, Chu Feng felt responsible. He felt very responsible, so much he nearly wished he were dead.

“Chu Feng, don’t hold burdens in your hearts. No matter what had happened, you weren’t able to do anything to it. What happened has already become reality. No matter who it is, they are powerless to change the past.

“However, you can change the future. Didn’t that old ape say it too? The one who deprived your father of his honour was you, but the person who can regain your father’s honour is also you. You can see how much expectation they’ve entrusted you with,” Eggy consoled when she felt Chu Feng’s downcast mood.

“I won’t disappoint their expectations. I will not only take back the honour my father lost, I will make those who stepped over my father’s honour pay the price. Even if they’re my family, I will not spare them.”

A hint of fierceness flashed into Chu Feng’s eyes. This expression was very similar to the one his father showed before; however, it was a bit different. This sort of fierceness was a much more thorough one.

Because this was Chu Feng’s resolution.

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    1. I had to post this.

      Do they THINK he was sent to the Eastern Sea Region to live? Remember, that Hayonge guy went a tad bit crazy and took him to the 9 provinces…and not only that, but to THE poorest province that did not even have two Heavenly profound people.

      Basically, what I am saying is that Chu Feng is so OP that he was wrongly sent to the poorest of the 9 provinces…the backwater(poorest province) of the backwater(9 provinces) of the backeater(Eastern Sea region)!!! HELL!! He was even put into a relatively poor mountain village clan! The ONLY worse place would have been if he lived with mortals.

      So basically, his father and the ape say he is doing better than they expected…..but what if they expected him to be cultivating in the Eastern Sea Region?

      1. regardless, whether its nine provinces, eastern sea region or HLOM, he is expected to thrive. His power has always been such he can grow with resources, if he can attain whatever resources, he could thrive, on the one hand its amazing because his growth is unbelievable fast and can grow at astounding rates, on the flipside, he is forever kept at a level proportionate to the power of the land he occupies. He can be the top of the area, only provided the overall strength of where he is. Its a significant sign of plot armor the nine provinces had something like an imperial tomb to help him out. In a way his power is interesting because while its basically cheating, hes still nerfed in a way to make it so he has “interesting” fights instead of just blowing everyone out of the water. Just imagine if CF got resources from the “outer world” from say the spirit at misty peak or something similar, he could have jumped possibly to Martial emperor (which is not much we are lead to believe in outer world) so it would have been “trivial” to him, but to even the HLOM, he’d become a significant character

    1. his mom is probably from some other clan, so she’s either safe at her clan or is being separately punished

      … I sense a rescuing family arc in the distant future..

  1. I’m just going to imagine that chu feng’s coffin formation didnt activate he he got killed right there for not appreciating what he did have instead of finding out who his parents were yadayada.

    Omg I gave this novel a moral!!! to it!!

    1. And it’s still not done! I read a random chapter on LNMTL, around 2k something chapter and from what I understand he probably still wasn’t dealing with this family yet. Long long long journey ahead~

  2. I never understood blaming an innocent child for something. It isn’t their fault they were conceived/born.
    Never really understood ‘sins of the father’, either. Blaming a blameless person always seemed stupid to me.

    1. I’m pretty sure it went something like this:
      – Chu Feng born without his family bloodline
      – Family elders are like: “post-natal abort this disgrace”
      – Chu Daddy and his trusted ape friend gets into a fight and prevents them from killing him.
      – The elders decide to send all of them off to the forbidden zone.
      – Probably some other clan politics involved as well and they just used this as an excuse.
      – Chu Mommy from another influential clan so they can’t punish her and she gets sent back. (Probably little fishy’s clan – she was checking on him for the mom)
      – Chu Daddy used the burning church guy to send Chu Feng out of that forbidden zone because he would probably die in there without his cultivation.
      – They fake his death and leave a tomb for him there as well.

      Also, I guarantee you that Chu Feng’s lightning power isn’t weak but it’s probably too strong or something and so he couldn’t inherit it immediately and the Chu Family made a ‘grave’ mistake.
      Reason: Typical stuff in these kinds of stories, and cause of that time when the lightning took over and said it’s gonna rule the universe one day. I don’t think every single member of that clan’s bloodline has such high aspirations (or do they?).

    2. Nice theory Rikeri, I bet there is another twist though. I bet Chu Fengs “Black Eyes” Demon transformation is what caused his Father to lose honor and I bet it killed lots of super powerful beings that tried to stop him. I only say this because the Chu family are holy while Chu Fengs Black Eyes are the opposite. I don’t think the Lightning and the Black Eyes are related. Although, it might be and I could be totally wrong. I probably am wrong but I think it would be an interesting twist.

      1. Well the forbidden region was sinister and dark yet exuded holiness as if it was contradictory. Wasn’t that the setting they were in? But at the same time that region is ‘forbidden’ for a reason so IDK. I figured their family power was like that but maybe this darkness is just another potential and the rest of them fear it.

    3. blaming a “father’s” for the birth of a child only comes about for a few reasons

      -either the father slept with another man’s wife (say a family elder) == cuckolding the elder and disgracing the family
      -OR the mother slept with a man NOT his father, and his father chose to keep the child as his own and protect the mother (say in the case of rape), in older societies that would strip the father of his honor as well, and the child would be seen as the cause.

      The situation fits the 2nd cause closer, however I highly doubt they’ll make the MC’s mother an “unfaithful” woman and father a cuckold, so I think it’s probably the first cause. Likely he was in love with some girl, she got an arranged marriage with someone higher up in the family, and they had an affair, the child was born and the fact he was in fact the father was revealed. The family punished the father by banishing him, and killing the child. of course they faked the kids death.

    1. they aren’t blaming him at all though. the old ape just said that to motivate chu feng, and give him a chance to run away if he’d rather do that.

      it’s also much better to give a ridiculous and unfair reason for him to have to leave, than to shower him with a love that will make him want to stay.

      at least still better than itachi’s way of loving a dear family member.

      1. No, they ARE blaming him, especially the old ape. If you’ve missed it, earlier it was said that the old ape glared at him like he’s an enemy. Which part of that isn’t blaming Chu Feng? They ARE blaming him YET he is also their hope.

        Nope. Neither is “better”. If you can’t go white, you go black? lol If this how you “love” then you’ve got some messed up ideologies on the same level as how screwed their family were.

        Compare these guys to Meng Hao’s parents. Now that that is a proper parent with proper way of handling things. They treated Meng Hao neither black or white. Now that IS “better”.

  3. ok… parents I forgive you… I trul… wait… what was that!?
    “If I, Chit Head father, have a son who can’t even develop within a place like this, then that only means he is unworthy to be my son.”!????
    So if you get a son that can not become a world leading scientist on his own then he is not worthy of being your awesome self’s son!!!??
    I despise you!
    Even your son decided to pick trash for a living that would not make him any less than anyone else!
    Bloodline this and bloodline that, blood is nothing more than a simple fluid! What matters is the person!
    That Chit Head father has got nothing else to flaunt about but his blood is really sad.
    I tell you what, if my child cannot even survive being eaten by a lion then it is not worthy of being my child because I am a big moron.
    I love my child but I want it to become as awesome as I and I can eat two tubes of toothpaste without dying!
    Bloody hell.

    1. Yea I agree with you but I feel it was more of a pride sort of thing rather than him being serious.
      Sort of like saying: “If I can’t do X, my name isn’t Y!”

  4. Thanks for all you hardwork over these past 1.5 years this was the novel that brought me into WW and the novel community and I thank you for al you’ve done. Best of luck in University FBT!!

  5. Why do i get this feeling that chu feng’s mom is a world spirit? Coz old ape is happy that chu feng’s character is good. Chu feng does not treat world spirits as slaves but rather someone who is equal to him. I mean if his mom is a world spirit and he thinks they are slaves… Hm

    Anyway, that’s just my two cents. Haha.

    Thanks for the chap!

    Moving on…

  6. “What I worry the most wasn’t how much his cultivation could be raised, but his character.

    Yeah, of course, since they can just throw some random scrap resources from their place to him and he’d probably be able to become a martial emperor directly…

    “In comparison to the Outer World, this world is simply like a greenhouse. If I, Chu Xuanyuan, have a son who can’t even develop within a place like this, then that only means he is unworthy to be my son.” The fatherly benevolence in Chu Xuanyuan’s eyes vanished, and replacing it was a hint of fierceness—ruthless fierceness.

    Greenhouse? Hah, when the mc arrives in that “outer world”, he’ll be just as strong as he is in this world and he’ll f**king own everyone in a neverending cycle, just like before. The author will exaggerate everything to try to get everyone hyped up and then everything will be exactly the same as before, he becomes more and more OP and all the “super geniuses” of every zone will be trampled underneath his feet and be mediocre compared to him. Even at the very last zone or whatever, it will be the same, everyone will get owned by him like before. Because this author is unable to write with any originality or variety, repeating the same stuff hundreds of times.

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