Martial God Asura (修罗武神) – Index

Martial God Asura (修罗武神 Xiu Luo Wu Shen) is an ongoing Chinese web novel by “Kindhearted Bee” (善良的蜜蜂 Shan Liang de Mi Feng) with 2400+ chapters. This novel is currently being translated by flowerbridgetoo (FBT). For reference, every chapter fluctuates from 1800 characters to 2200 characters, with most of them being around 2100 characters. On the 17k website, it is listed in the “Xuan Huan” category and “Eastern Fantasy” as the subcategory.

Warning: This novel contains mature themes.

Introduction to MGA

Regarding potential—even if you are not considered a genius, you can still learn Mysterious Techniques and martial skills. Anyone can be enlightened without a master.

Regarding strength—despite having a myriad of artifacts, you may not defeat my army of World Spirits.

Who am I? All of the world’s living perceives me as Asura, but I was ignorant to such a thing. I thus ascend to be the Martial God as Asura.



Link to the raws


Arcs (Were not included in the raws)

Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity (1–264)

Volume 2 - Sweeping Through the Nine Provinces (265–548)

Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region (549–1004)

Volume 4 – A New Journey(1005-1558)
Arriving in the Holy Land of Martialism (1005-1011)
Occult Blood Church(1012-1023)
Entering the Southern Cyanwood Forest(1024-1035)
The Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Hope(1036-1049)
Journey To The Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond(1050-1061)
Entering The Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond(1061-1075)
Triggering The Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle(1076-1085)
Journey To The Ascension Sect(1086-1098)
Obtaining The Remnants(1099-1109)
Arriving At The Cyanwood Mountain(1109-1126)
Ascension Division(1127-1133)
Asura Division(1134-1142)
Firmament Medicinal Garden(1143-1154)
Battle of Life and Death(1170-1180)
The Exposure(1181-1193)
Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield(1194-1999)
Fighting Over Chu Feng(1200-1207)
Three Cyanwood Forests Division(1208-1215)
Nine Spirits Divine Diagram(1216-1230)
Mysterious Black-Clothed Man(1231-1235)
Disturbances Arise Again(1236-1xxx)

Inner Court Disciple Exam (1–8)

Chu Alliance Gathering (9–16)

Spiritual Medicine Hunt (17–27)

Chu Family Competition (28–38)

Liu Alliance (39–45)

Ancient City (46–55)

Tomb Plundering (56–64)

Pre-Core Disciple Exam (65–73)

Core Disciple Exam (74–84)

Battle of the Families (85–96)

Ambushes upon Ambushes (97–110)

Ancient Tomb (111–119)

New Excellence Assembly (120–129)

Betrayal of Trust (130–141)

White Tiger Villa (142–152)

Ancestral Lifeline (153–162)

Sword Alliance (163–174)

Spirit Province (175–185)

Asura Ghost Tower (186–201)

Mr. Grey-cloak (202–210)

Tragedy of Revenge (211–218)

Heroic Hunt (219–236)

Brother's Rage (237–241)

Arranged Battle (242–264)

Thousand Bone Graveyard (265–270)

Hundred School Gathering (271–292)

Emperor Tomb (293–302)

Betrayal (303–314)

Calamity (315–325)

Illusionary Thunder School (326–330)

Prestigious Villa (331–341)

Battles on the Mountain Peak (342–351)

Marriage Gathering (352–357)

Thousand Monster Mountain (358–375)

Treasure Hunting (376–388)

Avarice (389–402)

Retaliations (403–430)

Coincidence (431–438)

Sword God Valley (439–457)

World Spirit Guild (458–484)

Void School (485–493)

Zi Family's Secret (494–499)

Revisiting the Emperor Tomb (500–506)

Battle of the Jiang Dynasty (507–519)

Enraging Flames (520–528)

Re-revisiting the Emperor Tomb (529–540)

Battle of Geniuses (540–548)

Arriving at the Eastern Sea Region (549–556)

Four Seas Academy: First Visit (557–572)

A Brother’s Conspiracy (573–580)

Heaps of Spirit Formations (581–587)

Heart-wrenching Change (588–595)

Lovers Terrace (596–604)

Everlasting Sea of Blood (605–612)

Monster of the Sea (613–622)

Detention within the Immortal Execution Archipelago (623–631)

Chu Feng's Ancestry Investigation (632–643)

Misty Peaks (644–659)

The Banquet atop the Peak (660–671)

Entering the Immortal Realm (672–681)

Temple of Reproduction (682–694)

Returning to the Misty Peak (695–703)

A Revisit: The Li Family (704–710)

Returning to the Four Seas Academy (711–721)

Preparations for the Millennium Ancient City (722–728)

Formation Apertures (729–739)

Millennium Ancient City (740–752)

Leaving the Four Seas Academy (753–758)

Arriving at the Depraved Ravine (759–767)

First Meeting (768–781)

Battle of the Two Overlords (782–805)

A Visit to the Zi Family (806–821)

Assembly of a Thousand Clans (822–834)

Reentering the Asura Ghost Tower (835–842)

Stone Sword Sect (843–851)

Burning Heaven Church (852–864)

Revisiting the Stone Sword Sect (865–870)

Tower of Martial Skill Cultivation (871–879)

Attack on the Gale Plains (880–896)

Full Force Invasion (897–916)

Reunion of Family and Master (917–935)

Journey to Become the Head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect (936–949)

Crashing into a Wedding (950–963)

Facing the Final Bosses (964–972)

Final Battle (973–980)

Ancestry Investigation (981–989)

Entering the Heavenly Road (990–1004)

Arriving in the Holy Land of Martialism (1005-1011)

Occult Blood Church(1012-1023)

Entering the Southern Cyanwood Forest(1024-1035)

The Southern Cyanwood Forest's Hope(1036-1049)

Journey To The Ancient Era's Immortal Pond(1050-1060)

Entering The Ancient Era's Immortal Pond(1061-1075)

Triggering The Ancient Era's Immortal Needle(1076-1085)

Journey To The Ascension Sect(1086-1098)

Obtaining The Remnants(1099-1109)

Arriving At The Cyanwood Mountain(1109-1126)

Ascension Division(1127-1133)

Asura Division(1134-1142)

Firmament Medicinal Garden(1143-1158)


Battle of Life and Death(1170-1180)

The Exposure(1181-1193)

Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield(1194-1999)

Fighting Over Chu Feng(1200-1207)

Three Cyanwood Forests Division(1208-1215)

Nine Spirits Divine Diagram(1216-1230)

Mysterious Black-Clothed Man(1231-1235)

Disturbances Arise Again(1236-12xx)
Chapter 1236: Disturbances Arise Again
Chapter 1237: Scram
Chapter 1238: Divine Body
Chapter 1239: Refusal To Forgive
Chapter 1240: Asura Spirit World
Chapter 1241: The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 1242: Please Leave
Chapter 1243: The Arrival Of The Army
Chapter 1244: The Enraged Queen
Chapter 1245: The Strongest Disciple, Qin Lingyun
Chapter 1246: Oppression
Chapter 1247: To Endure Silently
Chapter 1248: Inverting Right and Wrong
Chapter 1249: Torn With Grief
Chapter 1250: I’m Sorry
Chapter 1251: Dragon Grade Mission
Chapter 1252: Monstrous Dragon Beast
Chapter 1253: A Battle Of Words
Chapter 1254: Beautiful Woman
Chapter 1255: Bai Suyan
Chapter 1256: Nangong Longjian
Chapter 1257: A Whole New Level Of Respect
Chapter 1258: Bai Suyan’s Strength
Chapter 1259: Mutual Assistance
Chapter 1260: An Extremely Loud Explosion
Chapter 1261: Who Is Attacking?
Chapter 1262: Already Prepared
Chapter 1263: Exploiting One Another
Chapter 1264: Unexpected Harvest
Chapter 1265: Will Definitely Not Leave The Matter At That
Chapter 1266:
Chapter 1267:
Chapter 1268:
Chapter 1269:
Chapter 1270:
Chapter 1271:
Chapter 1272:
Chapter 1273:
Chapter 1274:
Chapter 1275:
Chapter 1276:
Chapter 1277:
Chapter 1278:
Chapter 1279:
Chapter 1280:
Chapter 1281:
Chapter 1282:
Chapter 1283:
Chapter 1284:
Chapter 1285:
Chapter 1286:
Chapter 1287:
Chapter 1288:
Chapter 1289:
Chapter 1290:
Chapter 1291:
Chapter 1292:
Chapter 1293:
Chapter 1294:
Chapter 1295:
Chapter 1296:
Chapter 1297:
Chapter 1298:
Chapter 1299:
Chapter 1300:
Chapter 1301:
Chapter 1302:
Chapter 1303:
Chapter 1304:
Chapter 1305:
Chapter 1306:
Chapter 1307:
Chapter 1308:
Chapter 1309:
Chapter 1311:
Chapter 1312:
Chapter 1313:
Chapter 1314:
Chapter 1315:
Chapter 1316:
Chapter 1317:
Chapter 1318:
Chapter 1319:
Chapter 1320:
Chapter 1321:
Chapter 1322:
Chapter 1323:
Chapter 1324:
Chapter 1325:
Chapter 1326:
Chapter 1327:
Chapter 1328:
Chapter 1329:
Chapter 1320:
Chapter 1331:
Chapter 1332:
Chapter 1333:
Chapter 1334:
Chapter 1335:
Chapter 1336:
Chapter 1337:
Chapter 1338:
Chapter 1339:
Chapter 1340:
Chapter 1341:
Chapter 1342:
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Chapter 1348:
Chapter 1349:

Chapter 1350:
Chapter 1350:
Chapter 1351:
Chapter 1352:
Chapter 1353:
Chapter 1354:
Chapter 1355:
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Chapter 1358:
Chapter 1359:

Chapter 1360:
Chapter 1361:
Chapter 1362:
Chapter 1363:
Chapter 1364:
Chapter 1365:
Chapter 1366:
Chapter 1367:
Chapter 1368:
Chapter 1369:

Chapter 1370:
Chapter 1371:
Chapter 1372:
Chapter 1373:
Chapter 1374:
Chapter 1375:
Chapter 1376:
Chapter 1377:
Chapter 1378:
Chapter 1379:

Chapter 1380:
Chapter 1381:
Chapter 1382:
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Chapter 1385:
Chapter 1386:
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Chapter 1389:

Chapter 1390:
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Chapter 1394:
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Chapter 1399:

Chapter 1400:
Chapter 1401:
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Chapter 1404:
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Chapter 1408:
Chapter 1409:

Chapter 1410:
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Chapter 1413:
Chapter 1414:
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Chapter 1480:
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Chapter 1490:
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Chapter 1500:
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Chapter 1600:
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