MGA Chapters 1833-1836 Release

So my water heater broke not long ago. Got a new one from home depot only to have a faulty thermopile. Spent hours to figure out what the problem is. Took out the valve and sanded the thermopile. It’s working for now.

Also put in new brakes on my rear tires. The thing was squeaking extremely loud.


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This also marked chapters 3-6 for this week.

– Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wen-li!!!

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  1. My second floor sink clogged two days ago… I’ll be shaving in the backyard from now on…
    Mechanic should be here today. Life probs 🙁

  2. “MGA Chapters 1833-1836 Release”
    “This also marked chapters 4-6 for this week.”
    Think you missed counted
    1833 = 4th
    1834 = 5th
    1835 = 6th
    1836 = 7th

        1. It’s all good 🙂 I was saying that more in response to the previous post. You had the last number correct, which was what mattered.

          How’s the hot water heater working? I hope you don’t have to return it, but it’s a significant investment, so don’t hesitate to do so if it’s not working correctly!

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