MGA Chapters 2148-2151 Release


Edited by: GNE, Xima, Rebel01, pelicanv, -MoonKiller- and Sage

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This also marked chapters 6-9/21 for this week.

– Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wen-li!!!

8 thoughts on “MGA Chapters 2148-2151 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Its not the first time Yang Wen-Li is trying to pull the wool over our eyes by pretending to be oblivious. At least be frank and upfront about it. How shameless.

  2. ya’ll are harsh, hehe. obviously he forgot to update it to reflect “last week”… but then again, does it really matter how many chapters he’s behind? if you add in the old 27, he’s now behind by 48… there’s no chance he’ll ever catch up. This will carry on for a couple of weeks to a month, and then finally, he’ll just drop the “last week” permanently and instead change it to “i owe 21 (or 48) chapters” and a few weeks after that, that’ll be gone too and he won’t owe any chapters. I think it’s best to approach it as if he’s currently AHEAD by 2 days since he’s just released 9/21 and it’s only Monday. =)

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