MGA Chapters 1511-1514 Release

Enjoy. April fools?

Earthen Taboo: Heavenly Flame Technique → Changed to Earthen Taboo: Burning Heaven Technique

Edited by: GNE, Xima, Rebel01, pelicanv, -MoonKiller- and Sage

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This also marked chapters 13-16 for this week.

– Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wen-li!!!

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  1. You should at least keep updating the home page of MGA if you’re going to do something like this. I had to click on yesterdays post then skip those chapters just to get to todays

  2. always nice to hover over links to see where they take you at the bottom left, almost fell for it until i realized it was April 1st, nice try and thanks for the chapter.

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