MGA Chapters 1520-1523 Release

There will be no chapter on the 6th because that’s my birthday.


Edited by: GNE, Xima, Rebel01, pelicanv, -MoonKiller- and Sage

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This also marked chapters 1-4 for this week.

– Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wen-li!!!

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    1. Considering Wednesdays post on 3/29 was the last to say 24 chapters behind with chapters 3-5 being posted that day and that there were 21 chapters released by this past Sunday for last week… I’d say given up on trying to make up the 24 chapters at this point in time. Maybe they’ll be made up some time in the future.

    2. It’s really no easy to update 3-4 chapter/day (and already grateful with that amount compared with many other title).
      You want to overwork him that make him sick and can’t update again?

      And as usual, thanks for the update!

      1. @javaking , dude he’s getting 10,000$ worth of patron from us . and before he was getting that amount translation isn’t even his full time job , he can release 28 chapters per week , now that translation is his full time job it became harder like what?

        1. Um, what? I was translating 12-15 chapters a week before I started patreon…

          I was unable to keep up to 28chapters/week goal and that’s why I got the chapters backlog. I tried 28/week for 2 months and can’t do it. That’s also why I lowered it to 24.

  1. Happy early birthday! I´ll tell it to you now bc ill prolly forget it by the 6th and I´ll be screaming at my computer like: “WHY HASNT THAT BASTARD UPLOADED YET!!! DOENST HE LOVE US ANYMORE??!!!”, so just be aware of this and have a wonderful birthday (^_^)

  2. it’s kind of disappointing as i love this novel. before translator is receiving 4,000$+
    he’s still good at his promises . like 28 chapters per week that continued for some time but after a while when he keeps on dropping chapter counts and having chapter debts . seriously kindly put a definite chapter count?. from chapter 28 to 24 to 21 .. which is which? its sad that you really need to pay that much and yet not receive the said chapter you’re paying . oh well -_- among all the translator this is the worst translator i’ve ever seen.

    PS *
    28 chapters = translation is not his full time JOB*
    24 chapter = Translation is his full time JOB*
    21 Chapters = Translation is his full time JOB*

    like i was a patron the one i signed up is 28 chapters then like watt? it became 21 chapter? that fast? xD . oh well just venting my frustration.

    rip novels that is now being used as leisure time getting 10,000$ dollars and lessening chapter count that didn’t even have 3,000+ words even if translation is hard with that much money? can’t even hire help? . bless this leisure translator some translator really get blinded by money so sad . money is really the seed of all evil.

    1. expect this as this is always happening after hi hit translation full time. vise versa when he’s still not translating full time he can always hit 28 chapters per week btw .
      like you put a strong foundation first then mess with the patrons and readers after you get what you want or still getting what you want . dunno but for me he’s just delaying imagine 10,000$ + per month so you shouldn’t rush, as you will still receive 10,000$ monthly if you catch up lesser benefit of the FULL TIME TRANSLATOR . now you see why he removed the display on how much he’s getting? also the Goal BAR? now you know . shameless

    1. excuse me , being a hater and telling the fact is 2 different things . LOL . we appreciate his work it’s just that we’re paying for a stuff we aren’t getting got me? just because you’re reading for free doesn’t mean that we PATRONS doesn’t appreciate him it’s like you have a job you always ask for sick leave . and you left your pending job at work . will you still continue your work? of course yes that’s what you call WORK . and he’s doing translation FULL TIME because of us PATRONS BTW. now do you got our point? lols

      1. Don’t worry, I fully understand your feelings, but I’m referring to those who don’t pay and yet complain about the releases. Sorry, should have made that clear.

  3. So I’m just going to start a reminder post of how many chps the TL is delinquent for every post he doesn’t acknowledge it. For future reference, the weekly count I’ll be using is 24 chps/week and the count will update on a weekly total basis.

    Chapters delinquent: 27

  4. Happy birthday on the 6th. But seriously instead of declaring that there will be no release, you should declare that there should be DOUBLE RELEASE ON THE 5th or 7th… ESPECIALLY WITH HOW BEHIND YOU ARE! Slackmachine

  5. folks bring up some pretty good points, but it is pretty interesting to me. nearly 1000 patrons dont care whether or not the translator posts on a schedule or keeps to his 24 chapters per week. but it makes sense from his perspective. you push to 4/day to gain patrons. now that you have patrons who dont care about your posting schedule, heck, even i’d drop the /day count… perhaps to 2/day so i can still collect my 10k+ and yet drag it out.

  6. Honestly I have wanted to become a patron for a while now, but then he started delaying and has an ” I’ll upload whenever I feel like it” attitude. His upload schedule is so horrible for someone who’s doing this as a full time job. There’s no professionalism at all. Not worth my money.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done up until now, but if you set a upload deadline and commit to it no one will complain and you’d get more patrons.

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